Angelina Jolie visits Iraq

August 28th, 2007 // 136 Comments

Angelina Jolie paid a humanitarian visit to Iraq today, one of over 20 countries she’s visited since becoming a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. Reuters reports:

“I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to this humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR and its partners,” the actress said in a statement released by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. “It is absolutely essential that the ongoing debate about Iraq’s future includes plans for addressing the enormous humanitarian consequences these people face,” she said.

See? Sometimes I cover the news here. Hard news. News so hard it’ll make Angelina Jolie forget all about Brad Pitt and their 500 kids. You liking that, Angie? Let’s go find a tent somewhere and I’ll pretend to care about whatever it is that you do. The United Bacons, right? Sounds hot.


  1. George

    You would think that after she had one of her tattoos removed, the stupid Billy Bob name one, she would stop with all the inking. Those tats are going to be just beautiful in 10 years when they start to fade and her skin sags. That’s if she doesn’t starve to dead by then.

  2. martino

    “United Bacons” – Thats funny

  3. George

    You would think that after she had one of her tattoos removed, the stupid Billy Bob name one, she would stop with all the inking. Those tats are going to be just beautiful in 10 years when they start to fade and her skin sags. That’s if she doesn’t starve to dead by then.

  4. mrs.t

    #12-absolutely my thoughts. I always wear at least $5,000 worth of fashion whenever I’m visiting a third-world country on a humanitarian mission.

    Everyone knows the homeless Iraqis LOVE them some Dolce & Gabbana.

  5. lmao

    “starve to dead” — heehee!

    where’d her booty go?

  6. pointandlaugh

    #4 — agreed.

    And check out pic #3 — her SKELETON hand/claw. good lord that is scary. she is NOT hot. I never liked her.

  7. Shep

    Soooooooooo……….. I used to think Angelina Jolie was Mega hot………. Now i think if Skeletor had a attractive face with giant lips, it’d be angelina’s twin. Same giant hands, same boney frame. The only difference is, skeletor wouldn’t haven’t such disgusting tat’s on his body. So i guess that means skeletor 1, Angelina Jolie 0

  8. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    At least her huge glasses cover most of her face, so they won’t stone her to death on sight for beig a whore!

  9. Radar

    Yep. Even He-Man wouldn’t hit it.

  10. Fred

    *to Angelina* Ok now Angelina, when you walk around in public places make sure your arms are always behind you. That makes your chest stick out. Oh ya, and make sure you always look back like you forgot something. The combination of chest forward, arms back and the backwards glance is so sexy!!! They will love you in the middle east! Darling you look fabulous!

  11. Mama Pinkus

    She is a lovely gal but she needs to to take care of herself (specifically, eat more). Alas, I think her tattoos look vulgar.

  12. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    AND her shirt is see-through? She spits in their face with her ignorant American ways. It would be even more classic if she sported Cameron’s communist China bag!

  13. Harry

    I’m so glad Brad Pitt dumped that nagging biatch Jen “America’s Sweetheart” Aniston for Jolie. He messed Little Miss Perfect up good and fine, and I couldn’t be happier. She looks like she can barely think straight these days, probably still hasn’t recovered from being kicked to the curb for the first time in her life. Rumor is that she was the biggest f-ing nag on the planet, and Pitt couldn’t take it anymore.

  14. woodhorse

    Iraq = pwned. Let’s see… how does an Iraqi woman choose between being badly misused and abused property OR reaching for freedom and independence by emulating Angelina? – that’s probably a foregone conclusion now. Plus, she just cheered up our troops.

    Saint Angelina indeed.

  15. Frick!

    I think she’s a bit mental, but at the same time I admire that she’s trying to do good and is very passionate about the cause thats closest to her heart. But I also think she needs to stop adopting so many children and spend time with the ones she already has. And stop and take some time to EAT and take care of herself (where the hell did her ass go? Good Lord!). Other than that I think she’s classy and has come a long way in the past few years. Other celebs should strive to be more like her instead of completly self absorbed, wasteful a-holes.

  16. woodhorse

    #14 – this accomplishment will look good on your resume. And by “look good” I mean in comparison to your homophobia. And by “homophobia” I mean what happens when your girlfriend (and I use “girlfriend” in the loosest, sluttiest, no-girlfriend way possible) when she looks at you.

    This is a fun game! Next poster please add your “and by that I mean” comments.

  17. 2-cent

    Uh… For the record, I don’t think superfish is gay. Although, who stole who’s joke is a mystery to me. Maybe Superfish is a super pilfer or not?

  18. Me

    Yes, she’s very skinny and has a lot of tattoos. I am not fan of tattoos, but I like her anyway, she has such a brilliant soul and she’s so alive.

    Yes I do! I still find her so attractive and I am sure many many many people agree with me and I think Brad is really lucky.

  19. Well, 29 said everything I was thinking, so ditto on all that.

    Yeah, the tats are very trashy. Trashy and passe. Too bad, too, cuz I think she’s very beautiful otherwise when she has meat on her bones.

  20. squirlgal1

    Someone please get her a sandwich

  21. 12:51

    for everyone who says she’s skinny she suposedly has a liver problem and it’s effecting her weight… apparently

  22. Edie


  23. humwawa

    how nice it is that this celebrity child/casual heroin user takes time from her busy life of pretend games to stoop so low as to visit a country for such a tasteful cause.

    brad’s misguided and now he’s locked in, having had that baby. you KNOW he regrets it. he must have wanted to marry a mommy and jen didn’t have that. oh, well.

    tsk, tsk.


  24. Milandir

    Then al-Queda killed her as a foreign whore.

  25. George

    # 19-

    Sorry, I meant “Starve to Death,” but she will most likely be dead soon since she appears not to be eating anything. I think she is wearing white to try to look fat!

  26. I swear, just looking at them pictures I got so hungry I have to go eat again. I swear, she needs a couple samiches. Put 30 lbs on her, she might look decent. I just ain’t into that whole skeleton thing.

  27. Hopefully she hasn’t gone child-shopping again…
    She doesn’t need to add another to her collection….

    (Leave me a message, vote on some polls, and chat live at

  28. Gart Arfunkel

    Angelina Jolie is my brother’s wife’s ex fragerr mugrate. Qwanzz.

  29. blpressure

    What is it, International Fugly Day or something? Jameson, Diaz, Winehouse and now freak lips.

  30. smg

    She gets tat’s that mean something to her ( as opposed to those of you who get a ‘cute’ dragonfly on your lower back…how original!) , so FYI to all of you, your opinions on her tat’s are completely irrelevant. She is an amazing woman, an amazing beauty, and those of you who cannot recognize this, are simply too superficial and pathetic to matter.

  31. Cryptic Cooze

    Fuck toy.

  32. smg

    She gets tat’s that are relevant to her and her life ( as opposed to those of you who get tat’s of dragonflies on your lower backs…….how original!!!).She went through the death of her mom this year and she is a mother of 4, and a working mom. Some people respond to stress by over eating, why is it so hard to understand under eating? She is an amazing woman, and amazing beauty, and those of you who cannot see that are simply too patheic and un- important to matter. Get a life haters…

  33. 12:51

    @46 this site is called THESUPERFICIAL fuck tard

  34. Radar

    SMG’s probably got an original tat, too. Something like that japanese porn, where the guy has a malformed penis. Malformed penis tats? Whatever floats your boat SMG.

    We’ve all said we’d fuck her. The tats are trashy, regardless of their originality. We told her to put on a few pounds.

    You feed the trolls, you’ll get your hand bit off. Better sit down, now….

  35. scott

    Sad… As if Jenna Jameson’s anorexia weren’t bad enough, now we have to look at a shriveled remnant of Angelina Jolie.

  36. Jen

    smg, just a tip for getting through life. Angelina Jolie doesn’t give a fuck about you.

  37. brad pitt

    smg- your opinions on my dragonfly ass tattoo are completely irrelevant and by that I mean stupid, in the most idiotic and pedantic way possible. Angelina is a mother of 4 with FOUR, count em’ asshole, FOUR nannies. She can sit all day and eat cheeseburgers without interruption if she so chooses. It’s people like you who waste precious time actually giving a fuck about these self-absorbed, self-serving, attention whores that is bringing this country to its knees. You are the one who is simply too pathetic and unimportant to matter. So go back to your stack of OK, People, National Enquirer, and Cosmo, eat another bag of Cheetos and write Britney another fan letter. Idiot.

  38. William Antrim

    I hope Brad got to pick out the tattoo. Or perhaps he didn’t and now he spends their intimate hours propped up behind her **grunting**…i hate that tattoo…i hate that ….Maddox get out of the bedroom and get me a pack of Camel lights….**grrr*

  39. Ike

    Why is she so skinny now?
    Kinda unattractive.

  40. William Antrim

    I just noticed Mr. Pitt’s rather angry post. I suppose it’s hard living in George’s shadow and watching Joel Madden eat up all your press. Still, I hope I’m not the only Superficial reader who wishes you well. Kalifornia and True Romance were great movie roles. Does Patrick Swayze need to intervene?…Nobody puts Brady in the corner.

  41. Hope somebody busts a cap in this fugly bitches ass.

  42. Going to Iraq in white heels. Love it. But how could she run away from an IED?

  43. Shep

    So Brad Pitt picked Laura Croft from Tomb Raider over Rachel Green from Friends which at the time, both extremely attractive women but i’d have to give the edge to Laura cause you know she’s got that evil freaky deaky side in the bed room.

    Now instead of hot Laura Croft Angelina Jolie, Bradd Pitt gets the broom from the Wizard of Oz and Jennifer Aniston is still pretty damn hot.

    Thats gotta hurt.

    Just goes to show, cheating always ends up biting you in the ass in the end.

  44. This news is nothing compared to the nipple slip posted on this site.

  45. lucky7

    Get over yourself you stupid cunt. Just because you go places doesn’t draw “awareness” to shit. This stupid bitch thinks she’s Jesus or something and needs a good punch in her stupid face so she realizes she isn’t fuck all. Fuck off you stupid hollywood blowjob machine.

  46. frenchie

    She has officially lost complete touch with reality.

    Then again I could be wrong. Maybe her bowel movements could feed all of the third word country with a balanced nutritional value of all 3 food groups. Her farts could probably provide enough natural energy to keep a medium size village running…given she has consistant flatulence. God she is such an enigma! So amazingly angelic…not at all like these other petty movie stars that struggle to ease their guilt of tawdry undeserved opulence by stroking their ego to find the greater meaning in their life than the manufactued void they live on a daily basis. I’m sure all her good deeds aren’t at all directed from a self serving slant. She truly is the perfect humanoid!!! Maybe even a robot by now. Does she even have more than one expression on that grill of hers anymore? No one is as mysterious as they think they are. She is certaily no exception.

    At the end of the day people won’t ever takes her seriously past a movie role that showcases and focuses on her physical prowess. She is (and always will be) incapable to offering even a fraction of the wisdom she so badly wants people to think she has. Her role as the good will amabassador It’s like Jenna Jamenson trying to cross over into legit movies. Gig fucking side show !!!

  47. brad pit

    angelina has as much politcal power as my dog does…

  48. joejo

    She suffers from L.O.B. .. Lack of butt.

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