Angelina Jolie’s mom dies

January 29th, 2007 // 256 Comments

Angelina Jolie’s 56-year-old mother died Saturday afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after battling cancer for seven years. Angelina Jolie, her older brother James Haven, and Brad Pitt were at the hospital with her Saturday at the time of death.

It must’ve been pretty cool for her to have died with Brad Pitt at her bed. As a last request she should’ve asked to tongue kiss him or something. I would’ve said “do it with her” but let’s try and keep her final moments classy.


  1. crazyotto

    good to hear she got some bad genes

  2. Lesbianesque

    woody, apparently Ritchie has too much going on, what with all the multi-tasking he does….what was it he said…..while he posts day and night here, posts 1600 times on another site and fucks a whore in the ass with his foot, there’s bound to be a little confusion
    what a nin-cow-poop

  3. Kaz

    I have no idea who would write such a thing about angelina Jolie’s sex tapes during her time of grieving for her Mother’s death. I find it immature and totally disrespectful to all women and men who suffer from cancer. Perhaps those who do not know how to show respect for the dead and compassion for the ones left behind should SHUT up.

  4. Kaz

    Oh my goodness, let me excuse my rational behaviour and realize that this whole group of teenagers have no idea what im talking about. Respecet…. Compassion…. Insight… My Bad. Wont bother you again. Enjoy your ignorance

  5. lmf

    On January 27, Angelina Jolie

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