Angelina Jolie loves her adopted kids more

January 9th, 2007 // 176 Comments

Angelina Jolie says she loves her adopted children differently than her biological one because they’ve led such hard lives and Shiloh is just a “privileged blob.” She tells Elle magazine:

“I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this… yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality… I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

Guess Angelina Jolie isn’t the greatest person since Mr. T after all. First there was that comment where she complained about the cost of kids and now this. And why is Brad Pitt always morphing into his girlfriends? He might as well be wearing an Angelina Jolie mask here.


  1. BritishBitch

    I’m suprised nobody has mentioned Angie’s obviously receeding hairline in that pic…maybe having all those children (whether they’re your own “crotch droppings” or not) is taking its toll on her hair as well as her skeletal hands

  2. NotANiceGirl

    Brad needs to grab Shiloh & run before crazy Angie drains, skins, and wears Shiloh. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose.

  3. Me

    LOOK AT HER HAND!!!!!!!!
    Why does it look like a mummy hand?

  4. bedbugsandballyhoo

    It seems “Mother of the Year, Saint Angelina” has been out partying with Marilyn Manson…I suppose that ends the speculation about the Blind Item in Page 6 the other day. I guess the kids were with Daddy Brad while she was out having herself a high old time.

  5. notmeganharris

    I swear, even his lips are getting bigger…

  6. spineofsnake

    y’all can hate, but i do feel some sympathy for this woman. she comes from a fucked-up family (divorce, daddy issues, possible incest) and is publicly estranged from jon “my daughter is mentally ill” voight, so who’s surprised she turned out to be a shitty parent herself? i also feel bad for the kids, who are surely doomed to play out another dysfunctional hollywood trainwreck story and don’t even know it yet.

    better start saving up for their rehab now.

  7. 86

    Robert Redford hair!!!

  8. magickal

    Angie looks like she’s getting really fugly and Brad looks like he’s wearing a rug. To compare hmi to Robert Redford is an insult to Robert Redford – he still lokos good and what is he, 107? Angie’s hand = JEW CLAW! (Borat to karate instructor: “But, what if they come at you with jew claw?”)

    Of course she doesn’t love Blobbie as much – do you EVER see the five of them together in any pictures? Hell no! It’s still her, Brad, Faddox and Zaharaccessory. No room for ol’ Whitey/Blobbie.

    #78 – you’re so fucking right. I forgot – she DID break up two marriages! Well, relationships, at least. I don’t believe Billy bob and Laura Dern were technically MARRIED, (but had been together in a serious relationship and were perhaps engaged) and Laura had to find out the relationship was over just like everybody else by hearing on the news that Angie and Billy Bob had gotten married. I can’t wait til karma comes knocking on this whore’s door.

  9. jrzmommy

    106–everyone’s got baggage.

  10. 86

    To add to the many speculations on how this will play out, I’ll add my 2 cents:

    Angie will become bitterly resentful of her daughter’s beauty and having to share Brad’s love with her, and Shiloh – a confused youth who had to share her mothers love with multiracial orphans – will just end up as a more fucked up version of her mother. They will be ‘estranged’ by the time she is 21.

  11. caljenna

    Ok, the claw hand is freaking me out….why is she doing that???
    I’m thinking there are two reasons these celebrities dont adopt kids in the US – 1. The process takes too long and they are not accustomed to waiting for ANYTHING and 2. because no adoption agency would approve any of them for adoption. ESPECIALLY her.

  12. spatz

    you know if celebs adopted american kids some long lost random “family” member of the kid would rear his head and ask for money, fame etc. there are too many strings attached for celebrities to adopt kids in the US.

    and sarinaamanda as much as i can respect peoples choice and decision to not have kids (lord knows inbred hicks like britney spears had NO business having two retarded babies with k-fed) because way too many people have kids for all the wrong reasons. i totally agree with you on that, but going around saying such fucked up things about babies isnt cool either. as much as i hate the kid obsessed, breast feeding in public, changing diapers in public places, snot cleaning soccer moms, the insane anti baby people are just as bad.

  13. sol

    “if kissing my bony ass hurts your lips, get some collagen injections motherfucker”

  14. lola dee

    is this why we haven’t seen shiloh since her debute pictures in that Magazine?

  15. 86

    Angie should get back together with Billy Bob.

  16. #72. tsarinaamanda

    On what do you base your assertion that “a lot of adopted children do not get treated the same as the bio children do”

    I’m just curious if you were a Family counselor or a child psychologist and that that was were you were getting the evidence for making such a ridiculous statement. Of the several adopted kids I grew up with, most of them got more attention than their siblings because the family was worried about them not feeling wanted. The result was that in every case the siblings became rebellious, resentful and all in all didn’t turn out as well. I’ve just given you a snapshot of Shyloh’s future, unless Brad is smart enough to dumb this crazy bitch when she starts to get ugly and sues for full custody. Which of course she will let him have because she is full of new agey guilt due to bringing another rich, privilaged child into the world.

    Angie, I got news for you, no child of yours is privilaged, just ask Joan Crawfords kids you crazy nightmare.

  17. Discordia

    I wonder if she creaks when he fucks her.

  18. meee

    #41…no shit! why does she always look like a wax model of herself? ack.

  19. yertle

    She’s on the newest hollywood diet, “run from your karma”. Thirty minutes a day and the pounds drop away.

  20. Libraesque

    I agree with 72. (except for the thing about boys being creepy and gross, but that’s her opinion)
    And everyone on here saying she should love them all the same, you’re TRIPPIN’
    This is her first biological kid after having 2 choosen, adopted kids, that in itself is a pretty unique situation. Even in families of all bio kids, there are ALWAYS favorites, it can’t be helped.
    SHe’s making aatement about how she feels about Shiloh NOW, and for everyone to speculate how fucked up she’ll turn out is absurd.
    She should probably go back to being quiet and not talking about her personal life, the reaction on this thread is a perfect example of that.
    I can only imagine what the douchebags here said when Brooke SHields came out and was honest about wanting to put herself and her kid in the car and drive into a brick wall.

  21. #120 Libraesque

    That was different, Brooke was talking about her bouts with Postpartum depression, Angie is talking about her everyday feelings.

    There is also another difference, Brooke Sheilds was a somewhat normal person talking about a difficult time in her life. Angie is a sociopathic nutcase who has moved from one attention getting scheme to another in order to validate her enourmous need for attention….just a slight difference mind you.

  22. Of course she thinks her little blob is boring….seeing as she probably spends about 5 min a day with her, what kind of personlaity can she have?

    All in all, I think it would be best if Shiloh had minimal contact with her mom. Its probably the only way she’ll have half a shot at being a healthy human being.

    And for everybody that’s sticking uo for Angelina and saying “well that’s just how she feels now”, when do you expect her to start feeling differently? According to her rationale her adopted kids are always going to be cooler and more interesting than Shiloh.

    Why does Brand always go for the crazy bitches?

  23. Her real kid is going to be pissed when he grows up and finds out about this and he’s a rebellious actor who won’t talk to his parents…wait a minute…

  24. Libraesque

    put the bottle down drunkblogger, her kid is a she

  25. PrettyBaby

    You know what? This is the most assholish thing this woman has ever said. I tell ya, if you can’t love your own offspring something is definitely wrong.

  26. tits_on_snack

    Ha. Her hand looks like the hand I picture in my mind when I hear that horror story of the hook guy who is trying to kill the people in the car, but his hook is left dangling on the car door handle… only it’s a hook, not a hand.. oh nevermind.

  27. Ramdonomo

    tsarinaamanda is one of those that give the rest of the childfree a bad name what with the ‘crotch dropping’ slurs and all.

    She’s just SO badass with her ‘anti-kid’ statements. *rolls eyes*

    I’m so glad that my OWN crotch dropping can hobnob with adults and knows how to open doors for women, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and is ‘seen and not heard’ at public functions. Since he’s a boy? He’d just creep her out.

    Angelina, though, has some SERIOUS thinking to do about her statements, although, like someone else said, they were probably taken way out of context.

  28. spatz

    give it up spindoc, libra is an intense, scary angelina jolie obsessed stalker/fan. she spent 3 days (probably would have spent more had the superficials servers not went down) including the day after christmas cursing people out and freaking out on anybody who had anything bad to say about angelina. it was quite a frightening spectacle to behold.

    trying to have a discussion with libraesque about angie is like trying to get tom cruise to leave scientology.

  29. frenchtoaststix

    Although I tend to agree with Angie that babies from the newborn stage are somewhat freaky, just eating, sleeping, and pooping machines, not to mention crying, I think it was stupid of her to say so. They ARE more interesting when they get to the laughing, playing stage. She missed both Zee and Mad’s newborn time, so she’s probably a little startled by this small sqwaking bird-like thing removed surgically from her. On another website, I read that Shi was “not planned” but that Brad was “really into it.” Angie also referred to her as “the one who got knocked up.” Oh, that Angie. As if Brad Pitt could simply just “knock-up” someone. You know this was divined by heaven above, and angels sang, and the planets and stars aligned just perfectly, when Shi was magically implanted. Yeah, it went just like that.

  30. PaisleyMoon

    Well, well, the bitch has finally fallen off her pedestal. What a shitty cruel thing to say about your own innocent baby. Now, what about the rumor that she’s been doing heroin with Marilyn Manson??

  31. Michael1

    Newsflash Libraesque #120, Angelina Jolie is NOT going to read your posts and ask you to have dinner with you and be her friend.

    I do agree with you on one things: she should shut the f*ck up about her personal life, if she’s going to spurt sociopathic drivel that hurts her kid. “Why yes, Shiloh, Mommy said that in the interview back in 2007, but you were a blob, and she was just being honest. Of course I don’t prefer my ten adopted kids over you — no go take Maddox another beer and while you’re at it, be sure to fold Zahara’s laundry, and be quick about it.”

  32. misanthrope

    I really really hate it when people who don’t have kids try to talk like they know about kids, babies in particular. Don’t come yelling at me… I was one of those people too. And baby-sitting does not count in anyway shape or form. Friends having kids doesn’t count either. You think you know all about it, but you don’t know shit. ‘tsarinaamanda’ is a prime example of this. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up someday and realize just how moronic you sound… let’s hope. If you agree with Angelina, so be it, but don’t try to justify it by adding your absurd musings. You’re not at the point in life where babies make any sense to you, that is clear. Your opinion is your opinion, but it is not based on fact. You’re obviously all about you right now, which is fine. Don’t try to sound like you know all about it, because you don’t.

    Angelina has said that she doesn’t want Maddox and Zahara to think that she adopted kids until she could have her own and then that was the end of that. Fine, so they intend to adopt more, that doesn’t make Shiloh less deserving of her attention. It doesn’t make it right to treat her differently. It doesn’t make it okay to spew cruel words about her. If you don’t have kids, you won’t understand. If you are self-involved you won’t understand. If you adore Angelina beyond the limits of reality, you won’t understand.

  33. misanthrope

    I must clarify… there are plenty of people on here that don’t have kids, but are obviously able to understand common sense… no offense!!

  34. Alice-Mary

    Wow this is absolutely weird! I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t immediately enamored with their new babies, as I’m sure I’ll be someday. Saying Shiloh is not as interesting or lovable as her adopted children is pretty cold.

    All you people ragging on tsarinaamanda need to stop. She was just saying her opinion like everyone else. I don’t agree with her (I’m 16 and definitely will want children 10 or so years up the road, & plus I have a 9 year old brother who has always been cute, nice and not creepy in the least) but I’m not going to slam her for her views. Babies are just not for some people.

  35. misanthrope

    @134: tsarinaamanda can disagree, she can say she doesn’t want kids, but when she acts like she knows what it means to be a Mom… she needs to STFU. Angelina is a ‘mother’ of three young kids, she should know better. Especially when she thinks her shit doesn’t stink. I don’t expect tsarinaamanda to understand what it is really like to be a mother. In fact, I know she hasn’t a clue. I don’t mean to rag.

  36. DumDumDum

    I’d fuck her in an orphanage, if you catch my meaning.

  37. Forbidden

    who cares about all that adoption stuff and whatever stuff she says that gets gotten out of context?

    She’s so FUCKING HOT she makes my dick hurt.
    Not a good pic at all the one you posted, I liked a lot more the way she used to look when she was posing next to Billy Bob Thorton looking like a bad girl, but Angelina is fine as the day is long.
    She’s incredibly BEAUTIFUL and she’s total HOTNESS. The hottest and most beautiful mainstream Hollywood actress by far.
    I’d let her sit on my face all day and night long and I’d bang her until my dick exploded, because she’s so hot she would make it explode.
    What a fucking hot stunner she is. And those yummy lips.
    Next time Superfish, post better pics.
    Like this:

  38. Gidagida

    Yeah, that’s it, Ang. Keep talkin’.

  39. lisa

    Shiloh is what? 7 months old? and she’s a personality-free blob. Yet, the HOOCHIE MOTHER of the YEAR says that her adopted children came to her at 6 MONTHS WITH PERSONALITIES.

    So, and maybe it’s just me, but I think she’s saying her gene pool is mutated – after all, how else could her 7 month old have less personality that her older kids did at 6 months of age. Or, maybe she’s blaming Brad’s genes?

    That girl needs to learn to just STFU and smile at the camera – every time she opens her mouth, SHIT pours out, and she looks even more crass than before.

  40. Michael1

    Alice-Mary #134… *ahem* do you see the irony in you ragging on people about thier expressing their opinions about tsarinaamandawhatever?

    Nah, you probably don’t or you wouldn’t have posted it.

  41. brittanica

    #140 you really shouldn’t knock the people who slam the people who attack the people who denounce the people who criticize angelina.

  42. PrettyBaby

    Yeah Mr. Superfish, you are 100% correct. As much as I wouldn’t mind getting good and fucked by ol’Brad here, he always, always morphs into whoever he dates. It is funny as shit- look at his lips and face here. I think they stare at eachother practicing. “Your beautiful, no your beautiful, no YOUR beautiful” and you get the idea.

  43. is that a fact....

    I can’t believe how people read into things that others say.

    #1 – I’m sure that what she said was NOT printed verbatim. Having been interviewed and having interviewed others in the past…. I know that you do not print every stinking thing a person says – you print hte highlights nad in this case something that you KNOW will get people’s interest.

    #2 – She NEVER says that she does not love, care, want Shiloh. She says that she “feels” more for the others – feeling as in empathy for their past and their history. Having had three kids myself, I will concurr that it is a number of months before they do much more than poop, cry, sleep and occasionaly grace you with a smile.

    #3 – those of you who think a child cannot be damaged by being orphaned, abandoned , malnourished as long as they are picked up by 6 months are sorely mis- and uninformed. Have you ever heard of RAD (Reactive Attachement Disorder?). It is very likely that they will always bear some effects from those first 6 months. Sometimes children that are abandoned in infancy NEVER learn to love another. Read up on it before you make stupid statements.

    I think Angelina Jolie loves all of her children – but she is not paritcularly articulate, nor is she choosy about what sort of personal information she chooses to reveal to whoever asks. She’s ALWAYS been that way.

  44. neener

    there’s a print of her highlights nad?

  45. gerebil

    ok. but technically, when you’re standing in front of your bathroom mirror talking into your hairbrush, you’re neither being interviewed nor doing an interview.

  46. is that a fact....

    so funny the only responses you can make have nothing to do with the content of my post… only typos and silly assumptions.

  47. Gem

    That hand of hers is absolutely terrifying.

  48. Check-Raise

    Although the “crotch dropping” statement probably went too far, I agree with *tsarinaamanda* that adopting is a very cool thing to do. If having a biological child is not particularly important to a person, I think they should seriously consider adoption, unless they have some exceptional genes that would be good to pass on (i.e. incredible intelligence, unusual athletic ability, etc.). But even then, genetic recombination is somewhat of a crapshoot, so those exceptional traits might not be present in the offspring.

    In summary, adoption rocks. Glad to see it is getting more attention and consideration now that celebrities like AJ and Madonna are putting a spotlight on it.

  49. misanthrope

    @143: Ok, Ok, fine. You’re right. Angelina is totally awesome. She totally rocks! I love the way she talks about her kids. You get a real sense of honesty, feelings be damned. She doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush and for that we should be grateful. She doesn’t imply that her infant is less than her other kids. She doesn’t imply that her other kids weren’t blobs as infants. We should all live our lives like she’s lived hers. She’s perfect and everything she says is gold. I love her. I think I really love her. I don’t know why I didn’t see her for who she really is and who she’s *always* been.

    Her adopted children probably were not exposed to love and affection the way that a newborn *needs* to be, I think that is quite obvious. I don’t think they lived their first 6 months the way they live now… by a long shot. Therefor she feels less for her infant. That’s totally awesome. Not ironic in the least. I don’t think people are implying that her adopted children *don’t* deserve love, attention and affection. I think Angelina’s implication that Shiloh receives *less* because she isn’t as *vulnerable* is disgusting. It’s lame and cruel. I assume she loves Shiloh. I assume she’s well fed and clothed. If she can’t articulate her feelings about her kids without sounding like a shit, she shouldn’t do it. Ever. Not only will Shiloh read this a few years from now, she’ll have *felt* it from her mother!

  50. Lowlands

    I was in the airplane sitting at the window.Then a digusting smell reached my nostrils,i think a few braincells passed away.The guy next to me was heavely farting (native Asian)…Even the guy in front of me,i saw it,turned his head.

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