Angelina Jolie steals people

Angelina_Steals.jpgDespite claiming in adoption papers that the biological mother of Angelina Jolie’s newly adopted daughter, Zahara, was dead, Britain’s The Sun has reportedly tracked down 18-year-old Mentaweb Dawit, who claims she is Zahara’s birth mother. Although she does not object to the adoption, her reappearance may cause some problems for Jolie:

“The adoption could be illegal because the law in Ethiopia says that if the mother is still alive she must give her consent and in this case that may not have happened. The adoptive mother must appear in court to nullify the old papers and re-apply for adoption. The baby’s mother must also appear to give her consent.”

I’m no legal expert, but doesn’t this make Angelina Jolie some sort of serial kidnapper? Yet she hasn’t been subjected to the law, and why? Because she’s a celebrity, that’s why. She steals a person’s child and another person’s husband, and she gets called a “philanthropist” and a “sexy siren.” Meanwhile, I lure a few teenage girls into the shadows and suddenly I’m a “flasher” and a “pimp” and a “diagnosed psychopath.”

Equality under the law my ass.