Angelina Jolie likes the Obama

October 12th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Stopping just short of a long-awaited endorsement, Angelina Jolie tells Vanity Fair she’s leaning towards Democratic Senator Barack Obama for President. While I hate celebrities talking politics, Angelina is a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador who knows her shit and doesn’t trip over her 8,000 children trying to endorse Obama (via the AP):

Asked if she finds Obama and his background an example to her family, she replies, “Naturally that’s good, but it’s not a sufficient reason to vote for him.
“Obama fights for international justice, he wants to militarily intervene in cases of genocide, and close Guantanamo Bay. These are the things that could move me to vote for him, not his roots.”
She then adds, “Naturally, an American president like Barack Obama would be nice for my family.”

Hey, you know what else would be nice for your family? TURN OFF THE UTERUS. Just sayin’.


  1. Lux


  2. Ryan


  3. steve

    this is from someone who dropped out of high school to live with some creep at age 14, and has done more drugs than Keith Richards…

    yea, I take her opinions on politics seriously…

    SIKE!! (<–bet you haven’t heard that one in a while)

  4. Mugato

    steve ,

    And yet, she’s done more for humanity than your entire generational line, past and future, ever will. But you’ll always have that Keith Richards zinger that she’ll never read to hold onto.

  5. Gem

    It’s spelled p-s-y-c-h

  6. wwwukeruker

    Look asshole. Your statement of hating when celebrities ‘talk politics’ is the usual conservative BS one hears from the Republican minded that has no validity. Its those who say this to denigrate what they consider to be Liberals in Hollywood but who themselves are starstruck seeing they voted for Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwartzenegger.

    So what’s your point? So what if Angelina Jolie is UN ambassador. How did she get that position? The same way other celebrities are asked to be spokesperson of various interests.

    A better post would be that no one should take anything some asswipe like you say about politics because you are the example of what’s in the White House now. Straight out of Beavis and Butthead.

  7. Ryan the Canadian

    Yeah! Fuck you Republicans! Your Mothers are at rallies calling African Americans Arabs! No wonder the world thinks the USA is full of ignorant, unrefined rednecks. Obama might not be the best choice for America but he is the best choice for America’s world image. Everyone should vote for Obama just BECAUSE he is black. Send a message that Republicans CAN open their minds and that there might be hope. Otherwise, send in the old guy and the hockey mom…..then you can open more ‘Intelligent Design’ musuems that depict children running with Velociraptors…….Creationists….not enough straight jackets…..

  8. what’s all that stuff on her arm ?

    i think it says “the first rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions”

  9. Leandra

    Turn off the uterus? What kind of stupid remark is that? She has only given birth twice for heaven’s sake. Why don’t you save that dumbass comment for maybe Mrs. Duggar who is working on Number 18?!

  10. “Obama fights for international justice, he wants to militarily intervene in cases of genocide.”

    That’s a very idealistic and honorable sentiment. Perhaps she can get Obama to militarily intervene against Israel’s genocidal campaign of land theft from the Palestinians.

    Click the link for a gif so simple and easy to understand, a veritable tale told at a glance, that even a stupid white goy-kopf* like you can understand it.

    *goy-kopf: goy-head

  11. “he wants to militarily intervene in cases of genocide”

    So basically this dumb twat’s pro-war politics are no different from her Archie Bunker of a father.

    A vote for McBama is a vote for an endless war somewhere.

  12. We are not cattle....I don't even have cable.....

    Number 10 – You sure don’t like Jews. Maybe you should seek some help with this. You know, lying down on a couch and talking to someone. The USA helped create Israel (they helped cut the Palestinians off from the beach – that sucks) so you should consider moving. Maybe to Palestine or Lebanon? Calling people cattle on a forum that is dedicated to slamming celebrities is not getting you what you need. Go online, get a ticket, and get to the airport. You can consider your issues solved. Now, let us tear Paris apart in peace….

  13. Christine

    I am confused… Intervene in cases of genocide… Yet, they all say the war in Iraq is wrong… Yet, Hussein commited genocide…

  14. Christine

    I am confused… Intervene in cases of genocide… Yet, they all say the war in Iraq is wrong… Yet, Hussein commited genocide…

  15. Christine

    I am confused… Intervene in cases of genocide… Yet, they all say the war in Iraq is wrong… Yet, Hussein commited genocide…

  16. Well, Christine, you should be. So let me clear it up for you.

    McCain wants to “intervene” (read: wage war) in/on Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc.

    Obama wants to “intervene” (read:wage war) in/on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Darfur, etc.

    Hussein was an evil dictator but that’s not my fucking problem.

  17. How the hell did she become Mother Theresa? Brit Brit should hire her P.R.Peeps…

  18. There's lots more room for you now . . .

    @ #12: It’s interesting #12, that you’re still interested in tearing apart the blond Miss Hilton when the brunette Angelina is featured above. Perhaps you should get some help with that . . . maybe even consider moving to be with your Chosen coreligionists, you know, make aliya . . . from the map, I think there’s lots more room for you now to make a permanent aliya.

    You’ll be under a lot less stress if you don’t have to be around the blonds that enrage you so much.

    As far as the Palestinians and Jews go, I don’t give a rat’s ass, I just like stirring the shit.

    And yes, even if you’re a member of the Chosen, you’re still a stupid cow. : D

  19. Bob

    The sad thing is the American sheeple really CARE what she thinks.

    PS: Fuck Palestinian savages. They have about as much claim to Israel as Native Americans have to the USA. I don’t know about you, but I’m not giving up my home to a Native American anytime soon.

  20. Fernando Narcos

    10-Maybe you should actually learn something other than the GOP Zionist agitprop we get force fed in this country.The Jews are engaged in an active and ongoing Holocaust against the Palestinians in order to complete their theft of land they were kicked out of 20 centuries ago.

  21. Not a Cow.....

    Amusing, I only mentioned Paris Hilton as she is the usual fodder here. I was “speaking” in general terms. I fail to understand why this site has to have anti-Jewish rhetoric BUT I do love shit stirring so…..whatever….I am a skinny white dude b.t.w – not a cow….

  22. The chosen liars

    Hey what is an ashkenazi jew? Oh they are the guys that are not featured in the Bible but were from Kazhari and converted to Judaism 1000 years ago and then got their asses kicked by the Germanic hordes (Attilla the Hun) and then ran to Russia and got kicked out of their and then ended up mostly in Germany and that is where they get that ebonic yiddish slang from.
    And then they got kicked out of there and via the Balfour Declaration they took Israel not only from the Palestinians BUT ALSO FROM THE HEBREWS!!!!!!
    80% of Palestine is now ashkenazi jews, not Hebrews.

    Just sayin’.
    As for those of you who do not care about genocide and stuff I would warn you that this country of ours if falling faster for the middle class. Maybe 20 million homes could end up foreclosed. Maybe even starvation and rioting and Marshal Law.
    Maybe. Maybe not.
    How do you right wing tools feel about all that. Let me guess (you guys are simpletons and are easy to read), fuck you liberal retard!!!! Country boys can survive! (not when all the trees go real fast for firewood and what little wildlife is hunted and exhausted).
    God help us all and hail the Bilderbergers and the New World Order!
    (I know I know none of this is true, the world is a sweet place and politicians care about us, especially hardy right wing families)

  23. SIN

    Lets see. A person who doesn’ have a real job. When she does work, its all pretend. Has a famous father, Married a famous guy, has more money than god and has no concept of what a working family goes through. Yeah she is the one i want to listen to. NOT!!
    All of the problems and unwanted children in the United States and she want to take care of foreign countries. She doesn’t care about the USA so she wants someone in office who cares just as little as she does.

  24. get a clue assholes

    Most of you are correct and the others are just ignorant assholes who are pretty much worthless to society. She has done so much for humanity, despite her personal life. Big Fucking Deal about her personal life!! that’s just what it is. Why don’t you bitches stop complaining and get out there and make a fucking difference. Lazy, shit-talking sons-of-bitches!

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  26. devilsrain

    Right ok lets see, let me vote for Obama, a man who terrorists & their respective countries want in office. Way to represent as a good will ambassador Angie.

    You have to be a complete idiot to vote the way Hollyweird would.

  27. You know what would be newsworthy?

    If a Hollywood type DIDN’T vote for Obama.

  28. But be sure, folks:

  29. woodhorse

    Thank you Mugato.

    gerard, I love Angelina. Even more, I love her $248 million dollar yacht with a swimming pool, helicopter, and submarine accessories that she has commissioned.

  30. Wow, this is new…..another so-called celebrity (and homewrecker as well and we all know it) giving her opinion on politics. Who-da thunk! She may be an ambassador for the UN but what has she really done??

  31. Bill Clinton

    oBama will intervene militarily?

    oBama will do the same thing the un has done to intervene! Not a damn thing except yell

    “Stop or we’ll say l stop again!.

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  34. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    Why does anyone care or why is it “long awaited” what political leanings a celeb in Hollweird has? In Europe at election time no one is eagerly awaiting or caring who Hugh Grant or Kiera Knightly is boting for, we don’t know and we dont’ give a shit. You pathetic Yanks should get a mind of your own.

  35. Sgt. C. Foxtrot


    Not all of us chose to be born into wealth. Because obviously being poor is a choice, not a culmination of extenuating circumstances.

  36. andy

    Voting for obama only cause he’s black is reverse racism if I ever saw it. MLJ said to judge the character of the man and not his color. I did, and I don’t like Obama’s character.

  37. Air Mail

    Gee, maybe if Obama sends kids to ‘good’ wars, he will stop in the Military Hospitial and visit the wounded. I say maybe, since last June he passed on a chance to see them, and went to play basketball…

  38. Bigo

    And she doesn’t even live in the USA, she just keeps popping kids around the world. Bitch!

  39. Blanket

    I give her a year until she’s in a straight jacket.

  40. Wow

    22, Yeah, okay. How about now we go into the Masonic rituals Brothers get initiated through? Like the ones where they all are told to believe they are the reincarnation of a Mason who was killed by a Jew. Of course this has NOTHING to do with the Anti-Semitic propaganda being spread around the world… since, well, ever.

  41. She's a loser

    I’m voting for Obama, but I can’ stand this phony bitch. I can assure you she was waiting to see who would be most likely to win the election. When asked before, she didn’t want to commit to either candidate. Just the idea that she would even consider voting Republican proves she’s nothing but a phony whore and most definitely not who she used to be. She’s voting for whoever turned out to be more popular. Dumb bitch.

  42. MrSatyre

    Gee, there’s a surprise. Another ‘HolierThanThou’wood elite who hasn’t two neurons to rub together to form an original thought. Must be nice being a lemming, otherwise I can’t imagine any reason to be one.

  43. whitebear

    I hope she does have more babies, if she has triplet girls now, in 15 years that could end all wars.

  44. Who me

    Yeah 40 what you have to say has nothing to do with the anti-semitism going on in the middle east. The real Semites, Arabs and Hebrews, are being murdered and subjugated. But hey, it guess that’s ok. Wait until Marshal Law is declared here after the economy continues to rot. Oh don’t worry. The banksters will keep the game going until they get everything they can.
    Anyway, go get a beer and go back to sleep/watch tv.

  45. Lisa

    Does this woman ever say anything coherent??
    Everything that comes out of her mouth seriously makes me doubt her intelligence.

    I really do admire her humanitarian work and all of her contributions for charity.
    But the fact that she NEVER stops blabbing about her private life really just kills it for me.
    I’d respect her a little more if she kept her mouth shut.

    She just looks like a media whore.

  46. kissa

    turn of that uterus? the fuck? she has the means and capabilities to give birth and raise children. whats wrong with that? she’s adopting homeless kids who would otherwise live in dire poverty or not even live past their 7th birthday.whats wrong with that?

    why dont u ask irresponsible mothers who have 4 kids they can barely support to turn off their uterus? or ala-jamie lyn spears to turn of her uterus?

  47. Well at least someone in Hollywood is wise. I really thought they were all snowed over. I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t hate the man as much as his actions and beliefs. Angie is a pretty peaceful person.

  48. Johnson

    That is a NIGGER if ever i seen 1 ole big Boot Lips and a Obama lover nasty whore of pictures you suck nigger dick you hoe bag of shit

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