Angelina Jolie’s baby pics will rake in a buttload

Angelina Jolie’s babies are fresh out of the womb and already their pictures have become the holy grail of tabloid journalism. While Jamie Lynn Spears and Jessica Alba netted $1 million for their spawn, Angelina’s twins are about to wreck some shit. Somehow, this proves my point that babies should be allowed to fight in UFC matches. E! Online reports:

Insiders are speculating the pics will go for between $15 million to $20 million. In fact, one photo-agency owner guesses that the only other thing that could possibly demand that much money is “Britney Spears giving birth to an alien.”

Okay, it’s only fair that I mention Brad and Angelina donate all the proceeds to charity, so you know they’re not money hungry assholes. In the meantime, whatever that guy said about Britney birthing an alien, I’ll take some of those. I don’t really have money to pay for them, but I do have these nifty coupons I hand out to my co-workers. Check it out: This one’s good for a “Free coffee run.” And this one gets you a “Great job!” I used to have some that were good for a massage, but I’m not allowed to hand those out anymore. Something about a lawsuit and sexual harassment, I dunno. I was too busy making coupons for “A photocopy of my wiener.”