Angelina Jolie’s bodyguads push around kids

November 16th, 2006 // 35 Comments

Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards allegedly got into a scuffle with parents and students today at a Muslim school where she was filming A Mighty Heart. The gates to the school had been opened to let parents fetch their children when Angelina’s bodyguards started pushing everybody around, even calling one parent, “You bloody Indian.”

Dallington TV, a British production company that organized the shoot, blamed the scuffle on photographers and television cameramen that it said rushed the school to get pictures of Jolie. “We had the full permission and cooperation of the school to film on the premises,” Dallington said in a statement. “When the gates were opened to allow the parents in to collect their children, the paparazzi rushed the school causing confusion.”

Yeah, I can see the confusion. Paparazzi and school children can look so alike. One is about 10-years old and wears a backpack, and the other is around 40 and comes running at you with 30 lbs of camera equipment yelling “Who did you sleep with last night?!” They might as well be identical twins.


  1. NipsyHustle

    first bitches

  2. NipsyHustle

    her bodyguards must not have gotten the memo that she had adopted the who village the day before. they were just coming to suck from mother’s tit.

  3. JoannieBalonie

    You know, I dont think I like her much anymore. I miss the Lara Croft Angelina……..
    And DAYUM! That hair is NAPalicious!

  4. D'oh Eyes

    They should have thrown some acid on Angelina and chocked it up to mistaking her as being one of the “untouchables”.

  5. She just wanted to free up more children for adoption. She can give them a better life as part of her interracial brood.

  6. Dory

    Fake arse bitch. I hate her more than paris (okay maybe not but definatly more than lohan).

    From- “I don’t want photos taken while going into a school, Kill the children Kill them for all I care”

    To- “I’m going to an orphanage to pretend I’m all kind today, ring the paparazzi ring them now!”

  7. Kiki

    The “They might as well be identical twins.” bit was just awesome, I actually laughed out loud.

    I’m still giggling to myself, thank god my office-mates aren’t here

  8. Hold the phone! Since the first post, an hour has past. Only 9 comments have been made.
    This has to be a record for the lamest post in theSuperficial history.

    Congratulations! The Fish has hit an all time low.

    Click the link. 50 posts in 45 minutes!

  9. endometriorama

    sounds like a good movie.

  10. Well, they are only little people. You can see why they would need to push them around a bit, you know, to show them who is boss.


  11. Dory

    maybe its just cause these kids have parents so she’s not intersted… can’t take em home.

    And the superfish has 11 posts now 2 of which are from me

  12. zena marie

    But she and Brad are making serious art with a serious message, daaahling.
    You can’t expect her to pay attention to the little people until the dial on her adoptometer has pointed to a country that allows the expedited purchase er adoption of her next little photo op prop.

  13. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    And they couldn’t film on a day when the poor kids aren’t trying to get an education? What, they don’t have weekends in India? Who the fuck is producing this film that they couldn’t think it out a little better? Stupid.

  14. dirtdiva

    is it just me or does she look totally UGLY??? what happened? did Brad Pitt screw the beauty out of her?

  15. LoneWolf

    Her hair looks like a schwartze. You know what that means, don’t you? It’s Yiddish for schwartze.

    Hey, Angie. Go back to tongue kissing your brother at the Academy Awards and wearing the blood of a hillbilly anorexic redneck in a vial around your emaciated neck. Maybe you can have sex with Brad in the back of a limo and brag about it on TV. Your goodwill-ambassador-to-the-world bullshit is fooling exactly no one.


    Brad Pitt is totally p-whipped, per last month’s issue of Esquire. Fucker could get anyone in the world he wants, male or female. That must be some sweeeeeeet vajh. Voodoo looking bimbo. Lisa Bonet called – she wants her look back.

  16. Dory

    I can’t even count properly bloody hell it was 12 not 11 dammit!

  17. aneurysm

    50 posts in 45 minutes. By the same 10 people. It’s not a blog, it’s a circlejerk.

  18. Bodyguad: n. (1) the technical name for those weird bumps on Angelina Jolie’s elbows that look kinda gross and can push kids around, apparently.

    Bodyguard: n. (1) person responsible for the safety and well being of extremely rich and/or pretty people.

  19. Wait, I thought that was Halle Berry.

  20. Normally, I’m not one to comment on someone’s appearances, especially someone as ridiculously gorgeous as Angelina Jolie.

    But… the hair… makes me sad…

    I guess not even a super-beauty like Jolie can pull off a super-hideous perm. But Whedon bless her for trying.

    And really, she’s still a, again, ridiculously hot woman.


  21. mommy_long_legs

    Looks like J. Lo lost about 100 pounds.

  22. Tracy

    I’ll bet Angelina thinks this movie is going to make us consider her a serious actress, and that this is her “Charlize Theron in Monster” role.

    If that’s how she’s going to look in this movie, it’s going to flop. People go to see her movies because she’s beautiful, not for her acting talent. I know she’s supposed to look like Mrs. Pearl, but come on… couldn’t they have prettied her up just a little for our sake? Jeez.

    It reminds me of when Julia Roberts cut off all her hair to show us how serious an actress she was… ha ha ha. Just pop in Hook and look at her as Tink. Ugh!

  23. jrzmommy

    Hey, at least that bodyguard didn’t say, Smelly Indians!

  24. RichPort

    Oops! I had to reread the story because I thought Mr. Fish wrote:

    The gates to the school had been opened to let parents felch their children…

    What the hell is the matter with me???

    Even looking as dirty as she does, I would slam Jolie’s ass like the door to a fucking bank vault.

  25. jrzmommy

    like the door to a bank vault…..heh heh heh.

  26. missmaiden

    the girl needs to eat something. perhaps she caught nicole richies mysterious illness that was cleared up in 4 days in rehab.

  27. jrzmommy

    perhaps we all developed temporary amnesia through her pregnancy and manic adopting frenzy and have now just remembered that Angelina Jolie is a narcissistic, mirror-kissing, psychotic freak, hence her thin frame? just sayin’.

  28. RichPort

    The idea of Jolie and self love makes me giggle like a six year old who said “boobies” for the first time. I’d pillage that ass like the Huns across Europe…

  29. #9 – What a great metric. You forgot to mention that out of all of those posts there were only seven unique posters, one of whom actually maintains the blog. Next, please.

  30. BlacKScar

    I think im the only one to say this: Angelina Jolie is UGLY!!! Yuck! how the hell can u guys LOVE her? she’s soooo ugly and too skinny X: yuckkk

  31. ohmygoodnessgracious

    who cares if the body guard said “you bloody indian”? they are indians and they very well could be bloody from the bodyguards racist bashing.

  32. omg she’s so thin


  33. lol, maybe the paparazzi hired the kids?

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