Angelina Jolie on the can, double breastfeeding

August 5th, 2009 // 78 Comments

Here’s a nude sculpture of Angelina Jolie titled “Landmark For Breastfeeding” by New York based artist Daniel Edwards. It’s scheduled to be displayed in Oklahoma which sounds like a great idea. Because there’s nothing the Midwest loves more than activist celebrities. And art.

Then again, she is barefoot and breastfeeding.

Photos: Splash News

  1. so first. nice sculpture

  2. Poon Tang

    FIRST? Um, people from the Midwest >>> people from anywhere else in the US

  3. joe

    Whaaaat theee

  4. Chris

    This be social suicide right here. She’s officially Madonna-fied

  5. fiction

    I didn’t know Oklahoma was in the Midwest…

  6. this makes me feel really creeped out

  7. zips

    Is Oklahoma trying to re-brand itself into the (bad) art capital of the world? They’re going about it the right way.

  8. The 'A' Man

    Oh dear Lord, What next??

  9. gotmilk?

    how can we be sure that’s not Octomom?

  10. zips

    @9 – Because she would be lying on her side with all the octo-nutlets at her like sucklings piglets or puppies.

  11. Dr Truth

    Dan Edwards is to art what Perez Hilton is to news.

  12. Ok, I’m as pro-breast feeding as they get but this is just terrible art. Her feet look huge. I breast fed all 3 of my kids and don’t remember ever doing it nude.

  13. A Mother Theresa we can fap too…Lilo needs her PR peeps….

  14. vangroover

    Is that a wick in her head?!

  15. fuck Jolie

    HAHA pwned baby addict. Bitch says she can’t even cook I don’t care if you have an army of staff no woman who claims she can’t cook should be having ANY children. Whores and turds EVERY able boddied person can cook and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. You may ot be a five star chef but if you can’t make a fucking meal you shoudn’t be alive yet alone the caregiver of little children. Wouldn’t a real mother want to make loving homemade meals for her kids? She’s not a mom she’s just a pshyco ho pays people to raise some kids she decided she wanted to own.

    Notice how h made her ace look old and beat rather than beautiful.

  16. pasteve

    Four pics and not one of its ass?

  17. Dumb Ass Okie

    We don’t cotton to nude women in these here parts. We’re mostly backward hicks that prefer a good ole Church social to sculptures of over-rated Hollywood baby mamas that steal other women’s husbands. If I knew any big words I would use them right now to explain myself more thoroughly, but we’re a simple people. However, you can always count on us to do one thing like clockwork, and that is to vote every idiotic Republican we can find into office. It’s what we do, well that and cow chip tossin’ and huntin’ and trappin’ and such. Occasionally we get down to the crick and warsh our overalls.

  18. Dread not

    @ 14. vangroover – August 5, 2009 12:30 PM
    Is that a wick in her head?!

    It does look like a candle. Gives a whole new meaning to, waxing that ass.

  19. j

    Now if it was sculpted out of human feces or canned spam then we would have a real winner.

  20. Charles Few

    The lifelessness of this sculpture makes it remarkably lifelike.

  21. KS Here

    I love this. Pure beauty. Did AJ have it commisioned or is this something I can buy?

  22. bete noir

    Tasteless and the sculpture is actually mediocre. The artist is a publicity whore.

  23. uh Uh UH! Yeah ... hand me a kleenex will you honey?

    #16 – the statue is lifelike. She doesn’t actually have an ass worth mentioning.

  24. IMAbfwhore

    she barely even breastfed her twins….why is she getting this done of her again?

  25. KS here

    I can’t decide if I like this or LOVE it!

  26. Melissa

    #15 is totally that psycho-bitch, Kate Gosslin

  27. Name No

    Angie looks stunning as always! But where is the Jen Aniston statue. Lets be fair!

  28. HA! I love how she’s holding them like footballs as they suck on her saggy tits.

    But why isn’t she wearing underwear? Does she have a third nipple on her cooch from which a hidden child suckles?

    Maybe thats just how Angie rolls.

  29. wtf

    I thought Angelina had bigger boobs than that.

  30. Truth Doctor

    Just think – if her suicide attempt back in the day hadn’t failed, we would never have seen this work of “art”.

    One epic fail leading to another. That’s life folks, drink it up.

  31. ha

    Don’t take digs at the midwest. People from metropolitan areas (like Minneapolis) don’t have the accent or anything. Farmers exist anywhere between big cities with conservative values and hickish accents.

  32. Name No

    I would like a sculpture of her french kissing her brother. That was hot!

  33. KS here

    We know our art around here! We have the cow sculptures here. You just STFU. By the way, Angie has never looked hotter. I wish her other chitlins were depicted as well, not just the twins.

  34. Love the Pitts

    She posed for this? I don;t thisnk so! You haters get a room with your hating self. You are just loving on the Jennifer AA so go to hell., Brad+Angie forevah

  35. Hate her

    He should have painted JA instead. She is prettier by far. Her hair and legs would be better subject matter.

  36. I don't think so

    Is this truthfully supposed to be a sculpture of Angelina Jolie? It looks nothing like her. I think it’s just a sculpture of some naked ho feeding her kids while taking a shit. The Angelina comment was thrown in to fake it funny.

  37. Bee

    Hey! I’m from Oklahoma and we’re not-….

    …Okay, yeah, we’re like that.

  38. natalie

    oklahoma is the southwest not midwest

  39. el supercabras

    Don’t worry, #34. The ‘haters’ are all the same person, just changing names. It’s Kate Gosselin, I tells ya.

  40. EuroNeckPain

    @36 “some naked ho feeding her kids while taking a shit”
    Haaaa ! Best comment in a long time !!!

  41. Fati

    That’s a really ugly sculpture.

  42. This is disturbing. Because her legs are not that thick or shapely.


  43. FU

    just wanted to add a comment about something else.

    Thanks for turning off comments for the Giuliani & Bill “story”
    I guess you can’t have the wave of normal comments about them being worthless and her taking it up the ass by a yak.

    oh yeah….Angelina, I’d hit it…with a safety line attached

  44. Kate Gosselin

    39. Dang, I told the artist not to feature my hair in his rendering of me, I thought that would throw everyone off!

  45. No way

    That doesn’t look like Angelina, that guy made that up just go get more publicity. At most it resembles a bit thinner version of Octo mom accept 6 of the babies are missing.

  46. truth

    That statue is disgusting! Moreover, the midwest does not like activists. For the most part, midwesterners are moderate to conservative. PS – I do not believe Okla is considered being in the midwest.

  47. truth

    That statue is disgusting! Moreover, the midwest does not like activists. For the most part, midwesterners are moderate to conservative. PS – I do not believe Okla is considered being in the midwest.

  48. I lived in Oklahoma City for 24 years of my life. It is considered the midwest….WHY…I don’t know. Anyway, just for those of you who think Oklahoma is nothing but hicks, rednecks and people with no teeth…way to be narrow-minded and stereotypical. Now excuse me while I go tend the farm and clean the outhouse.

  49. bert

    I knew everybody in OK had an outhouse. I just knew it!

  50. anon

    …that’s really fucking creepy.

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