Angelina Jolie might adopt another child – from her uterus

September 17th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Angelina Jolie might be pregnant – again. Pictures of a “substantial looking bump” have been cropping up fueling speculation. This would be child number… something. I lost count after they got that one kid from that country with all the tents. The Daily Mail reports:

“I’ve always wanted a big family. And Brad’s the same. We are enjoying the children together. They are such big personalities, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow up,” she said.
Use of a Pashmina shawl could be Jolie’s attempt at covering the bump in a bid to keep the news quiet. It wasn’t until the fourth month of her pregnancy with Shiloh that Jolie confirmed the rumours before giving birth in May last year.

So what night of the week does a child not pop out of Angelina’s vagina and Brad Pitt gets to have sex with her? Every third Tuesday? On the vernal equinox? C’mon. Billy Bob Thornton got to have crazy, kung fu sex with the blood vials and the biting and tattoos. Brad Pitt gets stuck playing “7th Heaven” but without Jessica Biel which is just pointless. He has to be kicking himself. You don’t see Jennifer Aniston scrambling to birth a litter. Okay, that’s not fair. She’s a dude. But you get my point.


  1. Mugato

    Those “hippie douchebags” are doing more for the world than any of you all will ever do put together. So throw your petty insults. They’re actually making a difference.

  2. Tight Flower

    She will probably get another c-section because she wants to keep her flower tight.

  3. Stay home and take care of your babies, Angie. If anybody’s ever moved around a lot when they were little, we all know it’s just great fun and does wonders for socializing with others your own age.

  4. my comment

    51. those hippies are destroying our country.

  5. Nunca

    ummm… can’t you guys see the obvious line where the shade of black changes from the lump to the actual dress? this picture is EDITED!!!!!!!

  6. eastcoastgirl

    I can’t wait for those kids to grow up and find out ther “Mother” is nothing but a crazy, homewrecking whore.

  7. morons

    pretty baby’s a dumb slut. she’s so dumb she didn’t even get the point even though it was S-P-E-L-L-E-D out to her. get an education honey. dumb piece of trash. girls like you only know how to fuck. ur not even a girl. just an animal. man do i feel sorry for whatever babies pop out of you.

  8. morons

    eastcoastgirl: you’re one of those fat ugly girls who still watches the friends reruns also because no one will ask your fucking ugly face out, right? Right. you should join “Pretty”Baby there. misery loves company.

  9. PrettyBaby

    #57 hahahahah! niiiice. You didn’t spell anything out, you just went on a bizarre rant that clearly no one gives a fuck about. I just borrowed your line and teased you a bit. Clearly you have some sort of anger issue and I wish you all the best with that.


    Dumb Slut

  10. eastcoastgirl

    Yeah, moron you ‘ve got my number. Ha Ha Ha Jeeze, you must have a crystal ball or something. Scarey. Fucking tard.

  11. morons

    “Pretty” Baby:
    ur even dumber and trashier than i thought. get your fat ass to school ASAP. typical arrogant crazy bitch. can’t handle it when someone puts you in your low-class place, huh? hahahaha.

  12. morons

    hahahaha…..eastcoastgirl and prettybaby are gainging up on me….oooooooo. wouldn’t want to be sat on and crushed to a pulp.


  13. morons


    i bet you two are petty enough to point it out too, right?

  14. morons

    don’t get me wrong ladies… just irritates me to no ends to see females acting and thinking so ugly. you two need some severe reality checks. like i spelled out before: it’s women like you two who raise the perverts and sickos in society. ur the reason why there are so many fucking uneducated morons.

  15. bigdickboi

    LOL @morons. SHE’S A GIRL! WILL U MARRY ME?? ROFL. and she’s sooooo right. PrettyBaby and eastcoastgirl will kill and eat your babies if they could. especially minority ones. they’re just fucking waste of life. what’s the point in being a woman if you can’t be a bit more educated and classy. fat ugly whores.

  16. eastcoastgirl

    Obviously you are not grasping the concept of this site. Perhaps you should find another site to spew your empty rants.

  17. PrettyBaby

    morons/bigdickboi— Are you through yet???

  18. lucask

    I don’t know what the fuck is up with her stomach, but that can’t be a baby bump.

  19. jrzmommy

    hey Morons….did you wake up on the wrong side of the cadaver today? you’re awfully grumpy.

  20. whu?

    i never really understood why people thought angie was so hot to begin with…she looks like she would be a minx in the sack…like ten years ago…she is an ugly broad who is rounding up kids like cruella de ville snatching up dalmations. brad pitt would have been much better with jennifer MANISTON even though she has a total manface…look at that jawline! at least she would have been down to live the star lifestyle and not fuck around with kids. better yet brad pitt should never marry and just fuck girls forever like jack nicholson…that guy did it right. kids weigh you down big time…it might be fun now…but it will get old quick and he will jam and angie will be left with like ten kids…fucking sucks to be her man!

  21. DottieDot

    I wonder if her mother ever said, one day you will have a kid just like you!

    That’s what my mother told me so I didn’t have children. :)

    It will be interesting to wait and see…

  22. Googolygoo

    Last time I checked, babies in the womb weren’t square-shaped.

  23. Linda

    Baby is strikingly shaped like a brick. :)
    I had two kids but would have gladly produced/adopted more if I could pay someone else to do the mundane parts. I can just imagine being woken by my assistant at 7 and informed that all of the children were up and being bathed except Shiloh who had a bit of the stomach flu overnight, her nanny says she is fine now and will join us once she wakes. The children are expected at the table by 7:30 where today it is Paxs turn to accompany Daddy and Max to school.
    The car will be ready at 10am to take us all to the zoo. I am to return them at 1230 to the nannies who will feed them and put them down for naps….

  24. applecrisp

    That bulge is just a hernia she got from carrying Zahara around.

  25. I hate celebrities

    #2. Lady Jane

    You are awesome.

  26. I hate celebrities

    vitaly, Jimbo , Mandy moore’s vag …Fucking Hilarious!

    Thanks for making me laugh my ass off.

    Anyone who trashes this pshyco skank, her dickless bitch manny are ok in my book. God I wish these losers would just disappearinto their bermuda trianagle of disgusting fakeness.

    Most people don’t have a clue about third world issues and actually buy the bullshit these two celebretards pedal. A little hint for the clueless; true humanitarians don’t wear 10 thousand doallr outfits, have a private plane and own several giant mansions. Think about it.

    P.S. I love the nick name Traniston. Did you invent that vag? Because if so you are a genius.

  27. I hate celebrities

    Pardon my shit spelling folks.

  28. aqua6

    I wish the media stopped talking about that couple. Angelina is such a two faced, lunatic, with disgusting past, a woman who has done wacky things and now she thinks that if she is going to adopt those babies to make headline that will clean up her past.
    As for Brad Pitt, he is not a sexiest man. By what standards? He has bad skin full of chicken pox scars. He cheated on his ex wife, Jennifer. Now he is like a maid who always follows Angelina to carry her purse and tends a flock of children. He has lost his dignity and macho of a man.
    They deserve each other. I don’t want to see them on the news cover. They are not role models in this society. So stop talking about them for god’s sake.

  29. Jane

    I don’t think she has enough body fat to menstruate and therefore conceive. But I thought the same thing about Nicole Richie, so who knows.

  30. leelee

    Who wants to take bets on where the next child will be from?
    Or if she is preggers, then what country she’s going to give birth to the child in?

    Come on– $10 says it’s going to be Bolivia…

  31. hater

    I feel sorry for all the kids because brad and angie will separate eventually. It’s just going to happen. Then the kids will get split up – what a mess it will be. I never much liked either of them but now they truely annoy me. Brad didn’t have any tattoos before Angelina – now he has 4. He is such a unmanly follower now. Makes me want to puke.

  32. brock

    jimbo & mike THE homo couple on here

  33. edUcate

    skinny chick has SEX SHE’S HOT!
    Fat girls You suck real bad

  34. Your supposed to wait like 2 years how old is shiloh

  35. why does it start like 2 inches above her belly button.That is unantural and why speculate just ask her. One of the things i like about jolie is she is not really a liar. SHe tells the truth no matter how bad. Famous or not most women wait around 4 months to say it

  36. Enquisitor

    I’m still betting on a diaper.

    With all the anorexia and pregnancy stuff (not to mention all the crazy stuff she and her lesbian lover used to do) she’s lost control down there.

    Plus with all the suspicion about her eating disorders, she doesn’t like being seen going the restroom too often.

    Pitt is looking like Kutcher these days, both are more like a gay best friend to their domineering women.

  37. Me

    Pregnant women often don’t formally announce their pregnant until after the third month because the risk of something going wrong (i.e., a miscarriage) decreases dramatically after the first trimester. That’s why Halle Berry, Xtina, Angie, etc., don’t announce it right away.

  38. Me, again

    Dammit. I meant “they’re,” not “their.” That is all.

  39. emmaleigh

    you realize that her children will grow up and re enter fame by writing a “Mommy Dearest” type account of their life as Angelina Jolies adopted children.

    Team Aniston for life.

  40. ecs

    they have their own lives and are living it according to how they want and choose to. dont we all have our own lives to live? lets not be too judgmental about these things. its entertaining to hear about celebrities and such, but their lives are none of our business. we all have our issues, let them deal with theirs.

    by the way, humanitarian effort from celebrities (adoption or donations or what not) actually help raise awareness on conditions for underdeveloped states, and, believe it or not, has helped increase international aid.

  41. vet

    I never minded angelina until the day she decided to go to Iraq. Do all of us a favor and March to Washington to get the troops out you stupid bitch. Its none of your fucking business to step into Iraq. Stop wasting our time. The vets would appreciate it. You being a mom and working with the un just makes you look fake. Fuck you and your orphans.

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