Angelina Jolie’s much ballyhooed breastfeeding cover of W magazine

October 10th, 2008 // 63 Comments

You probably haven’t been able to take a leak in the past 24 hours without hearing about Brad Pitt taking a photo of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding that would appear in W Magazine. Well, here it is. For those of you who thought it would be hot, two things: 1. It’s for the cover of a national magazine so the chances of seeing a nipple were zero. (Though I could understand an expectation of side-boob.) 2. Breastfeeding involves babies, Darth Pervert. All that aside, what I found interesting was during the interview Angelina admitted Brad encouraged her to get pregnant when she was content with just adopting. Smooth:

“I think one of the life changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do. Now I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just the process of it, and now we have three other beautiful children that wouldn’t otherwise be here.”

Wow. So Brad Pitt gets to have sex with one of the hottest women on the planet and what does he do? Turn hers vagina into a gaping baby portal. Jesus. That’s like finally getting a Playstation 3 then shoving a watermelon through it. (I should write analogies for a living.)

Photo: W Magazine

  1. Debbie

    I have never cared for Brad Pitt, but I thought he was happy with Jen, and I thought they at least made a classy couple. Now he is with that slut with the big lips, skeletal arms and legs, with their herd, and I hope they get what is coming to them. I’m sure, eventually, one of them will cheat on the other because that is what they do. Especially, Angelina, maybe she will go back to her brother again. She is so disgusting! They are horrible parents so why they keep having kids, I don’t know. The kids have no stability, they are constantly moving and couldn’t possibly have time to make friends anywhere, they are always pictured eating junk food (which seems to be ok with Angelina, she bought her 7-year old child a knife, they are always promoting this or that (where are the kids then), what great parents they are! And now she says they want more. It’s like it’s a game to them. They are weirdos and disgusting! I guess in a way they deserve each other. Jen can do so much better. I think John Mayer is hot, and whether they stay together or not, I’m sure she will have alot of fun! And there is nothing wrong with that.

  2. Debbie

    If these are Brad’s private loving shots of Angelina, why the hell are we seeing them?

  3. ditto

    #32 and 44 are right. She’s a liar and a fraud, it is creepy, like how the devil comes in the guise of someone pretending to do good

    no one noticed or cared about her before she started the humanitarian act, her image was bad and she needed a gimmick

    she never actually does any humanitarian work, just holds press conference when a movie is coming out, speaks out against poverty yet hoards tens of millions and lives in grotesque material excess

  4. there are secret fancy restrooms in movie theaters for stars like angelina jolie.

  5. Jacqueline

    Angelina had c-section births, so what are you talking / writing about when you say so crudely: Turn hers vagina into a gaping baby portal. You base idiot.
    And as for all the hate-Angelina / hate Brad comments, if Brad gets the dough for the pics peope want, then more money can be contributed towards the Jolie-Pitt humanitarian causes – and hey, whats wrong with that if some poor sods much less well-off than us get some good out of this??

  6. 12=31

    well said!

  7. Rich

    This ho is a waste of space. baby-factory and adopt-a-clinic. Yeah, this Hollywood crazy will be a ‘perfect’ mother.

    I feel bad for the kids.

    Only positive is that the African kids, while being confused about having a cracker Mommy, will not be starving to death. But they’ll have to live with those names.

  8. allison

    What she does with her kids,is her business.and as for your writing analogies…you can do better than that nonsense.Try…it’s like getting a Playstation 3 and pulling out the original Nintendo system out to play.Wanna go older?okay.Intellivision ring a bell?Atari?Those last lines….were dumb.I’m glad she looks very natural and quite nice.

  9. i think 44 comment hit the spot !!

  10. i think 44 comment hit the spot !!

  11. i think 44 comment hit the spot !!

  12. i love sex angelina jolie

  13. What she does with her kids,is her business.and as for your writing analogies

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