Angelina Jolie officially adopts Pax Thien Jolie

March 15th, 2007 // 209 Comments

Angelina Jolie has officially adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy and decided to change his name from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie (Pax means peace in Latin and Thien means sky in Vietnamese). She went to the orphanage this morning with 5-year-old Maddox, though Brad Pitt was unable to go because he had to work in LA.

It’s pretty messed up that she changed a 3-year-old’s name. I could understand it if it was three weeks or three months, but by three years the kid is already answering to his name and probably learning how to write it. Every time they call him he’ll probably look around confused, and in three years he’ll climb to the top of a mountain and shake his fist at God while yelling, “Who am I?!”


  1. BarbadoSlim

    @35…just take a minute to pull your head out of your narrow rectum and think about this. Just how long do you think it would take for the press to track down every last dirtbag long lost relative that any kid they adopt here might have, ha? That’s without counting assorted con-people and impostors.
    Whattaya think is gonna happen next? That’s right, every rat lawyer and his associate is gonna go after her money. WHO THE FUCK WANTS THAT KIND OF HASSLE?

  2. monkeyGRL

    #49. Wow, you’re pretty ignorant. Do you see people changing American children’s names? Yeah no. probably not huh? Even if they were in an orphanage you still don’t just change their names. And you don’t know if the orphanage gave him his name. His biological parents might have given it to him. Which is more rightful that he should be able to keep it.

  3. PunjabPete

    40,42,44 – LMAO… You fuckers are killing me today….

    I have a fiver that says she gets a little Indonesian girl in her next collecting spree…

  4. jrzmommy

    If they discover he’s autistic they can change his name to Sum Ting Wong ( I know, it’s Chinese, but really, they’re the same.)

  5. velveethra

    Still waiting for her to acquire a deformed and retarded Romanian orphan. Or a thalidomide baby from Ohio. Nope, only pretty designer readymade children for Ms. Jolie.

  6. whitegold

    Well geez, they might as well already start engraving the Mother of the Year award for Angie!!! She has such a close bond with that child of hers, Maddox, and I’m sure she’ll be just as good a mother with her second child her. Huh, what do you mean she has 2 other children already?!

  7. Libraesque

    #52, Wow you’re enormously ignorant. Did you know in China they often name the kids after the street where they’re found???

    HEY can that Vit. girl who posted earlier translate the kids former name??? My money is on:
    Pham -BEST
    Sang- EVER

  8. imran karim

    the kid looks just like mad

  9. jrzmommy

    They need a Mexican one next… for household chores.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    I’m amazed how lax security has become here on the Superfish I’ve heard we are even getting some VC activity near this very perimeter.

  11. DrPhowstus

    @52 — His biological mother married some South Korean dude who promised her eternal love, but has her blowing his boss instead. I would have changed his name to MOM AH HO.

  12. jrzmommy

    Will they wake him up everday from his nap by blasting Ride of the Valkyries?

  13. DrPhowstus

    I hear he cries everytime he hears “Goodnight, Saigon”. They got him out of the orphanage rooftop by chopper. Under heavy fire.

  14. whitegold

    Does anyone really think some 3 year old cares all that much what his name is? Seriously? You don’t remember anything from when you were 3 or under, so he’s barely going to ever remember his name being something else. And when he’s a teenager floating around in the huge pool in the backyard of his mansion, I’m sure he’s gonna be like “I can’t believe that bitch mom of mine made me change my name! I’d give up this whole life of luxury for the opportunity to grow up in that orphanage and keep my original name!!!” Yeah, I’m thinking he’ll learn to embrace the new name.

    On another note, post #57 confuses me? Isn’t the person you’re talking to in #52 the same person as the Viet Girl you asked later in your post to translate? And so what if Chinese people name there kids after streets, what does that have to do with the naming policy for Viet people? Oh, right, is this supposed to be one of those comments where all asian people are the same? My bad. And you call others ignorant ;o)

    And #54, sigh, now you’re just stealing your material from widely distributed emails (and it doesn’t even really work in this situation). I’ve come to expect a higher level of originality from you. Shame on you!

  15. jrzmommy

    64–c’mon–it’s an oldie but a goodie. Like, Cream of Sum Yung Guy or You want Beef with Brokree?

  16. jrzmommy

    or Yu Pik Dum Song — if the kid has horrible taste in music.

  17. Why are Brad & Angelina adopting foreign babies when there are children desperately in need of good parents back home in Britney Spears’ house?

  18. Who’s the dink holding the kid – his real father?

  19. hilaroushillary

    Maddox surely looks pissed.

  20. KatieKates

    Why is it that this kid’s last name isn’t Jolie-Pitt like his brother and sisters? Has Pitt been given the boot just like Billy Bob was after Angelina brought home Maddox? Hmmm.

    And yeah, Mohawk-Boy looks super pissed.

  21. fergernauster

    Alas… you guys like to mock Asians because in your hearts you realize Asians are the superior race.

  22. DrPhowstus

    BREAKING NEWS: Madonna has just purchased round trip tickets to Ho Chi Minh City citing ‘pure coincidence’ when questioned on the timing.

  23. DrPhowstus

    @71 — I agree. I also agree that it’s good she didn’t adopt a little Vietnamese girl, or else she’d have to put the diapers on sideways.

  24. Libraesque

    UH, whitegold, why must EVERYTHING be explained to you 600 times???

    “People” don’t name their kids after streets in China you FEEB
    ORPHANAGES name the abandoned kids they find after the streets where they’re dumped….get it.
    Like if your momma had left you in in a dumpster (instead of trying to drown you) on Dipshit Lane, you’d be named Dipsh…..wait a second

  25. Clete

    Time to run to the tattoo parlor to put the longitude and latitude of Pax on her body. (not much space left on her freakishly gaunt body) She an International roaming orphanage more than a mom. She does get a most improved award by Hollywood standards. The children will definitely live better lives, better than most of us.
    How loving is it that Brad-dad is too busy to join the new family? Eventually she will be without a partner and her team of nannies can raise her flock.

  26. brujeriadiosa

    ya know how they name those kids over there?

    they put some rocks in a coffee can & roll it down the hill.

    LOL hey great everybody! Keep the Gook jokes coming! It’s like fucking 1972 over here!

    hee hee

  27. fergernauster

    Christ. All I ever think when I see pics of Jolie is that if I possessed her beauty, I’d be routinely decorating myself in something other than washed-out greys & blacks. What a waste of hard-core beauty. When she’s 50, I bet she’ll bemoan her youth and wish she’d taken better advantage.

    And by taking better advantage, I mean by snagging all the strapping, handsome, innocent lads I could lure and taking advantage of them repeatedly…

  28. brujeriadiosa

    Oh and I hope the next kid they adopt is an Appalachian American White Child.

    Maybe they’ll drive through Kentucky or West Virginia and see for themselves. I know it isn’t very trendy to pack around blue-eyed ugly bald white babies but fucking charity should start here at home.

  29. sea

    I’m shocked she went to Vietnam for a baby. I thought the point of moving to New Orleans was so she could eventually adopt every single homeless orphan left by Hurricane Katrina. Guess not.

    Next up, a Darfur girl amputee.

  30. whitegold

    #74 – aww, you’re a little dumb, but at least it tends to be amusing. So where to begin…(a) this might come as a surprise to you, but an ORPHANAGE can not actually name anyone? It is not the orphanage in China that names the kids, it is actual people. So whether it’s people naming the kids that are brought to the orphanage or parents naming kids, it’s still the actual people (of course, for this to even be relevant we have to assume your statement about orphans being named in this matter is even remotely correct). But regardless, if you want to be picky, you can substitute the word “people” with “orphanages” in my early post, and you’ll not that you’re comment didn’t really addressing anything I said in my post. Kind useless, aren’t you?

    As for this comment about everything needing to be explained to me 600 times, huh? Do I know you? On what basis are you claiming EVERYTHING needs to be explained to me 600? For that matter, I can’t think of ANYTHING that needs to be explained to me 600 times? But apparently you know better. Is it cuz you’re brilliant? (Now there’s a notion that might need to be explained to me 600 times, cuz that’s a statement I’d never understand).

    And the momma joke…oh wow…you’ve given me new appreciation for the earlier Sum Ting Wong joke…that joke suddenly seems funny by comparison.

  31. fergernauster

    @ 78 – They won’t adopt an American child because American children are too ugly & dumb.

    This has been my experience, at least.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    All this gook talk takes me back to when we was in ‘Nam. Granted I was only 1 year old at the time but still, feels like ‘Nam.

  33. Lowlands

    Just back-up the photo on the right because this is going to repeat several times more.

  34. whitegold

    Wow my post at #80 was long. I apologize, I always find the super long posts to be pretty annoying, especially when they aren’t even really on topic. And those last few lines in that first paragraph, damn, little Pax Thien could probably string together better english than that! Must proof read in the future (but that would require effort…).


    Cute kid. Best wishes to the Jolie-Pitts

  36. fergernauster

    Perhaps “Pax” is really short for “Paxil”.

  37. no I'm not like that

    Poor kids. Money isn’t everything. Kids needs stability & structure, which I bet they get very little of traveling around the world, always adding new orphans to the pack, and no permanant father figure (Billy Bob adopted Maddox with Angelina, but you don’t ever see him visit the kid).

    My guess is that Brad will eventually take the white kid (that Angelina doesn’t care for because she doesn’t get the feeling of selft-importance she gets from saving the other kids), and go the way of Billy Bob.

  38. fergernauster

    Theorize all you want about the stability of their relationship and future of the Jolie-Pitt travelling circus.

    Fact is, probably none of you has even sponsored a third-world child or broken out of your myopic Burger King worlds.

  39. Shanipie

    Personally I don’t see how Pax is a better name than Pham. What a selfish Whore. Somene should change her name and see how she likes it…Skelator sounds pretty cool.

  40. Margaret

    Pitt has such a crappy job that he can’t take off work a few days to pick up his kid? I don’t like Brad, never did, but I actually feel sorry for him. She has made him such a non-man that he is pitiful. What a wuss he’s become.

  41. Shanipie

    She and Brad are also trying to get pregnant again and have another biological child…poor thing, its gonna be so unloved. After Angie saying Shiloh was a priviledged little blob I wonder why she’d wanna have another one.

    She hardly ever takes the white one out in public either. But she’ll drag these little photo opts up and down the streets looking all tired and ragged.

    LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I’m adopting another little brown kid…I’m so great I’m such a humanitarian.

    Why can’t she visit one of those 3rd world countries during a flesh eating bacteria epidemic.

  42. fergernauster

    “…Why can’t she visit one of those 3rd world countries during a flesh eating bacteria epidemic.”

    Gee, #91. I don’t know, but why don’t you?

  43. Margaret

    Angie can’t adoptin the US legally because they do an extensive back ground check. That’s why she flits all over. I do realize that this little boy’s life has changed forever and for the good and I do wish him a most happy life and I welcome him to our American family. God bless him.

  44. Shanipie

    Dear fergernauster

    I am not sure whether your a man or woman based on your #77 comment. Your either a lesbo with extremely bad taste in women or your a faggot who is trying to convince people you like women. Angelina is butt ass ugly and your a retard.


  45. Margaret

    Is it me – or does she look rough with that huge tattoo on her arm. I admit I’m old, and many of you young ladies probably like it – but I think it makes her look like a Merchant Marine.

  46. Clete

    The 21st century Mia Farrow needs to take it up a notch and adopt a child who is handicapped. Seriously. I wish other people who are grossly overpaid would follow her lead. I do applaud her saving children around the world and bringing awareness to the rest of the world. All the best to the Jolie clan. (the “-Pitt” is about at its expiration). Had to work…phooey!

  47. D'arcy

    Angelina’s kids are going to take over the world one day. You just wait. We’ll be on our knees, begging for mercy.

  48. hilaroushillary

    what makes everyone so sure that being adopted by a rich bitch will automatically provide for a happy life? Er .. wasn’t Nicole Richie kind of adopted, was she? IS NICOLE RICHIE’S LIFE WHAT YOU ALL CALL HAPPY?? Or what was with Joan Crawford and the wire hanger incident ?? get a grip. it’s not like people are dying in the streets from hunger in any other country in the world ‘xcept Us of A, my ass.

  49. fergernauster

    “Angelina is butt ass ugly and your (sic) a retard.”

    Thanks for biting, Shinipie.

    But, really… why don’t you visit a third-world country suffering a bacterial epidemic?

    If you can sling it, sister, you oughtta be able to take it and not simply flap your labial folds in the wind.

  50. DrPhowstus

    @80 — From what I’ve seen, argueing with Libraesque is like jerking off with sandpaper and without the ability to cum. Sure it feels great at first, but sooner or later you get no satisfaction and just give up.

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