Angelina Jolie trying to have more twins (And something about strippers)

December 10th, 2008 // 29 Comments

Other happenings in the world:

- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are trying “really hard” to have another set of twins. Someone needs to stop letting these two watch TLC before you can’t get the paper without tripping over their kids. Dammit, Maddox, my azaleas! [Star]

- Jessica Biel plays a stripper in an upcoming movie. Like blurry pictures of non-naked strippers? Welcome to Boner-town. [The Sun]

- DMX arrested in Miami for skipping court appearance. How do I put this delicately? They have Burger Kings in Canada. Just sayin’. [AP]

- Chace Crawford reportedly dating Taylor Momsen which fulfills his contractual obligation to bang a Gossip Girl co-star and make sure it ends up in the tabloids. Because, really, who doesn’t love forced irony? [Page Six]

Photos: The Sun, WENN

  1. shanananai


  2. Go Hokies

    “trying really hard” means having people in lab coats fertilize some her eggs with Brad’s boys in a dish.

  3. Photoshop Police

    Some of those fertility drugs cause twins, triplets, etc. to happen.

    Be careful what you ask for Angelina.
    You may end up with octuplets!

  4. disgusted

    dude chace crawford is dating a 15 year old….gross.

  5. Megabyte

    Jessica Biel is definitely not as convincing as a stripper as Lindsay Lohan was in…what was that movie called? Oh yeah. “I Know Who Killed My Career.”

  6. steve

    Hopefully these stories will inspire some comments by bitter conservative racists. These days, it’s all they have to live for.

  7. lambman

    Taylor Momsen is only 15, that is creepy. Cause Chase is over 20.

  8. lambman

    Taylor Momsen is only 15, that is creepy. Cause Chase is over 20.

  9. ewww

    chace is 23. she’s 15. what a pedoooo!!!!! thats SUPER jailbait.

    she has 3 more years til she’s legit. wtf is he thinking?

  10. dumbman

    you already said that

  11. duh

    “she has 3 more years til she’s legit.”

    Taylor lives in Maryland, where the age of consent is 16. She’s 15 1/2. Yeah, I’m sure there will be a full investigative team assigned to this case.

  12. el ces

    Angelina and Brad look good here. The outfits are clean and tasteful.
    However, I absolutely resent that moustache.
    Tyler Durden does not age.

  13. Chase better pop that cherry now. After 15 it’s all downhill. Tits fall down and weight and bitching go way up.

  14. missy

    they day they break up will be the happiest day ever

    does she carry his balls in her purse?

  15. bob

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"”" W e a l t h y C u p i d . c o m”"”"”"” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  16. I don’t like Brad’s mustache, but in this pic, he looks a lot like Robert Redford… many years ago…

  17. Teryn

    I really hope chace crawford and taylor momsen aren’t together. It would be VERY bad for my health.

  18. MH

    Is this all these two Chodes do is play dress up

  19. agentgirl

    Brad needs to wipe that turd smear off his upper lip!

  20. Me

    Anyone who posts after Me sucks on DMX’s long black ghetto penis

  21. Chauncey Gardner

    Judging by Brad and Angelina’s Boris & Natasha-esque Russian spywear, I’d say Angelina wants more twins so she can dispatch them to various locations (like Jennifer Aniston’s house) and use them as telepathic communication conduits.

  22. memyselfi

    Brad looks sooo bad with that mustache. Maybe he is competing with his ex’s love, Mayer. Sorry Brad, but that does not suit you.

  23. You

    I’m pretty sure the mustache is for a movie role. I’m hoping.

    Taylor Momsen was Cindy Loo in The Grinch like, two years ago. She’s that young. I don’t care how ruthlessly hot she is. It ain’t right.

  24. Madonna is a cunt

    Ms Jolie obviously has some serious issues. She should get together with Michelle Dugger and pop out some serious rug rats.

  25. …………………………….”MONGOL TWINS”?
    (with brad’s signature, folks)

  26. geez brangelina pretty much go around and shop for kids when are they gonna stop

  27. tc

    Brad’s small cock coupled with a second batch of twins is going to render her cunt next to useless.

  28. vanza

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  29. anonymous

    I don’t believe in that story at all… maybe they want more kids in the future, but this is too recently

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