Angelina Jolie isn’t adopting a Haitian baby. This time.

February 12th, 2010 // 53 Comments

When Angelina Jolie went down to Haiti this week everyone immediately assumed she’d be stuffing children in her purse like Britney Spears at a wing buffet. But she assures CNN she’s only there to help. For now…:

“I’m always open to children around the world. We’re that kind of a family; Brad and I talk about that. But that’s not what we’re focusing on at this time, by any means. We’re not here for that. We’re here to see how we can help protect the children in country and scale up the needs here.”

I love how she keeps the option open. Just in case someone finds the secluded shed she stuffed full of Haitian kids. “Hey, I never said I wasn’t going to take a few home. *ducks* Shit, were those Madonna’s wings? She’s gonna take all the good ones.

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  1. plastic Sturgeon

    I wonder when and if the truth will come out. Angie is anorexic and has a heroin problem. Maybe she should deal with that first.

  2. Haiti Baby

    Aww.. too bad! You know that is why she went over there, but that fucking “Church” had to ruin it all!

  3. Plastic Sturgeon

    @Yo: How loserish.

  4. Agnes

    I never hated her until I ran into her “fans” spamming every website. They are nasty, vile people.

  5. Shart

    I am so glad that Skelentina is out there saving the children of the world. What did we do before Skelly became the savior of all Gods children?

  6. I wish this home-wrecking, hypocrite, crazy-ass whore would go away. Are we supposed to admire her for finally — more than 3 weeks after the event — getting around to going to Haiti? Who the hell needs her there now? No one. She does it for the press.

  7. Mel

    What exactly is the purpose of her going there? It is a drain on resources already streached to the limit. They are even asking medical personnel to stay away for now! And now we have this baby/man stealer over there like she is some kind of healer.

  8. beep beep

    Angie needs to go back and do what she does “best”…cut herself and soul-kiss her brother. There are some values that I get behind!

  9. KIKI

    I think it is funny she can’t adopt here in the U.S. because she is batshit crazy.

  10. And...

    @ 9. I know! She was at least up front about her famewhoring ways. Now she wants us to believe that she is some kind of Mother Theresa. She will always be crazy, no matter how many “UN Missions” she goes on, or how many children she adopts. I don’t buy her bullshit.

  11. The last thing that lady needs is more kids. She should focus on taking care of the ones she has and maybe eating more than a salad now and then.

  12. rusty

    It’s so obvious that she wants to be some kind of saint. Why does she take a camera crew everywhere she goes? And then you see her–the make up is done, her hair is not out of place, come on get real…..I guess she needs to look beautiful for all those people who were buried under dirty rocks. How do you think they feel when you come down all showered with a camera crew with your face made up and lipstick on?

  13. Reynolds

    She needs to drop the whole Earth Mother routine and take a page out of Bill Gates’s book by not using her humanitarianism to get on the front cover of People magazine. In other words, if Angelina was a true humanitarian, she wouldn’t need to advertise her philanthropy in order to feel good about herself.

  14. Pooty

    Well, I for one never heard about Haiti before Angie went there. Team AJ, God Bless the Jolie Pitts!

  15. chupacabra

    People: She’s the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations! That’s why she went.

  16. 14 is a Moron

    Pitt doesn’t believe in God, you asshat.

  17. woot

    Why is her damn forehead bigger than the rest of her face? She should wear bangs or something.

  18. I remember reading an article where she got $2M for an exclusive pictorial of her adopted son.

  19. I remember reading an article where she got $2M for an exclusive pictorial of her adopted son.

  20. Lucky

    She should go on a mission to find Brad’s hotness. He’s lost it! Is anyone else having trouble with this site or is my computer jackin’?

  21. Sport

    Arrogant bitch.
    DIAF Skeletor.

  22. Lucky

    She should go on a mission to find Brad’s hotness. He’s lost it! Is anyone else having trouble with this site or is my computer jackin’?

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    WOW, people, jealous much?

  24. Rough: observe patterns & adapt

    Of course not she doesnt want J-crew, she wants something exotic like a ‘Hermes’…She has great taste in accessories you know.

  25. Ash

    Bash her all you want guys. But in the end, she’s done far more good for the world than any of you will in a lifetime. That’s commendable in my book.

  26. Plastic Sturgeon

    @Ash: I do think that she has done good. She has given money and is involved in charities. But like all the others, she is in Haiti for publicity. She goes on record as giving money and helping Haiti because it is a great PR move.

    Celebrities and other millionaires give a FRACTION of a per cent of their annual income to charities. Go to It is documented.

    Why do you think Oprah gives away cars? Duh.

  27. Howie

    @ 24. Yeah, I am jealous, I am jealous of the people who don’t have to look at her snooty face and holier than thou attitude. If daddy would not have been Jon Voight, she would have never made it. Her acting and fake crap make me sick.

  28. coco

    I love her! love her! love her! She is no angel…but she makes a difference and obviously cares while other useless celebs pretend to live lives they don’t, bitching and crying to try to make a buck on reality tv, showing their butt cracks, cleavage and pea brains to the world. She is down to earth and cool and has a natural ease and beauty about her that can’t be faked. No, she is not normal. Less than a fraction of a fraction of .01% of the population will ever have lived a life comparable to hers…and she’s a talented actress too. Can’t wait to see Salt! Love her! Go Ang!

  29. coco

    Oh…and to the comment about bringing her camera crew there. IT’S TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THE CAUSE! It’s not like she’s hosting a Vagas night club for G-d sakes!

  30. TwinklestarO

    One would think Angelina could have helped all the children not just one… by bring in a plane with a million tents and herself in it.

    Also I have yet to read about a couple million birth control…so this situation does not have a baby boom and make life a mess for even more children + people.

    Angelina could have thought of this… maybe ???

  31. OK…I love how she has adopted kids from the 3rd world in the past. Very nice. BUT…thats too many children. Let some of them grow up 1st!!!

  32. nd

    Angie’s a beautiful person and Brad is better off with her. He and Jen were having problems for a while before the divorce. Unless you’re faultless don’t go around calling people homewrecker or crazy ass crack whore. Get off your fat ass and do something worthwhile, at least she’s doing something.

  33. Paul

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s sick of this smug, smarmy broad.

  34. When did Angelina start looking like a female version of Christopher Walken?

  35. wakeuppeople

    you guys are ridiculous, i must rant..give credit where it is due. Angie has always said she’s not normal.. that’s exactly what makes her like us- the people checking out the gossip on this website of the very celebrities you hate.. i think that’s crazy.. she did not have to become a UN embassador.. that actually takes effort, time and dedication..there is no red carpet when she goes to these 3rd world countries.. she usually rocks no makeup or style when she travels.. it’s also risky to travel to some of these places for any American..but apparently all that does not rank as high as coming to this site and typing a useless, baseless and insulting comments. have you bashers even looked to see how much of her money she has giving to all kinds of causes? well, whatever you find online is only fraction.. she gives more but doesn’t feel the need to hold a press conference every time she does.. the person that mentioned the millions she got for baby pics.. yeah, find out what she did with that money.. she gave it away.. not to mention brad and all the work he does in New Orleans.. these guys really try to use their celebrity and money for something good. As for Brad/Jen/Angie..she’s a homewrecker? that term is just plain stupid. obviously he wasn’t happy in that relationship.. would it have been better for them to have an affair in order to keep the critical ‘superficial’ people happy that he remained married? divorce was the most respectful thing he could have done for Jen and definitely not easiest route they could have taken! the whole situation brought a negative light to them both. clearly their celebrity status was not on the ‘important list’ for them. sorry I had to rant, the obvious jealousy some of you people are bleeding.. was just too much to stay quiet and move on.

  36. give her a break

    @ #13: It’s like her face is heavily made up and she’s trying to look really glam. I’m not a big fan of hers but I think she’s done some good humanitarian stuff, and it’s not all about self-publicity.
    She can’t help it that she looks ridiculosly beautiful with just a tint of lipcolor. C’mon those lips would look fabulous even bare. She’s been voted the most beautiful woman in the world in countless mags like People mag and Vanity Fair for a reason.
    I think there’s some sincere good intentions in her. Of course I can’t be 100% sure but why be cynical

  37. give her a break

    Sorry, typo. I meant “It’s NOT like her face is heavily made up etc”

  38. sm

    every gesture she makes seems contrived and evil

  39. Galtacticus

    You can tell that she isn’t going to age well.

  40. Gando

    She’d look like she’s sick.

  41. Nero

    Can somebody over there please tell her to take a bath and brush those rabbit teeth?!

  42. Darth

    That’s quite awkward,when a walking sketchbook comes in your room while you’re in your underwear.Why and for what reason are these photos taken?

  43. Jolie is really a hot mama for me. Even though she’s not adopting a Haitian baby this time, it doesn’t matter . wHAT matters most is her presence in the devastated nation HAiti. That makes her one of a kind.

  44. Remember that the feast of love is not only for women but men also have the same right to celebrate then think about things in love and like.

  45. People change and obviously Angelina has changed ever since she became a mother. Why do people insist are putting her down for things she did during her rebellious years? Humans make mistakes and she definitely has put that behind her, people should too.

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  48. Hi Guy’s,
    Angie’s a beautiful person and Brad is better off with her. He and Jen were having problems for a while before the divorce.

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