Angelina Jolie’s uterus on duty 24/7/365

Enjoy these pics while you can of a non-pregnant Angelina Jolie at the premiere of The Changeling over the weekend. After recently birthing twins Knox and Vivienne, turns out she’s already bored with them and ready for more. Somebody get this chick a medal. OK! Magazine reports:

And just in case you thought that Angelina and Brad, who has joked that he would like to have a full soccer team of kids, would stop at a half-dozen, she says that there’s no stopping in the near future.
“We are going to have more kids,” revealed the Oscar winner. “One way or another.”

When she’s not busy thinking of ways to adopt you or get the maximum mileage out of her uterus, Angelina shares her secret to shedding the baby weight:

“Run around with all the kids, and breastfeeding, which I think is part of your body’s natural way of losing weight.”

So, I tried Angelina’s advice to shed a few pounds, but since I don’t have lactating breasts or children of my own , I had to go down to a local elementary school and chase some around. The end result? My face ended up on some website run by Megan (?) and the neighbor kids call me “El Chupacabra” while throwing rocks at my car. But, damn, does my ass look tight. Seriously, you can bounce a quarter off it, but not really because I’ve already lost $5 down the sewer grate.

Photos: Splash News