Angelina Jolie might adopt another child – from her uterus


Angelina Jolie might be pregnant – again. Pictures of a “substantial looking bump” have been cropping up fueling speculation. This would be child number… something. I lost count after they got that one kid from that country with all the tents. The Daily Mail reports:

“I’ve always wanted a big family. And Brad’s the same. We are enjoying the children together. They are such big personalities, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow up,” she said.
Use of a Pashmina shawl could be Jolie’s attempt at covering the bump in a bid to keep the news quiet. It wasn’t until the fourth month of her pregnancy with Shiloh that Jolie confirmed the rumours before giving birth in May last year.

So what night of the week does a child not pop out of Angelina’s vagina and Brad Pitt gets to have sex with her? Every third Tuesday? On the vernal equinox? C’mon. Billy Bob Thornton got to have crazy, kung fu sex with the blood vials and the biting and tattoos. Brad Pitt gets stuck playing “7th Heaven” but without Jessica Biel which is just pointless. He has to be kicking himself. You don’t see Jennifer Aniston scrambling to birth a litter. Okay, that’s not fair. She’s a dude. But you get my point.