Angelina Jolie’s dress suggests pregnantitis

January 28th, 2008 // 99 Comments

Angelina Jolie attended the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards yesterday and her dress has stoked the rumor flames that she’s pregnant again. This poor woman can’t catch a break. So Angelina and Brad Pitt have a hundred kids (scientific estimate). That doesn’t mean she’s perpetually knocked up. She can’t even order a cheeseburger without someone saying “Angelina Jolie eats for two.” Can’t we just respect her as a human being by ogling her awesome rack? Hey, wait, Brad Pitt’s in these pictures, too. Get out. Was he there the whole time?

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  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    In the immortal words of Dice Clay:

    I know an old woman who lives in a shoe,
    she had so many kids,
    her uterus fell out.

  2. She looks great, he looks ridiculous with that swept-around hairdo. And as always, he changes his look to complement the lady he’s with at the time.

  3. F

    She shouldn’t go around wearing a fucking sack then.

  4. What I wouldn’t give to suck on those massive mammories.

  5. Nathan Sprinkle

    If theres another kid thats hers… it will probably be locked in a closet with the other one. seeing as how its not forign and all. And was born into a life of privlage. UNLESS she had someone impregnate her from a third world country just so she could feel like this kid was worth it!

  6. Snarf

    Looks like she wrapped a sheet around herself.

  7. digdug

    I was wondering why A.J was ignoring my calls…..

  8. Mo

    Angelina has an awesome rack?!

  9. minniememe

    she usually looks great, but not with those JC Penney drapes engulfing her

  10. Steve

    She’s def. pregnant, look at her breasts. She’s the sexiest woman in the world.



  12. Dick Richards (Sloth.)

    God. Someone steal her ovaries in the night. Please?

    What a ridiculous family: an asian, a couple of black kids, a blonde headed nightmare, and who knows what else.

  13. stinky pants


    there is only one black kid. there are two asians and shiloh. get it right, bitch.

  14. mamadough

    she’s a pretentious bitch and brad is a spineless pussy. when did he stop being a man? sometimes a woman needs a man instead of another vagina standing around.

    p.s. anyone can throw doughnuts (play horseshoe) at little ethiopian heads…

  15. stinky pants


    there is only one black kid. there are two asians and shiloh. get it right, bitch.

  16. anita

    I think they look so happy together how can anyone not feel happy for them!!!!

  17. So

    If someone with money, looks, and fame wants to have a bunch of kids, I say go for it. Think of how lucky their kids are compared to Brit Brit’s poor two-some.

  18. edamame

    Congrats to the and their family!
    Damn, I’d be ALL OVER Brad…day and night. He’d have to ice his junk down when I was finished with him.

    Ugly ass dress, though.

    I’m glad she’s eating again.

  19. edamame

    Congrats to them and their family!
    Damn, I’d be ALL OVER Brad…day and night. He’d have to ice his junk down when I was finished with him.

    Ugly ass dress, though.

    I’m glad she’s eating again.

  20. maniston suicide in 5...4....3....2.....


    look here jennifer maniston, your lonely ass needs to quit yer bitchin. angie has exactly what angie wants and brad is happy to do whatever he can to recline in the rays of her light. your stank ass is just mad cause you don’t have it like that.

  21. Tracy

    She needs to quit raiding J Lo’s closet.

  22. edamame

    Sorry about the double post…I was trying to correct an error!

    She’ll have to retire those leather pants for awhile.

  23. feckless

    Officially leaving the break-up rumors and starting in with the bitching about how many kids they have. Plan is to start back on the break-up predictions in 7 months.

    Nice rack.

  24. kitty_kat

    There are pregnancy rumours about Angelina Jolie? Wow. I didn’t even know people still cared about these two. Something about them seems too fake for me. Even when you see them at red carpet events, it looks as if they’re only together for the cameras.

  25. What is it with Holywood and defective rubbers?

  26. mamadough

    20, oh im sorry, i wasn’t aware that you were too busy licking her butthole to see things for how they are. you’re best coarse of action would be to stick your head in an oven.

  27. mamadough

    *your. fuck! fucking proper grammar and shit.

  28. Brad’s Penis? I’d like you meet my vagina….

  29. Look at her! Shes glowing!
    And she looks much healthier now then she has recently.
    I’m happy for them. They’re cute together.

  30. maniston suicide in 5...4....3....2.....


    i always suspected that you were an idiot. thanks for the confirmation :)

  31. Brad’s tongue? I’d like you to meet my clitoris…

  32. Brad’s fist? I’d like you to meet my asshole.

  33. Me

    Beautiful Jolie! I do like this couple a lot.

  34. Me

    Beautiful Jolie! I do like this couple a lot.

  35. Brad’s chin? I’d like you to meet my taint.

  36. You are kind of nasty Lady Jane!!

  37. D. Richards (Bitch.)

    Wow! #13, You win! You know the hyphenated Pitt-Jolie family! You follow their every move and are offended when people get their obtuse family wrong. Intense! Your prize: nothing.

    If only I could be as cool as you — but I can’t — not at least until I start reading People magazine; no, never. I’m still proud of you though, lover.

  38. Gerald_Tarrant

    I saw both of their profiles on some dating site. A spambot will be along soon to post the exact link.

  39. mamadough

    brad’s just another submissive accessory, like a purse or an asshole pleasuring device for ladyjane…

  40. Thanks, Jimbo. *blushes*

  41. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    #12 (sloth) What the hell does it matter to YOU who or even WHAT is in her family tree?
    You make the sounds of a jealous man because Brad Pitt is hitting that and you’re not
    Get over yourself

  42. Brangeloom


    You’re an imbecile. Get over your biazrro sadist delusions that Aniston is “suffering” or whatever similar weirdo thoughts you have.

    Brad has proven himself to the world to be a cheating, lying, mid-life crisis casualty, and now he probably has the herp and whatever other diseases he caught from Holie. Who would want him back? XD

  43. Lady Jane, Is that your foot in the pictures on your web page? I am always up for a good time, but ouch!!!

  44. maniston suicide in 5...4....3....2.....

    It turns me on soooo much to delude myself into thinking a woman is suffering because her husband ran off with some whore. I hope the same thing happens to me some day!

  45. Anonymous

    They are trying to create their own city.

    Jolie sucks. Total bitch. You couldn’t pay me enough to have anything to do with her.

  46. Lady Jane!! Keep in mind, my penis wouldn’t be hard on. Unless yous have pictures of Brad for me to being google at.

  47. Pregnant or not, I’d introduce her to the ol’ zipper dragon, smack her in the face a few times, then stick it in her bum. And that’s just after meeting in a public place.

  48. Katie

    Ugh – what the hell is up with the pubic hair on Pitt’s face? Do these actors think it is witty to grow tons of hair on their face just because of the writer’s strike? Like “Ooooh, look at me, I am without a job because of this strike but I LOVE these writers so I am going to show my undying support by growing lots of facial hair. Because, you know, if you’re on strike you don’t shave your face. Because you’re just laying around and shit. haha get the joke?” It is just lame. And if these writers never go off of strike, I won’t give a rat’s ass. It is almost comical to see how seriously these ass clowns take themselves – like the world will fall off its axis if there is no longer inane sitcoms or stupid action movies.

    As far as Ang-vagina goes, who cares if she pops another Pitt spawn out of her crotch? She won’t treat it as well as her little ugly Ubange daughter or those cross-eyed Asian sons. The kid would be probably be relegated to the backyard with her other ACTUAL child, poor little Shamu, or whatever her name is.

  49. @46 You so funny troll. Where have you been? I have not seen you around in a few days? Did you mom take away your key board?

  50. Raquel

    They need to dip this one in ink when it’s born, to give it a fighting chance. Maybe not feed it for a couple days and throw it in a mudhole, then Angelina can save it while a group of savages in loin cloths jump around and shout in some monkeychatter language. Bonding is crucial. Otherwise, you know, if it’s a Caucasian biological child of hers, it’s just a blob. Might as well take home the placenta instead.

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