Angelina Jolie’s much ballyhooed breastfeeding cover of W magazine

October 10th, 2008 // 63 Comments

You probably haven’t been able to take a leak in the past 24 hours without hearing about Brad Pitt taking a photo of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding that would appear in W Magazine. Well, here it is. For those of you who thought it would be hot, two things: 1. It’s for the cover of a national magazine so the chances of seeing a nipple were zero. (Though I could understand an expectation of side-boob.) 2. Breastfeeding involves babies, Darth Pervert. All that aside, what I found interesting was during the interview Angelina admitted Brad encouraged her to get pregnant when she was content with just adopting. Smooth:

“I think one of the life changing things that he did, one of many, is that I was absolutely never going to get pregnant. I never felt that it was the right thing to do. Now I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It taught me a lot about life, just the process of it, and now we have three other beautiful children that wouldn’t otherwise be here.”

Wow. So Brad Pitt gets to have sex with one of the hottest women on the planet and what does he do? Turn hers vagina into a gaping baby portal. Jesus. That’s like finally getting a Playstation 3 then shoving a watermelon through it. (I should write analogies for a living.)

Photo: W Magazine

  1. First!


  2. First!


  3. Lori

    I love her, she is just too good to be true…

  4. Sarah Palin

    In a very mavericky way, I just LOVE Angie and Brad – they’re so PRO-LIFE!!!

    Although, in the small-town America that is so much more pure and American and purely American than the rest of the country, the children they have who are darkies or slants would have to accept menial jobs gratefully. That’s the rule.

  5. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Ugh, the fact that she’d have preferred to adopt rather than to have her own children is really annoying, especially after what she said about Shiloh (that she’s a “blob” that’s been brought into a privelaged life….some total bullshit.) She had to be convinced? Wow. Just when I thought that Mia Farrows was the worst inspiration model ever but here goes another one.
    I feel bad for their biological kids that will grow up pretty neglected and messed up. Imagine Shiloh in therapy 20 years from now: “Mommy didn’t love me because I was not a War Refugee and didn’t pay for my college education because I’m already privelaged enough”

  6. Fernando Narcos

    Look at that,the Queen of The Fug’s feeding her baby crazy juice….

  7. havoc

    That’s it?!?!?

    Well hell…..


  8. joe

    She had a caesarean douchebag her kooch remains tight as a fuckin’ drum.

  9. Haus fraus rejoice…

  10. Stef

    Notice how she refers to her biological children as her “OTHER” children. She could’ve said that now she has three MORE children. ‘Other’ makes it sound as if she doesn’t regard her biological children as her own. Wow.

  11. crabdonkey

    When I see all the mixed raced kids and the do goody good attitude with this family I think of Captain planet.
    ………..Anybody else?

  12. Brad Pitt

    That’s actually me. I have small hands. The kids get a bottle…this is my jamba jiggly juice.

  13. Ted from LA

    Lucky kid.

  14. Anonymous

    I don’t know if I could be any more sick of this skank than I am right now. She’s not attractive at all, inside or out. My dream is for the media to finally tire of her and for her to fade away, never to return.

  15. Ricardo

    “One of the hottest women on the planet..”?? Take it easy!

  16. Tinfoil Raccoon

    “Wow. So Brad Pitt gets to have sex with one of the hottest women on the planet and what does he do? Turn hers vagina into a gaping baby portal. Jesus. That’s like finally getting a Playstation 3 then shoving a watermelon through it. (I should write analogies for a living.)”

    Except Angelina had C-sections during both preganancies.

    You probably knew that though and were just trying to find a way to work in something about “gaping vaginas.”

  17. e

    I’m a girl and even I’m disappointed there’s not more boobie going on. Plus, I’d really like to see the baby! She looks lovely and so serene, though, it’s a beautiful pic.


    She’s MUCH prettier without all the harsh makeup. It’s a lovely photo.

  19. nope


    You do realize she’s had two more biological babies of her own, right?

  20. nope


    You do realize she’s had two more biological babies, right?

  21. Democrats version of birth control? Partial birth abortions…labor is induced, the baby starts its path into the world, the they drill a whole in its head and remove the brain. Yep, much better them liberals sure are “progressive”.

    Too think the fools who follow obama the new messiah don’t look at what he realy stands for. Supposing a child would survive an obortion attempt obama wanted to pass legislation to deny medical aid to them. Nice and you people think he is so freaking great.

  22. Vince Lombardi

    Perhaps her insight into parenting from natural childbirth versus adoption will give her the tools to reconcile with her father while he’s still alive.

  23. The White Urkle

    I would take her out for a drink and a drive any time!

  24. timmy the dying boy

    I wouldn’t clamp down on that tit even if I were in a “Grapes of Wrath” situation.

  25. Kahlee

    Oh dear god, the vaginal muscles are ELASTIC. Nothing turns into a ‘gaping hole’. Moron.

  26. whatever

    I agree comepletey with #15. Maybe they will fall off the face of the earth and take Paris Hilton with them.

  27. whatever

    I agree completely with #15. Maybe they will fall off the face of the earth and take Paris Hilton with them.

  28. whatever dude

    You do write metaphors for a living.

  29. barak obama

    This is one crazy bitch. Not as crazy as michelle though. She is crazy AND ugly!

  30. jrz

    She looks like a lactating Bratz doll.

  31. A real mom

    !)She came to the realization that a birth child would be useful to hang onto Pitt-nothing more, and her subsequent remarks about and attitude towards her “other” child prove that. Her claims “after we had Zahara for a few months” etc-bullshit. They bought Z in July, she was pregnant in July or August for a “May” baby after months of hiding in Africa. Pitt later said she was pregnant filming JJ in the summer, there were no “few months” to come to a decision. The woman is a chronic liar and constantly gets caught.
    2) Her lips have been even more pumped up, and she is not “breastfeeding”, any mother can recognize this-the child is too far down. What a fraud these two are-a dangerous fraud because the dim witted continue to buy their lies and third world countries continue to sell them children to exploit.

  32. mary

    She is so hot. Beautiful photo!

  33. dae

    I think that she’s self absorbed, and is going through these babies as a way to feel better about herself. She will probably be a great mom for the moment, but when times goes by and she’s got about a dozen, and her “mommy instincts” are a bit faded — maybe she’s even a bit bored, off of Brad Pitt — that’s when I think the kiddies might suffer. Several “Mommy Dearest” coming out …

  34. whocares

    Incredible Photo. Thanks a lot!
    Love them.
    May God bless them!

  35. kitty_kat

    It never ceases to amaze me what this woman will stoop to just to get attention.

  36. None ya biz

    She’s just perfect! I love Anjelina Posts..<3 Hate Hydrogel butt Aka Kim K

  37. None ya biz

    She’s just perfect! I love Anjelina Posts..<3 Hate Hydrogel butt Aka Kim K

  38. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    She looks pretty

  39. Obama is not running against Palin

    #22 – you are a fucking idiot. it is actually impossible for obama to lose to palin. want to know why? because he is running against john mccain!!!!!

    and i am a democrat…and my idea of birth control is called estrostep. its a birth control pill. funny. nothing like a partial-birth abortion, is it?

  40. Justmeh

    frakin sweet!

  41. McCain will lose to Biden


    Looks like you survived the abortion and lost the ability to spell in the process.

  42. Jen's Mole

    Angelina got pregnant with Shiloh in September ’05. She and Lucy Damon were due on the same day. Shiloh was delivered 3 weeks early by C-section. Most C-Sections are done early to avoid Mum going into labour.

  43. Hurry up Brangy you need another Asain one and other Black one, collect them all while quatities las

    Agreed #32. She lies constantly and she is a HUGE hypocrite. She once said in an interview in a very condescending tone that after meeting people who have watched their whole families be killed in front of them that she no longer values material things, yet she lives in a 70 MILLION dollar chateau, owns about 6 other multi million dollar properties, two airplanes and more designer shit and belongings than a shopping center. She has visited refugees in Iraq and pretends to care about the causes she says she cares about yet she would consider voting for McCain, that shocked the hit out of everyone even the republicans and I think even if people are happy that she would vote McCain it proves what a phony she is. She has two persona’s the attention whore who fucks around with taken men (brad wasn’t the only one, Billy Bob was with Laura Dern who found out via the media that he had ditched her for Veingy) , is as vain and self absorbed as Paris Hilton and whose a materialistic self involved brat with Daddy issues AND the phony mother earth humanitarian (and image that was enhanced as a publicity ploy to clean up her home wrecker image) and the latter is even more proof of her ego because her entire I will save the earth attitude is nothing but ego, there is no follow through she doesn’t walk the walk, her materialistic lifestyle and political views completely contradict her so called humanitarian image. Yeah it’s really fucking humanitarian of you to commandeer entire floors of hospitals whenever you have to bring one of your brad babies into the world. Angelina and Jen (both of whom I dislike immensely BTW) have both said how much Brad likes decor and art and how he has very distinct taste so me thinks he just wanted babies because they would be a DNA masterpiece in his ego driven little mind.
    Speaking of her man bitch notice how it’s always her that is bragging about her relationship with Brad and how he barely says a peep except repeatedly saying how tired he is. Usually when a woman constantly brags about how happy her relationship is and her man says nothing or just talks about the kids it’s because he’s secretly planning his escape and is just letting her blab and talk and shoot her mouth off like most woman need to. This will NOT end well. He went from one extreme to another with no down time in between. I picture them separating and him caring for the biological ones, the other children. She wanted a phony humanitarian aid worker to adopt have the third world with her and he wanted someone “hot enough” to make genetic art babies with so that he could do photo spreads in art house magazines of him and his stunning family. They are on different pages and they have no couple time for themselves and built their relationship on nothing, just attraction and intrigue. I just hope it implodes in their faces without hurting their kids, sadly that’s impossible those kids are going buy a lot of time shares for a lot therapists.

    I Also love how celebrities like this bitch wine about wanting privacy and how they are so hunted that they HAVE to sell pictures of their newborn children just to be able to do things on their own terms and maintain some privacy YET they do lengthy revealing interviews and pose for pics like this. You want your privacy you stupid pieces of trash? Then keep your fucking PRIVATE LIFE to yourselves. Fucking morons. When you behave like a spectacle you’ll be treated like one. When you are overpaid and live like fucking kings and queens in a world which you are well aware is great need people will pay attention to the naked emperors of bullshit. The paparazzi is your own creation, celebrities are so stupid and disgusting that an entire industry of surveillance and reporting has been built and lives off their heinous idiocy. Don’t feel sorry for their lack of privacy, they would shrivel up and die without all this attention, they are just so greedy that they want it all, endless attention but onl;y on their terms when it is convenient. WHAT A BUNCHA FUCKING HORSESHIT. FUCK YOU CELEBRITIES and you’re bastard children too.

  44. This is for the not named “BRAD PIT”-foundation?

  45. JohnJacobJingleHeimerScmidt

    In response to 44, you’re kind of angry, huh

  46. JohnJacobJingleHeimerScmidt

    In response to 44, you’re kind of angry, huh

  47. slut. get married to your bastard children’s father. if he really is their father.

  48. Ol'Red

    Everything has to be political.

  49. Some great posts

    Luv #44′s comments. All true observations and refreshing to know that others notice this hypocritical freak’s exhibitionist ways. A total freak who is Freud’s dream patient. Gobbles up children b/c of her emotional needs.

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