Angelina Jolie’s early modeling days

April 3rd, 2008 // 85 Comments

These are modeling shots of a 16-year-old Angelina Jolie from the latest issue of InTouch. She really hasn’t changed much which makes me think I need to get to work on a time machine. Jeez, relax! I’ll go back to when she’s 18. You guys really need to get your minds out of the gutter. How do you pervert something so pure and simple as bending time to score some 18-year-old Angelina Jolie action? Tell you what, I know a good therapist…

Photos: InTouch

  1. Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer

    She was ugly then and she’s ugly now. Big deal.

  2. emmaleigh

    her bod aint that great. she has no upper thigh, her bone structure is just not attractive at all to me. she’s a homewrecker and sooo overrated. her face is way hotter than these pics, no doubt. she’s like a 5 in these photos but an 8.5 now but her bod is just icky. angelina HOLIE. I don’t care if I’m being immature right now, but she’s an awful person who hides behind traveling to a bunch of countries. yeah we all care about kids, but we don’t have the money you do you dumb slut.

  3. Erica.

    She looks better now..she’s gorgeous now.

  4. Finals

    So much better looking than Maniston. Jens been getting collagen lately…trying to emulate Angelina no doubt.

  5. RENEE

    No, she definetly had a nose jobber. Because I can remember when she was in that one movie… Hackers (?) she still had the pudge nose and she wasn’t that young anymore; and no one really payed her no mind because she wasn’t that attractive. Then all of a sudden, a few years later…she’s considered this ravishing beauty. I’m not a hater; I admit she is beautiful in her own way…almost not real looking; like a mannequin. But she’s definetly not a completly “natural beauty” because she’s had work done (though she was still cute & pretty before the cosmetic work). But her body is lame and weird…and what the heck is with the seductive pics at 16???

  6. janet

    damn the obvious NOSE job! lol

  7. Wow, gorgeous always! A-Lister fo sho –

  8. i loathe angeline jolie. she’s a slut

  9. michy

    i think her mouth is different now.her upper lip is bigger now

  10. KillMONTAG

    OK! Breast implants and nose job – just sayin’.
    Her mouth is different too, shes either had her bottom lip reduced or her top lip enlarged they are more equal in size now.
    Beautiful but different so much for “natural” Angelina

  11. my comment

    she gives me the creeps.

  12. MWN

    I don’t think she’s had work done; I looked up her current pictures and her face looks pretty much the same.
    Any woman on here who is trashing her is just jealous, and it’s pathetic. I don’t know if Angelina Jolie is a horrible bitch or not, but there is no denying she is several notches above average looks-wise.

  13. me

    I would like to give her a good leg massage!!

  14. she's a whore

    Nice… acting like a slutbag is apparently the only thing Holie has ever known… her mom must’ve been one big whore too, letting her underage daughter pose like that, wtf. Then again, she allowed Holie to have a live-in boyfriend at 14, so why am I surprised

  15. Grunion

    Fuck me. She’s hot enough to make hillbilly’s blow off Ned Beatty.

  16. ImTalkinToYouChubby

    Goddamn a women this beautifull is really gonna send the average lookin’ ho’s on here off the deep end. just watch.

  17. shaniqua

    how is saying she’s had stuff done trashing her? some people just dont find her attractive, so what? she has had stuff done not a big deal, but she’s not all natural as people idolize her for being. everyone in hollywood has had something done.

  18. Seriously? Who gives a rats ass about her nose? Lord if thats all you can find to bitch about on her body then I am sure we can all move on to what she has done professionally. Fantastic actress & huge in humanitarian works. Can anyone else say they have done as much as her at the age of 31? Alrightly then, lol.

  19. alex

    she looked way better before the plastic surgery

  20. Laura

    She looks kind of like a fish.

  21. missywissy


  22. nodonuts

    fugly then, fugly now.

  23. damn

    That’s hot, really fucking hot.
    It’s good to see a female who is actually hot and beautiful on your site every once in a while, and not the buch of overrated chicks who aren’t anything special at all but you claim they’re hot that you usually post about.
    She truly is the most beautiful woman in the world, and an absolutely natural beauty. No one else in Hollywood is a true, natural beauty except for Angelina Jolie.

  24. nunya

    It is a known fact that she narrowed her nose and has her upper lip altered to match her lower lip.

  25. I’m really amazed by the majority of plastic surgery bandwagon.

    Do yourselves a favor and look at photographs of yourselves when you were 16. Especially the females. Now if you’re only 18 currently or early 20′s don’t bother. But if you’re late 20′s and over, you will clearly be able to see a dramatic change in your facial features.

    Even though Ms. Jolie had zero body fat as a teenager, she did infact still have puffy baby fat cheeks. Which gave her a rounded face. We all pretty much have that in our teenage years.

    As we grow older and our face starts maturing, our features start becoming more defined. Especially cheekbones, This then infact changes the appearances of the face rather dramatically.

    Going from a round shaped face to angular because of age, will create a different appearance.

    We are still growing at the age of 16. we are still forming as a human body. Please keep that in mind, and if you’re seriously intent on making judgments about plastic surgery compare 4 photos:

    1.Angelina at 16 vs. Angelina current.
    2. You at 16 vs. You current.

    Do you really look precisely the same? Or has your cheeks become more prominent? Does your nose look a little more refined/definite?

    I know mine has, without any question whatsoever, and I am petrified of the knife, so no plastic surgery.

  26. truth

    73- jew face maniston lovah

  27. Ben

    Britney is so beautiful!I love her.Maybe many men like her,too.If you want to know her more,you would go to “”.She is also on “”,there are a lot of reports about her.

  28. Pak31

    I actually think she looks better back then, not so skinny and I don’t think her old nose is that bad either. Now it’s too pointy. I love the fact that she is spoken about as the most beautiful woman and natural beauty etc. Yet what we see today isn’t the “real” or “original” Angelina. I just think that anyone voted so beautiful should be knocked down the list if they have had plastic surgery cause in my book that’s cheating.

  29. Mishka

    Baby Fat around the nose.. ha ha!

  30. Nique

    DO NOT believe that she is 16 yrs on those pics-ok made that up for sure

    My guess is photoshop

  31. mii

    “baby fat on nose” supporters and #76: NOONE’s nose changes that much due to loss of “baby fat.” that is completely ridiculous for you to believe that drastic of a change.

    maybe somebody should throw that idea at Ashley Simpson’s PR people: she didn’t have a nose job, she lost baby fat on the nose! hahaha

    angelina’s nose drastically went from wide pudge nose to thin and pinched. Puh-lease.

  32. eye-dish lass

    Nose Job: 4 sure. Lips were bigger then….but that could be age….but she may have had them tucked in. Her Body I think is D list….she has love handles – she is bone-thin, but has love hands (like, high ones), and it is evident is these pics. She is a Humanitarian that is dripping in diamonds and has a ton of homes. Just another hypocrit, really. If she did NOT have good looks, she would be the Embassador to Nowheresville. It’s ALL bullsh**. It REALLY is. Plucking “Pax” out of his orphanage at over 3 yrs old, changing his name (HOW SELF SERVING….could we ROB this child of his identity anymore:?!?!?!), and essentailly kidnapping him so Maddox could have another Asian in the household is bollocks! Find an infant that is none the wiser. That child was fine. PS: I thought Angie wanted to be a mortician? Just more publicity to add to her interesting weirdness. She was posing for cheap pictures, and poorly, I might add, at 16. Just another teenager girl looking for fame. She is NOT a natural in stills. YIKES!

  33. JoeFrancis' Distended Anus

    @83: Wow. Jealous much? You really think a 3 year old is “fine” in a Vietnamese orphanage, fat ass?

  34. eye-dish lass

    @84 – how did you know I had a fat ass?! Was that you last nite? I thought I sat on a tic tac. Hmm. Okay – I went overboard w/the “fine” orphanage, but there were a LOT of comments that at his age, there was ZERO transition for him. He met her and was on the tarmack getting on a plan leaving everythihng he knew. 3 yr olds are not infants – BIG difference, Dildo. Child Psychs say it was damaging how he was taken w/o any notion/transition. You can say that he’s fine now. He seems to be. Then again, kids who are kidnapped can care about their abductors – so F U and POP those giant pimples on your face, ass, and back with the throbbing heads that look like tomato seeds. “MEN” who comment on gossip on the Internet are just FREAKS. And F U again, I still AT LEAST say she shouldn’t have changed his name. I’m glad you didn’t. It suits you. And HONESTLY, I thought her pic were not special.

  35. guest

    she has no boobs.

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