Angelina Jolie loves her adopted kids more

January 9th, 2007 // 176 Comments

Angelina Jolie says she loves her adopted children differently than her biological one because they’ve led such hard lives and Shiloh is just a “privileged blob.” She tells Elle magazine:

“I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this… yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality… I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

Guess Angelina Jolie isn’t the greatest person since Mr. T after all. First there was that comment where she complained about the cost of kids and now this. And why is Brad Pitt always morphing into his girlfriends? He might as well be wearing an Angelina Jolie mask here.


  1. Kristin

    Saw this on IMDB. Kinda mean of her.

  2. Binky

    I saw that reasoning in a Chiller Thriller movie once – ‘Beware the Blob’.
    Frightening it was, kinda like Angie’s right claw…err hand.

  3. CynicalNYer

    Why does Brad Pitt look like an OLDER version of Robert Redford in this picture? And they both look like they could be wax figures, and I wouldn’t know the difference…ewww…

    As for Jolie’s comments, I think they’re sad. She adopted the other 2 when they were no more than 6 months old — how much surviving did they do? (Except for Zahara’s malnutrition.)

  4. I’m a survivor

    I will survive

    Hey, hey


    Hey, hey

    We’re the Monkees

    People say we monkey around

    We’re to busy a singin’

    To put anybody down.

  5. BigJim

    Goddamn affirmative action strikes again.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Nice to know that crazy wacko Angie is still in there somewhere.

  7. Another reason I think she’s a cold, stuck up piece of shit. I wish Brad P would grow a pair and lose her.

  8. caljenna

    The more I read her comments to interviewers, the uglier she gets to me. I used to think she was one of the most beautiful women in the world (I would have hit it), but not anymore.

  9. sweetmarie

    This is another example of a celebrity comment being twisted and misinterpreted.
    I have several friends who have recently given birth and while they love their kids, let’s face it, there’s no personality there for months. They’re more like pets–you feed them, change them, keep them happy, and eventually they will start to laugh and smile and become little people but for a while they really are just “blobs”.
    I can’t believe that an Angelina post is what finally got me to register on this site.

  10. BestNameEver

    Every time Angelina opens her mouth, her stupidity becomes more apparent.

    And Brad’s looking ROUGH. Late nights, three kids, and Angelina’s kookiness will do that.

  11. karifarrell

    I just freaking read this story YESTERDAY!!!

    Who is in charge here? That’s it, I’m going home early today

  12. mrs.t

    What about the Skeletor claw she’s got happening in this photo? That’s way more likely to traumatize her kids than whether or not she ‘loves’ them. By the time their seven they’ll have figured out that she’s unstable, and roll with it. But that fucking claw will haunt them the rest of their privileged lives.

  13. billthecat

    Yeah, I agree with sweetmarie. I don’t think she said anything you would take a personal friend to task for.

  14. BestNameEver


    I agree with everything you said. It just wasn’t cool of Angelinda to say that in an interview that her biological daughter might read someday.

  15. hotguy

    they are both so handsome,check out angie’s killer claw tactic. Regardless of the heart warming comments of jolie I think these hot guys with even hotter facial bone structures should stick together. p.s, angie, i think someone’s ageing, looks like u got u a keeper hon!

  16. Charm

    she’s over compensating. Could it be possible to love all three equally? Yes.

  17. misanthrope

    Since this came up in the other post about Angie… I’m transporting my comment over here….

    I used to hate her. Now I really really hate her. Her adopted kids came with personalities at 6 months and her newborn is a blob? Uh, Angie, your adopted kids were newborns once. They didn’t appear by magic at 6 months. I’m sure Shiloh will love your moronic sentiment in a few years. The others are more vulnerable? What? They are no longer infants, they’ve lived in luxury AND they have the apparent luxury of your affection. There is nothing in the world more vulnerable than an infant. Yeah, please don’t *forget* to throw some attention and love toward your baby. Angelina is a fucking asshole.

    Uh, Angelina? That sort of treatment is what your adopted children escaped. Asshole.

    @9: I don’t think the problem is the ‘blob’ comment. And I don’t think it’s been misinterpreted… Did she mean to say, ‘I don’t give a shit about my daughter. I only give a shit about my poor adopted kids.’ Oh, right, she’s just less inclined to *feel* for her and she isn’t as vulnerable.

  18. Lowlands

    (15)I appreciate sometimes your comments,really.

  19. lilypetals

    Well we now know she’s just
    the greatest mother on earth
    , don’t we? “Cost too much” whatever, b*tch. Shoulda thought about that before you went on a children-shopping spree. If you love adopted kids so much, then don’t have one on your own so you don’t have to go around saying you love them more than your own flesh and blood. Stupid witch!


    Hmmmmmmmm. me thinks she needs to be put in a skintight latex suit, ballgagged, hooded, and buttplugged, and then spanked severely. oh and have 100 guys from the rescue mission go bukkake on her ass (or face, whichever would cause the most embarrasment).

  21. gapeachrocks

    Sounds like she has postpartum depression; she should be speaking to a Doctor, not the Press. I’m sure her emotions after childBIRTH are much different than the ones she experienced after just having them show up like a couple new baubles from Tiffany’s. I’m sure she’ll be on Oprah in a couple months talking about her PPD, how she conquered it and how she wants to have more kids.

  22. flababy

    She is always trying to say something intelligent/PC and just ends up sounding like an idiot. If she honestly thinks that Maddox and Zahara remember the six months of their lives before Angelina rescued them, she is RETARDED. She’s probably jealous because Brad loves Shiloh more than he loves her…

  23. Whammer Jammer

    I hate this bitch more every day, but even more so lately because every fucking thing these two do makes headlines when it doesn’t warrant it. Enough of this wench.

  24. misanthrope

    @21: Well, that’s the angle they’ll take to clean up this mess.

  25. kitty_kat

    As much as I dislike Angelina, I kinda feel as if this comment is being taken out of context. I think this is just her really unintelligent way of saying that Maddox and Zahara have more personality because they are older than Shiloh. I agree with #9 in that way.

  26. misanthrope

    @25: That is not what she’s saying. Go read it again.

    Besides, maybe Shiloh doesn’t have a personality since she’s Angelina and Brad’s baby? I mean, my son wasn’t running around and being Mr. Fantastic as a newborn, but he was full of personality.

  27. Michael1

    Hey Superfish, it’s nice of you to ignore teh peopel who post on your site, and I’ll be pissed if you read this, dipwad!:

    I posted the same quote at the last angelina jolie item. Check #51, einstein.

  28. Well,whynot?

    Three things: first, little Angie here isn’t turning out to be such a great mother afterall. Who would have known? I can see it already: twenty years down the road, “Z” and “Mad” are at Harvard, studying law and planning to run for Ambassador or President. Shiloh, on the other hand, will be in therapy, saying: “my mommy never loved me.” Priveledged my ass. Can you imagine randomly stumbling on a site where you see your mom saying something like this? Here kid, why don’t you start drugs now, and kill some time, eh? Who says you need to be able to walk to inhale cocaine?

    Second: Goddarnit! No wonder she’s a blob, she’s a fucking newborn! Have you ever seen a newborn pop out of the mom and saying: “Greetings World! I am so enthused about being among you!” Oh yeah, but that’s Stewie, and he’s FICTIONAL.

    And finally: I am sad. I am sad because today is the day where i realize that the sex-symbol i have grown up with is getting old. I guess i never really thought Brad would get old, or COULD get old. But in this picture, he has all those wrinkles. Now, i will sadly watch my secret paramour’s features melt like my grandma did with Anthony Hopkins. Oh boy, that makes me sad.

  29. Lowlands

    (27)At least i see it sucks.How did you copy this so fast and what software are you using?

  30. zena marie

    So her two adopted kids are preferable to her because they are “survivors”.

    You don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that Shiloh is going to be a “survivor” just by living with Brangie until she’s legal and can leave. Wonder if Mommy dearest will give her cred then.

  31. schweet

    wow…just…huh. wow, mrs. smith, you left me speachless on that one. i mean, she is YOUR little blob. B-/ (sniff)

    as for brad pitt, he looked better when he was with jennifer aniston. maybe he should consider morphing back into her.

  32. schweet

    oh, by the way, does anyone know if angelina is pregnant again? i keep hearing rumors about it.

  33. Binky

    Public at LARGE: # 2 – I found your Blob movie IMDB and you’re off course as always.
    ” A technician brings a frozen specimen of the original Blob back from the North Pole. When his wife accidentally defrosts the thing, it terrorizes the populace, including the local hippies, kittens, and bowlers.”
    There’s no mention of the Post Partum, required medication, or available counselling in the film. (But you may have a point with the claw.)
    Binky : Yikes -now you’re going a bit anal.

  34. Lowlands

    (27)Einstein is quite right only i’m way taller.According to myself preferable Newton.

  35. What a nausiating, sociopathic self hating, holier than thou cunt.

    Nothing witty to say, thats is, she is just a stupid cunt. Oh how touchy feelie of her….to love her daughter less because she isn’t a deprived 3rd world escapee that she can condescend to. Typical New Agey Bullshit.

  36. Cheyenne_1

    It was pretty obvious that Angie gets kids to validate herself but she doesn’t have to broadcast it everywhere. We see it Ange, we it you overrated publicity whore.

    But what I want to know is… since she calls Maddox ‘Mad” and Zahara is “Zee” is she going to call Shiloh “Shy” or “Loh”, or do blobs get nicknames?

    More neuriotic than an inbred poodle and 10 times as overrated. That’s Angelina.

  37. Kristin

    I can’t believe I was first!


  38. Cheyenne_1

    #29 I just took the link you’d hyperlined at “spoken out” at the item about Angelina thinking she’s better than Maddonna, and scrolled a bit. It’s on page 2, now

  39. happy_bunny

    Has anyone ever thought to question the reason she only adopts infants? If she’s so into personality and survival, you’d think she might have considered taking on an HIV- or genocide-orphaned 7-year-old at some point.

    Still, at least Jolie does SOMETHING useful with her money and fame. The twits that are usually posted about on this site (Lohan, Hilton, Richie, Spears, etc.) couldn’t be more boring and worthless if they wanted to.

  40. Cheyenne_1

    #37 and that matters…why?

    P.S. Have you been neutered yet?

  41. RichPort

    Wow, those Madame Tussaud’s wax models look more and more lifelike all the time…

  42. First off, babies aren’t ‘blobs’. My kid was in the NICU for two weeks and she gave them a ration of crap from the start…no personality, my ass. One day old and she fought them at every turn. Kids are born with personalties–they may grow and develop into more evolved ones, but they are not ‘blobs’.

    Second–you never admit it if you have favorites–unless your goal is to make them hate each other AND you. Particularly in an interview.

    Third–She talks about ALL of her kids like they’re an interesting experiment, or cute things in a zoo. She has to REMEMBER not to ignore the needs of her newborn child? Like reminding herself to feed the cat.

    Next she’ll be yelling about wire hangers.

  43. Lowlands

    Does Brad Pitt know the relativity-theory??

  44. crystalljackson

    I’m not really sure I understand why she feels the others are “more vulnerable”. Survivors? Please…they were 6 months old. The only memories those adopted kids will have when they get older will be those of any other privileged rich kid. Why does this bitch-face have to encase entire culture identities into two little children to validate her “mission” to save the world? These are supposed to be her kids, not fucking projects. I hate this cunt.

  45. Hey #43–Your baby’s crying–go remind yourself to pay attention to it.

  46. freakflag

    Because she’s so hot, I think we tend to forget that she’s also a raving lunatic. Sure, she cleaned up her act recently and married a hollywood pretty boy with the right industry pedigree to make her APPEAR normal, but, this is also the same woman who wore a vial of Billy Bob F-ing Thornton’s blood around her neck. Just remember…you can’t polish crazy.

  47. NipsyHustle

    #12 LMFAO about the “skeletor” hand. that must be the hand she uses to strip away brad’s identity daily.

    i was so distracted by brad’s balloon lips that i originally missed it. is he getting lip injections now?

  48. suzy

    is it me, or is he starting to look like bill clinton soon???

  49. NipsyHustle

    personally i think she had shiloh as the old “trap baby”. you know, when a whore steals someone’s man, she instantly gets pregnant so that the man feels obligated to stay with her. sure she WAS the finest woman alive ages ago, but he would have gotten tired of banging that with all of her ignorance and issues and left if it weren’t for shiloh.

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