Angelina Jolie likes the Obama

Stopping just short of a long-awaited endorsement, Angelina Jolie tells Vanity Fair she’s leaning towards Democratic Senator Barack Obama for President. While I hate celebrities talking politics, Angelina is a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador who knows her shit and doesn’t trip over her 8,000 children trying to endorse Obama (via the AP):

Asked if she finds Obama and his background an example to her family, she replies, “Naturally that’s good, but it’s not a sufficient reason to vote for him.
“Obama fights for international justice, he wants to militarily intervene in cases of genocide, and close Guantanamo Bay. These are the things that could move me to vote for him, not his roots.”
She then adds, “Naturally, an American president like Barack Obama would be nice for my family.”

Hey, you know what else would be nice for your family? TURN OFF THE UTERUS. Just sayin’.