Angelina Jolie wants to ‘fade away’ from acting

November 13th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Angelina Jolie is ready to retire from acting. In an interview with BBC News, she announces her intention to become a full-time mother while working on the occasional project every few years. Also, she’d like just one goddamn minute to eat a sandwich, Brad:

“I don’t plan to keep acting very long. I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day…. I’m not so worried that I want to keep this pace up and try to be something and be a celebrity and be a successful actress forever.
I don’t think I’ll ever say I’m never, ever gonna work because maybe there’s that interesting project where I feel creative.
“I’ll work for a few months in February. I won’t work again probably for another year. So maybe it’ll be once a year, then maybe once a year, then maybe it’ll be once every three years.”

Oh, I get it. Jennifer Aniston calls you “uncool,” so now you want to retreat to your French villa and brood over the children for the rest of your days. And I thought you were tougher than that. Wow, grow a pair of tits, lady.

NOTE: That was actually a legitimate suggestion. I think you should have four. We’ve got a black president; why stop the progress train now? Choo choo!

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  1. JM

    Oh god, how would it be to go an entire year without one of her lame-ass movies ripping people off?

  2. Tiffany

    stupid homewrecker.

  3. Tiffany

    stupid homewrecker.

  4. Randal

    There’s no such thing as “fade away” when it comes to the ever talented Angelina Jolie. No matter where she goes, she’s where everyone wants to be.

    I think it’s great she wants to focus her time on her ever growing and beautiful family. With Brad as her man, he can bring in the paycheck since he’s still in such high demand.

    It works in the end.


  5. ?

    Movies ripping people off? Elaborate, please.

  6. vdub

    Now if that shirt was to fade away….

  7. Monty

    Looks -wise, she’s *been* fading away for a long time. Aniston on the other hand, looks great and healthy. Jolie looks like a starving Thai ladyboy.

  8. hmmm

    aniston looks like a jewish man, she should stick to wearing her hair in her eyes.

  9. Parker

    If she doesn’t fade away is there another way to turn out the light? The shine on that face is blinding me.

    What’s amazing is, between the two it was Jennifer who turned out to be the winner. I never would have guessed. She has no kids, she’s not married to a bonehead, she’s in great shape, her face isn’t puffy, and she doesn’t need makeup to look halfway decent. Also I would consider fucking her in the ass sometime whereas I would turn Angelina down cold. Surprising but true.

  10. Notfoolinganyone

    I say you retire one of those names
    Jimbo – Randal
    No “Troll” would bother to post something from Jimbo and Randal. It was an obvious error on your part, totally understandable and nothing to get worried about.
    So what if people know you’re the same person? You probably have a couple of other names on here too. No biggie.

    Enjoy it, have fun, nobody cares.

    I have to admit, I like Randal’s posts better.
    Is that like your other personality?

  11. i like her

    I have always liked a pretty face and big tits. please don’t fade away angie, just because that whiny peppermint patty bitch can’t get over being dumped.

  12. JM

    #6: Here’s just a current list of ripoffs:

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    Tomb Raider I and II

    It’s an ever-evolving list of shitpiles that rivals that of Reese Witherspoon.

  13. SK

    #11 You can stop now, nobody gives a shit.

  14. shaddup

    Tiffany = Jennifer Aniston.
    I hate stupid ugly bitches that blame the other woman. Your man is the one that cheated on you, he is the one to blame.
    How many years will it take you to get over the fact that you are ugly, have an annoying mucousy voice, and didn’t want children?

  15. T-Bone

    “I’m not so worried that I want to keep this pace up and try to be something and be a celebrity and be a successful actress forever”

    Another Jolie subliminal slam against Aniston. Jolie is wretched. Fade away? Promises, promises.

  16. p0nk

    in other words, she is one of the few celebs out there that recognize when their 15 minutes are up. well played, angie.

  17. Jen Anus-ton

    Randal please STFU

    It’s about time this bony bag of shit realises that no one gives a damn about her. Everything that comes out of those splooge soaked mouth of hers is bullshit. From having her twins the “natural way” to “not messing with a married man”, nothing but bullshit. As bony as she was, she couldn’t even produce her period the natural way and she’s trying to convince people she had those test-tube babies naturally? What the fuck ever dumb bitch. Fade away and please don’t ever come back. I’m glad you succeeded in stealing Brad away from that other idiot. You both deserve to spend the rest of your lives lying to each other about your “true love” and rainbow colored kids. I hear certain parts of South America and Mexico have a whole lot of kids on sale, so you know, stop there and add to your collection

  18. Randal is Jimbo?

    wait…notfoolingnayone, you mean Randal is Jimbo? What proof do you have? But no, that would mean he’s purposely trying to get under people’s skin by writing those stupid Randal things that nobody believes except for real morons. Course I gotta admit, it’s fun to watch a true moron reveal himself. Sometimes, my friend, it takes a fool to fool a fool.

  19. Matthew

    I agree tiffany=jennifer aniston and what’s next seeing whiney ross again this proves miss aniston is rachel in real life both are prissy

  20. In defense of my former coworker, Jennifer Aniston is a sweet woman. None of you know her personally like me. She would totally give you the shirt off your back. And this one time, when I was dumped, she totally fingered me up the ass just to make me feel better. Because, you know… I like dick and stuff.

  21. Sid

    What she’s saying is, “If I keep acting, I’ll stay in the spotlight and I’ll have to listen to that dried up no-talent bitch whining about how I stole “her” man for the next 25 years. If he was “her” man I wouldn’t have him now and if she had talent she’d be acting, not whining. No wonder Brad was dying to leave her.”

  22. Oh geez! get your running shoes now Brad! unless you want to be near a smelly old cunt with 30 cats….

  23. Megan

    #22 -

    Fucking exactly.

  24. Ter

    This will give Brad an opportunity to have an affair while doing a movie when AJ is at home with the kids.



  26. Matthew

    #21 how’s fame going after friends? nothing? my point excatly

  27. Dane

    I don’t care if she works but her tits better get their own TV sitcom or make them recurring characters on Law and Order.

  28. Tina

    Its about time she faded away. I mean, pretty good movies and all, but she has waaaay too many kids for her and brad to always be acting. stay at home moms can hardly take care of 2 or 3 kids sometimes, I can’t imagine having a family the size of hers and not being home more often.

  29. Tina

    Its about time she faded away. I mean, pretty good movies and all, but she has waaaay too many kids for her and brad to always be acting. stay at home moms can hardly take care of 2 or 3 kids sometimes, I can’t imagine having a family the size of hers and not being home more often.

  30. mmm


    ugh die you whore

  31. Randal

    Jimbo is man of ultimate talents. He has way with words like no other. He lights a gray day with his sunshine.

    For myself I am not Jimbo. I am Randal. I am smart enough. I am Good Enough. And gosh darn it people like me.


  32. Jeff W.

    She’s finally starting to hit the wall. I don’t know why this pleases me.

  33. me

    That is a very good choice. To value the most important in life, which is love and family above fame and superficial glory.

    She shines as nobody in Hollywood, but that’s outside. Inside she is getting better each day and her soul is starting to shine more and more, so !Bravo! for her. This shows she is intelligent, but mostly wise.

    We will miss her, but I appreciatte more about her inner peace and her true happiness wich is not in the superficial world of vanities.

    God bless Brangelina!

  34. carrie

    its about time!! maybe since her last movies brought in a total of like $10 at the box office, she finally realized she has no talent. i watched some movie of hers once and swore i never would again…she is fucking awful. good riddance.

  35. alaina

    She justs wants to be left alone so she can fuck and suck her brother in peace. Fucking bitch, get the hell out already. Goddamned skanky, incestuous, crusty, toothpick figure, body of a 12 year old boy with boobs, nasty slut. Go the fuck away already, whore.

  36. herald

    Everyone gets the succes they want. Angelina has reached the top of success, so now she wants to succed with her family and keep it for long long time, which I believe is right and the best option.

    This is not the first time she talks about this decision. She already have spoken about it twice before.

    If Jennifer wants to reach the top in Hollywood it’s ok, after she sacrificed the love of Brad for her ambition, right?

    Angelina does not need it anymore, she is getting into another better channel.
    Good for Angelina.

  37. HoodFellaz

    The only thing that bitch want is some children and to suck off all of Brad Pitt money.

  38. tina smith

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  39. everyone

    i wish i could stay home and not work in my mansion…urgh… back to my shitty ass job…with my shitty ass life…and my lonely ass bed…

  40. F-Obama

    sounds like a typical democrat.

  41. Ted from LA

    She’s going to fade away? That’s sad. However, I’ve never seen her in anything, TV or movie, so I guess I’ll eventually get over it. I did buy a used car from her dad once. I have a chewed on pencil of his to prove it.

  42. jo

    She fucks her brother?

  43. Kahlee

    Nooo don’t go Angie, I know I said your arms and legs were creepy and veiny, but I like you really! There are too many blondes compared to brunettes in Hollywood, we need you.

  44. TooBad

    Adios. skank!

  45. Fade in fade out fade in.

  46. have some self respect drones

    I’ll believe it when I see it. This fucking whore (like all the rest of Hollywood) would DIE without the attention she gets from being a celebrity, the difference between her and the rest of the slime in Hollywood is that most of the others aren’t lying about it. Keep adopting and pretending you care about causes and the world in your pathetic effort to hide what you are; a miserable piece of shit attention whore.

    A little while ago Angina Jowlie goes to a refugee camp in Iraq and makes damn sure there are camera’s to catch her crying and asks the refugies “what do you need?” they reply “we need everything” (because they have NOTHING moron). I love how a whore who lives in a 70 million dollar chateau, owns two planes and more belongings than a shopping centre dares to pretend she gives a shit about what the empoverished masses of the world need. If she genuinely cared she would never need to braodcast it she would be doing good for the right reasons not for the self serving beneficial publicity and second if she actualy wanted to help she’d live in a normal sized house and use that money wasted on sick undeserved luxury to help the causes she pretends to believe in.

    Please use your brains people, Oprah, Bono, Brangelina all these tards and others don’t give a shit about the causes they pretend to. It’s simple, if you live in one of or more hotel sized mansions you DO NOT care about third world poverty. Just as if you fly around on private planes you DON NOT truly care about the environment. Too bad the idiot fawning public eats celebrity bullshit by the truck load. Fat fucks.

  47. Jimbo

    Fuck yourself Randal. In the ass of course.

  48. Cat

    #47 – good point.

  49. Women should have 3 breasts. Two in the front and one in he back.
    The two in the front are for obvious reasons. The one in the back is for dancing.

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