Angelina Jolie’s brood terrorizes hotel

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had to leave the BAFTAs early Sunday night after their children were running wild in the hallways of the Dorchester Hotel in London. The Sun reports:

They told Maddox, seven, Pax, five, Zahara, three, and two-year-old Shiloh they could play outside their suite under supervision from their nanny.
But one fed-up guest, who asked not to be named, moaned: “They were running up and down the hallway for over an hour.
“Their nanny tried to quieten them down and move them out the way when people came through. But she had her hands full with the four of them.”

So, wait, Brad and Angelina told their kids they could run around the hallway of their hotel and left one nanny to supervise them? Somebody’s getting tired of having a houseful of kids. But next time, maybe put a sign on their backs that reads “Kidnap me. My parents are rich.” Or let them hang out around Madonna’s house. Either one.

Photos: Getty