Angelina Jolie officially adopts Pax Thien Jolie

March 15th, 2007 // 209 Comments

Angelina Jolie has officially adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy and decided to change his name from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie (Pax means peace in Latin and Thien means sky in Vietnamese). She went to the orphanage this morning with 5-year-old Maddox, though Brad Pitt was unable to go because he had to work in LA.

It’s pretty messed up that she changed a 3-year-old’s name. I could understand it if it was three weeks or three months, but by three years the kid is already answering to his name and probably learning how to write it. Every time they call him he’ll probably look around confused, and in three years he’ll climb to the top of a mountain and shake his fist at God while yelling, “Who am I?!”


  1. fergernauster

    @100 – Wouldn’t you also have a bloody stump afterwards?

  2. Pikachelsea

    GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! Oh Angelina, you’ll never be a master Pokemon trainer until you catch ‘em ALL!

  3. ph7

    She never adopts an ugly baby. They don’t look as good on the mantle.

  4. Adriana Christensen

    Asians change their name ALL THE TIME.

    There are girls in my class with an American name. For example, a girl named Jennifer Chong will have the real name LingLing Tei Xi Chong or something.

    “But everyone calls me Jennifer,” she’ll say, as she pushes her bleached hair out of her face.

  5. partoftheproblem

    Umm…”Pax” is Latin and is pronounced “Pocks.” So if the kid ever takes Brad’s name, he will be Pax Pitt, pronounced “Pox pit.” As in acne-scar. Angie is a dipshit.

  6. DrPhowstus

    @103 — I agree. She wants to be able to stuff ‘em when she’s done with ‘em, and her taxidermist won’t gut ugly kids.

    @105 — HA!

  7. Libraesque

    #100 WHO are you and why are commenting on a post that didn’t involve yuo, 25 comments later LOSER
    And to the douche at 105, why would this kids name be Pitt and not Loie-Pitt like the rest, dipshit

  8. jrzmommy

    107–Simple, Yetti–their name wouldn’t be Loie-Pitt because that’s not their parents’ name…you great big hairy monster. It’s JOLIE-PITT….God!

  9. jrzmommy

    58. Posted by imran karim on March 15, 2007 10:59 AM

    the kid looks just like mad

    …as if you’re like this *crosses fingers* with the family. Just like Mad……

  10. monkeyGRL

    #104 Well asian people do have american names. That they might have chosen THEMSELVES or were given to them at birth. But other people can’t just change your name for you. That’s just retarded.

    BUT you had be about “jennifer” pushing her bleached hair out of her face. That’s hilarious. And I know people like that too. So many asian Jennys LOL awesome

  11. msem

    Thien isn’t ‘sky’, it’s ‘angel’ (which can also be translated as ‘fairy’ or ‘spirit’). The poor boy got named Peaceful Angel.

  12. vixamy

    @ 102:

    i try to rise above the bad stuff…but you’ve brought me low!!! loved it.

    and, i guess they can build their family anyway they want, but… man. how many nannies or mannies are raising these kids?

    why can’t they just enjoy what they have for now, support the orphanages the others were from monetarily and then a few years from now get a new kid if that’s what they want.

    argh. it makes me mad that when people have enough money, no one stands up and tells them ‘no’.

  13. Libraesque

    OH MY GOD, call out the national guard, I hit the L instead of the J

    can you fuck off and die now jizz?

  14. vixamy

    and isn’t that guy a bit old to be getting adopted?

    what, does little Pax have some glandular problem we are unaware of?

  15. Libraesque

    #110, I thought you were going to translate his former name for us.

  16. Libraesque

    here’s what I found
    his name meant course hanger to cross


  17. gatorgirl

    #104, you are so right! Everytime I go to get my nails done, the license says Ching Chang Vin Nguyen but she always introduces herself as Hi My Name Tiffani…What color you like?

  18. Hecubus

    “Ah this new kid is so great, Pax, what a cool name, oh no actually I think I’d rather call him ‘Zippo’, hey kid your name’s zippo now and come to think of it I think I’d rather you were a girl. Brad, get me a pair of scissors I’m going to turn Zippo into a girl”

  19. lissyia

    #8 – LMFAO

  20. BarbadoSlim

    Of course if Angie tries to take it back for whatever reason she’ll be rebuffed by a firm: NO SUTITUTIONS!! so solly!

  21. monkeyGRL

    no fairy or angel is spelled TIEN no THIEN. he got named “superficial” that sucks for him.

  22. TJH

    I GOTTA SAY THIS: Jolie is doin’ this shit for attention now, just like Madonna. Shame.

    I don’t know, but for the past couple of years Jolie has been getting pretty interesting looking…losing weight, skeletal face, bony arms and legs…I tell ya, for Pitt to dump Anniston, Jolie must suck a mean boner–she must be able to deep throat him or something. Maybe she let him do stuff that Anniston didn’t–take it up the poop shoot, maybe? Eat Brad’s tossed salad?

    Any guesses, folks??

  23. Saera

    i LOVEDDDDDDD that last paragraph. i would have never thought about it and it’s so true. why can’t i be funny like you guys?

  24. brujeriadiosa

    no, the proper way to phase that is to “eat Brad’s salad”

  25. BarbadoSlim

    @122…Aniston is probably the very definition of NEEDY, WHINY, psycho frigid girlfriend from hell.

    I don’t see men running over each other to screw her, that should tell you something.

  26. Naruelle

    I hate it when people adopt children and rename them. They aren’t dogs, they have names they grew attached to. I mean if you are going to rename some foreign name wouldn’t you name him John or something? What’s the point?

    Once again, his name can’t be that difficult to pronounce, she should’ve left it alone. she seems to think her children are her pets

  27. Margaret

    Angie needs to travel with a stylist (like Brad), ’cause in this picture she looks like a piece of sh**. No wonder the little fella cried.

  28. mybella

    She shoulda named him Notblob Lyksista.

  29. Lowlands

    #128)That’s a good one!She could name him as well John Doe,sound also kinda Vietnamese i guess.

  30. woodhorse

    much as it pains me to agree with Libraesque, #52 you are ignorant and your use of language is even stupid. Vietnamese think it’s lucky to give ryhming names or some such dumb ass reason. It took me 6 months of my friends’ pregnancy to convince her not to give her baby a rhyming name (yes, Vietnamese, no to salon) which started with Ahn (and it was a boy). That name change is a blessing and his life is going to be a lot better than the one he was having. Since his parents gave him up, I don’t think they are agonizing over the name change. Maybe the parents could spend their time more constructively like – oh, let’s say – figuring out ways not to have children you can’t take care of or don’t want???

  31. woodhorse

    oh – more importantly – is that you up there Wally darling?? driving east of Abilene was a bit less tedious as there aren’t so many little towns to drive through – well, that and the speed limit is 95. Another day of driving brought us to 96 degrees in Yuma and swimming, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and running commentary from my 10 year old. way much fun. wish you’d been there too.

  32. woodhorse

    #78 (love your comments btw) tis true that the blue eyed blondes are not as attractive so I didn’t have any. Being a “universal donor” – I got to give birth to an adorable dark eyed baby. Yep, left my blonde “roots” behind, no loss, better DNA.

  33. Avarice

    I love how she gives her kids pseudo-intellectual names that don’t even sound remotely pleasing to the ear.. all of the names are so awkward, I mean say “Pax Thien Jolie” out loud, seriously. It just doesn’t.. roll off the tongue, or something.. it’s just not quite right, it’s almost resistant to being put together as a name, like an odd tongue twister.

    Plus the fact that if you’re going to be pseudo-intellectual, at least take the five seconds to find out that (as other posters have already mentioned) “pax” is actually pronounced “pox”.

    According to the Oxford-American Dictionary: pox, n. any of several viral diseases producing a rash of pimples that become pus-filled and leave pockmarks upon healing.

    That’s verbatim. I kid you not. Congratulations, Angelina, on scarring yet another child for life. Sort of like said child’s namesake. Oh, now I understand.. you clever girl, you!

  34. woodhorse

    #39 – so special when someone claims to be an expert on a race just because they are one single entity within that race. Please be so kind to inform the entire Vietnamese population that you are their spokesperson.

  35. Miss T

    1.) Asians change their name because people here can’t pronounce their name correctly. They’d rather have another name than hear their real name butchered.

    2.) I don’t remember knowing my name when I was 3. Name change doesn’t really matter that much. Umm, a lot of people change their names when they’re adults even.

  36. TJH

    Oh, I didn’t want to diss Jolie’s juicy funbags–I know that Brad has GOTTA play motorboat with those awesome titties whenever he can. Although, Anniston had those luscious, natural, soft, tan-lookingAnd, it’s a good thing she saved him her just-like-a-nineteen-year-old-vajayjay by getting cut for the biological kid. Gotta love them c-sections! For you girls who pass the football through the goal naturally, just realize that afterwards your man feels like he’s going bareback with a dishrag afterwards…eew.

    Jeez, I guess I sound like a pig, don’t I? Hee!

  37. Dory

    So how much was this kid worth…???

    And I’m guessing the name wasn’t Hollywood enough, or maybe it just wasn’t third world enough. Poor kid.

  38. Libraesque

    133, you fucking idiot. just because YOU would name a kid without knowing how the name is pronounced doesn’t mean anyone else does. I guess he’ll join the Beverly Hills High Ass Kicking Club with these others

    Anastasia Beaverhausen
    Poppy Honey (
    Peaches (
    Daisy Boo
    Pilot Inspekter
    Moon Unit
    Moxie Crimefighter
    Kafka Rumer
    Tiger Lily Heavenly Hiraani
    Betty Kitten
    Phoenix Chi

  39. VeronicaRedux

    Will the following two people please stop posting: Libraesque and HollyJ. Thank you.

  40. S.P.F.R.S.

    Lame talentless Jolie, she adopts kids to stay in the news. Otherwise, she’d disappear.

  41. blogista

    Wow, Brad Pitt looks TERRIBLE now.

  42. My stepmom was a Vietnamese orphan. A lot of times, the names these children are given equate to something like “Orphan #4543, With Freckle On Chin”. In a lot of cases, these folks are more than happy to get rid of their generic “Orphan” name and get a name that holds more meaning for them. Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade, but in this case, it may be a good thing for him to get a name chosen for him by someone who gives a damn.

  43. TrimSpaBaby

    #133 Talk about fucking idiots – looked in the mirror lately? You must really fuckin’ LOVE kissing Angie’s ass to put THIS list together. Half of the people on this list are adults now and LIKE the fact that their parents were hippies and gave them names that are odd and unusual.

    (And WTF, Anastasia Beaverhausen was Karen’s alias on WIll & Grace – guess you can’t tell reality from fantasy anymore. AND it’s Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily – mom was a drug addict, what’s AJ’s excuse?)

    The point here is NOT who can make up the dumbest name, it’s about RE-naming a child who already HAS a name. It stinks – it’s gonna be traumatic enough to be ripped out of his country and thrust into the middle of a “family” where no one speaks his language or (except for Maddox) looks like him, never mind his name being erased.

  44. zena marie

    Yeah, well… Joan Crawford adopted, too.

    Nice Vanity name Angie, but vanity names belong on car license plates — not kids. Poor little boy.

  45. cayana

    I’d change my name if she’d adopt me too. That kid’s just been adopted into the lap of luxury, a little name change does not make me feel sorry for him.

  46. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t care what westernized name they are given, to me, they will always be named: VC

  47. afterdarkdiva21

    seriously…who cares if she changes his name? She is saving this kid from probably a really shitty life…this kid is gonna be one of the luckiest kids in the world. Hell, if I was a little kid going to live w/ Angelina Jolie or any celeb for that matter, change my f’ing name to anything you want

  48. TrimSpaBaby

    #147 What the hell kind of name is “Anything You Want”?

  49. lattygirl

    What a selfish bitch.
    I guess his real Vietnamese name wasn’t ‘stylish’ enough for the Goddess of Hollywood.

    So…how long before she’s sick of this one?
    I give it six months. Pretty soon she’ll have a kid for every outfit. :/

  50. lattygirl

    btw, that is pretty screwed up. she bemoaned the tragedies that her first two adopted kids went through, but the orphan children in new orleans? yeah, their lives are just peachy keen.

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