Angelina Jolie might adopt another child – from her uterus

September 17th, 2007 // 91 Comments

Angelina Jolie might be pregnant – again. Pictures of a “substantial looking bump” have been cropping up fueling speculation. This would be child number… something. I lost count after they got that one kid from that country with all the tents. The Daily Mail reports:

“I’ve always wanted a big family. And Brad’s the same. We are enjoying the children together. They are such big personalities, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow up,” she said.
Use of a Pashmina shawl could be Jolie’s attempt at covering the bump in a bid to keep the news quiet. It wasn’t until the fourth month of her pregnancy with Shiloh that Jolie confirmed the rumours before giving birth in May last year.

So what night of the week does a child not pop out of Angelina’s vagina and Brad Pitt gets to have sex with her? Every third Tuesday? On the vernal equinox? C’mon. Billy Bob Thornton got to have crazy, kung fu sex with the blood vials and the biting and tattoos. Brad Pitt gets stuck playing “7th Heaven” but without Jessica Biel which is just pointless. He has to be kicking himself. You don’t see Jennifer Aniston scrambling to birth a litter. Okay, that’s not fair. She’s a dude. But you get my point.


  1. LadyJane

    She’s not pregant, just swollen from where I punched her.

  2. oh my god im the second!!

    anyway…i don’t like angelina bitch! so as ‘us’ from malaysia and australia~!!

  3. D. Richards

    Who fucking cares.

  4. idiots

    i think its cutee. you stupid idiots should agree.

  5. Angelina's Lips

    Why does she do this crap. Just send the money. She hasn’t got the time for loving kids. Just take care of your natural kids,a nd send alot of money tot he families in whatever country.

  6. Bladder doctor

    She’s just busting for a piss.

  7. jrzmommy

    *clap clap clap* Well done Mr. Superfish!

    Well, okay, this would be good because then at least little Shiloh will have some company at home in the basement while Mom and Dad are out with the charity cases.

  8. Mel

    I think its just a hernia from carrying all of the babies around…

  9. love her

    i love her brat doll face and understated black and neutrals clothing style. shiloh is beautiful, im glad they are making more. im not that into pax.

  10. Fucker’s settin up franchises

  11. llllllllll

    Nahh, she just ate a grape.

  12. She is not pregnant. She is going for that 3rd world country bloated stomach look

  13. Mandy Moore's Vag

    the first time they had sex was probably when they made shiloh. she’s not into YOU brad. she’s just satisfied that she stole the supposedly sexiest man alive from Traniston. she’s just having baby # 2 to keep you around to tend to the litter.

    Billy Bob is going to the grave knowing he fucked that crazy bitch when her ass and level of insanity was at it’s peak. Now all Brad gets is a tamed, malnourished, veiny old lady hand reach around every blue moon.

  14. Mike

    That’s pretty funny fuck-nut.

  15. shanipie

    There should be a national law enforced that limits the number of children this woman is allowed to screw up royally.

  16. vItaly

    I think they’re gonna have a baby for each outfit, like purses or shoes.

    “Brad, dear, I’m wearing the yellow dress tonight”
    “So we’ll take the vietnamese, he matches”

  17. Riotboy

    Make it stop!!!

  18. wtf

    hehe sweet

  19. Mugato

    I love how people are so upset that this chick is adopting third world children and giving them a life they could never dream of. Yeah, where does she get off turning down roles so she can spend time with these kids and take them to visit their home countries? The cunt.

  20. Splooge

    Don’t be so racist.

  21. Hey Mike, Whats up?

  22. haha

    hey.. does anybody know who is the blonde girl on top of the page???

  23. shanipie

    she isnt doin it to be caring, she is a venomous hag who wants to control brad and gets off by playing mother Theresa.

    Every frikkin Liberal democrate feel good hippie douche bag thinks this woman is a saint.

    She is just irritating

  24. smegma

    In her case I think it’s called a “baby lump”.

  25. gdj

    It’s starvation bloat. She does it on purpose so Zahara feels less homesick.

  26. Faggot

    Main Pic~

    and in a disappointed Angelina’s father’s voice:

    “Kids having kids.”

  27. Renas

    hmmm HI PHOTOSHOP!!!
    the pic is obviously a fake :)

  28. bob

    who even cares what she’s doing. those kids don’t seem even close to fucked up compared to Brit’s FAS babies.

  29. The way it pokes out makes me think she’s just wearing an ill-laced corset. I wouldn’t doubt it.

  30. liberal douchebag


    I’m a “frikkin Liberal democrate feel good hippie douche bag” and I can’t stand Angelina, Brangelina, or the Brangelina Brood. She’s so fake she doesn’t even try to have her own life. First, she was a female Michael Jackson who acted instead of singing. Then, she started posing as Princess Diana since the “people’s princess” spot opened up. Now she couples that with a Josephine Baker/Mia Farrow multicultural family.

    No wonder she’s so skinny. Her only nourishment is her favorite food: only what she can photosynthesize from klieg lights and camera flashes.

  31. ssdd

    I did not know that they were so close to “Flavor Flav” …. as in taking this Zahara child and raising it…..I heard he has like 7 kids or something?… Anyways, .I think that’s pretty cool, I guess. She will always look like her Daddy though … Flav is proud I’m sure.

  32. Cowgirl

    Brad and Angeline are so phony. Every time I see them I want to puke.

    I just hate these phony hippie types.

    I was ridding my horse around where I live this weekend, and one of my so-called hippie neighbor’s boyfriend told me to get off his property, and then he tried to run me and my horse over with his truck. His stupid bitch girlfriend just sat there with her mouth opened. She was probably high on Meth. Not only was I not on his property, but I was ridding in the easement (public property access road).

    Most people wouldn’t try to do that to a woman wearing a gun, but he still tried to run me over with his — truck aka “death machine.” He though my horse was not going fast enough.

    What ever happen to Peace, Love, and No War. These old hippie leftovers are just a bunch of phony baloney. They all have become the biggest assholes ever to live.

    Not only does he know that I am his neighbor since he has seen me riding around all the time, but the next day he had the nerve to steal my Sunday newspaper.

    I think that he was afraid that I might find out that he and his wife are into child porn or something.

  33. my comment

    She’s disgusting.

  34. my comment

    33 cowgirl.

    Hippie peace types are the most violent people around. Just go to any anti-war demonstration. They are a sick sick bunch.

  35. lambman

    Eh, looks more like way a starving person’s stomach sticks out. I mean really at her weight which is more likely a distended stomach, or being able to conceive a child?

    nice dig against Maniston though

  36. Suzie

    NAH she’s not pregnant…she’s getting that Etheopian look happening….when you don’t eat…then you finally do…your belly bloats up…she’s probably on her way to a bathroom to purge her lunch.

  37. woodhorse

    Wally, please stay out of my email. Not sexy, that.

  38. NoWay

    maybe I need my Funny Pirate Eyeglasses to see this bump. Aye, I’ll be seeing pirates everywhere when wearing these fun glasses — a skull and crossbones is on each plastic lens! …I’ll see pregnant people too..

  39. ubee0173

    skinny people have babies too! i really hope this one pops out alien style, though… she is one batshit crazy bitch. my psychology degree that i drew with a crayon tells me she might be overcompensating for something… like her lack of a soul. yeah, my degree actually said that to me. with its mouth.

  40. jules

    she’s not pregnant if you look close enough at the pic its just the way the shadows are to make it look like that or what renas says: PHOTOSHOP!!!! lol

  41. bobby

    at 26, that was mean but i liked it

  42. emily

    #13…fuckin hilarious

    there goes another animal thats gonna go unadopted

  43. what

    that looks waaay unnatural. Pffft

  44. IHateAngelina

    skAnkgelina’s to-do list:
    1) procreate to have another child she just won’t be able to love like her adopted kids
    2) suck the life out of Brad, because she is a praying mantis
    3) get some extra arms grafted onto her skeletor body so that she can carry all of her brood at one time until they are 12 or 13 years old
    4) get some flies to buzz around her to complete the Biafra look

  45. morons

    most of you people are uneducated trash. kids are kids. doesn’t matter where they come from. fucking morons. there’s nothing worse then trash trying to act classy and smart. who the fuck r u trying to fool. but all this is beyond your intellectual grasp, so nevermind. fucking morons.

  46. Enquisitor

    Depends Undergarment – that’s my guess.
    What with the anorexia and c-section, the “plumbing” just ain’t what it used to be.
    Ain’t that right Brad?

    good one #14

  47. morons

    i expect trash from the guys, but to all you girls saying the same things:

    ugly sluts. i hope you never have kids. it’s mothers like you who raise the perverts, murderers, and deviants in society. ur just good for offering instant sex to horny men.

  48. saving the world one celebrity at a time

    Fucking breeder.
    How do all these anorexic chics get pregnant, anyway?

  49. PrettyBaby

    “ur just good for offering instant sex to horny men.” And your point is???????

    Anyways people I am gonna ahead and agree with Jrz here. At least Shiloh will have someone to play with when the nanny watches her as her parents take the other “Blessed Ones” out for fun.

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