Angelina Jolie’s mom dies

January 29th, 2007 // 256 Comments

Angelina Jolie’s 56-year-old mother died Saturday afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after battling cancer for seven years. Angelina Jolie, her older brother James Haven, and Brad Pitt were at the hospital with her Saturday at the time of death.

It must’ve been pretty cool for her to have died with Brad Pitt at her bed. As a last request she should’ve asked to tongue kiss him or something. I would’ve said “do it with her” but let’s try and keep her final moments classy.


  1. O. Fenby

    Wow, when you bomb, you bomb huge. This one wasn’t even close to funny. Lazy lazy. Stupid, too.


    It’s too bad that Angie is so unlikable that even the passing of her mom generates little sympathy from the public. Can she really not know what the image is she’s projecting? God speed Angie’s mom, whoever you were…

  3. PrettyBaby

    Come on Guys- I am sure everyone would send their sympathies to her and her family. I can’t resist the urge to make sexual innuendos about Brad Pitt,that is all ;).

  4. JLG

    I case I need to be reminded where all the sad, tasteless, pathetic people are in the world , all one needs to do is read the comments. Really folks, what happened in your lives that have made you all so bitter. Another human-being dies and within hours – a bunch of tabloid freaks writing things that are so f**king sad, it makes me wonder what the hell is going on and what is with the world!

  5. RichPort

    Angelina’s mom was fighting cancer for years, so her death didn’t come as a shock. Or at least not as much of a shock as walking back into the hospital room and catching Brad offering Maddox $20 to eat out of grandma’s colostomy bag.

  6. magickal

    Ahh, yes, even home wrecking, husband stealing, vial of blood wearing crazies like Angelina need their moms. We’re all just venom spewing assholes because we don’t automatically feel as though Angelina is now “special” or moreso “forgiven for being a whore” just because her mother died, as all our mothers have or will.

    # 47 – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that name. But, ultimately, laughing wins.

  7. magickal

    #55 ~ RichPort,

    Good stuff. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!! Holy shit, I’m not going to be able to stop the sudden outburts of uncontrollable laughter with that visual now, am I?

  8. stfu

    #54 – so it’s reading this thread that makes you wonder what the hell is going on with the world? You kinda missed the headlines about stuff like car bombs, torture, genocide? Go read about that stuff and get upset. Then come back here to be a snarky heartless fuck at the expense of celebs (and sometimes other commenters).

  9. magickal

    ~”outbursts”~ durrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I don’t know what an out”burt” is, but it sounds like something that could very possibly be floating in grandma’s colostomy bag!

  10. PoponarJegos

    Are you people seriously retarded? Making fun of someone who has just lost their mother… that’s just wrong. Don’t cross that line.. it’s just not funny, you assholes.

  11. JLG

    you guys should seriously get help and then perhaps a LIFE.
    The next time you make mistakes, and it is reported around the world – oh not too mention the fact that you give millions away to people who need it…unless you happen to know them personally…SHUT THE F**k up…Seriously, what kind of people are you writing this kind of crap. What kind of warped mind thinks of this shit.
    Regardless of AJ shortcomings…shit we all have them…I think she ‘appears’ to be 10 times the person any of you freaks will ever hope to be. STOP being so freaking nasty…jesus we got a bloody war going on, drugs are messing up our kids and we are writing this kinda crap…hell of a lesson on a Monday morning…never to visit this site again!

  12. magickal

    #60 – making fun of someone who just lost their mother isn’t funny? Since when? BTW – for someone who finds it so appalling…you certainly took time out of your undoubtedly important day to read through 59 posts before trying to give the rest of us a verbal spanking, now didn’t you? If you’re so discusted, you can turn away. As a matter of fact, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  13. sol

    #61 you’ll be missed. your clever wit made me laugh on a dreary Monday workday, thank you. (don’t let the back button hit you on the ass on the way out)

  14. jrzmommy

    59–an Out Burt is the act of outing a Sesame Street character’s sexual orientation.

  15. magickal

    # 61 et al – please see comment # 62. It hurts my wrist to re-write everything and I hate to be redundant.

    Hail, Angelina, the Queen of Cunts!

  16. SilverBaked

    #51…well said. pretty sick, actually. so not funny.

  17. magickal

    #64 – Oh, I KNEW it!!! I just knew it sounded familiar!

  18. jrzmommy

    Please visit Lesbianesque’s website for the virtual candlelight vigil for Angelina, you bleeding heart crybabies.

  19. PrettyBaby

    Revelation revealed to me psychically- JLG will return to the Fish.

  20. You people complain about the things posted here, yet you continue to come back for more. Pathetic.

    I whipped up a batch while looking at pictures of the dead mother.

  21. jrzmommy

    60 and Friends…..are we all bastard people and you’re going to go home now and bite your pillow?

  22. SilverBaked

    “It must’ve been pretty cool for her to have died with Brad Pitt at her bed. As a last request she should’ve asked to tongue kiss him or something. I would’ve said “do it with her” but let’s try and keep her final moments classy”. i agree with some of the others. this is written on the website, not from dumb commentary. check me outta here as well. too bad, i thought this was a good site. some line you just don’t cross. gross. cancel my sign-in, please.

  23. jrzmommy

    jesus we got a bloody war going on, drugs are messing up our kids and I’M OUT OF FUCKING LIP BALM! CRISIS MODE!!! I’m out of Burts Bees! GAHAHAHHAAHAHA

  24. Juliabella

    You bunch of low life idiots. Cancer is nothing funny. You think she cares what you guys have to say? NO. You think someone who recently loss a loved one and, unfortunately gets to read all your stupid comments care? YES. Get a life and laugh at funny things instead of being hard and stupid.

  25. PrettyBaby


  26. Wanda Rwanda

    You people shoud be ashamed of yourselves!!! This is a terrible tragedy, and you’re making jokes. Shameful! And for those of you who continue to question Angelina’s behavior for some reason, just know that she was with her mother at the end, comforting her. In fact, she rushed through another African baby adoption so her mother could have something to snack on during her last days, when her appetite was almost gone due to all the chemo. Tender, juicy dark meat…ummmmm. Angelina is truly an angel!

  27. jrzmommy

    74-Ghouliasmella–(how’s that for stupid?) Fuck off.

  28. Juliabella

    76 – I insulted someone here!!! Truth hurts!

  29. Juliabella

    I meant “77″

  30. jrzmommy

    Come on–you didn’t insult me, I just think your bleeding heart bull shit is annoying. And I think I’d like to make you my bitch today.

  31. jrzmommy

    Can you put on this ball-gag and zipper head cover please and climb into this box, Ghoulia?

  32. PrettyBaby

    #78 Holy shit- ya gotta come up with something a little nastier Sweetie, jrz can eat you alive.

  33. Juliabella

    I am laughing here.. nothing to be mean about! who the fuck is jrz anyways?

  34. PrettyBaby

    #83 Just a friendly girlscout from the neighborhood.

  35. Juliabella

    If I was your bitch, you would be crawling back to your mommy with a dry bag in between your legs! You can’t take me dear!!!

  36. JLG

    oh my god…your right whoever you are…I just keep coming back -to see how sad, how very low and pathetic other humans can really be….I shake my head…I am truly ashamed of all of you….
    Instead of trying to outdo each others tasteless, sad words….why not just one thing nice said and then move on. Are you all in a jail somewhere? Has someone stolen your children, killed your family, robbed you of everything…where does this mean shit come from?
    Do you personally know AJ? Has she done something to you….
    In just a moment of fulfilling my need of celebrity gossip, I have realized that seeing those above comments makes me sick to see why the world is so f**ked up – because of the likes of you people…because you guys must have friends, family, children, and I am sure that you are doing your duty and spreading your “love” around!
    There, go on, have a field day with these comments.

  37. PrettyBaby

    #74 “being hard and stupid” = Mr. Right

  38. Juliabella

    87 – you seem to know them all here!!! I don’t care about the idiots trying to insult people… I just come here to laugh a bit and entertain.

    Peace girl!

  39. sol

    please, everyone, forgive JLG…it’s just the AIDS cocktail talking.

  40. happy_bunny

    How come the Croc Hunter and Robert Altman got respectful Superfish write-ups and Angie’s mom didn’t? Uncool.

  41. jrzmommy

    A dry bag? What’s a dry bag, Ghoulia. Does DanYELL have one? If DanYELL has a dry bag then for God’s sake, I want one–a pink one.

    Ghoulia, does your boyfriend eat a lot of celery?

  42. PrettyBaby

    #78 Hey BabyTroller! It’s been awhile.. I wondered if you’d finally quit. Yeah, your right about one thing- A Hard man = Mr. Right. But stupid- nahh. I like smart ones, like you.
    Juliabella- Have fun here then,…Enjoy!

  43. sexybitch

    #88 Gee, then you’re 0 for 2 today, huh?

  44. PrettyBaby

    #91- jrz– Ha! Watch that celery cosumption.

  45. PrettyBaby

    consumption I mean :(

  46. #44 lalalemon

    Ahhhhhh, yes, your anger and dirision tastes so good. As for weather or not I’d feel something if somebody I loved dies…well of course I would, MY mother deserves to have people mourn her passing when it happens. She, unlike Angies mom did NOT raise an uber-needy self agrandizing holier than thou freak, she merely raised a smart-assed dick.

  47. jrzmommy

    Ghoulia, if you come here to laugh then why are you getting so high and mighty on us? You strike me as someone who has an enormous stick up your ass. Or is that part of your entertainment for us? Ghoulia the Stick in the Ass Woman……..See how she sneers with the large stick wedged between her buttocks… as she passes judgement on the Superfishers as she waddles across the stage with the large stick poking her in the keester!

  48. Juliabella

    I think you think I am someone else here!!! WHO THE FUCK IS DANYELL? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??? LEAVE ME ALONE CHEAPOS.

  49. PrettyBaby

    Cheapos??? I don’t get it…Uh… what?
    This one is no DanYELL, jrzmommy.

  50. Juliabella


    Si tu comprends ce que j’

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