Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child

January 2nd, 2006 // 61 Comments

angelina-jolie-pregnant-tn.jpgFriends of Angelina Jolie have confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child. A source revealed to News of the World, “It’s early days yet so they’re not announcing it publicly, but anybody can see how thrilled the pair of them are. Angelina can’t wipe the smile from her face and Brad is being so protective of her. She’s had a difficult couple of months feeling sick and ready to faint.” Angelina also allegedly had a secret baby scan at Santa Monica’s St John’s Hospital Health Center in California last month, with the source saying, “She went in wearing a hat and glasses so she wouldn’t be recognized. Brad and Angelina have been very secretive. But they were overjoyed after getting the results of the scan. They already have their adopted little boy and girl, but this is a wonderful new experience for them and they are overjoyed.”

Judging by how fat Angelina is looking, let’s just go ahead and assume that all of this is true. And let’s also assume that I’m not sitting here crying at the thought of losing Angelina Jolie to that man whore, because I totally am not doing that. At all.

Thanks to the intimidatingly masculine Steve for the tip.


  1. TJ

    Some of these posters need a fricken reality check. Every “good deed” she does is highly publicised, hugely over hyped and all aimed at getting her own profile raised. The blubber lips always ensures her special mail order babies life stories are publicised (and she’s subsequently hailed a hero, saving them from sure death), romps with Brad are caught on film (remember she tipped them off about her African holiday with Brad) and now apparently she’s ensured there are planted stories of her phoning Jen to pre-warn her of the pregnancy news breaking! C’mon how naive are you people? True humanitarians and philanthropists (look it up if you don’t know what it means) don’t only do things when the cameras are on them, they do it silently and without want for recognition or thanks.

  2. Honesty

    I look at the pictures and Angelina looks like she is definitely past the first trimester. She looks to be about late 4 or early 5 months along. I believe in the next 4 to 5 months from now they will be saying the baby was born premature. I have a very small frame and at three months was not that big and the time I gave birth it looked as though huge ball under my clothes larger than any basket ball. I gave birth to a 6.9oz baby. I think the pregnancy rumors awile back were true. I have also seen some goodlooking people have some ugly babies.

  3. chryssy11

    I am so excited about Angelina’s pregnancy! She deserves this. Isn’t it kind of funny though how there is a baby boom going on in Hollywood? Must be the new trend, going from anorexic to pregnant. I personally find myself to be incredibly attracted to Angelina. I am a straight married female, but it’s no secret that I’d take her on in a heartbeat! Brad’s no candy for the eyes, but I believe their child will be GORGEOUS. And those of you who think Maddox and Zahara are homely, at least they have parents who think the world of them. I don’t believe this new baby will be treated any different than them. What kind of parent would do that. Best of luck to both of them. (I’ll still keep dreaming that I am the next female fan that gets to be with her though… :)

  4. Oval

    Having heard the news of brad and angie are expecting..really makes my day. I’m so happy for them. Kudos to CatwomanJolie :) Angelina inspires mee too. Ever since Brad and Angelina are an item, I can’t stop thinking about them having a wonderful life together. This is truly a happy news foe me!
    Jen should go back to acting school (and stop whining) so that we won’t see too much ‘Rachel’ in her movies. :P

  5. ir0ny!

    Let’s look at it this way. Here’s another child being brought into the world of Hollywood debauchery, & in a few years (or less), he/she will be having a single parent. He/she will then spend many years of his/her life wondering about the other parent, & wanting to have a regular, normal family with normal mother & father. However, although he/she will find the father somewhat normal, but the mother, he/she will discover, is rather different from other mothers. This will also add to this child’s sense of instability. Hmmm… sounds familiar.

    Yes, chances are this child is going to grow up bitter, hating the other parent (if not both), getting drunk & high on drugs by the age of 9, wanting to sleep with anyone that they come in close contact with (begun by the age of 11), then finally one day, AJ will have the greatest wish of her life – to share that most beautiful moment & expression of “true love” of her child when they both engage in something which up to now, she has probably only experienced with her brother. But then, of course, at that time, the moment will be “sweeter” because it is now with a child of her own womb, not of her mother’s womb. (And don’t forget the knives, of course!) Then one day perhaps, AJ, her brother, AND the child could ALL join in on the “family fun” & all three of them can finally discover the wonderful family life they have all been missing since their childhoods! And to complete the picture, why don’t AJ just MARRY her brother & have her brother ADOPT her & Brad’s son, & now they’ll all have the “perfect family,” since she’s “so in love with him” anyway! Her brother must think this is a beautiful thing anyway! Family love & bonding – what could be better?


    So, here is yet another tragedy brought into the universe. I almost wish there would be a miscarriage to prevent this sad tragedy, & Brad would open his eyes & realize that he & Jen made a huge mistake. And now that Jen finally realizes that maybe it would good for her to become a mother (especially since she’s getting into that “age” range), maybe they can get back together & have a NORMAL family.

    As for AJ the philanthropist (or anyone else making Megabucks & giving away Nanobucks to the “poor & needy”) – when these people start living life like the rest of us, shopping economically, overworking & overtired, commuting through traffic, etc. – & then giving away the rest of their earnings, that’s when I might call them a “philanthropist.” In fact, are not the rest of us all “philanthropists” also? Do we not “donate” our earnings gained through our hard labor to support the lives of these celebs? How many rewards do WE get?

    Conclusion: AJ=HO. BP+JA=FOOLS.

  6. chryssy11

    WHOA irOny! !!!!!!!!!!!

    You think Angelina is messed up? You obviously need to re-read what you posted because apparently you have something wrong with your head thinking of her having incestious relations with her child. You’re a sick person. You’re probably just jealous that you’ve never made someone else’s life as happy as she has. I’m sorry you are so miserable in your own life that you can’t be happy for someone as successful as she is. As for Jennifer Aniston, she had her chance. Brad would be a fool to go back to her.

  7. whatajoke

    Snap out of it people –

    She is obviously more than three months pregnant which in my book equals tramp.

    Got that? She’s a whore, slut, homewrecking tramp.

    She can make all the movies she wants to give away her money to under developed countries. What she should do is improve the country she lives in by keeping her legs and her mouth closed. She’s a liar and a complete weirdo – how quickly you forget. I wonder if she’ll make out with her kids like she did her brother.

    She should forgive her father if she’s such a caring, loving, giving person.

    ambASSador – she sure is. .

  8. LaydeeBug

    Who cares? I’m going back to sleep….zzzzzz

  9. Ina

    I wish them all the best in their future lives together :)

  10. Bran

    WOW! I can’t get over how mad it makes me to hear about all this Brad and Angelina SHIT!!!! She REALLY bothers me and i DO NOT understand what all the fuss is all about. I think her lips are ugly. Her body is not bangin and she is unproportional. I would rather have sex with Jen any day!!

  11. wow, well he sure as hell didn’t wait after he got rid of maniston

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