Angelina Jolie’s uterus benched

December 30th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Angelina Jolie has been advised by doctors to put down the uterus. After her last two pregnancies ended with complications, she’d be facing significant health risks with another baby. OK! Magazine reports:

“Her previous pregnancies ended with emergency caesarian secions,” an insider tells OK!. “She’s been told that, at the least, she should not get pregnant for a year after her last deliver, and it would be safer if she did not get pregnant, ever.”
The health complications this time around could pose a direct danger to the Changeling star, Dr. Larrian Gillespie, who has not treated Angie, tells OK!.
“Angelina is at risk of having a stroke or heart attack, and because she developed gestational diabetes, there is a high risk she’ll have it again, with the child being at risk for diabetes.”

In related news, Brad Pitt was seen at a local bank sulking while placing his penis in a safe deposit box. In the distance, the cackle of Jennifer Aniston’s laughter could be heard in the air. Or a pig got hit with a lawnmower. We’re looking into it.

Photos: OK! Magazine, WENN

  1. Kodos

    FIRST…. whatever that means….

  2. Nicky

    Poor thing she must be devastated!

    So i was wondering, whatever happened to KID ROCK, no mosts what so ever or recent pictures of him!

  3. bogdana

    I wonder if it has anything to do with her being constantly severely underweight… an ooo r eee xx ii aaa maybe?
    oh well, she’s got 3 bios that is plenty of brangelina DNA to go around in 2030.

  4. Nicky

    Poor thing she must be devastated!

    So i was wondering, whatever happened to KID ROCK, no POSTS what so ever or recent pictures of him!

  5. dork

    Here’s 20 that Brad and Jen will get back together now…

  6. bogdana

    oh PS more importantly whats wrong with BSB Brian’s kid!!???

  7. K

    Complete bullshit — many women are capable of four or more c-sections, so this random doctor who’s never treated her (and is a retired urologist, not a practicing OB, by the way) has no way of predicting her risk. And gestational diabetes can’t be passed down. It would help if they had talked to a doctor who knew ANYTHING about medicine.

  8. Sherlock


    Isn’t it all bullshit? I mean, c’mon, if you take gossip sites serious you probably also believe that Obama is going to somehow save the world economy…

  9. Boy!! High time they stopped producing kids.

  10. Sport

    She should eat something and stop trying to be the old woman in the shoe. Someone pass her a cheeseburger hurry.

  11. jaime

    they could just do in vitro fertilization and put the fertilized embrio (redundant) in a surrogate mother’s uterus. then they’d have a baby without angelina pregnant. but it would still have the hottest genes in the world.

  12. TJ

    Let’s examine this closer…Jolie is stick thin, has long ugly feet, legs, and toes; her breasts are luscious but probably starting to sag, making her freak out; her lips are luscious too and you know Brad digs it when she gives him a sensuous blow job; and her pussy is still tight because no live footballs have been passed through it.

    As everyone knows, a woman’s sex drive decreases markedly after kids, and Brad is probably getting frustrated and thinking about Jen’s tight hardbody going up and down on his dick.

    Did I miss anything?

  13. chickdowntown

    Eh, looks like Bristol Palin’s doin’ okay.

  14. Boomer

    Please, this story complete bunk. Women have multiple c-sections and have gestational diabetes with multiple pregnancies all the time, and both they and the babies end up perfectly healthy. There’s not a single correct statement in the supposed advice other than it’s best to wait a year after a c-section to get pregnant again.

  15. me

    No problem waiting for a year, time flies… not a big problem.
    She’s still young and strong enough. love her.

  16. When I first read this I thought it said her uterus had been BLEACHED. Not that that would be a bad thing…

  17. Vince Lombardi

    Photo #4 is amazing.

  18. woodhorse

    It’s probably Brad’s turn to carry the fetus in his abdomen anyway.

  19. Plobes

    for the love of GOB woman, JUST FOCUS ON THE 7424857590 kids you already have!!!

    What kind of freaking masochist wants to have twins twice?

    What good is an Angelina Jolie if she’s barefoot and pregs all the time or picking up after rugratz??

  20. wolf5150

    For the love of Christ, its your vagina not a fuckin’ clown car! Stop having brats that you’re just going to ignore and turn out into society to be dumass/halfbreed celebutards like Brody Jenner or Heidi Montag.The world is all full up with dipshits like these two.

  21. Jens

    Ok this woman is stunning and has got the most gorgeous body ever (since her last twins) She needs to ditch Brad for a hotter guy!

  22. Robert

    Those UGLY lips are her best method of birth control.

  23. eunity

    Oh poor baby brad needs to get a clue and leave her Brad needs to ditch her for some with more class she a a #####

  24. hmm

    the opposite of what Robert(#22) said.

  25. bathturd

    it doesn’t really matter does it? I thought she buys most of her kids anyway…

  26. Aerialgreen

    Just like that movie “Sophie’s Choice” but for the stupid.

  27. Silly, Silly, Silly. C Sections only cause problems if you try to have a baby the “natural” way afterwards…I have never heard someone should stop after two (and I have had two). ANY woman should wait between pregnancies to ensure her body is at 100% (and thus able to give the NEW baby 100%) and this is NOT exclusive to CSections. I also know a fair amount of people who develop Gestational Diabetes and can continue having children.

    Must have been a slow news week…..

    Her and Brad should have and adopt as many kids as they want….it is none of our concern.

  28. Bebe Gumeter

    Ooh! to bad so sad about Angelina . Wow enough is enough. For goodness sake stop having babies. Why not adopt more it’s better this way, so she doesn’t have to suffer…

    Brad come on don’t pout, please be understanding about Angelina’s health.

  29. She’s leaking URINE, folks?

  30. Stiles

    If only she’d take out the 6 pack & car keys Billy Bob forgot just behind her cervix 10 years ago…

  31. Susieque Girl

    Anything, machine or human that operates in high gear without slowing down will eventually deteriorate, burn out, give out. It’s her choice, if she wants to be stupid, let her be stupid. I am disgusted that she adopts babies of other poor countries rather than our own America where we have thousands of orphans.

  32. Theresa Gay

    TJ First of all I cann not believe you got away with that language. Let me inform you all women who have children do not lose their sex drive, in fact very few. I have had three children and I am 61 yrs old and I still work my man out just as I did 40 yrs ago. If you are encountering that experience guess what she is no longer interested in you and you need to remember what you use to do to turn her on. That goes for any other man, that is our little secret when we are tired of lack of attention in other ways.

  33. friendlyfires

    Tie your tubes Brad or have AJ donate her all eggs to some healthy sparrow with breeder hips.
    That’s it! Brad coughs up a couple pints of smelly, the in vitrio docs remove the Jolie eggs-jewels, mates dem Jolie ova with Brad’s swimmers, flash freeze the embryos, and line up the qualified surrogates that will carry to term, wha-bam-min-na, make the Osmonds look like Catholic amateurs.

  34. Maya Sheletskieza

    she’s ugly she should marry mark anthony they are both skeletor’s samalian bitch go eat

  35. I wonder if it has anything to do with her being constantly severely underweight

  36. No problem waiting for a year, time flies… not a big problem

  37. ? love you jolie.

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