Angelina Jolie to adopt again

June 19th, 2006 // 127 Comments

In her first interview since giving birth to Shiloh, Angelina Jolie reveals on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 tomorrow that she plans to adopt another child, saying: “Next we’ll adopt. We don’t know which – which country. But we’re looking at different countries. And we’re – I’m just – it’s gonna be the balance of what would be the best for Mad and for Z right now. It’s, you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids.”

Which race would fit best with the kids? I think it’s pretty clear Angelina Jolie is an ignorant racist. I don’t know where she grew up, but I don’t see things like black or white or yellow or green or whatever other color people come in. I’m color blind. And that’s what makes our world such a beautiful place. That, and being struck in the eye by a baseball as a child and no longer being able to tell whether to stop or go at a traffic light.


  1. waterranger

    she just wants to figure out which coordinates will look best on her arm….

  2. bluemalibu

    Maybe she’ll start scouting other planets?

  3. waterranger

    By the time she’s done, her arm will look like a cryptic message from the Da Vinci Code, only it will lead us on a search that ends with….. wait for it…. poor people. ew.

  4. THIS PROVES THAT SHE ONLY ADOPTS KIDS FOR PUBLICITY. She doesn’t love them at all. She’s just using them to put together the entire “colors of the world” crayola set.

  5. RichPort

    She needs to adopt a little white supremist kid. Poor little fucks are clogging up child services.

  6. snark

    she’s going to be pretty upset when she realizes that you can’t divorce your adopted kids.

  7. downshine

    anderson cooper is so sexy!

  8. SasMolass

    Is she working for United Colors of Benetton?

  9. tallcoolone

    What race fits best with the kids…nice. Even after squeezing out baby Hi-ho, she’s still just your average movie star home-wrecking ‘ho…God help those children, Brad included.

  10. Wait a goshdarn minute…..I thought her selection process involved holding babies until the “one” gazed into her eyes and she just felt this incredible connection with it. Wasn’t that the story with Maddox? She just knew, instictively, that hey belonged together. Kind of like how I know, instinctively, that she is a very silly person.

  11. spanglish

    I’m sorry…but I sort of like her. Guys get away with screwing around all the time and she does the same thing and is just as unapologetic, which she should be. As far as publicity goes, she is doing something that other celebrities don’t – she is donating her personal time to the causes she finds important, instead of just throwing money at it. She’s not doing a movie right now, so the publicity thing makes no sense. Go Angelina!

  12. mrs.t


  13. spanglish

    I remember Anderson Cooper from Channel 1 news when I was in high school.

  14. Fugurself

    I was just hoping that Anderson Cooper would at least drop his drawers and take a shit all over her.

  15. All joking aside, she is mentally unbalanced. How much time, in between film making, can she devote to the kids she already has? And when does it stop? Is she trying to adopt her own country? Her own little UN? Brad really fucked up. Jen might not be as hot as Angie, but she gains major points in not being a nut and not trying to be UNICEF. I foresee a platoon of nannies in the near future…

  16. jane's eyre

    She’s just trying to expand her collection, ya’ll. Some people collect unicorns, some people collect toenail clippings, she just happens to collect children.

    Maybe when she has enough different kids of different color skin, she’ll skin them to make a coat.

  17. spanglish

    So what if she ends up with a nanny for the kids if she goes and does a movie (hey maybe Brad will be her house husband and they won’t need a nanny), the average family puts their kids in daycare – what’s the difference?!

  18. spanglish

    I will admit the “race” comment of hers was stupid, but hey yesterday I called a day lily a “dilly.”

  19. BigJim

    I wonder how she feels about adopting a 38 year old Canadian guy. After her Oscar speech I got the distinct impression that she’s okay with incest…

  20. Fugurself

    Now that is a true MILF

  21. jFp

    She’s got that crazy Mia Farrow look in her eye. Down the road Brad can pull a woody and fuck one of the kids for her.

  22. bigponie

    Angelina is searching for “Damien”, she wants to raise satan’s offspring.

  23. Chicagoboy

    #19 Do you think she breast feeds her adopted kids too?

  24. tallcoolone

    “I had a stupid income for what I do,” she said. Tattoo that on your back.

  25. Pete

    My question is, when is the adoption going to stop? When she has an entire third world country living in Malibu or wherever she’s not going to be so happy. Taking your work home never goes well.

  26. tits_on_snack

    “you know, another boy, another girl, which country, which race would fit best with the kids.”

    Okay did she honestly say that? Laff my ass off.
    Anyone remember the AbFab where Eddie’s pissed off about Saphie’s pregnancy until she gives birth to a half-black kid… and then goes delightfully bananas over it because it’s so trendy and ethnic, it’s the “Chanel of babies”.

    I think that’s what we have going on here. But like, not that we didn’t already know that.

  27. Geno

    I miss Anderson Cooper on “The Mole” That was a great show. Before they turned to c list celebrities and ruined it.

  28. BriBri

    Which race would fit? She does know that she has a one black, one white, and one asian child right?

  29. Pete


    what country do her housekeepers come from? is she their legal guardians also?

    #8 you’re right on the money.

  30. LaBellaDomina

    Finally our worst fears are confirmed: Angelina Jolie collects children like Imelda Marcos does shoes. Hopefully she doesn’t go on a “shopping” binge and then realize the children can’t be returned at Barneys. I’m curious to see how she does choose which race would best complement her previous aquisitions…would it be based on whether M, Z and S are “cool” tones vs. “warm” tones? That could prove tricky.

  31. …sigh….


  32. spanglish

    Maybe it makes her feel better to have helped several of the children she meets, whom she knows down the line are probably going to die in the orphanage she found them in. You can’t go see poverty like that and not be affected. Adoption may not be the best way to help or not something that everyone should do, but she has the money (and when your rich, you’ve got the time) to do it. If all she’d been doing the last couple of years was JUST make movie, I’d probably call her crazy as well for all the adopting because she wouldn’t have changed as a person except for maybe getting a bigger head (and skinnier arms). But she has been traveling all over the world and seeing what no one else wants to see, what regular people like to pretend is not happening. Plus she got a pilot’s license so she could fly in supplies. People just don’t do that half-heartedly.

    Ew…she had sex with Billy Bob!

  33. Jolie being interviewed by prematurely white headed fag. is all i see here.

  34. guest1234567

    Collecting kids is just plain wrong. This skank has to be stopped.

  35. spanglish



    This is way more interesting than stupid Paris, Nicole Richy or Lindsay.

  36. tallcoolone

    I forgot about Billy Bob. Ewwww is right!

  37. Danielabella

    hahahahahahahahahaha #5 you made me spit my soda all over my keyboard

  38. PaisleyMoon

    Jolie is one of the most interesting, mysterious celebrities ever, and she’s actually done something to make the world a better place. I hope she never stops adopting kids because her love for her children is so obvious anyone can see it (even you tards). It’s too bad people have squat to do, but, diss her here. What have YOU done for the world lately? That’s what I thought. Pffff.

  39. Jacq

    I’m white. I had no idea there were other races.

    Way to save the world, Rainbow Brite.

  40. @39 – “rainbow brite” Good one!

  41. iamboredatwork

    PaisleyMoon, you are a real jack ass.

  42. BigJim

    She’s collecting kids like Cruella de Ville did dalmations. She wants to make a coat.

  43. ms0pinion8ed

    I will bet anyone on here 1 dollar (seeing how that’s a lot considering I don’t know any of you) that she will adopt a poor hispanic kid next.

  44. zena marie

    #38 you sound like someone dropped an Xtacy tab in your Diet Coke. Get over it! Other celebs do altruistic things they just don’t blather about it as much as Morticia Jr.

    Jolie is what’s known as a hoarder. Someone mentioned Mia Farrow — she had the sickness too.
    Som epeople hoard cats or dogs, some people hoard kids — either way the end up with their house smelling like piss.

  45. jellybelly166

    #33 have you ever seen anderson cooper?!?!
    he is one hot prematurely white man who is definitely not a fag.
    watch his show and be amazed

  46. Jacq

    #38 – I recycled a coke tab this morning and I go pee at least twice before I flush the toilet. What have YOU done lately?! That’s what I thought. *Pfffft* Oops, I farted. Sorry o-zone.

  47. LaBellaDomina

    Re: #38-
    I spent a year volunteering at an orphanage in Haiti and I’ll tell you exactly what she does: Arrives in a private plane, stays at a four star resort or private residence, and takes one afternoon to “tour” a designated orphanage or hospital. She sweetly poses for the entourage of cameras following her, while clucking her tongue saying “oh the poor things” and then leaves to be entertained at the home of a local foreign dignitary or celebrity (i.e. Wyclef Jean) Regardless of how many pictures are taken of her in third world countries, she really has no idea of what day-to-day life is like.
    While I enthusiastically applaud anyone who adopts from another country, this does not mean that she is exempt from feedback when she says something as stupid as finding a child whose race would “fit.” It leaves one to wonder what her true intentions are.

  48. spatz

    mia farrow is better. you know why? because she adopted different colored children that also happened to be have some kind of ailment. angelina only adopts “healthy” babies. selfish bitch.

  49. jane's eyre

    42 BigJim, haha! See #16. My thoughts exactly.

    But instead of a spotted coat, she’s going for patchwork.


    What have I done for the world lately? I make the sun rise today. Pff.

  50. Fugurself

    In related news, I heard that TomCock tried to convert
    Angelina Jolie to Scientology and suggested that
    Angie and Brad should check out the Church of Scientology.

    TomCock invited them over for some tea and placenta.

    And Brad suggested
    that they should meet for real life enactment of the “Fight Club.”

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