Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston’s Oscar showdown

February 18th, 2009 // 85 Comments

Seen here shopping in New York City this morning, Angelina Jolie is set to have a face-to-face encounter with Jennifer Aniston at the Night Before the Oscars party on Saturday. While somebody hopefully is preparing a shit-load of Jell-O, Jen is psyching herself up for the big event, according to OK Magazine:

“She has always known that this moment would happen and she’s never been more ready to see her nemesis, Angie, in the flesh,” a source tells OK! of the 40-year-old He’s Just Not That Into You star. “She’s no longer alone — she has a hot man in her life — John Mayer — and she plans to bring him as her date to the party.”
The insider adds that Jen has felt very confident ever since reuniting with John, 31, last year after their brief breakup. “It’s taken time, but she’s getting past her insecurities about Brad and Angie and their huge happy family. Though the meeting is sure to be difficult, Jen knows it has to happen and now couldn’t be better timing.”

If you’re wondering why I only posted pics of Angelina and not Jennifer Aniston, one of them is an Oscar-nominated actress raising a family of adopted children from third-world countries while the other has sex with John Mayer for publicity. Although in hindsight, I guess that makes them both equally charitable. My bad.

Photos: Splash News

  1. my comment

    The little black girl never smiles, ever.
    Shiloh on the other hand is an angel. She looks like her grandfather, Jon Voight. Let’s hope she inherited his common sense.

  2. Not Fooled

    You paps need to find another “hook” to sell to the public because this one is so old it’s stinking of decomposition! It’s been FOUR YEARS….i seriously doubt either Jennifer, Brad or Angelina gives a rat’s arse about what happened way back when. Chyt happens, it stinks for awhile, then blows away…this has blown way far away…let it go

  3. Christina

    Wow, really? Now there’s a “source” saying that Jen calls Jolie her “nemesis”? Seriously?

    There is NOTHING to this “feud”. Yeah, they aren’t best friends and will probably never go out of their way to see each other, but its pretty obvious that everything written about them supposedly hating each other is bullshit. I like Jen and am not a huge Jolie fan but even if I loved or hated them both I’d know this was all bullshit. I seriously doubt Jennifer Aniston spends her time conspiring and plotting against Angelina Jolie. The people who run such shitty magazines should really be ashamed of themselves for being so pathetic.

  4. mytwocents

    Angilena is starting too look too plastic, the botox the old nose job she is like too stretched out and shiny all the time

  5. star

    number 10, Aniston has more money according to Forbes. Read up before you talk. And Superficial writer, Angelina banged billy bob Thornton for publicity so stop hating on Aniston

  6. stoplookingatme

    @49 & 51: I know, right? I was going to ask if anyone has EVER seen a picture of Zahara smiling. She’s cute and all but seems kinda dull with that blank look on her face all the time… I know she’s just a little kid and I should lay off the criticism, but *seriously*!

  7. truk

    that one kid looks like the dad, I’m not sure who the other one favors

  8. AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING, she still don’t get the picture.

  9. maire

    AJ has masterfully created her persona…sex idol, perfect mother, yada yada, but remember, she was a nut case for a lot of years, and probably still is. The media has pretty much blown up the rivalry between the two, would be pretty boring without it. So Jennifer whined, and bitched; doesnt seem to be too unhappy to me. The kids are adorable, but Zahara seems to always have this blank look on her face, along with how small she is, wonder if there is something delays there.

  10. VapidAttentionWhore

    You mean to say Oscar WINNING actress, right SuperficialWriter? I mean, “Girl, Interrupted” is no classic, but she screamed a lot and cried and got naked, which is basically all the Academy wants. It’s really amazing that Kate Winslet hasn’t won 40 of the damn things at this point since that’s all she does.

  11. jime

    she’s lovelyyyyyyyyyyy!

  12. shanex

    Jolie suffers from what I call liver lips syndrome. And a musician trumps an actor everytime. Is there a sillier profession for a grown man than acting? Mayer is an awesome guitarist who’s played with Buddy Guy, and Pitt continues to badly mumble in every movie. And lets not forget his laughable attempts at foreign accents.

  13. sin

    Brad is going to regret the Jolie thing in just a few years. She is not aging well at all whlie Jen is still as perky as ever.

  14. sin

    Lets not forget all of those smell, theiving adopted sand fleas of hers.

  15. Ken

    Everyone is using stupid Jen. Every media outlet, Jen Pr team, John and her fans. Jen needs to grow some brains and get these monkeys off her back.
    So obvious the douche bag is using her. I don’t understand why she don’t see

  16. TALL


    Grammar must not be your forte.

  17. MEGAN

    JENNIFER ANISTON sh!ts on angelina jolie!! angelina so pale and busting out babys and adopting them all over the place jennifer aniston is hottttt! her boyfriends a douche but she’s the sh!t get off her already!!

  18. herald

    This is the most beautiful family!!!! love them all.

  19. Kari

    Oh, please we all know what AJ does – this has happened time and again – she just doesn’t show up!

  20. KB

    ^5 #32 and 26. I’m soooo tired of hearing how JA just can’t get over Brad. How many women have been left or cheated on by their men?!?!? It hurts for a while, but eventually, you get past it and move on. It happens ALL THE TIME. If JA has moved on, why does this story keep coming up? Let go Jennifer, let go.

  21. Carolyn

    #66, it’s not the grammar that’s wrong with #62, it’s the spelling.

  22. Carolyn

    #66, it’s not the grammar that’s wrong with #62, it’s the spelling.

  23. jacky

    I agree with you, and do you know that someone said that she is dating with a handsome and wealthy businessman from ^^C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M ^^ now?

  24. PlanetFlorida

    Oh pleeeeeeeeeease do not tell me you are one of the Deluded Ones who buy the I’m-a-Charity-Donor-Adopting-Machine-Effortlessly-Raises-Millions-of-Kids thing. She is an ACTRESS. She ACTS. I will give her this: Angie runs rings around Hollywood PR people. She has a legion of nannies she won’t allow to be seen, no female friends, and a plan to rehab her image by donating money to charity. It is insulting, it’s so patronizing. And those baby photos where the money goes to charity? That ain’t about the money, baby. That is the way she controls media coverage of her–the mags who buy are then obligated to cover only the images she okays.

  25. Brooke

    I’m sorry, Angie may have more money, children, whatever, but she is also a HOME WRECKER and in my book unless Jennifer Anniston decides to have an affair with a married man, steal him from his wife, then go brag about it in a magazine then she’ll always be classier than Angelina Jolie. If Brad and Jen had been divorced when he and Angie met and started to hook up then it would be different, but it’s not. I think Angelina is a great actress and liked her up until the point that she chose to be a home wrecker, I have had no use for her sense. On another note, Shiloh is adorable and looks just like Brad Pitt. I get the feeling that Angie favors her adopted kids over her biological children, which is strange cause it’s usually the other way around. All her children should be equal to her, but I just don’t get the feeling that it’s that way. I noticed in the picture that Zahara is dressed much better than Shiloh is. I don’t want to talk bad about kids, but in every single picture of Zahara she has an angry scowl on her face.

  26. hacker

    hey, does Jolie satisfy with Pitt? I feel angry for Pitt, why Jolie created a profile at a celebrity and millionaire club ” C e l e b M i n g l e. C o M “? Don`t you belive? yes, this site is not famous, so soldom people know about this, but her photo has been verified there!

  27. Christine

    Wanted to remind the author of this article, Jolie and Pitt’s relationship (and sad to say children) was the result of adultery. Adultery is one of the ten commandments and a sin Jesus reitterated. But, while everyone thinks of this, judging another is also a sin. =)

  28. Christine

    Wanted to remind the author of this article, Jolie and Pitt’s relationship (and sad to say children) was the result of adultery. Adultery is one of the ten commandments and a sin Jesus reitterated. But, while everyone thinks of this, judging another is also a sin. =)

  29. Black Dalia

    Sarah 26 Jen isn’t whining and it seems that ,yes,Angelina dragged Brad away from Jen(everyone thinks so) but what is the big deal anyway?Brad is not considered to be as handsome and popular to us women since the jeans commercial!Remember?toutourourou how was that song goes ,we were listening a very popular song in that tv commercial of 80′s.Now they could all three of them be closer and if Angelina still likes women where’s the problem?Big fass over a guy!

  30. Brad Pitt

    Lemme guess– this is a “wardrobe malfunction?” Yeah ok, Jennifer, or Janet, Or LaToya, you’re NOT an attention-starved exhibitionist, sure, whatever.
    This is just the first symptom… of “the long road down.” Seen it before: Farrah Fawcett, Jane Mansfield, Marylin Monroe, Joan Crawford, you name it. Another has-been who never really was, being dragged kicking and screaming into oblivion, after her “dream-boat” sets sail for better ports.
    But this is really nothing new; note that as usual, her face is the most covered-up part of her body– like ALL “butterface” chicks; she even INVENTED the “Rachel” hair-look of the “giant comb-over” to cover up that giant masculine “What, Me Worry?” face. She’s clearly lost it, and we see why Brad REALLY left her– it wasn’t John Voight’s daughter and her inherited “yew shore do got a got a purty mouth, boy!”
    It was the fact that he couldn’t stand living with a psycho-butterface with more skeletons in her closet than the L.A. Coroner’s office. And now the GQ-media buzzards are closing in… AND….they’re coming to take her away! Ha-ha, hee-hee, ho-ho…

  31. Bill Anderson

    Also: Let’s also remember that AJ had sex with Billy-Bob, so that’s a gross-out; but then again, HE bumped uglies with Halle Barry in a soft-core porno called “Monster’s Ball(s),” so I guess it balances out somewhat to make AJ slightly F-able… if you’re also into sharing needles used needles with an AIDS-clinic. Throw in Pamela Anderson and you can start a leper-colony/insane-asylum.

  32. Chgo Girl

    Angelina is a freak, and a homewrecking slut. She used her outer beauty to seduce a married man. Brad is a weak, pathetic excuse for a man and a worse excuse for a husband. Is it no wonder they aren’t married even after adopting 3 children and producing 3 children out of wedlock. They are a joke!

  33. R. Kimmel

    Jennifer Anniston is a whiny Big Nosed Bitch….even after she had her nose done….I never did see what Brad saw in her! She also didn’t want Brad’s kids…but she wishes she had, had them now! Too late…too late….Live with it and stop sniveling….You whiny C.

  34. finksteinnewbaum

    I don’t understand the insane legions of Angelina worshippers. She is scrawny, always looks like she has bruises — just a bony, nasty bitch (not that I wouldn’t allow her to please me in many depraved ways).

    Jennifer, on the other hand, is a straight dime-piece — perfect tits, ass, face, hair. I’m sure her vulva is quite pretty as well. She got a little too skinny for a while, but she’s back on track now.

    I just don’t see how someone can look at the two of them and think Jolie looks better. She looks like a hooker strung out on heroin. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but she looks like an UGLY hooker strung out on heroin.

    But as for heroin and hookers in general, they’re wonderful, except for the constipation (from the heroin, not the hookers — unless you’re into some really kinky shit).

    Aniston is a hot piece of ass. Jolie looks like someone you’d bang in a car and then feel kind of shitty afterwards. She used to be a lot hotter than she is now, like back in the ’90s, but she was never on Aniston’s level.

    Has anyone looked at a picture of Jolie lately? Maybe someone can explain the attraction. I like some meat on my pussy (not on the actual vagina, you understand, but using “pussy” to mean “women,” to annoy and outrage other people posting on this site).

    Jolie has NO ASS, SMALL TITS. What the fuck?

  35. The little black girl never smiles, never. Shiloh, on the other hand, an angel. It looks like his grandfather, Jon Voight. Hopefully she has inherited her good sense.

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