Angelina Jolie’s brood terrorizes hotel

February 10th, 2009 // 100 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had to leave the BAFTAs early Sunday night after their children were running wild in the hallways of the Dorchester Hotel in London. The Sun reports:

They told Maddox, seven, Pax, five, Zahara, three, and two-year-old Shiloh they could play outside their suite under supervision from their nanny.
But one fed-up guest, who asked not to be named, moaned: “They were running up and down the hallway for over an hour.
“Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through. But she had her hands full with the four of them.”

So, wait, Brad and Angelina told their kids they could run around the hallway of their hotel and left one nanny to supervise them? Somebody’s getting tired of having a houseful of kids. But next time, maybe put a sign on their backs that reads “Kidnap me. My parents are rich.” Or let them hang out around Madonna’s house. Either one.

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  1. fast


  2. Her secret army of chaos is nearly complete.

  3. Smith

    Fuck those uptight Londoners. It wasn’t late at night, they had booked almost the entire floor (read the full article), and it was kids running around and having fun for one hour. The complainer needs a stick-ectomy.

  4. her dress looks like something wolverine would wear to prom

  5. Insatiable Peter

    Angelina Jolie > Gwyneth Paltrow

  6. I hate you

    Fuck that, I have to stay in hotels almost every night and when parents let their kids use the hallways as a playground I wanna fuck them up. The Dorchester isnt a Motel 6, people pay a lot of money to stay there, so best believe I better not hear some rich little tots running around because their egotistical parents have too many kids.

    Bringing that many kids into the world, whether adopted or biological, is just ridiculous and irresponsible, especially when you’re too busy to raise them yourself. It’s like buying 10 cars when you can only drive one at a time, the rest sit in the garage. It’s a sign of wealth, and a sign of “I’m a cunty bitch.”

    And FYI Smith, people in England are more tolerant of this fuckery than people here in USA.

  7. stating the obvious

    If you can’t handle a single hour of kids playing, you’re a joyless fuckwad.

  8. Salmon

    looks like she ‘s wearing the curtains from The Dorchester
    she’ll always be a bitchy c*nt!

  9. p0nk

    madelyn mccann unavailable for comment

  10. Rachel

    “The Dorchester isnt a Motel 6″

    you sound like a pathetic snob.

  11. Alex

    My god.. I’m really the only one that read “blood” instead of “brood”?? HER AND THAT LAST GUY KEPT LIKE VILES OF EACH OTHER’S BLOOD! IT’S NOT MY FAULT! I’M NORMAL!!!

  12. Dorchester… that sounds like a description of Kate Hudson.

  13. I hate you – yea fuck them for adopting kids they can provide a better lifestyle besides death and an eternal life of poverty. I see people living in the projects having kid after kid just for the welfair and let their kids become society’s problem, but yea defenetly brangies situation is much more Inexcusable

  14. Pat

    This story will be so much better if we learn that Brad found out what room the complaining guest was in and took a dump in their suitcase before leaving.

  15. Wendy

    Come on, the “guest” was Jennifer Aniston.

  16. chris

    I live in an attached home and I get to hear the banging and thumping of the little shits next door all night every night. I am sure they are having fun but I am not.

  17. Sally

    #16 – Kids need to be kids. It’s the only time in life that you can play that freely. It’s not those kids’ fault that a poor man is living next door.

  18. mcg

    Hey number 3 – no Londoner – uptight or otherwise – would dream of calling it a ‘hallway’. That’s American through and through (or should I say thru and thru?). It was one of your own, pal.

  19. mamamiasweetpeaches

    why werent THEY entertaining their bored kids????????????

  20. Wow

    Um… I didn’t know the government checks were like county fairs, but ok.

  21. Matt

    You know that nothing would have happened, but then the guest looked out the peephole and saw Zahara and suddenly it was time to boot them out.

  22. Reading Comprehension

    #19 – because THEY were at the awards show, tard.

  23. moron

    A bunch of little kids run up and down a hotel hallway making lots of noise. Seriously?!! This is news worthy?!! Wow, must be a slow day Fish.

  24. Blackbird

    #6 – just FYI, adopted kids have already been “brought into the world.” Plus, people have a right to have however many kids they want. It’s not necessarily irresponsible.

    What is irresponsible is letting them run wild in a public part of the hotel. Fuck that shit, no matter who you are.

  25. Prissy Little Bitch

    Oh dear! Oh dear! Some children are running around and having fun! My goodness gracious, and it’s in the PUBLIC part of a hotel!!! Call the manager! I’m so upset, I might have my monthly bowl movement a day early!

  26. Jay-Z

    Uhhh they’re just kids!

  27. rachel

    that is pretty stupid… not that there is anything wrong with kids being kids but they should have left more than one nanny with them. especially since the twins were probably in the room while the children were running in the hallway

    6 kids is a lot for one person…especially wound up little ones

    and #11 i thought it said blood to haha i thought the story would be interesting but it is not

  28. havoc

    I bet it was like Army of Darkness…..only shorter.


  29. Lea

    oh come on they’re just kids !!!!!!!! and Wendy you’re so right the “Guest” must have been jennifer anniston

  30. LTL

    Angelina Jolie’s adopted daughter Zahara has a living birth mom who gave her up out of desperation from extreme poverty. Angelina had promised that Zahara would know her heritage and her bioogical family, but has reneged on allowing Zahara to see them. Angelina simply must have a better publicist than Madonna.

  31. …And then Brad Pitt went all Fight Club on their asses!

    check out this hilarious video about LARRY FLINT’S PORNO BAILOUT (beware the guy in the ‘stache):

  32. nice

    nice timing putting a retarded jolie story up- they must have asked for it considering jennifer is getting all the headlines these days
    6 brats running up and down the hall- that is loud
    and yes the dorchester is a snob hotel- no kids no noise
    that is what guests pay for.
    what selfish jerks.

  33. Jolie owns!


  34. Winston Flufferbottom

    I’ve been a guest at The Dorchester many times, and I must say that even one minute of rambunctious street urchins ignoring etiquette is simply intolerable.

  35. herald

    The booked almost the entire floor. and you know, kids are kids…. certainly they are noisy and very active…. what’s wrong with that?

  36. cavy

    You people who are saying “kids will be kids” and “an hour or running around isn’t bad” is what is WRONG with this generation of modern parenting. Boundaries aren’t taught anymore….simple manners and respect are gone for good. PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO PEACE AND QUIET IN A HOTEL OR MOTEL THAT THEY PAYED MONEY FOR!!!!!! Only YOU like your kids when they are being little brats and shriekers. How would you like your time and money wasted with nonstop dog barking….hey, you know what….your argument can be applied to dogs too….they’re JUST dogs, that’s what they do! As with dogs, children need to be taught the proper way to behave. Children need and actually love boundaries to grow into healthy, respectable adults. Nothing irritates me more than dumbass parents who think the world revolves around their little DNA trophies and that they are entitled to disrupt everyone and everything around them….and THEY have the nerve to call others selfish!

    And, last time I checked, hotel hallways weren’t playgrounds…there are plenty of designated areas for children to play – what about in the hotel room where it might have been a little quieter? I’m sure it was a gianormous suite being the Jolie-Pitts! But that’s too much to ask of the peasants I guess – we must all bow down to the all mighty Angelina Jolie.

  37. herald

    By the way, Angelina looks amazingly beautiful!

  38. Matthew

    @6 that not right about a missing girl and mr.overrated star and miss Big lips shoukld get married! and I agree that “guest” is Jennifer Anniston

  39. Jamie

    #38 – you forgot to say “and GET OFF MY LAWN!”

  40. cavy

    #41 Jamie, I suspect you are one of those parents that tells their children to go play on the neighbor’s lawn because, “‘my gosh little Bratley, anyone would love to have you on their personal property…but don’t play on our lawn…that wouldn’t be right”. Yep, you’re a BREEDER not a real parent (there’s a huge difference and I do respect “real parents”, they are far and few between).

  41. Fati

    Angelina Jolie is an idiot. Who the fuck in their right mind adopts 3 kids when they are planning to have 4 (or more?! we don’t know yet, do we?) of their own? Hey, I’m all for adopting children from poor countries and giving them hope, but for Christ’s sake, NO ONE cares more about adoptive children more than their blood children. And if they do, there is either something seriously wrong with them mentally, or they merely do not belong to the homosapiens species. I can just see some people trashing me for saying that, and all I have to say to you is this – shut up, you don’t know what having kids is, so fuck you with your pathetic theories. This couple is stupid. Their own children and their upbringing is going to be jeopardized, because the 2 idiots will never have time to love and care and spend time with so many kids, even if they completely quit their jobs. Guess what? The more kids you have, the less happy each and every one of them is. So yeah, go ahead, choose quantity over quality, why not? After all you ARE in it just for the publicity. BASTARDS.

  42. Jamie

    #42 – you’re just an anonymous commenter with a laughable superiority complex.

  43. cavy

    #44 Jamie, could say the same of you and any poster on here lol.

  44. Sam

    Telling the truth, who of as here if had Angelina for a neighbour in the hotel flour would care to much for her kids running in the hallway! Maybe an oportunity to take a drink with here nany. Maybe the nany is as beautyfull as Angelina? Or even more hehe!

  45. Fati

    # 38 – you are so freaking right! Nothing gets me more pissed than parents that have no desire or ability to control their kids! The other day at my night job ( I work as a cashier in a women’s fashion store) I had a customer with little girl who was about 1-1,5 years old. While I was ringing something up for her at the cash desk, she sitted the child on the other side of my counter. The kid started grabbing my scanner and pushing the buttons on the interac machine. And the mother said and did NOTHING. I was so pissed that, had I not been at work, I would have given that fucking idiot of a “parent” a peace of my mind!

    STOP FUCKING MULTIPLYING, IF YOU CAN’T BE A NORMAL PARENT. And fuck all those in favour of “liberal” upbringing. That’s why the American youth is so hopless – fucking around and doing drugs like there is no tomorrow. Take that.

  46. gotmilk?

    who cares if they were just kids. i can’t stand the little shits, period! and the hallway of a fancy ass hotel isn’t a playground. and if i want to hear kids screaming and running around, i’d have my own or i’d go to a playground. otherwise, keep it down you little fuckers!

  47. Alex

    @ 38. cavy . I’m guessing you are not a parent, how can you compare children to dogs?? hahahahaha. Of course people who pay have the right to peace and quiet but the brangelina brood also paid ( a lot I’m guessing, more than the idiot who complaint) and also have the right to do whatever they want as long as they are not trashing the hotel or making all sort of noises at 2am.
    Of course kids need to have limits and bounderies (if they don’t get them they act out asking for it) but you can’t limit their every move, you have to let them be kids otherwise the important limits and bounderies will be mixed up with the “no running inside the house”, “take the ball outside” “be quiet” and then all of the bouderies seem the same to them. Letting them be kids does not mean that they are not gonna have good manners, please that is so old, you sound like a bitter spinter. Show me a kid that isn’t loud, that doesn’t like to run around, there isn’t and if there is there’s something wrong with him.
    Gets on my nerves that people hate Jolie just cause, haters all around. Envy, that’s what it’s called.

  48. KeroWit

    Erk….she looks more and more horrible every time I see her. Its going to kill her when she cant get rid of those ever-increasing wrinkles and sagging skin and Brad just keeps getting more and more movie roles with younger and younger gorgeous actresses, she’ll want to get out a shotgun and take out Hollywood with it! We all know he’s a cheating c*nt, as if he’s not going to f*ck some new Hollywood hottie if he knows he can.
    I also love the fact men go, ‘I love women with a bit of meat’, yet you ask them who their ideal woman is and they say, ‘Angelinaaaaa Jolieeeee’. That fish-lipped, scrawny, pale, nasty, Billy-Bob screwing nut job. Lovely.
    Men are so dumb.
    Skinny is better, of course, but I mean in a hot way….not what these pictures show.

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