Angelina Jolie loves her adopted kids more

January 9th, 2007 // 176 Comments

Angelina Jolie says she loves her adopted children differently than her biological one because they’ve led such hard lives and Shiloh is just a “privileged blob.” She tells Elle magazine:

“I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this… yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality… I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

Guess Angelina Jolie isn’t the greatest person since Mr. T after all. First there was that comment where she complained about the cost of kids and now this. And why is Brad Pitt always morphing into his girlfriends? He might as well be wearing an Angelina Jolie mask here.


  1. NipsyHustle

    p.s. any kid that survives the first year of life is a survivor. even a pampered baby like shiloh could die of SIDS

  2. Lowlands

    (49)My mouthedgemucles are contracting.

  3. cole007

    first of all, I actully called my mum and dad in on this one. They never thought I was a “blob” – I had personality from day 1 to them. They were in love with me and were so happy to have me, even though they didn’t plan the pregnancy. There is something seriously wrong with them. Your child is YOURS… you look in their eyes, feel their little hands, hear their little sounds and they love and NEED you! but they need that mom and dad around them in the first days more than anything. it is crucial to their development. I am seriously scared for that kid now.

    dammit. how you could say you care about kids and not care about your own. Or even say that!? My family was all about me in my first days, and I am lucky to have that love. It’s insane not to at least say something about that love and bonding with your first biological child. Do you think she has severe post partum depression? I mean, it’s fun caring for something if you don’t have to squeeze it out of your body. That baby is beautiful. I hope it turns out ok with those crazy parents. Where is Brad’s comments on this? He needs to speak up as a dad. Seriously. This is almost as much as a red flag as Shitney’s pareting skills.

    This convinces me that we should have kids just so our kids could beat up their kids on the playground.

    GO Kingston!

  4. lattygirl

    Helpless infant that SHE brought into this world…yeah…how UNvulnerable can you get?

    Brad is inconspicously silent on the topic…

    This will come back to bite her, I promise. 2 weeks, we’ll see a big apology in the paper.

  5. cole007

    Ok, I was on a rant before, but what I was really trying to say it that Angie doesn’t have a motherly instinct at all aparently. She is making it up. If it came OUT of YOU, you are going to LOVE it. Just like that great turd of a movie you did called “Tomb Raider”
    nuff sed.

  6. mia

    Yeah they are blobs you privileged twit. The time they need you the most and she basically admits it’s a blob that she throws around for amusement. I felt more for my kids then at any other time. It’s when they need you the most. This lady has no business with any kids she’s a vile of blood away from a full house.

  7. invictuspiritus

    What a horrible thing to say about your own child. I hope soon everyone sees her for the cunt she is.

  8. TheSlick

    And there’s that creepy right claw she’s got.

  9. kmart

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Back when she adopted Maddox she said she didn’t ever want to have biological children because that would be one less underpriveleged child that she could adopt. Maybe she should have had her tubes tied before all that rauncy sex with Brad.

    Secondly, I hope that Jennifer Aniston is laughing her ass off right now. I mean, Brad finally found someone to reproduce with him, and she doesn’t even love their child!

  10. Cheyenne_1

    Hot IS is hot DOES and I don’t care how blowjob-ready that bitch’s lips are, that isn’t a hot woman.

  11. renee

    Wow what a load of BS. Mad and Z aren’t survivors because according to her kids have no personality as newborns so they don’t even know what the hell they survived, they just lay in some crib and where fed.

    oh and is it just me or does her head look a bit big for her body?

  12. aurealis

    Angelina, please stop using your mouth for speaking! It’s ruining my straight-girl crush on you. Plus, I don’t think one can be considered “a survivor” if they weren’t old enough to recognize their own reflection, let alone said hardships. Also, what’s up with your skeletor hand?

  13. Kristin


    I was just joking because lately every time I click on news on here, someone did the first thing and I thought it would be funny.

  14. Boogie Monster

    Angela has a freaky claw as a hand and Brad is starting to look really old. Lets face it, they’re starting to become yesterdays news.

    #27 You are so right. You did too…

  15. greensleeves

    It is fair game to criticize people for their behavior, but for AGING??? It’s a pretty safe bet that Brad is adding years to his appearance better than 99.99% of the rest of us. I think he looks absolutely fantastic – sexier than ever!

  16. Boogie Monster

    BTW #3 I do see the striking reseblence between Rob and Brad.

  17. Boogie Monster

    *Reseblence = Resemblance*

  18. Trish

    Look at her GNARLED hand!! Ew.

  19. lucy

    At least jolie has a sure fire way of knowing brad’s cheating on her… bloody chammelions just can’t keep a secret.

  20. Trish

    Also, her hair reminds me of Christopher Walken.

  21. missy23

    This idiot gets more press than she ever deserved. Typical boring middle class anglo girl wants something “exotic” and unfortunately has the means to adopt two children to fufill her and doesn’t feel for her own child. If she really gave a crap about these kids she would have left them with there families and sponsored them through life, not just assumed that by making them spoiled hollywood children she has somehow offered them a better life. I am so sick of this condescending bitch being spoken about and can’t undertand how a woman who has publically addmitted to using heroin in the past was allowed to adopt at all. This woman needs to be ignored not glorified there are palnty of people in the world who do much better deeds than her and don’t get press. Oh yeah and she looks like a skeleton with fish lips

  22. tsarinaamanda

    I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of shit for this, but I totally understand where she’s coming from. She never really wanted a biological child, she just did it for Brad. And when you have a bio child, you don’t get to pick what you’re given, unlike when you adopt. Also, little babies are gross things…blob-like is a very apt description for a lump that just eats, shits and cries for like, 6 months…and she’s had her other children for longer, and she got to choose them, so she has a stronger bond with them than she does with the baby. I’m not too fond of babies or children, but I think Maddox and Zahara are freaking ADORABLE kids, but the other one doesn’t do much for me, it’s just a….blob, like she said. And it’s her BIOLOGICAL child, so she has to make sure that her adopted children know they are as loved as it is…a lot of adopted children do not get treated the same as the bio children do, so I am actually happy to see her saying this, so they will know how much she loves them. The bio kid will get fawned over by Brad and the world, so let Angie love her adopted kids more….it’s not that bad, really. It could be worse….the bio kid could have been born to Shitney and K-Tard…so I thik it’s pretty damn lucky, even if it’s mom says shit like this. But thats just me…..

  23. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and case it wasn’t already obvious, she might resent the bio child because she had to carry it, thereby getting stretch marks and having all the nastiness that you deal with from a pregnancy. I can totally undrstand that, I would NEVER EVER give birth to a child, I would adopt because I couldn’t love a bio kid as much as an adopted one because I would resent it for screwing up my body, and for me having to be all fat and nasty for 9 months. And like I said earlier, I would get to CHOOSE my adopted kid, so I wouldn’t get stuck with a boy, I could pick a girl (boys creep me out SOO MUCH…gross little offense to parents of boys here). And I would be saving a child that is already here, not contributing to the overpopulation problem by bringing another one into the world. My ego isn’t so great that I need a little Mini-Me running around…I’m not a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist, so what makes MY genes so damn special? Nothing! So I guess I just don’t see the POINT of HAVING a child when you can save a child from a life of poverty and misery.

  24. kitty_kat

    #26- I already did read it thank you very much. But I still think that that was what she was actually trying to say. Only (as I said before) she isn’t particularly intelligent or articulate and so felt she had to mix in her faux-humanitarian, almost sanctimonious bullshit. Thats my take on it.

  25. kitty_kat

    #73- “…I would NEVER EVER give birth to a child, I would adopt because I couldn’t love a bio kid as much as an adopted one because I would resent it for screwing up my body, and for me having to be all fat and nasty for 9 months…”
    “…My ego isn’t so great that I need a little Mini-Me running around…”
    Could have fooled me. And just out of curiosity, are you then saying that your parents are egotisical for having YOU?

  26. kitty_kat

    Or maybe you are kidding?

  27. Roxinater

    No, the only thing little Shiloh will be “privileged” with is a lifetime of intense therapy thanks to Mama Skeletor. It’s disturbing to hear a new mom say that she has to “remind” herself to feel something for her baby. That’s not post-partum depression talking, that’s just crazy.

    And P.S. – devaluing your biological child is NOT the way to assure your adopted children that you love them.

  28. yertle

    I so want to give credit to them for doing something positive, but I’m afraid it’s all such a sham. She still hates herself as much as she did when she was cutting or bleeding or whatever the hell she’s done to herself, and now she’s feeling the guilt of breaking up (at least two) marriages. Of course she doesn’t love anything that actually came out of her own bottom if she doesn’t even love herself. How poetic that these kids had a better chance of being emotionally normal when they were drenched in poverty. She’s starting to look like a heroin addict and he’s looking a bit like her pusher. Hopefully it ends well for the kids, adopted and blobby.

  29. kmart

    Ok, 72, here’s why that’s a sack of manure. First of all, Brad adopted Maddox and Zahara, so legally they’re as much his kids as hers. Secondly, a child is a child is a child, whether adopted or biological, and she needs both of her parents to love her unconditionally, despite her circumstances, and equally to her siblings. I’m sure that there are morons out there who treat their biological children better than their adopted ones, and that is inexcusable. However, to insinuate that this somehow offsets that or is less atrocious is equally moronic. Also, I’m aware that the process of bonding to an adopted child is quite different from that of bonding to your biological child, but there is no reason that the bond should not be equally strong between the two. To sum up, there should be no distinction between the means by which a child was added to your family, short of the one good thing Angie does do, which is instilling a sense of pride in the children’s homelands.

    Okay, I wrote all that before I read your second post and now I am convinced that you are a dolt. Go get yourself a Frappucino.

  30. kmart

    One last thing: I’m pretty sure there was ample time between Angelina’s “I don’t want biological kids” comment and the time that she concived for her to do something to prevent it! If you’re going to resent your child (WTF??) MAKE DAMN SURE you aren’t going to have any!

  31. brennreyn

    I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that Angelina just sucks. She has “less inclination to feel” for Shiloh? Sounds like the PC way of saying she doesn’t love Shiloh as much as her other two children.

    How depressing. I would hate to call her “Mom.”

    Also, #72/ 73- I was going to prepare a response to blast your stupid ass out of the water, but you’re not worth it.

  32. BadassFred

    You know, I’m starting to think that Angelina might be a little bit weird.

  33. Such a nice looking couple. Nice they adopted kids.

  34. Burungi

    Let me break it down for you folks…

    Angelina has been trying to find meaning in her life for a long time – something that made her happy and got her the attention she craves. For years, she was doing crazy things like making out with her brother and wearing Billie Bob’s blood and so on and then, finally, she discovered traveling and human rights. She has a real need to save and has found happiness and satisfaction from her various causes around the world. She never had an affinity for children and never wanted them but she was drawn to adopt because she wanted to SAVE those kids. She fell in love with them in part because she saved them. That’s what her bond to her kids is based on. She never wanted biological children because they don’t fill that same need to save. And then came Brad.

    Brad wanted biological children. He wasn’t satified with just having adopted ones. So Angelina had Shiloh for him. She wanted to keep him, she wanted to make sure if he adopted Maddox and Zahara, he’d stick around for good, so she had the bio kid. She doesn’t love Shiloh NEARLY as much, I imagine, because she never had her because of some deep maternal need or a desire to pass on her genes or whatever, she had her for a man.

    Here’s how I think it’s going to play out. She’ll be closer with the first two kids, Brad will be closer with the baby and then when they break up, she’ll take Maddox and Zahara and Brad will keep Shiloh. They may try to make it look all “shared custody” to the public but I’m sure that’s how it’ll really be.

    That’s my theory but I’m sure I’m right. And I agree with #72/73 for the most part (except for the “boys being creepy” part).

    Anyway, I don’t say any of this because I’m judging Angelina. I just think that’s what’s going on. She’s a product of whatever shit went down in her screwy family and this is how it’s playing itself out. No matter what, the kids are going to get love (albiet from different parents) and will never want for anything. They all got a pretty good deal in my opinion.

  35. Wild Rose

    Remember when we all joked about Brad and Angelina having the most gorgeous child on earth? I happen to think Shiloh is a beautiful child; cupid’s bow lips, lovely colouring, just picture-perfect. She is anything but a blob–and I can’t believe Angelina would describe her as such. But then again, she probably wants to assure her other two children that they are just as special. I also agree with the folks who described newborns as having personalities. Some babies really do behave like they are heaven-sent. Parents who are blessed with children like that are the lucky ones!

  36. DIANA

    Shiloh is 7 months old, by this time she is crawling and babbling, how can Angelina say she’s a blolb? I don’t understand how you can NOT love a baby regardless of their lack of personality (so she says).

    @ #72/73 my son is not a “gross little thing”. Bitch.

  37. WhatTheDouche

    Wow…I have never seen as many melodramatic fucks in my life…yeah its sure sad that Angelina doesn’t like her baby, but until she puts it in a box and fed exes it to Darfur…its still living a pretty damn good life

  38. moondoggy

    i love the fact that mcpitt just has this glazed ‘fuck, what have I done, why didnt I stick to Jen’ look on his face. He isnt looking at the claw so it must just be her presence.

    I have a shitload of kids and I would never, ever, ever, tell any of em I ‘cared for them more’ than the others. Not even the complete bastards amongst them. Its part of the whole parenting package – you love em all the same. But #84 hit the nail on the head – Jolie sees her lil third world orphans as a trendy commodity, not as *real* kids.

    Suffer, Brad. Ange might as well have your testes hung around her turkey neck instead of a vial of blood…

  39. shanonorato

    I think #72/73 would really benefit from an hour with Dr. Phil.

  40. shanonorato

    P.S. Angelina Jolie is one of the UGLIEST people I’ve ever seen. She may have been considered hot in the past, but she is looking ragged now.

  41. killeristic

    i am so glad that people who commented here have brains and pure kindness from your hearts. to see the true colors of angie. cz ive been to places where people are seriously crazy over her. which can be kinda sickening and irritating.

  42. april24

    Okay I think she needs to be boycotted. I have never liked her. And why is it okay for her to adopt but not Madonna. Can we say Social Services!!!

  43. woodhorse

    is that a skirt or a pair of pants she’s wearing? i can tell Brad is wearing pants but I can’t tell on her.

  44. acatnamedfrank

    Just a thought but…

    why don’t celebs adopt children from the US? We have a lot of children here that desperately need parents too. Why always go to some other country looking for them???

    The claw: totally creepy.
    Brad’s morphing into Angie: totally creepier!

  45. dr phil

    it’s called “narcissistic mirroring.” angelina loves people and things only in proportion to what she sees of herself in them. shiloh is an ordinary biological offspring, so…meh. (i guess the ridiculous african safari birth didn’t do much to make shiloh special for angie.) the adopted kids are traumatized victims who managed to survive and be rescued by Lara Croft, so they rock. there’s not mirroring in ordinary humanitarian work (it’s just altruistic giving), so angie makes sure it’s a camera-rich environment (they have excellent lenses these days).

    for people like her, the coldheartedness always leaks out at some point, because they don’t have genuine non-selfish love for anything or anyone. but to be fair, good things can be accomplished as incidental byproducts of selfish people, and fishface has definitely done some good. but it’ll suck to be her kids in the long run.

  46. tsarinaamanda


    Yes, I DO think my parents were ego-tripping when they had me. They are good parents, but they didn’t have me for the right reasons.


    I agree with you, if you are going to resent your biological child, you shouldn’t have any. I myself have been trying to get my tubes tied for YEARS, to make sure I don’t bring a child into this world that I will not want and that I will resent. I do not disagree with a lot of what you’re saying, I just can see where she’s coming from, that’s all. I didn’t say that I agree 100% with her on all points, just that she isn’t this terribl monster for saying that. Her biological kid is NOT going to be neglected or treated badly by her in ANY WAY…she didn’t say that she didn’t LOVE it, just that she felt differently about it than she did about her adopted children. I don’t see the problem with that, the operative word is FELT, not FEELS. I’m sure she loves them ALL, maybe in different ways, but EVERYONE with more than one child has favorites and treats them differently, BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!! And you really don’t need to get all shitty with me because you disagree…most of the REGULAR posters here know where I’m coming from because I post here a lot, and you don’t see them getting thir panties all in a bunch over my comments…they are used to it. So chill out, ok? Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.


    Sure, your son isn’t a gross blob…TO YOU. Please keep in mind that everyone else isn’t as enamored with your crotch dropping as YOU are. I’m sure you love your kid, but I am not required to like it, or think it’s God’s gift or anything. It’s my opinion, that’s all. I think most little boys are creepy and gross (not ALL of them, but a LOT of them, so yours might NOT be creepy, how the hell do I fucking know?). I just don’t really like children all that much, it’s no big deal. I’m not going to HAVE any. I don’t get why people get all defensive and psychotic over children, like they are these untouchable precious things that should be worshipped and revred by all. They aren’t for everyone, and that’s a good thing. I would never be MEAN to a child, I just tend to ignore them because I have no interest in them. Where’s the fucking problem with that? At least I’m honest about it….

  47. tsarinaamanda

    Oh, and please ignore my typos, my “E” key keeps sticking….dammit!

  48. jrzmommy

    The “Blob” comment alone is worth 2 years of intensive psychotherapy and treatment for an eating disorder. Nice job, Angie. Very well put, very well spoken.

  49. kmart

    It would be a lot easier not to get pissy with you if you weren’t calling people’s kids “crotch-droppings.” And maybe the fact that I, too, am the mother of 2 little boys made me take personal offense to what you said. Now you are backpedaling (which I’m sure is what Angie is about to do) to try and cover your tracks. The fact is, people ARE going to be very defensive about their kids, so don’t be surprised when one happens to go off on you!

  50. Michael1

    ‘tsarinaamanda’ if you ever decide to adopt someone else’s “crotch dropping” and are honest with the adoption agency, they’ll slam the door in your face and put your application in a “special” file.

    Get some therapy. Effective therapy. Before you hurt yourself or someone else. It’s not about your not wanting biological kids — I can understand that, and responsible people don’t just procreate because it’s the “thing to do”. No, it’s the lurking evil behind the barely disguised egocentricity in what you say. That, and your defending fish lips’ narcissism. As if Angelina is going to readthis and want to be your friend.

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