Angelina Jolie’s bodyguads push around kids

Angelina Jolie’s bodyguards allegedly got into a scuffle with parents and students today at a Muslim school where she was filming A Mighty Heart. The gates to the school had been opened to let parents fetch their children when Angelina’s bodyguards started pushing everybody around, even calling one parent, “You bloody Indian.”

Dallington TV, a British production company that organized the shoot, blamed the scuffle on photographers and television cameramen that it said rushed the school to get pictures of Jolie. “We had the full permission and cooperation of the school to film on the premises,” Dallington said in a statement. “When the gates were opened to allow the parents in to collect their children, the paparazzi rushed the school causing confusion.”

Yeah, I can see the confusion. Paparazzi and school children can look so alike. One is about 10-years old and wears a backpack, and the other is around 40 and comes running at you with 30 lbs of camera equipment yelling “Who did you sleep with last night?!” They might as well be identical twins.