Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child

January 2nd, 2006 // 61 Comments

angelina-jolie-pregnant-tn.jpgFriends of Angelina Jolie have confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with Brad Pitt’s child. A source revealed to News of the World, “It’s early days yet so they’re not announcing it publicly, but anybody can see how thrilled the pair of them are. Angelina can’t wipe the smile from her face and Brad is being so protective of her. She’s had a difficult couple of months feeling sick and ready to faint.” Angelina also allegedly had a secret baby scan at Santa Monica’s St John’s Hospital Health Center in California last month, with the source saying, “She went in wearing a hat and glasses so she wouldn’t be recognized. Brad and Angelina have been very secretive. But they were overjoyed after getting the results of the scan. They already have their adopted little boy and girl, but this is a wonderful new experience for them and they are overjoyed.”

Judging by how fat Angelina is looking, let’s just go ahead and assume that all of this is true. And let’s also assume that I’m not sitting here crying at the thought of losing Angelina Jolie to that man whore, because I totally am not doing that. At all.

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  1. xd

    God that’s gonna be the perfect kid, so fucken hot!!!

  2. Juliette

    There is such a thing as having TOO good looking parents…it might not be a good thing and just come out weird looking.

    Wait til Anniston hears this news!

  3. Catnip

    When arguably the most beautiful man and woman in the world decide to reproduce, you’ve got to wonder what the kid will look like. I’ve got my money on a cross between Vin Diesel and Aniston on a bad day.

  4. jka

    Two good-looking parents are no guarantee of good-looking kids. Exhibit A: Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughters.

  5. Captain Awesome

    It’s going to have Jolies huge lips and Pitts small wang.

    This is a future Hedwig in the making.

  6. Lynette Carrington

    Hopefully, pregnancy hormones will humanize and/or somewhat stabilize Jolie. Otherwise, that poor kid is going to be all kinds of wacky.

  7. suzy

    angelina has friends? what friends, i always see her in mags and crap alone or with her kids…

    friends hmm… news to me

    and how will her other kids feel that this one actually came from her eggs and brads spermies

  8. NoleGal

    Whoa, whoa, wait a sec…

    Bruce Willis is meant to be attractive?

    I’ll be damned…

  9. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    I bet my pension on the kid will be really ugly and totally fucked up.

    Not to mention the ADOPTED kids… I’d love to hear Madox and Zahara’s therapy sessions in 15 years about how they were never loved after the “biological” child came around… I bet Angelina and Brad pull a Paris/Tinkerbell and get rid of the two kids so they can pretend they are a “real” family… send them to baby boarding school and then never be pictured with them again, hell, I bet next year only the biological kid is in the christmas card picture…. HEHEHE

    I hope Angelina gets super fat and never works again and Brad Pitt leaves her for someone thinner and younger…

  10. diddleysquat

    Hopefully when Jennifer Aniston hears of this, she will go coo-coo for coa-coa puffs and kill them both, and then herself. Then I will be free of them.

  11. Princess-Megs

    How could that kid not look amazing… I think he/she will take after his/her parents. I cant wait to see the pics of Angelina when she starts showing… That will be so hot!!

  12. bugg73

    No wonder why Jennifer was having a bad day a couple of days ago…

  13. supergirllover

    Ya’ll need to get over “Brad and Jen”. They are. Two people met and fell in love. Brad and Angelina are trying to be good. Good for them! I think the new baby will make a great addition to their family.
    What can I say I love this couple.

  14. fatgirl

    Hey, ya’ll remember about two weeks ago, that Asian chick saying Angelina was hers and Brad would have to “suck it up”? I wonder if the “baby” tastes like chicken?

  15. .shiny.

    okay, ew!!

  16. wendy

    This baby is either going to be the most gorgeous or the ugliest baby ever. I’m hoping for most gorgeous, though.

    I wonder what they’re going to name him/her. My vote’s on Jennifer.

    Poor Jen. I can’t imagine a Vaughniston baby would be too attractive ..

  17. LaLindsey

    Haha, Bruce Willis isn’t attractive, nor is Demi. so I guess that theory can be thrown out the door.

    Jolie defintely looks preggy there . . . but that could be photoshopped of course.

    I guess when you’re that rich you can adopt all the kids you want, and pop ‘em out, since someone else will be raising them anyway . . .

  18. Amber

    I think that photo might be doctored. I could have swore that I just saw that same picture in Star last week and she didn’t look THAT round.

  19. dirtybeatles

    Now I love celebrity gossip as much as the next person on this site, but I just feel like shouting

    WHO CARES!!??

    I wish that all three of them would die in a horrific grilled cheese accident so I wouldn’t have to hear any more about their ridiculous lives!

  20. rivercmb

    No way is that kid going to look anywhere near as ugly as the other kids. They should just get rid of the other two now. They’re fake anyway, they should just say that they were a trial and now they’re ready for the real thing. Put the Cambodian in a basket, then send him down a river, let nature take its course.

  21. S_M_G

    Brad Pitt a man whore? Jealousy makes a man utter unreasonable things :P

    I think that kid has the potential to be royally unattractive and completely screwed up but I’m so happy for Brad. He finally got his wish eh? Good for them!

  22. slinkhard

    ‘Wait til Aniston hears this news!’

    The article says he told her already.
    And I’ve gotta second or third the people who just wish all three of them would STFU and go away to live on a desert island somewhere. Enough already.

  23. AmberDextrose

    When I got preggers my lips swoll up like I’d had collagen jabs. If that happens to Jolie she’ll look like a freak, ha ha!

  24. rachluvsyoox

    that kids gonna be so cute! i feel sorry for jen though poor girl!

  25. Candy

    What if it’s not Brad’s? She is easy. I wonder what he’d do if that happened? I for one would laugh.

  26. cutebabydoll

    If this is true I can not wait to see what this kid will look like.

  27. ShanDourdan

    I guess those tales of the animal noises heard from their bedroom while on holiday must have been true cus Brad must have some persuasive ways if he’s gotten her pregnant after she said she wouldn’t feel right having a child of her own because of all the poor kids…yadda yadda. Still congrats to them I guess. Although I gotta second people’s STFU thoughts above, I mean I liked Angelina Jolie a lot but even I’m wishing she’d go live in in a cave along with the rest of them for eternity.

  28. EZSlut

    The kid might look like her little brother…

  29. tess

    Poor jen,
    She must be so friggin mad. She saw her ex moving on with a beautiful wife. She saw him adopting a black and an asian kid and the cherry on the cake: he’s having a biological one. OMG, iI hope Aniston is on good medication (Zoloft, Prozac) because she’s gonna have to brace herself when she’ll see those adorable pictures of one big, happy, white-caramel-chocolate family in the cover of people, 9 month from now.

  30. Ying-Yang

    “Not to mention the ADOPTED kids… I’d love to hear Madox and Zahara’s therapy sessions in 15 years about how they were never loved after the “biological” child came around… ”

    Give me a break! I am not a fan of either of these celebs, but I admire what Jolie did in adopting these kids, and since she’d done so, the adoption rate from 3rd world countries has soared. People are capable of loving another human being even though they are not their flesh and blood. I think B&J’s biological child will be lucky to have M&Z as his/her siblings.

  31. Seamus Begonia Smell

    haha brad IS a manwhore. good call. i don’t get how angelina and he get all this media attention for this, minus the scrutiny. especially angie, who is obviously a pattern affair-instigator because she uses it to validate her own self-worth. see, beauty does not always equal self-esteem!

  32. Seamus Begonia Smell

    *edit…they are under media scrutiny, but without all the criticism they deserve.

  33. OMG!

    What’s worse? Brangelina or TomKat having a baby?

  34. Pablo

    So, will Angelina’s biological kid and adopted kid be as oddly affectionate as Angelina and her real brother?

  35. networkchick

    Preganancy hormones will most definitely NOT stabilize a whack job like Jolie. A damn good thing they can afford nannies.

  36. Cheyenne_1

    the people who gush about how Brangelina are the most beautiful people in the world are hilarious. either they see a knuckle-dragging slurp when they look in tehir own mirror or they’re besotred with teh celebrity hype.

    imean, Brangelina are no doubt good looking people, but _come__on… “Most beuticul *gush* people in the world *gush*dribble*”??!
    Get a life.

    Chances are the kid will get every material thing he/she/it wants and have the emotional/mental health of Hannibal Lecter.

  37. esther sativa

    they have been rooting for ages she was bound to get knocked up sum time soon. they kid is either going to suck up all the good genes or all the bad ones and come out looking like some kind of malformed squid

  38. Oh PLEASE! Now everyone is suppose to be HAPPY about this Blessed event…..Angelina Jolie is a homewrecker, don’t give this tramp such a standing ovation to be pregnant with a MARRIED MAN’S child because BRAD is still MARRIED the divorce isn’t final YET! Anjelina had flirted outrageously with brad on the movie they made and seduced him from Jennifer, now everyone is applaudung the hoe for being with Mr. Little Pecker Smith? Does anyone have any idea what that is probably doing to that poor woman to see her husband and his MISTRESS walking around flaunting their relationship!? Vince Vaughn sadly is the intermission guy, why? Because once your married, you don’t JUST get over someone that easily, and for someone so inlove with each other, then why was Brad seen in a book store on New Year’s eve ALONE!? NOT WITH THE TRAMP and too far from where she was to jet off and be with her and her READY MADE FAMILY! PLease give me a break I say it like it is this so called child angelina is carrying will and is illegitimet and concieved out of adultry ….I wonder how this kid will feel when he realizes once he’s grown that his mother was a homewrecking whore and he was the product of that infedelity? “MOMMY DEAREST”? PLease she’s an insestious whore who doesn’t deserve to have those kids, she;s going to mess up their head as she rolls from one man’s bed to another, hey…if Brad played Jen with her what make sher think, she is not going to have Karma knocking on her door one day SOON! And trust me Karma is a double edged sword. They will both get what they gave, pain heartache and misery.

  39. CelebGossipAficionado

    Uh, is this the same message you leave on your ex-husband’s girlfriends phone?

  40. blackblackheart

    I hope Angelina loses her pregnancy weight better than Britney did. Angelina is by far the most beautiful woman in the world, I’m a homosexual male and hell, I’d bang her. Brad is also quite the specimen himself, good thing he won’t be putting on pounds at the cause of this.

  41. WaitWhat?

    It’s now confirmed — K-Fed is the dad, not Brad.

  42. CelebGossipAficionado

    K-Fed? Damn. I owe my friend 5 bucks.

  43. Scarlettoharris

    Humanize?????This woman donates most of her earnings to world charity. She is a UNICEF ambassador and won several awards for her humanitarian efforts. Just goes to prove, no one wants a beautiful, sexy woman to be smart and decent. Maybe if Jennifer had not been so selfish–she may still be Mrs. Pitt. Brad Pitt is surrounded by beautiful women everyday–Angelina is something more and he was smart enough to see it. ANY child that has them as parents is one lucky kid. Good Luck to the entire Jolie-Pitt family!!!!

  44. Scarlettoharris

    HOW DARE you say M&Z are not “real” children. I personally have a child I was blessed with through adoption and three that came out of my body. I have not shipped my “fake” child off and formed a family composed exclusively of my “real” children. Just goes to show there is no intelligence test required to be on this site. You people are obviously not parents–if you were you would know any child you adopt or give birth to is a part of your soul (look it up, as you obviously have no concept of what one is) You make me sick!!!

  45. baileyukelele

    Scarlettoharris, I don’t think the people who commented on M&Z were questioning the validity of an adopted child as a member of the family.
    I think they were pointing out the fact that, while incredibly bone-able and generous, Angelina Jolie makes some shitty decisions (ie making out with her brother at a major awards ceremony, Billy Bob, dismantling a small trans-Atlantic steamship and eating it piece by piece) and celebrities tend to be fickle as all hell.

  46. Amelia

    I don’t really see how one picture where Angelina’s t-shirt is slightly curved outward constitutes as proof of pregnancy. Honestly, almost anyone could look pregnant if standing a certain way.

    Cheyenne, perhaps you might consider that the reason people will call them the two most beautiful people in the world is because they’ve been voted to be so by America, hmm?

  47. fook-u

    If it is Brad’s, I’m curious whether it will be attractive or hideous. We can’t know for sure until it’s grown of course, b/c cute babies can make really heinous adults (and vice-versa). I’m just sure I’ll catch all you fools on this thread in 20 years to debate the attractiveness of the Pittolie kid. LOL. Just kidding for those of you that take these posts seriously.

    All jokes aside, one thing’s for sure…the baby in question can’t be any uglier than it’s adopted siblings…we really should give kudos to Angelina (eventhough I feel this is a testament to her whackiness) for being kind enough to adopt the ugliest kids she sees when she visits orphanages. Dem be sum fugly babies she buys. ;p

  48. Betty99

    For the person who claims that Brad is still legally married to Jennifer, their DIVORCE was finalized on October 2, 2005. Therefore he’s not committing adultery (at least at this point), & she’s not a “mistress”.

  49. Chey

    Haters!!!…..Angelina couldn’t have Brad unless he wanted to go…She might not be Mother Teresa but how many of these entertainer do more than a public service ad or go a talk show to talk about their “charity” and then plugging their little movie that

  50. CatwomanJolie

    Wow, soo much ignorance here…Angelina having a baby is wonderful for her and brad and the children. It’s beautiful to see her with her belly bump. Why are people judging her ability as a mother? it’s obvious that at one point in her life she was wild and free spirited , but loving a child and being loved back is enough to tie down in a good way any untamable personality , she has changed for her children .Reasons to adore Angelina

    1. Her name means pretty little angel , and it makes sense because to maddox and zahara Angie is their angel who rescued them and gave them love.

    2. She donates 1/3 of her salary for every movie she makes ..for the past 3 years …you guys add up how much that is(alot !!)

    3. She doesnt just donate money like all the other celebs, she is there in the knitty gritty , getting messy in places like Balkans, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand, Pakistan, Equador, the Russian Federation and Jordan to help out refugees, and orphaned children.

    4. She is beautiful at heart .

    5. She has wanted to quit acting but knows that the only way she can donate is to keep earning money from acting and so she keeps acting.

    6. She has adopted two children who were in teh worst conditions imaginable. At one point they thought zahara(angies second adopted child) had aids :/

    7. She is honest…a quality many people have lost especially in the fake world that is hollywood.

    8. She has influenced brad to be an even more caring contributor to the less fortunate. He felt empty before but know realizes what truly matters in this world, which is to help others.

    9. She is incredibly unique …if she wasent an actress I think she would’ve been an artist or a photagrapher or something of that nature.

    10. She thinks cheerios is the best food in the world.Lol

    11. She has learned from her mistakes..she at one point tried to commit suicide at a young age , but said she felt like someone was hugging her at the time ….An angel … or God…. She started to cry and thought about her mother.

    12. She has raised awareness in human trafficking . In poor countries all over the world , women are treated like they have no value and many end up getting raped.It’s truly sad and its something that needs to be brought to light even more, so that people can help in any way they can.

    13. I can go on forever ……but i’ll let you guys find out all the other awesome things about Angelina A.K.A pretty little angel ;)

















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