Angelina Jolie probably definitely pregnant

January 30th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Us Weekly is claiming to have a source close to Angelina Jolie that says she is definitely pregnant. Word is Angelina is going to auction off confirmation of the news and donate the proceeds to charity:

One SAG attendee tells Us in its latest issue, on newsstands now, “It was so obvious she was pregnant. You could clearly see the bump’s outline.”

OK! Magazine is also reporting the bun’s in the oven. But enough about that. Let’s get down to brass tacks. I bid $1 billion* for the exclusive confirmation interview. For the record, I like to prepare a meal for all my interviewees. Hopefully Angelina likes Easy Mac out of a Tupperware dish. Also, I cook in the nude. That’s the naked nude, ladies.

*To be paid in $1 yearly installments. Dollar may be substituted for gum wrapper at any time. Gum not included.


  1. Jimbo, I did dig my way out, but now it’s going to snow like 12 more inches overnight. What a nightmare..

  2. AJLAJ

    Yes Attendee that would be because this is a celeb TRASHING site not

    So Toni I like your guess of Sienna Miller; young, represents a free and lighthearted life. Me thinks he wil surely go the Marilyn Manson. I’m thinking someone innocent and fresh or someone really funny. Basicaly someone thats not up their own asses. I’m going to go with Rachel Mcadams. Though she is too good for him, I can picture Skangelina actually being intimidated by her. Bitch ain’t gettin’ any younger.

  3. AJLAJ

    *Marilyn Manson route

  4. Nice

    Good job stealing the headline idea from Celebslam:

  5. eastcoastgirl

    Brad will find out about this bitch……..only it will be way too late.

  6. Nicole

    What happened to Brad?? It looks like his hair is all puffy and gay. He used to be somewhat attractive, till blood girl got him. What the hell? Jennifer A. is way better and normal. Now he has all these damn kids with her. I wonder why Billy Bob left… answer…… he got smart! He might be a redneck hick… but he is not going to be her baby daddy…. no sir re bob… Billy Bob! Why does she want more kids? How many is enough? This is not like animal adoption. It’s almost like she is starting a human kennel. Next thing you know she will be bulding little cages for the babies. She might even hire women to become pregnant.. like a puppy mill!

  7. just wondering

    Brad looks like he has lost all his hair living with her and the brood, and now has some dirty cheap wig on his head…even his facial hair looks gray….just looks so cheesy. Even just a few short years ago when he made Troy, he still looked good, but now his life and longevity is sucked right out of him, used to nourish the evil spawn growing in side of Angelina.

  8. Agreed AJLAJ. At this point Rachel McAdams IS too good for him. What a doof. Nobody’s gonna want him after he’s had 17 children with Angiskank!

  9. no one's fan

    Is the baby growing in her forehead?
    And I see her morning sickness has started, poor attention whore barfed all over her dress.

  10. Sweeny Toodles

    that dress needs a iron

  11. maya

    why is brad pitt a cardboard cutout?

  12. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    I can’t believe this whore is pregnant again.

  13. Pam

    Angie looks gorgeous and glowing. Luv the boobies!

  14. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    #60 . I assume you mean a five iron.

  15. CakeyCake

    Why is Brad wearing a wig?

  16. jealous people

    It’s amazing how much spite some people can have for strangers, and by strangers, I mean celebrities ’cause you do you realize that you don’t actually know these people right? Anyway, try not to choke on your own bile. It’s rather unbecoming.

  17. NatalieA

    Well if they’re going to try and deny deny deny like all celebs do, maybe she shouldn’t have worn a tent. But if she is preggers again, good for her. They’re now only 6 away from having enough to form their own soccer team like Brad has said :|

  18. AJLAJ

    Get ff your high horse #6. This is celeb trashing site, let me explain that to you; WE TRASH CELEBS HERE. Fuck off already with your holier than though bullshit. So we don’t know Brangelina? Really I thought that pile of rotting dogshit on my neighboors lawn was Angelina. Oops my bad. Fuck thank the lord we don’t know them but, we do know their very public actions and statements. Politicians are judged, so are celebrities, that’s life in the public eye. They affect society and we as a society have every right to comment.

  19. AJLAJ

    that’s #66

  20. lilala

    GOOD ONE #59! And yes, AJLAJ, their life has been in the public eye since AJ started telling laods about her sexuality, drug addiction, adoption addiction, having each of her dozens babies being photographed for People magazine etc etc in the last, say, 20 years. THERE ARE celebrities who keep their lives to themselves so people can’t comment about them, but those two certainly not.

  21. Malkavians42

    As a South African I see…why even bother, reading what the bunch of you post over and over and over again, you’re clearly from a first world country, most probably the states.

    It’s one thing shredding people with money and fame apart, its another shredding them apart because they give a shit.

  22. AJLAJ

    #71. They don’t give a shit, they only pretend to . They live in MANSIONS and have their own private plane, wear designer threads and own the most expensive shit you can imagine.

    As a person who grew up in Africa (several different countries) with a family who truly worked to fight poverty and dedicated their entire careers to building school in many african countries (without the use of religion, another con of those who doeNOT really care) I happen to know exactly what the fuck I am talking about.

    It is really sad as someone FROM South Africa that you actually buy the bullshit these greedy hypocritical jerks peddle.

    You cannot care about poverty and live in giant sprawling mansions. It’s a paradox.

    COME ON!

    For the 1 billionth time this is the world wide web where people of al walks of like congregate, you have no idea where any of us are from or what we have accomplished or contributed to this world.

  23. umm

    Isn’t South Africa full of elitists and shit?

    Anyway, I am so on the Sienna Miller train. Hasn’t she been seen causing problems in varous relatinships already? Puff Daddy, Sean Penn… looks like she could be the perfect dose of medicine for the “Womb Raider”

  24. sherry mac

    did you say naked mac and cheese a man after my own heart….

  25. jason

    he is so cool. but i just found out his secret that he have joined an
    online club SugarMommaMatch.c, by which he is seeking a sexy girl or rich women
    dating cute men.. ..i am not sure if it is ture, but it is horrible.

  26. AJLAJ is obsessed

    AJLAJ is probably just angry because Angelina wouldn’t give her an autograph, and Brad wouldn’t take his picture with her.

  27. LOFL

    Attention: Haters

    Message: Get over yourselves and enjoy life, apparently these two are – which is probably why you hate them so much.

  28. amanda

    To all Haters:
    BRANGELINA is the most gorgeous couple in the world.Sharing their millions
    to the poor do not make them hypocrites,they don’t have to do this to be famous.At least they are doing something to help the least privileged.A lot of
    celebrities don’t give shit.No amount of ugly criticisms can put this couple
    down.Angelina is drop -dead gorgeous,the most beautiful woman alive,which
    is why a lot of girls hate her.

  29. Coco

    you’re right, there are celebrities who keep their millions of dollars all for themselves, some others donate without braging about that and some, like this couple, can only talk about how much they give, but still have at least 6 mansions, private jets, ridiculously big yachts and much much more… My point? NONE of them deserve it!! Even if they give out a little bit of it!!! Who do they get that money from?? From us!! So I go to a lot of great independet or foreign movies, don’t buy magazines with any attention whores in it and if I really want to wacth some shitty Hollywood movie I would get an illegal copy in internet (put me in jail for that).

  30. leyla

    YOu guys are so mean. I bet hlfof you are jealous you can’t get Brad, and the other- Angelina. they are two beautiful persons, who do their best in the environment thy exist in. Brad is a country oy, whatever clothes he wears, or wherewer he lives- he’s simple( yes, i’ve met him). He always wanted a big family, non- adopted, and he’s building one. Angelina wanted children for years as well, but her ex was somewat of a prick, and didn’t want kids. In the meantime, Aniston wan’t on the same level with Brad either. SO, fine, they were both separated, gorgeous, healthy, secured financially and willing to have children. they can afford it, and probably will be a better example to their offspring than most of the asses who’d reproduced recently. And kids don’t get damaged by having sublings a bit too soon. Old fashioned way- a baby every year or two, is fine, the children is love, and love can’t be bad. they take care of each other( I have 2 babies in 2 years, and another planned soon). Stop hating, especially those who don’t deserve it. In the meantime, Brad has had weird, bum looks before, don’t blame it on her- he is happy, isn’t that obvious? And to his fans his emotional state should matter more. Secondly, conidering the work profile these people do, they go through many different looks formany different reasons. As far as home- wreckers are concerned, go get on the arses of Zita- jones and that blond bitch who married Antonio Banderas because , her words ” Sex was so great, if I couldn’t have him,I would just die!”
    Other than that get a life.

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