Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan surfing topless

August 20th, 2009 // 200 Comments

For those of you familiar with VH1′s Rock of Love and I Love Money, here’s Angelique Morgan (a.k.a. Frenchy) surfing topless in Hawaii yesterday, and this may come as a bit of a surprise, but she’s also a porn star. Now, I know what you’re thinking: But she’s so regal and elegant. That’s how they get you.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions that could probably use an iron.

Photos: Splash News

  1. ®usty


  2. Clamhammer

    Look at me! look at me Quack! Quack!

  3. hmna

    You know it’s a bad boob job when you see the wrinkles on the side of the boob.

  4. Clamhammer

    P.S. Horrible titties honey.

  5. Peanut head

    That ass is inexplicable.

  6. Smile

    Gross… lets stick to the hot babes, wtf?!!!!

  7. Jeffer

    Those boobs look horrible!

  8. Mrsmouw

    Her face looks like Ducky on Land Before Time haha

  9. p-man

    she does not need a surf board her lips,butt and boobs are big enough to keep her on top of the waves.. man she is fugly also..

  10. Gross. how do these skanks get on tv?

  11. MRS

    Is that the actual implant bag that is wrinkling up under her skin? Come on, you men watch porn, does this happen often?

  12. wouldnt do it

    It’s Heidi Montag in 10 years!!!!!

  13. sweet like salsa

    you can hardly call that surfing….

    but still..! how dare that tranny looking betch put my sport to shame! >:[

    if anyone thinks she is hott… mental help

  14. Quagmeyer

    After years if hormone therapy Andrew is now Angelique… Thanks Dr OZ !!

  15. farles chew

    What did we do to you oh Superficial Writer to deserve this plague?

  16. Kelley

    Franken-tits !!!

  17. Roger

    FREAK! KILL IT! And Dear Superficial: Can you please consider not posting any more painfully fake breast implant photos? It is the opposite of sexy. What’s next, fake limbs? Chicks with glass eyes and prosthetic arms?

  18. MRS

    Exhibit A on the evils of plastic surgery. Good God, what did she look like BEFORE?

  19. jester

    I would fuck practically anything, so she falls into that category. Of course my dick would fall off and I would die shortly after.

  20. Hugh Gentry

    i love when fake tits get ripples on the sides. Her face is beautiful. Hopefully you know by now that I’m kidding.

  21. Do FreeBird

    I would also fuck her, but only with jester’s dick (sorry jester, but you seem to be the only volunteer so far).

    IN reality, I’m having a hard time figuring out how any porn actor would actually be able to stay hard fucking her face to face.

  22. abby

    She can surf?

  23. cherry

    oh god the wrinkles on her boobs FREAK ME OUTTTT ew

  24. cherry

    oh god the wrinkles make her look like an ACTUAL plastic blow up doll

    it freaks me outttttt ew

  25. Chesty as a peacock

    I think she should go a little bigger with the breasts. Everything else is stellular.


    OMG those fake tits are ugly. Look at the stupid little scar/stretch mark things by the side boob. Yuck.

    ALSO YOUR FACE IS HIDEOUS. And next time flash your pussy. Nobody cares about your lame boobs. And yeah you need to wear make-up ALL THE TIME.

  27. b

    dat ass!

  28. rippled

    UGH her boobs have the same rippling as the plastic on those balls of Mozarella cheese at the local deli. I guess, essentialy, fake boobs are the same thing as plastic warpped cheese.

    Hmmm maybe I sould go to the grocery store and buy me some mozarella and set up shop. I hear urgeons make crazy money seeing as there are so many dumb vain bitches in the world, and clearly as the “work” done on this ho and countless others proves, you so don’t need a liscence or any surgical skills or expertise to slice, suck, tuck, yank and shove your way to riches.

    I just keep wondering, when I am 50 are most people going to look like plastic freaks?

  29. Fumus

    Clearly a slow day in news but not really a playboy bunny murderer has escaped to Canada and Plexico Burress got 2 years in jail and the fish is posting topless fake celeb porn stars…hmmmMMMmmm

  30. an arrogant official

    Plexico who?

  31. Kelley

    #25 … I think you mean stellar, right ?

  32. arealcad

    I’d go strollin’ in her colon.

  33. Blubble

    Those disgusting tits demonstrate everything wrong with boob jobs. You normally don’t see that puckering unless the woman bends over, but this ugly bitch has a particularly bad boob job so it shows up when she is nearly standing straight.

  34. ?

    wasn’t she the chick on Dr. 90210 who got anal bleaching?

  35. Obvious

    When you show them like that, no one’s interested in seeing them anymore

  36. Greg

    a butter-face if I ever saw one

  37. kris

    I’d Hit IT!!

  38. marme

    lol everyone one on this site is obsessed with trying to figure out if someones breasts are real or fake. I’m loosing brain cells as we speak :(

  39. Sardonic

    Guards! We have an escapee from District 9.

  40. Guesst

    I’d hit it, with a pinata stick.

  41. creampie

    you guys are morons, every guy in here would slide on up in that butthole

  42. kev

    I remember seeing a couple of those poses when I was a kid looking at National Geographic.

  43. Sport

    what. the. FUCK??
    That horseface looks like Tory Spellings grandmother. Jesus wheres is the damn bleach for my scarred retinas.

  44. butt implant

    > looks like she has a salad bowl in each ass cheek

  45. Taz

    i would NOT tap that ass

  46. What happen here? all the girls who couldn’t make the cheer-leading squad in High School are jammed pack onto the lot of VH1 with ripple boobs and bleached in search of reality stardom?

  47. Vanquish

    Oh FFS, does every piece of trash get it’s own TV show in the states?

  48. California Red

    not famous and not pretty. When did toplessness become acceptable on USA beaches? Yesterday we had Kanye’s “woman” topless in Miami, and now this. We need the “Please god no!” police.

  49. jj

    this site sucks!

  50. Amy

    I am so sick of skanks. What ever happened to the non-skanky sexy actresses? The ones who left something to the imagination while the sluttier types posed in playboy? Now it seems that every girl has to do the same skanky shit. I FEEL SO BOMBARDED BY WHORES!!! HALP!

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