Angelina Jolie officially adopts Pax Thien Jolie

March 15th, 2007 // 209 Comments

Angelina Jolie has officially adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy and decided to change his name from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie (Pax means peace in Latin and Thien means sky in Vietnamese). She went to the orphanage this morning with 5-year-old Maddox, though Brad Pitt was unable to go because he had to work in LA.

It’s pretty messed up that she changed a 3-year-old’s name. I could understand it if it was three weeks or three months, but by three years the kid is already answering to his name and probably learning how to write it. Every time they call him he’ll probably look around confused, and in three years he’ll climb to the top of a mountain and shake his fist at God while yelling, “Who am I?!”


  1. TrippyGoogler


  2. ja5on


  3. She’ll be inviting her brother over to make out with the kids in no time.

  4. Jedi Kevin

    Must she give all her kids bad haircuts?

  5. TrippyGoogler

    Maddox and Pax. She seems to have a thing for names that end in x. And for little Southeast Asian boys.

  6. “Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien Jolie (Pax means peace in Latin and Thien means sky in Vietnamese).”

    Nothing goes with Jolie better then Pax Thien. Do these people even say the name out loud before naming these kids?

  7. Sho'Nuff

    She should adopt a few more Vietnamese kids and open up her own nail salon in Hollywood.

  8. NotTheMomma

    her mean looking adoptee is going to kick the new one’s ass.

  9. guymorgan

    When her and Brad’s acting career is over and they are no longer pulling in the money, they are going to look around at all these orphan kids they have got and say ‘fuck’.

  10. NotTheMomma

    guymorgan, just think. if jennifer had been better in bed, brad wouldn’t be putting up with this crap.
    i can’t imagine angelina being worth anything outside the bedroom. it’s like she’s collecting these kids as a hobby or something.
    you’re right. when the new wears off, they’re gonna be like “fuck. what were we thinking”.
    of course, i don’t see brad with her too much longer. he doesn’t want a bunch of kids.

  11. irshliquor

    what an arrogant bitch.

  12. TashaVin`

    # 9
    I think IF their careers are ever over…IF… they will have enough to survive. I mean Seriously, if not from their acting, then from everything else they do…

  13. veggi

    who cares. they can adopt me, change my name. hell, they could lock me in a closet and feed me metal…. as long as I get to sleep with daddy.

  14. Tracy

    We need to start placing bets on what they’ll adopt next. My money’s on a Chinese girl.

  15. jrzmommy

    His nickname will be “Tam”

  16. NotTheMomma

    hahahaha, that was good. :)

  17. Sho'Nuff

    #8 – I agree and want to put my hat in the ring to sponsor the first annual Jolie-Pitt Adoptee Celebrity Kickboxing Deathmatch.

  18. jrzmommy

    Pax, pronounced like Pox……nice. Asshole.

  19. jrzmommy

    PS: I hope he grows up to be the biggest hell raiser since Gary Busey with that fucking name.

  20. BarbadoSlim

    Once again Lara makes Aniston like a whiny ugly ass dooode.
    But, I digress, Angie is really building up a Brigagede of little VCs isn’t she?

  21. BarbadoSlim

    *brigade…. oy

  22. jrzmommy

    At least she didn’t name him Alex Cax

  23. veggi

    maybe the next one will be from the great country of florida.

  24. pana1718

    #14 my money is on a hispanic kid.

  25. What was wrong with his old name? Not spiritual enough? Not like Angelina, which means Narcissistic Angel that falls from the sky….

  26. NotTheMomma

    my money’s on an ethiopian. wait…that cause isn’t in vogue today…umm…darfur, does she still remember where darfur is? she’ll get one from there…no…i say…south america. somewhere there. yeah. 5 bux.

  27. schack

    i’ve been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding- the cretins cloning and feeding- and i don’t even own a tv.

  28. Troller

    This kid must be terrified. I doubt she speaks Vietnamese, at 3 years old, I doubt he speaks English. So she changes his name, whisks him out of an orphanage, brings him to the US… that kid’ll need a shit-load of therapy.

  29. ch474

    But she’s already got a yellow baby … and a black one and a white one. She really needs a red baby. What does she need another yellow baby for? Incase of a horrible pool accident and one of the yellow babies becomes a blue baby?

  30. Nikk The Templar

    $20 and a Snickers bar says she adopts a Ukranian girl…

    Call it a hunch.

  31. schack

    don we now our gay apparel, troll-la-la-la-la, la-la, la. la

  32. Pham or Pax has his fathers ears.

  33. andyse7en

    I was adopted when i was 2, and my parents changed my name- it’s pretty normal and common… whats in a name? ;)

  34. PunjabPete

    #7 LOL – I think she is putting together a whole team of specialists… laundry, nail salon…. The sky is the limit…

  35. hdroadkng

    There’s millions of American orphans and foster children waiting for parents and she’s running off to other countries to adopt? I guess American children aren’t good enough and doesn’t generate the publicity that a foreign child does.

  36. andyse7en

    “There’s millions of American orphans and foster children waiting for parents and she’s running off to other countries to adopt? I guess American children aren’t good enough and doesn’t generate the publicity that a foreign child does.”

    I think you’re overlooking the fact that kids who live in orphanages in 3rd world countries are MUCH worse off than those living in orphanages in America… but i get your point nonetheless.

  37. GooniesNeverSayDie

    On a side note, Maddox is a poser!

    I doubt he has ever listened to Abbey Road all the way through. He probably couldnt even name 3 songs off that record.

  38. jrzmommy

    Libraesque: are you bummed out that they didn’t name him Great Big Hairy Dyke, after you?

  39. monkeyGRL

    Umm.. first of all, I’m Vietnamese. Second of all, Thien does not mean sky. Here’s a site that says all the different meanings of the name.,2,0.html And yes the meaning does change depending on what accent mark is above the word but, even still, none of the definitions is sky. In fact of one of the definitions for Thien meant: “superficial or shallow” and yet another one means: “to castrate, to trim to prune away” With all the money in the world, they can’t even hire a proper translator. Soo ridiculous. And yeah I think it’s wrong to change a child’s name at 3. It’s a kid not a dog.

  40. jrzmommy

    Why the fuck didn’t she just name him Charlie?

  41. HollyJ

    It’s hard to adopt American babies, and you can’t just pay people under the table to get it done. Most other countries don’t have so much red tape, so you can bribe them.

  42. Sho'Nuff

    Do you own a nail salon?

  43. DrPhowstus

    Wait a fucking minute. My name isn’t Pax Thien and I’m well over 30. Thanks Mom! I already feel less than Maddox. That’s ok, I’ll just tease him when he gets older and remind him that his real mom was a preteen cock whore sucking off tourists for dozen baht and map directions. He’s gonna hate having me as an older younger brother.

  44. fritobandito

    Whats wrong with Who Flung Poo??? When she gets him back to the states and gives him a mohawk like his brother, he is going to want to be known as Who Flung Poo.

  45. DrPhowstus

    @7 & 40 — HA!

    @39 — monkeyGRL? You sure you’re not from Botswana? I mean you sound like that cute little Vietcong chick my dad brought how from the war, but he nicknamed her whoreGRL. And last I checked, she was still chained to the boiler in the basement.

  46. DrPhowstus

    @44 — You win. That is fucking hilarious.

  47. monkeyGRL

    haha #42. Butthole. I’m actually a creative director of a tradeshow marketing company. So no. Not all vietnamese people own nail salons. Although. . I dont’ quite look vietnamese so I just stay quiet sometimes when they’re doing my nails and listen to them talk sh*t about me and the clients. It’s really kinda funny! And yes. . they do talk alot of sh*t. But in a monotone voice so you think they’re talking about nothing. HA

  48. jrzmommy

    When Angie walked in to the orphanage, some little lady stood up and said, You pick baybee….ok? Then sit down…I finish and be with you nex ok?

  49. Libraesque

    #39… you’d prefer they keep the name some douche at an orphanage gave him. That’s GREAT, way to go through life with your shitty first 3 years of life glued to you by something like a name

  50. N@ughty

    i wonder how brutal it is to that poor little boy to have his name legally change against his will? oh well, that’s one of the benefits of joining thre brangelina clan. welcome aboard!

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