Angelina Jolie’s brood terrorizes hotel

February 10th, 2009 // 100 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had to leave the BAFTAs early Sunday night after their children were running wild in the hallways of the Dorchester Hotel in London. The Sun reports:

They told Maddox, seven, Pax, five, Zahara, three, and two-year-old Shiloh they could play outside their suite under supervision from their nanny.
But one fed-up guest, who asked not to be named, moaned: “They were running up and down the hallway for over an hour.
“Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through. But she had her hands full with the four of them.”

So, wait, Brad and Angelina told their kids they could run around the hallway of their hotel and left one nanny to supervise them? Somebody’s getting tired of having a houseful of kids. But next time, maybe put a sign on their backs that reads “Kidnap me. My parents are rich.” Or let them hang out around Madonna’s house. Either one.

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  1. Alex

    I forgot, she looks amazing.

  2. it's official

    Yep, the superficial commenters are mostly hyper-critical bitter joyless cranks, unable to enjoy life and thus hell bent on ruining everybody else’s fun. It was one hour of kids playing. And yet cluck-cluck tsk-tsk go the grouches and henpeckers. It’s dumb, too. If you simply read between the lines, they rented out an entire floor except for one guest who refused to move, and then complained about them when they were there. Probably named “Ella Bitterman-Loveless.” Yeah, it was all the kids’ fault. Sure.

  3. Alex

    @ 52
    clap clap clap clap clap clap…
    joyless cranks!! hahah deffo. Bare in mind that most of them probably don’t have kids and don’t know what it feels like, let’s hope they never reproduce because their kids are going to have a hell of a time locked up in the room staring at the wall in silence until mommy or daddy calls them for dinner. I wonder what they were like when they were just kids.

  4. cavy

    #49 Alex, it’s funny how people will always assume anyone who doesn’t automatically worship YOUR children, don’t have children themselves. And comparing children to dogs was only used as an analogy about boundaries and how you can apply “what you don’t enjoy the blissful barking of my dog…it’s just a dog….” to the logic that “kids should be allowed to play out of control in every situation. There is a time and a place, after all. I’m not saying that a kid shouldn’t play, just not in a Hotel hallway, along with other inappropriate areas. Are you all saying that a child should play in EVERY friggin’ place on earth? Don’t you think some places are not suitable? I say, open up your home then, and let every child in the neighborhood play 24/7 in your house… I really miss the old days of child rearing – I’m only in my mid 30′s and I see friends let their children do whatever the Hell they want – great way to raise a miserable, out of touch, self entitled brat…parenting is supposed to be a VERB.

    Seriously, anyone who can’t see this, is exactly the type of “parent’ I’m talking about that can’t be bothered to actually PARENT their children. Good luck with raising that “Future Fellon”!

  5. cavy

    Oh and #49 you said, “Gets on my nerves that people hate Jolie just cause, haters all around. Envy, that’s what it’s called. ”

    This truly made me laugh out loud…there are many more people IRL or celebrities to be envious of and it certainly isn’t Angelina Jolie! If anything, I envy the way she used to be, before all the “SMUG”. I’d take a night out with fun loving George Clooney any day (and yes, I am charitable to many causes, as is Clooney – you don’t have to have a million children to be a charitable person…cough…Octo-Mom).

  6. zoe

    @38 — cavy — You are absolutely right! Too bad most people don’t think like you. Hey all you fuckwits – they’re your kids!! If you like the noise, fine, go to town. But I didn’t sign up to be a part of your life and if I can’t be in my hotel room and concentrate on work, my phone call or relax with music or television because of your kids, then I’ve been forced into your life whether I like it or not. Maybe I should start having loud cell phone conversations in hotel hallways. Or maybe my husband will jog up and down hotel hallways and sing cadences.

    Keep your kids’ noises out of my hotel room. It doesn’t take a villiage, okay assholes? But as long as we have parents like the Jolie_Pitts around, we’ll never be short a villiage idiot.

  7. Miss Brown Eyes

    If I was paying a ton of money to stay in the Dorchester (I usually stay in a Super 8, 2 steps up from a Motel 6), I sure in Hades wouldn’t want to heard any brats, no matter who’s they were. I HATE KIDS! Little fuckers are everywhere, every two bit “mother” has a right anymore to drag them everywhere! I say the Dorchester should have KICKED THEIR ASSES OUT!

    KIDS SUCK! Especially Brangelina’s the worst kind of stuck up no good worthless oxygen sucking pieces of ungrateful snots! Oh and the parents are media whores.

  8. Alex

    actually my future fellon is doing just fine. I get calls from my mother in law and relatives saying how well behaved he is and what good manners he has. And even though I don’t let my child do whatever the hell he wants, I do believe that some freedom as long as I put some limits to it is the best I can do. And I’m a single mom so it is harder because I have to be the one that sets the bounderies and also the one that gives him some sense of freedom. While my dad (a 75 year old grinch that I love) gets all frustrated because my son rolls around in the floor with our black lab, fills out the sink in order to get some paper wet to build who knows what or leaves the floor full of tiny pieces of paper because he felt like using his scissors. When it comes to kids you need to pick your battles, I get pissed off if he uses inappropiate language, if he is disrespectful to grown ups and stuff like that, but I really can’t get mad at him for being loud and acting all kid like.
    Of course some places are not suitable but like #52 said, they rented the whole floor except for some asshole that wouldnt move, well fuck you! Put up with the kids, they tried to rent the whole floor for a reason.

  9. Chelle

    If Brad and Angelina rented out the entire floor of the hotel except for one lone room, why couldn’t the kids go in one of the other rooms and run around or jump on the beds or whatever? I’m thinking that rooms at the Dorchester are probably not cupboard-sized spaces.

    Kids are cute and fun and adorable — I have a few of my own — and they definitely need to run and play and work off their energy. But if I were a hotel guest trying to read or sleep or relax in my room, I wouldn’t want kids, no matter how cute, running and jumping outside my door either.

    I think it’s kind of funny that Mum and Dad got called home early from their evening out. Kids!

  10. cavy

    #59 Chelle, I want to personally thank you on behalf of many happy people witnessing you and your children…you are a TRUE parent and I wish there were more like you. Keep up the good work and the world is a better place because of Moms like you. <3

    #54 Alex could take a lesson or two from you. Again, thank you Chelle – you rock!

  11. Alex

    she just rocks because she says u are right.
    Recently blogs are full of self righteous and judgemental people.
    I’m a great mom, I don’t need the approval from a nobody in a blog to know that. I get the approval from the teachers at school who say my son is a well behave and remarkable student, from the in laws who even though they are stuck in the middle recognize that I’m doing this by myself and agree that he is well mannered and well behaved thanks to the way I am raising him, and I don’t speak without knowing. My sister has a 5 year old that won’t even speak without hesitating most of all because my sister thinks like you, she won’t let him play outside with my son, she won’t let him take his toys to the backyard (god forbid they get lost or he lets somebody borrow them), he won’t let him run or jump or even eat freaking chocolate! It’s all don’ts and hardly any dos. And my nephew turned out to be this little dude who thinks about everything twice before even speaking out. He is insecure, kinda weird and even afraid of butterflies. He has no room to breath around my Mussolini like sister, I don’t think that is healthy. You have to find something in the middle. Like I said, pick your battles.

  12. Fati

    No 58 – Nobody is saying that kids should be handcuffed to their beds and not allowed to speak. I don’t think “cavy” or me, for that matter, because I happen to agree with every word, are in favour of a tyrant regime for kids. We are merely saying that children, while having freedom of play, should have limitations and boundaries. And correct me, if I am wrong, but that’s exactly what you said, too. It’s fine is kids are loud and kid-like AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT BOTHERING SOMEONE. That’s just impolite and inconsiderate. It’s not that people don’t like kids, some people just can’t stand any kind of noise regardless of the source. And you know, it’s freaking free air and we all share it, so we have to be considerate of each other and limit our “freedom” to the extent where we do not bother anyone. Whoever thinks that’s too much to ask should just pack up and head for the mountains where they can live in cages and be as loud as they want to, We live in a society here, we should act like it.

    As for Angelina and Brad’s case, that’s just pathetic – giving birth to kids and handing them over to nannies. Either have a lot of kids and fucking raise them, OR have a great career. You can’t do both. Not without damage to your children. And why the hell make kids, if you are going to damage them anyway?

  13. Fati

    I meant “live in caVes”

  14. cavy

    #61 Alex, the poster named Chelle was posting her own opinion…not responding to mine. If I want to thank a GOOD parent on the job they are doing, I have every right. And just as poster #62 is talking about, we do not think kids can’t have fun, just in the right time and place – something I see you were never taught. I happen to like children; well behaved, creative, kind and respectful children – I don’t expect every child to be all those things all the time, but I do appreciate a child that is raised with good values and consistency.

    Besides, if you really don’t care what others think of you or your child, why are you trying so hard to prove that you’re a “good parent”? And why are you giving us details about what the teachers and your MIL thinks of your kid? I agree with Chelle and Fati, not because we all agree on the same things, but because they seem like sane and decent posters and what they say makes sense to me. Stop trying to be the cool alpha Mom and go parent your kid!

  15. Alex

    hahaha ok. Listen, I just think they are making such a big deal about 4 kids running up and down a hallway, they are not freaking demian. I’m not trying hard to convince you about my parenting skills, just telling you what my experience as a parent is and how I feel about it. I’m at ease because I know I don’t have to say things twice to my son and I’m raising a respectful and healthy child. I wouldn’t let him run up and down a hallway mainly because I think he could be spending his time running in the park or painting something, but I don’t blame the kids or even brangelina. If the kids were with the nanny I’m guessing she did not have permission to take the kids outside of the hotel or even leave the floor, I think the best thing she could come up with was letting them run around the hallway, a nanny with no imagination.
    You also have to bare in mind you are only hearing one side of the story.
    Don’t assume what I was taught or not or assume I’m not doing a good job with my son just because I think you guys are making a big deal out of this.

  16. justifiable

    #58 You’re contradicting yourself already. “When it comes to kids you need to pick your battles, I get pissed off if he is …disrespectful to grown ups and stuff like that”. Running around (and you know they weren’t silent either) in a hallway outside of other people’s rooms IS inconsiderate, and that’s disrespectful. Kids learn consideration from parents, that means you realize early on that not everyone is as thrilled to see and hear your kids as you are. The fact that the nanny couldn’t control them means they were pretty much all over the place as only kids of that age can get – and when your kids slop over into my space and start annoying me, time to rein them in. Hotels aren’t located next to schools for a reason – and if I shelled out for a room at the Dorchester I sure as shit wouldn’t be thrilled to be subjected to a lot of recess in the hall.

  17. blady02

    U agree with 43 they are idiots and Pittiful is a drunk! this is just the tip of the iceberg wait until they are older and delinquents raised by one of them, I hope it isn’t the knife wielding heroin mommest dearest but either one of them, these kids are doomed to drug addiction and violence!

  18. sid


    I DID TOO, ITS OK…… FOR THE SAME REASON, (im reading fucking twilight at the same time so that made me mistake too ugh)

  19. kate

    She is very beautiful, but why does she like to join ***sugarmingle. c om****? I really do not know why. seems that she likes that site so much. she puts so many info. there.

  20. my comment

    I bet their kids are annoying as fucking hell. And old Angie is looking crazier and crazier by the hour. Wretched trash.

  21. azalea

    Damn it, I’ve heard enough of those self-obsessed assholes and their litter. I’d rather read Heidi and Spencer stories than any more about Brad and the Tattooed Freak.

  22. justifiable

    #71 Speaking of self-obsessed assholes and litters, how about the Collagened Wonder in CA, (aka Octomom) Nadya Suleman?
    She’s trying to look just like Angie with that hair and those injected puffy lips, and SHE now has 14 kids! She wins, Team Jolie-Pitt , you can stop having kids anytime now

  23. I think we’re all a bit “JOLIE & PITT”-tired.
    (we’ve all seen that faking naive smile now)

  24. ghost

    There is nothing I hate more than parents who won’t control their ill mannered spawn. Parents like that should be sterilized and beaten senseless.

  25. jaded

    HAS NO1 NOTICED how fat brad has got?

  26. Bessy

    Alex – how can you possibly be the great parent that you are making yourself out to be when you are blogging on gossip websites all day?

    Also, your grammar suggests that you are an uneducated hick.

  27. auntmarie

    Those poor children. They are neglected and left to fend for themselves against this worldy crisis that we call the world. I must say that they should be put in foster homes.

  28. blady02

    I agree # 77, those children should be stable homes and they should certainly not allow her to buy any more children, these are human beings not props for her and Pittiful’s tabloid schemes! Good god is someone going to save these kids before it is too late! They make me furious with their money the way they bypass the restrictions and stipulations that other real loving families have to pass! How sad! Please ban together and don’t endorse these two anymore! They are trash! She still does drugs and he is an alcoholic just for starts! They are demented so called actors and the sad part is they suck at it!

  29. sin

    If I pay to stay in a hotel and some one lets their little rug rats run up and down the hall for more than 1 minute, I would have called the front desk and then security. Once you get out of the lobby, and excluding pool, spa and exercise rooms, there is no fucking PUBLIC are in a hotel. Definately not the hallways.
    If the kids were not immediately stopped, the entire family should have been thrown out. To the moron who said,”kids will be kids”, maybe at home, but not in that environment. If those kids can not behave, send them back to whatever country they came from. I know most kids act up but it is the responsibility of the parents to control them. Where were the parents? Out at anawrds show they had no business being at. Neither one was up for anything so at least on of them should have been with the kids. But no, these desperate media whore will do anything to geet pictures taken of them, including child neglect.
    Just because you have money do not mean you deserve to have a child.

  30. George W Bush

    Who cares? Angelina has a vagina like an old coat sleave and word is Brad Pitt wants some new slot! I’m just sayin’ is all. Us Texan’s just throw it out there…

  31. sher

    Stuck up HYPOCRITES!

  32. Kids Will Be

    Unbelievable. Four kids get a little loud, and you jealous bigots are saying the parents are unfit and the kids should be sent back to another country? Give me a break. Even the children of adequate parents make a little noise now and then, yes, even the four year olds! Why, sometimes it’s even irritating!

  33. lawrence

    she is absolutely sexy ~~~Did you see her hot profile at a model site It seems she is interested in dat*ing wealthy guys over there!!

  34. sin

    You morons are missing the point. These kids were left in an expensive hotel and they acted like the little spoiled brats they are. Leaving 4 young children with 1 nanny in a foreign location is stupid. Its not who she is or where they were at. It is 4 rugrats causing trouble in a place that does not tolerate that kind of behavior. If these misfits were at home and acted up, no big deal.

    Lets see what happens when you check in with 4 kids, leave them with someone not related in a hotel and go party while the kids behave like monster disturbing paying guest . Childrens services would be called on you.
    The kids would be taken away and you would spend months getting them back.
    Why does this bitch get away with it? MONEY to bribe people with. Fucking skank.

  35. Alex

    @76 Bessy, Why are you insulting me and calling me uneducated? I’m not from the states, english is not my mother tongue, spanish is. I bet my ass you can’t speak or writing in spanish half as good as I can do it in english. I can say it in french if you want to. Tu est si bete!
    I can afford to read the blog because there’s a huge time difference between us and I work online while my son is asleep.
    Don’t assume because, you know… it makes and ass of you know who.

  36. duh

    OMG, you said “you are stupid” in French. We learned that in first semester 9th grade French class.

  37. Trousers


  38. Bessy

    Alex, good to see you are “working” hard.

  39. I’d have to shoot me some kids with all those brats running around screaming in different languages.

  40. alexisafatmexican

    @85… that explains everything… (damn mexicans).

  41. Alex

    wow! You stupid morons, apparently mexico is the only spanish speaking country in the world. Geez. You people think you are the center of the universe, it is funny because the rest of the world consider you the scum of the earth. You guys are racist, self righteous biggots who think they own the truth. You are surrounded by violence and discrimination, your teenagers go to school with guns and shoot other children, your kids are bullied and abused in schools. You want me to keep going? It is very difficult to see your reality from where you are standing but very easy to see it from the outside. I can tell you, I wouldn’t know what a bully is if it wasn’t for your movies, that doesn’t happen here, I’ve never heard of a kid going to school with a gun and shooting people here. There are no psycho killers or serial killers. Your society is the best example of decadence I can come up with.
    And yes bessy, I do work hard what the fuck do you know?
    Sorry fish, you are funny and you make my laugh that is why I come here but your commenters are the most offensive bunch of people I’ve ever encountered. Buh bye!
    @86 Entonces tirame vos un par de frases en español o en frances mogolica a ver como te va, pedazo de analfa.

  42. Fati

    BESSY, you are a disgusting human being. You are mean and evil. I hope you rot.

    ALEX, I agree. Don’t let these limited and primitive idiots who see nothing beyond their own fucking noses get you agitated. They are so not worth it. Just spit and smear!

  43. Kids don’t get to run around in hallways. They are public spaces, but they are not considered public play spaces. It’s not a law, it’s etiquette. Hallways are for walking to and from your room. Kids can run and be obnoxious from the room to the elevator, and mine usually is. But that is just one minute of chattering child and we try to rein him in when that happens – out of deference to other guests. Four kids who have been given carte blanche? I can just see the nanny trying to get those kids in the room and them going “Your not our mother, we don’t have to listen to you! Our mother told us we could play in the hall, nah nee nah nee nah nee!!! SCREECH!” I have three words for their future: Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  44. Kids don’t get to run around in hallways. They are public spaces, but they are not considered public play spaces. It’s not a law, it’s etiquette. Hallways are for walking to and from your room. Kids can run and be obnoxious from the room to the elevator, and mine usually is. But that is just one minute of chattering child and we try to rein him in when that happens – out of deference to other guests. Four kids who have been given carte blanche? I can just see the nanny trying to get those kids in the room and them going “Your not our mother, we don’t have to listen to you! Our mother told us we could play in the hall, nah nee nah nee nah nee!!! SCREECH!” I have three words for their future: Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  45. Philippe Leopando

    The Sun is not the most reliable newspaper to get info. This is gossip. And besides, let’s not throw dirt at someone when we know we all have one. How do you know their getting tired of a handful of kids? Let’s face it, instead of promoting people, this site has been so negative….also, get a woman already and have sex with it!

  46. erin

    why the hell did she feel the need to wear lip liner?

  47. Roberta Matthews

    Please get a life everyone who’s critising the Jolie-Pitt’s what they do is no-one’s business, why is everyone getting so worked up about celebrities lives?
    sort out the crap in yours and be gratefull that u live the wonderfully moral life that you do.

  48. Vera

    The relationship with Thornton failed cause she never wanted to stay home (needed her constant shots of narcissistic adulation) and now she would become a present mommy, there to experience intimacy. Think not. She is SO NPD/Borderline. She THRIVES on chaos, as do most personality disordered folks.

  49. j

    The point being missed by some here is that if you spend lots of money you are not supposed to have to put up with other people’s indulgences- like having unruly kids running rampant where they do not have a playground. They should have rented a house, not a hotel. It’s not a dormitory. I have kids- a few of them- and either would not leave them for anything or would be horrified to come back to find they acted like Lord of the Flies (thus would not leave them) but then again, my kids are both worldly and behaved enough to not act like that. They would get this thing called punishment- something some parents know about. And no, it doesn’t mean physical or emotional beatings. Having world class traveling kids and worldly knowledge does not mean having kids who do whatever they want. Maybe someone needs to apply some control to make sure they do not turn out uncontrollable.

  50. Some children run and fun! My God, and is part of the public at the hotel! Call the manager! I am so upset, I could bowl my monthly movement of the early days!

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