Angelina Jolie on Dateline

May 1st, 2006 // 85 Comments

Here’s Angelina Jolie’s entire interview with Ann Curry on Dateline. It’s not especially interesting, but it gets a bit surreal towards the end because it’s just Angelina Jolie giggling for a solid 5 minutes. She blames the pregnancy, but I suspect somebody’s been paying a visit to ol’ Mary Jane.


  1. BigJim

    I better be fucking FIRST!

  2. Astriastar

    congrats BigJim!
    Yeah, I saw this on The Soup…she shows an eerie resemblance to The Joker.

  3. Damn…she is freaking gorgeous. Yes mam, I’ll do anything you tell me.

  4. ziggurat

    I would even get a tattoo and wear a vial of her blood

  5. WTF

    im sorry..i couldn’t stay awake long enough to get to the end of the clip…….damn you Peter Doherty and your mind altering drugs!

  6. I was done at Anne Curry’s intro. Angelina could be sipping orange juice in luxury, but instead she sacrifices all (including her unborn child’s welfare)to frolic with native children in Africa, disease capital of the world. And I’m sick of being told how we are not doing enough for Africa. Why is the world our responsibility when all we get for our help is hatred and terrorism?

  7. Pearly

    I wish I had that same giggle problem when I was pregnant. All I did was puke. As sick of Brad and Angelina as I am I guess it’s good that she is using her fame for something positive…

  8. Pearly

    He, on the other hand is a vacant eyed follower.

  9. LRonHubbaHubba

    What a fat ass.

  10. Fisher55

    if that kid comes out half black i’m gonna giggle alot

  11. Italian Stallion

    I tried to adopt a kid from Africa but kept getting rejected…….Maybe I should send them a picture without the hood on so they can see my face……….

  12. Jude806

    I hadn’t made any judgements about Angelina before, but she came across really well, and of course, her cause is to be admired.

    I hadn’t heard of Ann Currie before, coming from the UK and she is a fucking idiot. And reminds me of everything I hate about America. Your TV sucks.

    Ann made me feel sick.

  13. Jude806

    ‘That’s why we’re all so fascinated by you…..’

    Give me a break.

  14. Jacq

    All I could focus on in that interview was the ginormous vein on her forehead when she laughs. Someone slice that thing with a straight edge razor!

  15. Zanna

    @12-Fuck you Jude. A big old fist stuffed up your pasty white ass. Americans hate you too.

  16. NoraBalora

    haha Brad is so whipped

  17. Fisher55

    Not to go off topic, but wtf is with that photo of Jewel on the sidebar on this site? When did she get almost as hot as Anna Nicole Smith?

  18. k8tekila

    The part that Ann Currie mentions that she felt whatever way when she was pregnant made me feel sick and made me decide to never have sex ever again. Thanks Ann.

  19. Danielabella

    I am so sick of people calling her a homewrecker. Last time I checked, you can’t force someone to leave their wife. I think she is beautiful, intelligent, loving, admirable, etc etc. Do people still wonder why Brad fell for her? The proof is in the puddin.

  20. PocketRocket


    Fornicate yourself with an iron bar, Jude. I hope you choke on a scone.

  21. xd

    She is sooo fucking gorgeous!!!!!!
    and she somehow reminds me a little of porn star Belladonna…

  22. bizzylizzy

    I’m sorry, but when she starts talking about giggling…does she fart??? I think soooo.
    I still think she’s beautiful, but that made me giggle!

  23. BigJim


    As long as her mouth stays closed, she’s hot. Meaning no showing off the snaggle-teeth, and no singing either.

  24. BigJim

    My mom says there’s a lot of Chinese people in Africa.

  25. parisdepaul

    god, Ann Curry is horrible interviewer, she would me much better as a news reporter where you would read a script.

    I like Angie more now, she seems to be self aware. She understands how much interest people have in her and Brad now, so she used that attention for better things rather than whoring around her relationship like many people do. I still find it weird that her and Brad are together, but it seems to work.

  26. whitney's sex toys

    she’s a paedo

  27. Fisher55

    yeah, xd, they’re like identical twins.

    but seriously, she comes across as much more youthful in this clip…in photos she looks way older than 30, like catherine zetajones

  28. WTF

    Brad: Angie…remember what you promised after the baby is born!!

    Angelina: Yes. Yes. I will get my penis re-attached and fuck you in the ass….and NO….Tom can’t stay over again!

  29. Iambananas

    NO AMNESTY — EMPLOY AMERICANS!! The only difference today made for me was no traffic on the freeways, and more parking at school. Let it be forever! Don’t like our laws? Go back to Mexico!

  30. Iambananas

    She is a homewrecker! She came on to a married man… that’s jkust low… she knew he was married… homewrecker.

  31. outfoxed

    She is so amazingly beautiful, crazy headrag and all. I just wish there was some sort of social surgery that would remove that horrible blonde wart from her side.

  32. St.Minutia

    I am so conflicted about this story.

    I can’t decide if I don’t care, or if I just don’t give a fuck.

  33. mamacita


    Who’s to say Brad didn’t come on to her? You don’t know what went on in these people’s lives so just comment on the SUPERFICIAL shit, like Angelina’s bony arms, Brad’s recent bad hair, and Jennifer Aniston’s huge chin. Also, shut the fuck up about this amnesty shit. If we wanted to talk about that, we’d be on a news site.

  34. pinky_nip

    Hey Lambananas: Go on and talk about your freakin’ problems with the immigrants… not on the SF.

  35. Italian Stallion

    #25 it’s Canadians, get it right

  36. cinnarose

    If I could only see her naked (or scantily clad) while pregnant. Can a person die of too many orgasms? God I love her.

    As far as her galavanting and trying to help the poor, brown peoples of the world, that’s nice, but I can’t say I care that much.

  37. Fisher55

    mia farrow’s adopted children have handicaps and Angelina’s are totally healthy…god she is so selfish

  38. xd

    her lips look yummy too;)

  39. Wild Rose

    Wow, gotta admit I was a little weepy there. She seems very down-to-earth and not at all flakey. It’s cool how she wants to help the children of Africa but I suspect she may not stay there as she gets closer to her due date. She said she wasn’t even eight months yet. I just think it’s odd she wouldn’t want to be back in the U.S. when she delivers. She must not be that close to her family or Brad’s, ’cause it’s highly unlikely any of them are gonna fly to Africa to see the baby!

  40. If you love Ang

  41. Fisher55

    why the fuck is she an icon for lesbians? just because they all want to mow her down?

  42. Charlaurz McHall

    Christ on a bike, that was fucking boring. couldnt you have shown us a video of her having hot lesbian sex or something? enough with this “im saving Africa” bullshit!

  43. Italian Stallion

    Hey Jude, don’t be so sad, take a shotgun, and make it better………for us Americans anyway…….

  44. Land-Man

    #37, it happened to every girl I’ve ever been with.

  45. St.Minutia

    Digypoke, ici sur la Superficial nous ne parlons pas fran

  46. Grphdesi23

    Ann Curry. Curry. Hee Hee Hee Hee.

  47. I’m not buying it. i don’t think Angelina is saving the world. I think she’s full of herself. Deep down, their is an EGO at work here.

  48. Zanna

    I’m not buying it. I think MeganHarris is ful of herself. Deep down THERE is an EGO at work here.

  49. crazylittledancer

    WTF? “Digypoke, ici sur la Superficial nous ne parlons pas fran

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