Angelina Jolie officially adopts Pax Thien Jolie

March 15th, 2007 // 209 Comments

Angelina Jolie has officially adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy and decided to change his name from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie (Pax means peace in Latin and Thien means sky in Vietnamese). She went to the orphanage this morning with 5-year-old Maddox, though Brad Pitt was unable to go because he had to work in LA.

It’s pretty messed up that she changed a 3-year-old’s name. I could understand it if it was three weeks or three months, but by three years the kid is already answering to his name and probably learning how to write it. Every time they call him he’ll probably look around confused, and in three years he’ll climb to the top of a mountain and shake his fist at God while yelling, “Who am I?!”


  1. woodhorse

    Lowlands, tho I like to read your posts, the last one made no sense at all. Libraesque, I am in your debt for shutting down the conceited retardedness that was monkeygrl. (“I am white-washed, you are racist”). There are plenty of self help groups on the net, monkeygrl needs to find one before she comes back. Hey! we’re all Artie Bohunks – just don’t be a bucket of poison when you show up.

  2. iamsosmrt

    #195, Thanks and well said.
    It’s true the internet is a vile cesspool filled with lies; ‘free this and inhance that and I am this and you are that’ blah blah…
    Anyhoo, luckily for me I am what I say I am, except for the heart thing, that’s something ya have to work at every day and insulting douches who bother me during my angry rant time sorta goes against everything my old softy ticker stands for.

    But, when someone insults my fake internet name, which took all of 4 seconds to retrieve form my giant ‘funny things tv said to me’ file then, it’s personal.

    I don’t know how many other people will bug me about my name, you got it, but from perusing the posts I get the feeling we are not dealing with many Mensa candidates here.

    I will try to take your good advice with all future pestering.

  3. iamsosmrt

    Woodhorse, may I call you that, I seem to have jump straight from the formal numerical greeting to referring to you by your name, ooops…how rude of me. You can call me by my fake name anytime(that sounds funny), which will look like a compliment to yourself

  4. iamsosmrt

    #200, #197
    Lowlands, you are pure awsomeness. I love your celbrity bank account idea. But the best part was when you responded to yourself, that takes some real panache. I like your style.

    Or wait a second were you playing drunken posting?

    Anyway, Paris Hilton said she will like totally deposit her money into your bank account as long as the bank account is

  5. darkangel

    I will raise you your $20. and a snickers,
    to $20 a snickers and a mars bar, that there next adoption will be a girl from Africa!!!
    Cha Ching!!!!
    They will even out the odds, then down the track even have another of there own,,, honestly,, who wouldnt want to make babies the old fashion way with Brad!!!!!

  6. lamelamelame

    oh my god, monkeyGRL Is so embarassing…just because it doesn’t show up on an online dictionary doesn’t mean “sky” isn’t one of the definitions of thien. it BLATANTLY IS. do you know how freaking common of a vietnamese name that is?? You know little about the vietnamese language obviously if you don’t know something as basic as thien. ask any vietnamese elder/adult you know and they’ll tell you sky is one of the definitions of thien. my goodness all of the non vietnamese you’ve just confused on this site with all its traffic…*sighs*

  7. supposably

    Pham Quang Sang …

    It’s quite obvious why they changed his name. Pham Quang Sang doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Pax Thien…
    They are celebs, their children need to have trendy names. They should have had enough bloody respect for this boys origins and not changed it to something less ethnic and more pretentious-weird-wannabe-unique-celebrity-child-name.

  8. tomy

    do nhui chien lam loi noi it thui dau ai kui may cam dau !

  9. IAmSingingAtTheeParty

    Next one is from the Philipines b/c the Burmese refused them. Why are they doing this? Who is that man holding Pax? Is that his Dad? Did Pax have to be torn away from his Dad b/c Jolie purchased him? What’s the big deal about his name? Who cares about his name? His name doesn’t matter, what will matter is how he feels about this pale bony lunatic extremist when he grows up.

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