Angelina Jolie’s early modeling days

April 3rd, 2008 // 85 Comments

These are modeling shots of a 16-year-old Angelina Jolie from the latest issue of InTouch. She really hasn’t changed much which makes me think I need to get to work on a time machine. Jeez, relax! I’ll go back to when she’s 18. You guys really need to get your minds out of the gutter. How do you pervert something so pure and simple as bending time to score some 18-year-old Angelina Jolie action? Tell you what, I know a good therapist…

Photos: InTouch

  1. hook


  2. Veenus


  3. nick

    whoo ooo FIRst

  4. Randal

    Stunning! What an Evolutionary creation.


  5. Ana

    she doesnt make a very good model…
    much better actress for sure..

  6. Mal Gusto

    You get the time machine. I want to go back to when she was 13.

  7. Ana

    she doesnt make a very good model…
    much better actress for sure..

  8. woodhorse

    She would make a great world leader.

  9. lola

    nose job

  10. denise

    When I first saw her on Gia; I knew she would become a big star. She was nude in Gia and has great curves. I hope she continues with her humanitarian efforts.

  11. Jenny

    Is that a chair or a walker?

  12. how does she not make a great model.? certainly looks better then the crap out there now.

  13. Groucho

    She hasn’t changed much, except for the nose job.

  14. sara

    ah angelina, pre-nose job and cheek implants. she should have left her face aloooone.

  15. Ted from LA

    She looks decent, but a “Billy Bob” tattoo and a bunch of other shit ENGRAVED in her skin would make her look way hotter.

  16. mike

    oh come on – there are 2 long video clips out there, for this shoot. Fish, go load ‘em up while Jimbo restocks on hand lotion, tissues, and – don’t ask – lipstick.

  17. peepants

    MAN SHE HAS SO SHAVED DOWN THAT NOSE. Look at the other pics that’s a good damn obvious nose job.

    That is so funny because she comes across as being so mother earth. She’s hot and crap, but her limbs have that pale gangly look and she just has NO waist definition. Her face looks plumper, that’s the key to youth, a nice plump face.

  18. My Penis

    I feel a Wack-Attack coming on…..

  19. big bob

    she has some funny poses. bah ha ha ha.

  20. MassGrrl

    She as hot as hell in *Gia*. She actually played a fashion model in the movie. A lesbian one that gets naked. Mmm.

  21. guy ritchie


    She has some old lady legs in the second pic.

  22. annie

    ooo i just found out that your name is KARL WANG!

  23. ZaZ

    Love the “Hackers” era Angie.

  24. Ellen

    So, fellow c-muncher (#20)…really? Her boobs were great, her legs were great, her ass…a little disappointing, don’t you think? I don’t know, I guess I’ve really got a love/hate thing going with Borderlines…

  25. MassGrrl

    It’s been a long time since I’ve masturbated to the movie, so I can’t really remember. She was the first woman I thought about having sex with.

  26. tight lipped smiler

    This was back when she thought she could shit out a passelful of kids.

  27. Aphrodite

    Holy Cow, for her I would happily switch teams!!

  28. RENEE

    Yeh, I was always wondering what the heck was different abt her face; its the fricken nose! Her old nose was much wider and not so refined looking. Either way, it sure did her a world of good to get it fixed. After that she was considered this extraordinary beauty. Plus she also got rail thin (too thin). But I still can’t tell if she really had cheek implants or if it was just the whole starvation thing. Either way, she is beautiful, in an almost creepy sort of way.

  29. Quinn

    her lips look like a mini donut from a fair.

  30. IKE

    Ahhhhh! The lips that women would pay to have!

  31. havoc

    She looks like Wednesday from the Addams Family.

    In her bra and panties, but still……..


  32. nipolian

    How about that……….pre-tat……post-VD.

  33. m

    she looked sooooo old at 16! seriously I don’t think I can see a difference with now… might be just me

  34. lil ol me

    i agree with m, she looks the saaaame

  35. So apparently she is dating a MS-13 gang dude. Check out picture 11.

    How fast can you say Hollywood blacklist. Lose the gang banger or lose your job.

  36. 2005

    I don’t see the appeal anymore. I used to drool over her pictures a few years back.

  37. Chauncey Gardner

    I wonder how many cocks she’d had in her by the time these were shot? I mean, besides her brother’s.

  38. Lisa

    Nose job, possible cheek implants …

    She’s also done work on her lips–the top lip in these pictures looks much thinner than the bottom lip–the bottom lip looks huge. Her lips now are more symmetrical–both top and bottom look to be similar in size.

  39. Sara

    Hollywood whores, NYC whores, London whores etc. they are all fake! look at that nose! and those lips?! She had some work done on her lips as well, perhaps to make them more proportionate! Anyway, this boosts my ego. I can get a nose job and become beautifullllllllllllllllllllll lol

  40. Rita

    I disagree. Remember she’s 16 in these pics, still has some baby fat around her nose. (like Jlo gained weight in her nose area?)
    Cheek implants? Are you serious??
    And what do you think she got fat sucked out of her bottom lip? It’s just more lipliner on the bottom lip.

  41. nat

    you can have baby fat around the nose?

  42. leelee

    going back to screw Angie when she was a lot hotter is cool and all, but remember that this is also when she was f-ing nuts. Which means after you do her, she’ll probably call you at 3 am to talk about how she impulsively drank all of her blood vile and could you please come by so she can fill back up again.

  43. me


    She is the same, the only difference is age. When we are youngs our chicks are more round, as time goes by chicks get finer.

    She was exotic beauty before and she is exotic beauty now, and I would add inner beauty that contributes to make her the most beautiful.

    Don’t envy Angelina for being such an amazing and succesful girl. what kind of people are you?

  44. kate

    she scares me

  45. Hannah T

    Shit, she’s SIXTEEN HERE?? She looked like this at 16 as well as being beautiful now, rich, successful, married to Brad Pitt, mother of soon-to-be 5 healthy children AND respected for charity work??? Ok, my self-esteem just dropped into sub-zero minus-levels………………..

    erm…#43, you mean ‘cheeks’, right…?

  46. Groucho

    #43, it’s obvious she’s had a nose job. I’m not passing judgment, just stating a fact. Her and Ashlee Simpson did the right thing by getting surgery.

  47. Those nose job she got after these pics is better than most

  48. shaniqwa

    she’s def had a nose job and her lips evened out. her face is way more manly and square now. she was more feminine then.

  49. shaniqwa

    she’s def had a nose job and her lips evened out. her face is way more manly and square now. she was more feminine then.

  50. Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer

    She was ugly then and she’s ugly now. Big deal.

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