Angelina Jolie wants 14 children

June 15th, 2007 // 133 Comments

Angelina Jolie was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart yesterday and when asked how many children she’d like to have she responded:

“It fluctuates between seven and 13 or 14.”

She was also asked about the Fox News story claiming she had asked the press to sign a contract before interviewing her, and she said it was put together by her lawyer and she had no idea it was going out.

“There was a memo that went out to ask people if they would sign it that said, ‘Don’t get into personal questions, focus on the movie,’ and things like that,” Jolie explained. “It was from my representative trying to be protective of me, but it was excessive and I wouldn’t have put it out there.”

And then when she was asked about renaming her 3-year-old adopted son, Pax Thien, she said it was because her mother suggested the name before her death from ovarian cancer.

“My mom wrote a list of names when we were going to have Shiloh. One of the names that she suggested was Pax because it meant peace. [But] he’s anything but at the moment.”

So pretty much every problem I had with Angelina Jolie isn’t even a problem anymore. How is it possible she can be so perfect? I guess I can take some satisfaction in knowing that she’s dating Wyatt Earp. Seriously, what the hell is Brad Pitt wearing? I understand getting dressed up for a premiere, but he looks like he should be slapping people in the face with a white glove or performing magic.

angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_01-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_02-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_03-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_04-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_05-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_06-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_07-thumb.jpg angelina_jolie_popcorn_drink_08-thumb.jpg


  1. thats just crazy

  2. Don Mega

    Getting there is half the fun

  3. BarbadoSlim

    That Vietcong unit she’s putting together is coming along, nicely.




  5. daguz

    Mr Pitt looks like a deer in headlights.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    And yet, even after staging a communist infiltration aiming to achieve the eventual destruction of democracy in America, AFTER ALL THAT, she still manages to make Aniston look like an:

    ugly. little. man.

  7. Feel the velvett

    Comment on #6:

    I think that’s the look of “Did she just say 7 – 14 kids? Jesus Christ – what the hell am I doing with this thing?”

  8. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    The Earth Mother face pose is at a near constant these days.

  9. angie

    does she ever show teeth when she smiles? and whats up with the popcorn? her skinny ass should have eaten it instead of just carrying it around.

  10. RichPort

    Slim!!! You’ve been sorely missed dude…

    Jolie is starting to look like a Gitmo hunger strike detainee. Oddly, I hear she’s adopting a few of those law abiding citizens…

  11. KAMALA


  12. noangel

    Ang might have had the wild sex thing going with Brad, but he looks positively miserable in these last few weeks. Ang is a self-absorbed bitch; the comment about wanting 7-14 kids is a peek inside her selfish nature. What does she want, her own soccer team?

    She’s probably afraid to have more kids biologically because she doesn’t want to lose her stick-figure. From publicity I’ve seen, People Magazine — she hardly interacts with Shiloh. That baby is adorable but it is Brad who gives her his love, time, and attention.

    With their fortunes of course they can hire an army of nannies to raise their children, but there isn’t anything like the real thing. If she wants to change the world, start with not being a selfish, self absorb psycho. Her “know your rights” tat should be changed to “Know yourself first, dumbass”.

  13. KAMALA


  14. 14 lucky kidz
    wizh I waz one of them:

    I zee her old man
    left U a mezzage
    on the lazt pozt…

    fuckin lier!

  15. It is not her fault, that Jennifer Anniston sucks! It is her fault that she forgot, that she had a hot ass husband! I don’t think the bitch career would have suffered, like she thought! She should have given him what he was asking for years! The guy is paid, out the ass! Angelina, came along, and saw what a hot, sexy ass man that he really was, and she hopped on that opportunity! I would have done the same thing! I think that she was playing when she said”that she wanted more kidS!”sO…..DON’T SHIT IN YOUR PANTS!

  16. sea

    At last, someone who wants lots of kids for reasons other than higher welfare checks.



  18. havoc

    Wow…she is so incredibly important that I don’t even feel worthy reading this.

    She should run for God. With Oprah as

    How humankind got this far without her just blows me away.

    I hear she is actually going to reveal the 11th commandment that she herself willed into existence.

    Consider yourself lucky that she even transcended time and space to do these interviews….

    Now…where’s all the news about Paris?????
    I need my oxygen!!!!!


  19. PrettyBaby

    I don’t even care… Brad Fucking Pitt is delicious and goregeous and even if he morphs into whatever woman he is with at the time… I would probably be adopting and giving up 13-14 biological babies to him… and so would all of you- so shush.

  20. I Wish I Were Bi

    She made me really wish I were a lesbian, or at least bisexual.

  21. PrettyBaby

    And lastly Angie pisses me the hell off when she constantly clutches her less-than-lovely girl Z and ignores her angelic-faced Shiloh. That is fucking upsetting. Well… at least Shiloh has Brad….ahhhh… Brad.

  22. *evilqueen*

    honestly, 14 kids its really too much… though you have lots and lots of money but do you have time to teach & accompany them??? its really nice that you have the most beautiful heart to care for all orphans but its unfair to them when you can’t give them the best because of your own desire… so think and consider again.

  23. gotmilk?

    13, sorry to say but that’s incredibly naive if you think that what you see in People is the be all & end all. You have no idea what goes on inside the private lives of these people. So make sure, before you tell someone how to parent or that they should have a stronger bond with their kid, that you know what the hell is going on, not just based upon what you read in People. Just sayin…

  24. PAT

    Well, doesn’t she already have?

    And, btw, why is she posing like that with those popcorns? We all know she doesn’t eat. Who is she trying to fool?

  25. imakemistakes

    Basically, that’s 14 “suck it” to Jennifer Anison.

    …Love it.

  26. Quinn

    Can we remember that this isn’t the first time those two of have fucked with freedom of the press?

    They practically bought the Namibian Government to ensure that none of the Namibian press got any pictures of them while they were there. What was the explanation that time? Are the lawyers to blame for that one too? These people work for HER…they won’t do something unless she tells them to do it. She’s a fucking liar.

  27. You know what would make AJ even more perfect? If she ever made a single good movie, or if she didn’t look like Skeletor. Either one. Or both. Imagine both?

  28. kenny

    The problem is she wants to take away the freedom of speech from the journalists,
    by forcing them to sign a contract ,stating what they was allowed to say or not!
    In Europe we like to call that HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!
    And Jolie was trying to force journalists to give up that right by threatening them with legal action.

  29. Morticia

    WTF is that thing on the palm of her hand?

  30. Kim

    She’s got her hand in front of the blonde lady’s face in every picture! She must be prettier than Jolie!

    “Look at me! Love ME!”

  31. jrzmommy

    Great…..a baker’s dozen of fucked up kids.

    she’s gettin’ xylophone chest.

  32. lambman

    Wanting 14 children is “perfection”? Wow, I never knew the superfish guy was so p-whipped

  33. lambman

    ps, I LOVE than Brad and Angie have popcorn and soda…awesome

  34. theoriginalmilf

    Poor, poor Brad. Fatherhood has not been kind to him. I miss his sexy, boyish good looks.

    I can just picture them at home…Brad is feverishly taking care of all those little munchkins while Jolie slashes him with her leather whip to keep him ‘on task’.

  35. Beaufighter

    What’s really the story here is that Superficial would take ANYTHING Faux News says at face value. Anyone with an IQ above room temp knows that there had to be more than the story, yet there Superficial was, carrying the water for the half-assed hacks under Rupert’s Reichministry for Disinformation. Which we all know is a shining example of “freedom of the press”, which everyone here is getting their red-state knickers in a twist over, especially when freedom of the press means never having to be accurate.

  36. NipsyHustle


    Of course she doesn’t care about Shiloh. Shiloh is nothing more than the “trick” baby Angie had to keep Brad in her yard. She never wanted to give birth but had to because it’s the classic whore move when you’re trying to steal and keep someone else’s husband. You instantly get pregnant so he doesn’t run back to his barren wife. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

    She’s an ass for neglecting Shiloh but she would be a bigger ass if she preferred Shiloh over the other kids just because she’s a biological child. All children in a family should be loved equally. I’m sure Maddox is working on that “loving” agenda right now. He’s probably already trying to squeeze into a Shiloh/Zahara sandwich.

  37. zxcv

    No amount of makeover can transform this dirty , cheap, fraud, attention hungry mistress. She will always be the psycho homewrecker.

  38. Woohoo

    She doesnt seem to pay any attention to the kids she has. back in the day she was always with Maddox and Zahara, but ive never seen her hold Shiloh once. The kids never smile when with her either, whereas Brad spends time with all of them and I saw Zahara laughing when Brad was playing with her. At least he seems to be a good parent.

  39. chelsea_423

    She’s still way too skinny. She used to be the only woman I would go bi for, but she lost that honor to Jessica Alba.

  40. Sam

    Beaufighter… read up and get informed. You’ve bought into Santa Angelina’s nonsense. C’mon, the story is true and she’s backpeddling because she got called on it! She’s a fraud. I could respect her if she fessed up and said yes, she required reporters to sign her agreement to avoid talking about personal issues and focus on the movie.. but she couldn’t do that. Instead she had her attorney take the fall. By the way, she’s pulled that stunt before at the Mr.& Mrs. Smith premiere in Japan. Either that or her attorney was being overzealous way back then too. She’s a phony!!!!

  41. BaldAsBritney

    Yeah 14 kids so she can suck their sweet young blood to keep herself young. Scary ass vampire bitch..

  42. Ewan

    #8 ha damn right. Seems a little crazy to me, 14 KIDS?!?! Is it just me or is Angelina getting hotter with age, probably just me o_O

  43. A

    Her arms look more emaciated every time I see her. What is that bump on her hand by her thumb? Don’t people get that sort of thing from stress?

  44. ch474

    Na, he doesn’t look like Wyatt Earp. That look on his face is more like “… 14 kids?!!? Hell, I just wanted to fuck her not repopulate Biaffra!”

  45. amel

    Has anyone else noticed Angelina ALWAYS blames someone else. It is her rep and the peoples (us) fault about the memo. It is her dead moms fault she changed paxs name.

  46. amle

    bet she is glad she got cheek implants, since she now looks like skeletor.

  47. jenster

    i betcha she swaps out that “pax” kid because “its just not working out” for another asian baby, god, look at her, remember when she was hot? me neither.

  48. Clete

    That is not a family, it is a dog & pony show. Or at best the Jolie-Pitt Orphanage. She has finally found something positive to get attention. Well at least children are benefitting from this cry for help. I feel sorry for Shiloh she gets totally ignored…I think Maddox is getting ignored because he is getting too big to carry on her boney hip. I give Brad the thumbs up for putting up with her insanity this long.

  49. lurker

    She is great. End of story.

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