Angelina Jolie is still really pretty

April 27th, 2006 // 146 Comments

angelina-most-beautiful.jpgAngelina Jolie has made the cover of People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” issue for the first time, despite being on their list four times now. Additionally, her adopted children and Brad Pitt were also named the World’s Most Beautiful Family.

Don’t read too much into the list though since Kirstie Alley and Ryan Seacrest also made the cut, as well as all 26 models from “Deal or No Deal.” It’s like the editors just turned on the TV for 30 minutes and wrote down whoever came on as they were flipping through. If you’re putting together a list of beautiful people, you automatically lose all credibility if Kirstie Alley makes it on. It’d be like making a list of healthiest foods and putting chocolate covered pizza as number three.



  1. Trotter

    Mama, that’s also what the girl who kicked me in the penis said! I have to admit, I’ve never shot a load that high before, but the bloody discharge is a little disconcerting.

    Sherry-Co is MeganHarris without the lithium.

  2. Zanna

    First of all INNIT. I wasn’t TRYING to be shocking. Shocking is what I do at the Foxy Lady in Rhode Island at my second job. But I’ve obviously hit some kind of nerve with you. I’ll make it better baby…come and suck on my left tit, because the right one is MUCH TOO POWERFUL FOR YOU.

    On a side note, it’s nice to see that Rockter lives about 20 minutes from me.

  3. mamacita


    Ever seen pictures of Angelina Jolie as a young girl? It’s not plastic surgery, as tempting as that thought may be.

    Read it and weep.

  4. Zanna

    Innit – that “popping” in your head you spoke of earlier:

    Feel better…

  5. Leyna


    I completely agree

  6. Zanna

    Big Jim:

    re: 94 – can you do that to music? Cuz I’d like to see that.

  7. Zanna

    Jim – what I meant was…you CAN do that to music? not can you..cuz you already said you can.

  8. BigJim


    You should see me do it to Beethoven’s Fifth.

  9. HollyJ

    “89. Posted by nbk on April 27, 2006 02:21 PM
    There’s a fucking Journal of Scientology? What are you kidding? What’s next? The American Royal Society of TCLTC Press?”

    There’s a magazine for every keyboard-spewing jacktard out there (and I mean that spewing part as a compliment). There’s a whole magazine devoted to WALKING for god’s sake. WALKING. WTF? Who needs to read a magazine about WALKING?

    BigJim, keep those boobs jangling. I’m getting hot. ::::sending you a subscript to Jiggling Pecs Monthly”

  10. Zanna

    *sidles up to Big Jim* Can you do it with your pecs AND your penis??

  11. Edna Bambrick

    I am reporting all disgusting posts.

  12. Zanna

    Edna, I found your cat….you want it back or can I keep it?

  13. LilJenny

    Can I be in the Jacq butt buddy club? What are the membership requirements? Is there hazing? Oh please, please let there be hazing!

  14. And it will be it still for very a long time!!

  15. ptprez

    JESUS CHRIST EDNA!!!!I missed the fuck out of you on tuesday, but these guy are ripping each other…give it a rest…sherry-co is the anti-christ…worry about that!!!

  16. gogoboots

    Kirstie Alley and Ryan Seacrest made the cut, EGADS they’re REALLY reaching there, what ever happened to the entire cast of That 70s Show, why didn’t they make it, they’re like on three different channels these days!

  17. Chocolate-covered pizza? That should be on the cover or People, screw the preggers woman.

  18. krisdylee

    Sherry-co strikes me as a deeply-closeted lezbo, who in the darkest recesses of her slimy little heart, wants to be a bad girl… Listen, bitch, if you have nice titties and a tight pussy, I’ll take you there. You gotta do me first though.

  19. krisdylee

    Wait, cancel that…. Zanna, what are you doing tonight? Me, I hope….

    Huh, can you tell I never got to experience my bi-curious intentions in college… I have to cry and rub myself now…

  20. Mateo’s got the spanish PEOPLE version where they chose Jennifer Lopez instead of Jolie.

    Click on my name to go there.

    (i feel like i’m said this already)

  21. Jimmy Carter

    #43 I laughed my ass off.

  22. junebug

    Sherry-co you sure spend a lot of time trying to defend yourself to people you call ignorant.
    Don’t you have some kool-aid to drink?

    And no one said it was wrong for you to express your opinion, just don’t expect people to embrace your weird fucking Tom Cruise fetish, and your incoherent blather about your B Rate hippy sci-fi religion.

  23. junebug

    and all I got to say about Angelina,
    Don’t be playa hatin’.

  24. Pez_D_Spencer

    *sigh* The mass media has annointed Angelina as beautiful again. I suppose if they repeat it long enough, and shoot me up with enough Thorazine, I’ll eventually start to believe it.

    I really don’t get it about her. She definitely drips sex (when she isn’t knocked up, banging her brother, or banging Billy Bob), but beauty?? I just don’t see it.

  25. nichole

    Edna needs to get a life. I wish the editor of this site would leave a message and set her straight.

    Anyone read #55?

    Go to Edit>Find>Edna. Takes one second. She’s doing this on other sites. How pathetic.

    Get a life, Edna. BTW, who exactly are you reporting to? King of the Internet? Bill Gates?

  26. Zanna


    Meet me at the porn shop…Let me know it’s you by pulling my hair and biting my neck (don’t forget to call me your dirty slut).. Then, we will proceed to do it right there in the open in front of everyone.

  27. Zanna

    LOL…no, that doesn’t do it justice…

    ha ha ha ha ha ha…gasp…wheeze….knee slap…ha ha ha

    The site posts by Pereze are great (I love when he writes I SUCK on people) but the commenters are so weak.

  28. Larry

    It’s good to see thesuperficial write a headline without irony for a change. Really pretty is actually an understatement. Love her or hate her, there’s no doubt that she is stunningly gorgeous.

  29. LickyLicky

    I think Slimey-Slug is the name of Sherry’s favorite vibrator. The one with the head shaped like TC and the little patented ‘fist pumping clit tickler’. I am so happy that I can’t get a true visual of that monstrous nightmare in my head. It’s all kinda blurry…

  30. LickyLicky

    BTW… I left Papa tied to a Crepe Myrtle outside Blanco’s bedroom window. Naked, except for assless chaps, smeared with peanut butter and topped with flaked coconut. I beat him with a dog grooming brush and then used a home-waxing kit to put my initials in his pubic hair.

    He cried at first. Only for a little while. I think my maniacal laughing drowned out his girlish sobs. I ran when the dogs showed up… I guess I should maybe check on him.

  31. A Nobody

    Her last movie was what, 10 years ago? Nice stunts, it got the world’s attention for sure.

  32. So many women, only one solution. Orgy, hell yeah I said it. Let’s rock. I eat more cat than a pack of wild dogs.

    I want to be in the Jacq butt buddy club too. Please oh please pick me. I want our asses to talk to each other, like buddies, or like talking donkeys. (yeah it was a stretch, so what)

  33. Discordia

    Someone want to tell me what kind of Bizarro world we are in when that “family” is named the most beautiful family in the world?

  34. tess

    Poor Jen. I hope she won’t buy this issue. Seeing those pictures of the happiest and Prettiest family chilling in the magnificient Namibian sands….that hurts.
    I also hope she haven’t seen the famous segment of Angelina having a giggling attack while being interviewed on national TV, on NBC.
    Keep the faith Jen. You should form a betrayed women group with say…Heather Locklear.

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    129,130 – let’s make babies. I Shit You Not. ISYN, SOM, BBQ, KKK.

  36. innit

    OMG Zanna sorry i couldn’t respond earlier, I was on a flight!!OMG so what is your second job at this place? Do you play ping pong with your vagina?? Because i love shocking women it is soooo hawwt! Especially on the InTeRnEt when they come to message boards to prove how hawt and shocking they are!!! So awesome man keep it up!!!

  37. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    #10 and 11
    no i did NOT mean ME!!!
    im no celeb, im no model or anything like that!!!!! and sorry, im a tight one. ? uh no, if you read some of my other posts regarding her ( check the britney ones) edna is justa dumbass who needs to get bent! heehee!!!
    as for 11, what gives? im in my 20s!!!!
    just poting opinions on here, is that ok with you????? besides, sorry you dont like my name, but / thought it was cute
    PS i HAVE a man, weve been together for 5 years, and no hostitlity, i mean it, 11, but i wouldnt like, live UP to the name i just picked….its like a screen name!
    anyway, please dont pick on me just cuz i dont happen to think that some of the models from “deal or no deal” are THAT beautiful!
    is THAT ok with YOU?

  38. bunnyhugger

    licky-licky, can you give me the exact address of that tree?? this may be my only chance at papa!!!


  39. LickyLicky

    Just drive past the Governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge. I’m sure you’ll hear his gnashing and wailing in the distance.

    I checked on him today. There were a few ants on his balls… there was a lot of coconut stuck there. I didn’t brush them off because the coconut was shaped like Edna’s face, and the only thing I could think of that was better than Papa in his position was Papa in his position with Edna’s face on his balls.

  40. mamacita


    Pretty much nothing you do is ok.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer is in fact Rachel Ray.
    So, to recap:
    *MeganHarris is Jessica Simpson
    *Fisher55 is Ashlee Simpson
    *SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer is Rachel Ray
    *Realist2006 is a 15 year old white kid from Portland
    *BigJim is a fag
    …and there’s so much more I just can’t keep track. Somebody please start a spreadsheet in Excel so we can get this straightened out.

  42. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    cool, im glad nothing i do is ok with mama–
    or osh gosh….damn, and all this time i thought they were pretty cool
    i really dont think BigJim is a “fag”

  43. mamacita


    We ARE pretty cool. Our coolness demands that we hate you.

  44. lastangelman

    For the record, chocolate covered pizza is ver healthy, as long as it is dark choclate, the crust is not white flour, and it’s real tomato paste and mozzarella. Enjoy!

  45. DaNiGuRl

    Kirstie Alley aside, everyone has different oppinions, but i don’t see anything special in Angelina Jolie. I think she is a very average woman with very large lips…or what i’d like to call DSL. I hope some of you will pick up on that! haha! Anyways, if she can make it in that list than i can be on that list…and btw i’m not that pretty of a person!

  46. DaNiGuRl

    How could she be beautiful if she is just a spitting image of her dad? She really looks like her dad in drag….AND THAT’S NOT BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *puke*

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