Angelina Jolie’s dress suggests pregnantitis

January 28th, 2008 // 99 Comments

Angelina Jolie attended the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards yesterday and her dress has stoked the rumor flames that she’s pregnant again. This poor woman can’t catch a break. So Angelina and Brad Pitt have a hundred kids (scientific estimate). That doesn’t mean she’s perpetually knocked up. She can’t even order a cheeseburger without someone saying “Angelina Jolie eats for two.” Can’t we just respect her as a human being by ogling her awesome rack? Hey, wait, Brad Pitt’s in these pictures, too. Get out. Was he there the whole time?

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  1. Iggy

    Wow, one of Angie’s skeletor eggs got fertilized! I wonder when they put it up Brad’s ass?

  2. IVF

    I heard that Vagalina didn’t come about with this alleged pregnancy naturally… something to do with 1) her being so anorexically thin that her periods became erratic/went totally missing and 2) the fact that she’s at least 8 years older than she’d like us to think and therefore becoming less fertile by the minute

  3. my comment

    Why does Brad have gray pubic hair on his face?

  4. Rat

    I used to love Jolie but now she has transformed to an emaciated skank!
    Collecting children like Hubble Figurines.
    Brad pit is just a live in manny.

  5. ugh

    someone just needs to kick her ass

  6. grrrrrrr

    oh she is so pregnant why would she wear a tent

  7. Judd

    I like the looks of her titties!!!

  8. piloh shitt

    That dress is fucking ghastly.

  9. I hope when the child is born Brad doesn’t get insomnia, or he might die of natural causes and the child will be fatherless.

  10. ferlo

    everybody negative just shut it because she can do whatever she wants- she’s angelina. for all you haters, tell me, jealous much?

  11. Gerald_Tarrant

    Hahahaha @ Jimbo (or his troll)

    That’s funny shit.

  12. my comment

    You mean she couldn’t get one of her kids to iron that ugly sheet before she put it on?

  13. feckless

    I’m with stupid. ?

  14. BunnyButt

    Just because she’s wearing a loose fitting dress doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. Just because I’m wearing hiking boots doesn’t mean I’m a guy.

    *unzips pants to double check*

    Nope, definitely not a guy.

  15. What happen with sexy Angeline? She don’t look sexy anymore. Brad, what are you doing with her:)

  16. DiNiGi

    Why do you say this poor woman??? IF she didn’t want the freaking attention, all she’d have to do is DRESS NORMAL…this dress is an open invitation to get tongues wagging as I’m sure she’s FULLY AWARE.

  17. aeuwave

    you think with all her money, she would get her dress pressed….

    but she does have an awesome rack… definitely bigger than they look maybe there is a bun in the oven.

  18. Last Comment

    Jesus effin Christ!! She is HOT perfect

  19. One Angie Jolie for every man = World Peace

    Jesus effin Christ!! She is HOT perfect

  20. liebesding

    I never really cared about Brad Pitt and I just don’t get his lifestyle. Why does he have to keep talking about having 11 kids and being ready for the 5th already? Have you noticed how those 2 always say they’re slowing down with work but still shoot 5 movies a year each? You might as well expect People Magazine to bring special editions twice a year with loads of photos of the newest addition to their “family”. Oh but they actually really hate all this exposing, they’re just doing that for being able to donate the money. As if selling one of dozens of cars Brad Pitt had flown to Europe while shooting in Prague wouldn’t have done as well. And what again are they donating for? Yeah right, AJ is trying to raise the attention to the situation of African, Asian, Central American and war refugee people. How is this supposed to work, if no one can keep track of what cause she’s supporting this week?? There are great projects created by intelligent individuals or companies which focus the efforts on concrete ways of solving concrete problems at one place at a time. That’s how fund-raising works, when you’re able to show how a village in Africa have been profiting from a specific developmental strategy. But I guess AJ thinks having her pretty face photographed among the unfortunate will do miracles. It’s like they’re trying to be super heroes. Always carrying their kids around in public when everyone knows they have 2 babysitters for each at home. AND expecting Oscar nominations for their serious and talented acting. I remember when AJ still had that chubby face and big boobs (c’mon she’s been disgustingly skinny in the last years, must be prego now), she was so annoying with her need to tell the world about being so sexual and able to please women and men alike, but I’m sorry, trying to be a saint is just as ridiculous.

  21. DNice

    She only wore that dress so they could fuck in the car on the way over, see how it is wrinkled on at the bottom?!?! Smart woman…

  22. DNice

    She only wore that dress so they could fuck in the car on the way over, see how it is wrinkled on at the bottom?!?! Smart woman…

  23. piloh shitt

    #70. Exactly. Thank you.

  24. Shelby

    Paaahleez, Leave the homewrecker alone. If she is Preggos, do u think it is Brad’s?

  25. Shelby

    Paaahleez, Leave the homewrecker alone. If she is Preggos, do u think it is Brad’s?

  26. al

    they need publicity before her movie comes out again..

  27. Clem

    Brad and Ang might be having a baby!!! Oh I am so excited! I am going to have a party! It’s great when people have babies! That NEVER happens anywhere!!

  28. Nathiest

    whatever she looks fucking hot! which is something I haven’t been able to say about her in years

  29. Bigo

    Square-faced bitch!

    She probably got pregnant through insemination with a black child to ‘balance the family’

  30. HOT

    Holy fucking jesus she’s so incredibly STUNNING and hot. Just, BEAUTIFUL.

  31. fuck you haters, she's so HOT

    Sorry haters, but the fact that she adopts kids and you dislike it and the fact that Brad Pitt kicked ugly Jennifer Aniston in the butt for Angelina and you dislike it doesn’t stop her from being FUCKING HOT and INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS.

    It is always ugly, insecure women who dislike Angelina. All these idiots you see complaining about Angelina being a skank, a home wrecker, about her adopting kids, or simply trying to bash her, they’re all ugly insecure women. They dislike Angelina because they feel threatened by her and by women like her. They are constantly afraid of their husbands cheating on them with a better looking girl (not hard to find someone better looking than them) or even worse, that their husbands will dump them for someone else, like Brad did to Jennifer. Everyone with a common sense knows that people, _a person_, wether male or female, has something called FREE WILL. And if Brad decided to dump Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie, it’s not Angelina’s fault, she didn’t put a gun on Brad’s head and told him to do it, people don’t get ‘stolen’, he did it because HE fucking wanted to, don’t blame Angelina, blame the MAN, the one who dumped his wife for someone else.
    These ugly insecure women hate Angelina because she represents everything they’re not and everything they’re afraid of, she’s their worst fear personified. And oh yeah, because she’s also incredibly BEAUTIFUL and HOT.

  32. kitty_kat

    Well said #70. Especially the part about their “hating attention”. They’re both worth millions respectively. They could have just donated money instead of selling their daughter’s pictures for it.

  33. sandy

    Why is Britney’s mom there? You can see her in between them in the first picture.

  34. unknown

    I am in total agreement and I am glad the majority is that these two morons need to go far far away because they are lousy people and lousy actors. Six children in three years is insane and set up for disaster. Given both of their pasts and their present flops and box office poison they really should just give it up and horseface mommie dearest needs to be erased from society before she breeds more delinquents, drug addicts who don’t believe in God. The teen years are going to be a nightmare and the legal costs if they survive will be overwhelming. I hope Shiloh goes to live with Grandma Pitt, save her! And to the stupid bitch that says we are insecure or ugly because we hate this bitch, go to hell! Who are you to peg us as anything, besides it sounds like you describe from your own experiences not ours!

  35. I’ve heard pregnantitis is contagious :)

    They seem to have a family with lots of love. I’m sure they will do well.

  36. Rabbi Schiller

    She has ugly negroid features.

  37. The Patron Saint of Whores

    It is always trampy, attention whore women who love Angelina. Every time there is a post about Vagalina, they are the first ones there all like “OMG I would sooooo do her! Did you hear that everybody??? I just said I’d do it with another girl! I am soooo hot and tantalizing! Are you paying attention to me yet???” All these idiots you see applauding one of the sleaziest, most commercialized incidents of infidelity are all husband-fuckers just like her, who are happy to have someone to look up to. They think looking and acting like an outright whore, like their hero Vagalina, is the pinnacle of womanhood, and winning the attention of someone who is already taken is the ultimate prize. I mean what kind of validation can you get from a guy who is all by himself and free for the taking?? Geez!
    They love to preach about “free will” and lay it all on Brad, you know, because Vagalina is so puritanical, I am sure she didn’t come on to him AT ALL.
    All of the whores and rejects identify with Vagalina because Jennifer Aniston is like the popular girl in high school they always wanted to be but couldn’t even come close. They will always be threatened by her (hence the perpetual hate) because they know they will never be universally loved and accepted as she is. They will always be seen as the homewrecking scavengers who just barely amount to someone else’s sloppy seconds.

  38. eastcoastgirl

    I can’t stand this bitch. She is definitely a borderline personality who clearly orchestrated a calculated plan to go after a married man. Just ask Billy Bob how crazy she is. Better yet , ask her own father.

  39. jealous peeps

    86- Rabbi
    she looks like a brat doll/ barbie doll. almost too perfect really.
    tiny perfect nose,
    pouty lips,
    big sparkling eyes, long flowing hair
    high cheek bones
    thin yet has a natural bust
    You must like J.A because she looks like one of your kind, dustin hoffman.
    also looks like peppermint patty.
    Maybe you should hold your breath till jen aniston : gets an oscar, has a child, gets a decent nose job.

    84 and 87

    Angie is happy, has brad pitt, millions of dollars, a family, etc, considered by other beautiful rich people to be one of the most beautiful ( maybe not by nobodies, country bumpkins, or jealous plain jane housewives who look at her from afar ) she was also nominated because people in her field think she is a good actress, your opinions don’t count.

  40. lol

    too true, people love to go on and on about how “beautiful” this plastic bitch is, as if this covers up for the fact somehow that she is a pretentious piece of shit and a conniving liar

    not to mention, not everyone goes for the “whore” look

  41. jealous peeps

    I got one of those dildos you can attach to walls, and I attached it to my Angelina poster and now i am backing up into it repeatedly


    You know who are the ones who are really jealous? Unmarried women who can’t land a husband. They so totally envy women that have managed to get that stability in their lives… that is why they cheer for people like Angelina, destroyer of homes. They can rationalize it all they want, but clearly something about the idea of someone coming in before a divorce is even final and making sure things get completely fucked, makes them very happy and satisfied. Maybe because they know that’s tyhe most that’s in store for them.

    In the public’s eye,

    Jennifer Aniston = the wife who had a long-lasting marriage, which regrettably ended in divorce

    Angelina Jolie = the skank that plugged herself into the equation, got pregnant and did whatever it took to split them up for sure

    It’s obvious who is looked upon more favorably…

  43. king of kings

    angelina – hot UN ambassador, mother, oscar winner, most beautiful woman alive, brad pitts lover

    jen aniston –
    ugly, jew faced loser, she lost brad pitt, to a hotter woman, they weren’t married that long, her selfish ass didn’t think she could handle having a kid, she was dumped.

    a marriage license doesn’t mean that much to the millionaire shallow artists of hollywood. deal.
    not everyone thinks like ugly bible belt bumpkins who lead lives devoid of passion and beauty.

    suck on it ugly haters.

    these people are inlove and don’t give a fuck about your cheesey ass marriage, they are too busy making millions and having hot sex and giving money to the underpriveledged.

    jealous peeps troll was bitter, and is gay, thus not liking angelina.

  44. Yale

    yes king of kings 89 was dead on.
    people who commented afterwards didn’t have any response to the cold hard facts that were stated in that post

  45. Sherry

    Wow. You guys are haters.
    They’re a beautiful couple, get over it.

  46. 92, you are talking about yourself

    A lot of ugly fat poor people are married.
    not a lot of people are considered the most beautiful woman a live, while being a UN ambassador, being married to sexiest man a live brad pitt, having an oscar, getting paid 15 million to make a movie.

    Let’s just say I would envy Angelina over your average married woman.
    Marriage isn’t special, sorry. You can still get divorced, as Brad did. And as for stability in your life due to marriage? Britney Spears was married once too.
    and mark my words, Brangelina will be together longer than Bran was with Jen.

  47. judithjetson

    Whoo hoo! What do we win?

    I love Brad and Angelina. I hope they have/adopt a dozen more kids. Hey, I don’t want any, so let them have ‘em!

    I also hope that someone (or many someones) sent full page coverage of the gorgeous and obviously very preggers Angie to Maniston so she could choke on her jealousy.

  48. brad should just date me!! ha ha


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