Angelina Jolie talks about the twins

November 19th, 2008 // 75 Comments

In an interview with GMTV, Angelina Jolie says she had trouble simultaneously breastfeeding her 4-month-old twins, Knox and Viv, and also discusses how she and Brad Pitt attend events with baby pee on them. According to Us Weekly:

“You think, ‘Ah, if anybody can do that, I can do that,’ she says in an interview on British show GMTV. “But it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books. I did that a few times, but [mostly] I would take turns. It just takes a long time.”

(In the books? Tricks like the “double football hold.”)

Jolie, 33, says she weaned the twins when they were 3 months old. “[That was] about as much as I could do,” she says.

So how does having six kids affect her Hollywood commitments with Brad Pitt?

“The only time it ever collides is if, you know, we’re trying to get ready for some event where we have to walk a carpet and somebody gets peed on, and figures, ‘Oh well, I guess we’ll be wearing that this evening,” she says.

Sure, learning about Angelina Jolie’s breasts is great, but I’m more interested in these photos. Can somebody explain to me again why the pedophile porn star is trying to molest the wax figure? It sounds like it’d be a great story.

Photos: WENN

  1. E. Norma Stitz

    LMAO again! Brad Pitt looks like such a little sissy boy bitch! Gotta love it; he plays tough guys and badasses in movies, in real life he’s such a tool and a sissy boy! LMAO!

  2. E. Norma Stitz

    #38, I thought the same thing; she looks like Morticia Adams!


  3. Rabbit

    Holy crap, at first glance I thought that I was looking at a picture of “Morticia Addams” instead of Angelina Jolie!

  4. GeorgiaTek


    Is it just me or are these two starting to look like the fucking Adams Family?

  5. Dj

    Jolie looks like a dude in these pics & her hands are so scary looking, like a monster hand creeping over the edge of the couch at night while you’re watching a scary movie.

  6. jill.ftw.

    they look just like the fucking adam’s family.

  7. argh

    God is it just me or is Angelina starting to look more and more like the love child of Alanis Morissette and Morticia Addams everyday? This is what men consider sexy these days? I’m confused.

  8. Meg

    Everyone always gives Jolie crap for looking bad but Pitt isn’t looking too good these days either.

    I saw him on Oprah 2day…he’s losing his looks …ALSO he was kind of BORING during the interview. (no personality is a deal breaker for me).

    But- they aren’t supernatural or anything…so it shouldn’t be a big deal that the couple will be old farts in a few more years.

  9. Frybread

    Angelina Jolie = too much plastic surgery and too skinny

    Brad Pitt = too much sexy times with a skeletal wax figure

  10. Geronimo

    #58 — So you just noticed that Brad has no personality or brains? Hello! He’s always been vapid. You’re just now noticing it because he’s in his mid 40s and isn’t the pretty boy he used to be. He’s now a washed-up stoner who destroyed his brain cells.

  11. Frybread2

    They are looking old and gross. Brad is a sleeze bag! I’d rather see angelina and jennifer aniston go at it!

  12. packinwood

    I hope that Howard Hughes mustache Brad is sporting is for a movie and that goofy fool doesn’t think he looks good with it.

  13. Geez

    Geez lots of fat fuglies posting here jealous over Angelina and Brad .. if you don’t like them why read all articles, interviews and tv shows that featured them..OBSESS MUCH FUGLIES!! If they are losing their LOOKS why are HW producers & directors keep knocking on their door to get them on their movies??? The only loser is Jennifer Aniston who can’t get over the divorce that happened 4 years ago. Why can’t the boring HAG move on already. And why does the Jenniloonies still hating on brad when Chiniffer had been dumped by Vince, Paul and John Mayer. They should be hating those people and not brad. YOU hags should be happy that she’s now with the douchebag Mayer. They deserved each other, Mayer date stupid girls and Aniston is Stupid..LOL

  14. Gomez

    @19, the ‘it’ factor has been replaced by the Cousin It factor.

    What’s the deal with these ‘entertainers’, anyway? It’s like for the ‘rich and famous’, every night is Halloween. I know, “so what’s my point,” but consider: there’s these two, the skeleton formerly known as Madonna and now Gwynneth Paltrow. And plenty of others…

  15. #63, Geez/Ang, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you look like Morticia Addams. Mind you, it could just be me. No one else has mentioned it.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just gonna wheel my elephant commode off towards the fridge for some sauce to slop on my hate pie.

  16. Brunettes Take Over

    Awwwww I wanna look like corpse too. No more babies Angelina, your poor pussy girl!

  17. say what?

    Hey losers if you all think these celebs are horrible then why do you keep reading about them? You’re all pathetic. You keep dumping all your frustrations with your own lives on these celebs did you even stop to think if they even care about you guys think about them? I don’t think so. These celebs go on when their lives doing what they love and living the life you all wish you have. Deny all you want but I bet you’re all be willing to be like them if somebody offers you chance. They may be douches or cunts to you, but the way you write on these comments you’re no better than them. Oh there’s one difference though, THEY’VE GOT MONEY AND YOU DON’T! And I pity those people who keep saying these celebs are miserable. Look at your self in the mirror! Is it possible you’re all projecting your own misery so you can go on with your pathetic lives thinking you’re better than them. News flash you’re not.

  18. me

    They look a bit tired, yes, but that means they really work and very hard, not only in Hollywood but with their kids, and that possitive.

    Whatever… they are still by far the most wonderful couple alive!
    and I am just one of their free fans around the world.

  19. Dj

    #67 her hands are still creepy, celeb or not

  20. Shannon

    Brad was fucking hot when he was younger but looking more and more like a douche everyday.

  21. Narcissist

    Pitt looks like he’s auditioning for “MSNBC – To Catch A Predator”.

  22. hunnybunnie

    she’s only 33? damn. thought she was older.

  23. MelCab

    TUBBO – I got to give you credit for the Wednesday and Pusley comment, very funny ;). And yes I agree with the majority of other people on here. They book look like crapola.

  24. chloe

    She’s starting to look like a man/tranny. She should change her name to Mangelina.

  25. Rich

    Is pitt auditioning for the role of der furher?

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