Angelina Jolie wants one of those Slumdog kids

Angelina Jolie is apparently looking to adopt a child from India. That is if those kids from Slumdog Millionaire count as credible sources. All I know is one of them told me Ganesh could kick Spider-man’s ass, so obviously, I think they’re buttfaces who like to see a grown man cry. The Sun reports:

AZHARUDDIN MOHAMMED, ten, asked the actress at last month’s Oscars if she planned to bring up an Indian orphan.
Angelina is said to have replied: “Well, I’ll let you into a little secret, we will soon.”
She met Azharuddin and RUBINA ALI, nine, backstage in Los Angeles after Slumdog won eight Oscars.
Onlookers said 33-year-old Angelina was very taken by the pair and chatted freely with them.

And if The Curious Case of Benjamin Button had won the Oscars, Angelina would want one of those age-reversing kids. Jesus, lady. Be an individual.

Photo: Getty