Angelina Jolie takes ‘Not Shiloh’ out shopping

December 1st, 2008 // 73 Comments

Angelina Jolie has about a thousand kids which is why it’s important she tries to fit in some quality time with each of them. In this case, she took Maddox shopping in New Orleans yesterday. Not exactly sure what she bought him, but let’s assume it was Europe. That’s right; Europe. The continent.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It was probably just his own set of white slaves. Haha! Kids.


  1. “Simmer down” @ 11pm? now thats “douchie” loser!!

  2. Astrid

    She would be so much hotter without all the tramp stamps.

  3. Are there are more important things for kids to learn?

  4. Bogdana

    wtf bad girls club needs a mute button please

  5. You had me at hello

    Hi @ 44

    all of you are jelos H8ters, esp. the cambodian suckers

    it is still surprising the number of people who have to speak “outside the box” because it’s a “no brainer” that saying “tramp stamps” will make you feel superior – go have some “me time” and quit making me nauseous.

  6. Valkyrie

    this thread has some of the dumbest comments yet!! Good job everyone!!

    MY TURN:

    Angelina has always been skinny. She’s older and has kids so she’s bound to start looking ‘more her age’. I’ve always thought she was pretty shapeless except for her bosoms. Even in Gia she’s still shaped with small hips and a flat butt, except for the two big boob orbs. And in tomb raider…in that leather outfit she has no shape to really work it! But neither do any of you.


  7. Kayleigh C

    Don’t playa hate, she’s had three kids.

  8. Paul

    You all suck donkey dicks If you can say anything nice then fuck off

  9. rosie o'donell

    pretty face but waaaaaay too skinny

  10. She has so many kids she’s gonna fuck one of them one day, forgetting that its her “son”.

  11. beefytee


    this is not that skinny

    her hands don’t look like claws. That’s actually one of my favorite pics of her.

    She’s not “Older”…she’s 33-34. Girl needs to eat…period.

  12. Lucia

    I love her style… annndddddddddddddd………..her husband.( sorry )

  13. herald

    I like her a lot and is nice to see her with her children

  14. herald

    She is very attractive and exotic. I like her and her children!

  15. herald

    She is very attractive and exotic. I like her and her children!

  16. herald

    She is very attractive and exotic. I like her and her children!

  17. jes

    wow shes looking more beautiful than ever. i love her even more!

  18. beefytee

    Angelina….quit posting about yourself using fake names…

    really kind of pathetic…

  19. Sam

    The girl still has game. I though she was alot better before she got all inked up

  20. pattyanne

    I kept scanning the photos looking for Angelina Jolie, but all i saw was Madazz, walking his bitch

  21. ekki_skila

    33, 34 IS older. It doesnt mean she looks like a hag, it just means the youth is wearing off. Youth has A LOT to do with being attractive. Angelina looks worn out. Being older and having kids PLUS physically carrying children in her uterus ages her.

    So what? NEXT.

  22. rekk

    Whatever, Angie. These people are right. You need to eat. You’re looking Baaad! And, that dress is way too tight. Hard to believe you had room to fit the Spanx underneath. And don’t even try to tell me you’re breastfeeding, ’cause you’re not. So, you want to tell these folks where the kids came from?

  23. Fluffy Butt

    . Holy Christ

    Did the Exxon Valdez crash on her forehead?

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