Angelina Jolie is officially pregnant

January 11th, 2006 // 106 Comments

jolie-confirm-pregnant.jpgPeople magazine has confirmed that Angelina Jolie is indeed pregnant with Brad Pitt’s kid.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” Jolie told a charity aid worker in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Monday. The pregnancy has since been confirmed by representatives of both stars.

It seems strangely fitting that Angelina’s first biological child would come from Brad Pitt and not one of her previous guy friends. It’s almost as if her DNA was smart enough to reject Billy Bob Thornton’s sperm and wait it out for a more suitable candidate. One who was voted “sexiest man alive”, and not “most likely to marry his cousin.”

Angelina Jolie Pregnant [People]


  1. LoneWolf

    Ah, the Queen of Reinvention has been inseminated. Now Maddox will have someone to french kiss at some future awards ceremony. Except it will only be a half-sib, therefore not nearly as sensational as when Mommy did it with her bro.

    For years people have been getting into Angie’s p@ssy. Now we’ll finally have someone who’ll be getting out.

  2. Tania

    I LOVED the last paragraph of this item. Very funny!

    And thank you for not using the word “preggers”….it’s so annoying!

  3. Binky

    Thank the Lord those Brokeback Mountain commenters finally left !

  4. I wonder if she’ll have that lingering ripple-belly after the pregnancy. That’ll look sexy in all her Tombraider sequels.

  5. brattwoman

    It’s not so much that I am speechless it’s just I have no idea what to think, say, feel, about this

  6. RedJenny

    I’m happy for them.

    As far as the score I think Brad is winning. He’s got a hot girlfriend he impregnated and all Jen has is the public sympathy, which is drying up.

    Go Team Pitt!

  7. Leslie

    I would really love to know how Angelina avoided confronting this issue until like five months into her pregnancy. She’s got to be atleast 4.5 months along at this point, look at her stomach! It’s not like she’s FAT and you wouldn’t notice, and she’s not like this introverted never-seen-in-the-public-eye person! What is going ON these days!

  8. elle*

    they would make good parents — they are so hot together haha! too bad for jen…

  9. hafaball

    It is very odd she never got preggers with Throton’s kid…which can only mean one thing, as The Superficial has said before, they must of always done it…in the butt…

  10. Leslie

    Oh man, and it totally figures she’d reveal her huge star pregnancy to a random Spanish aid worker in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Lol.

  11. daffne

    This little girl will be so pretty…and crazy too!!!(Yes, I’m sure the baby willbe a girl!!)

  12. BrendaPayne

    What will this baby turn out to be? Aboriginal, Arabic, Hispanic maybe? This woman is so weird, her babies all pop out of her different races!

  13. Captain Awesome

    “For years people have been getting into Angie’s p@ssy. Now we’ll finally have someone who’ll be getting out.”


  14. Dee

    Good for them. I’m sick of people acting like Aniston was wronged, Im glad her ass got dumped. The guy wants children, she kept putting it off-what did she think was going to happen? Hey Jen-there’s more to life then your hair.

    The people who are so militant about her are annoying woman who were screwed over by men, or just man haters in general. I hated her on that stupid show and all her movies are terrible.

  15. Dee

    And to post #7-she is not 4.5 months pregnant-I am 4.5 months pregnant and my stomach is MUCH bigger then hers. She’s about 3 months.

  16. WaitWhat?

    I guess there’s a new trend in Hollywood now — get pregnant ASAP and then figure out if it’s a life-long commitment. Awesome…especially for all the children involved.

  17. here

    Butt-baby Jolipitt, we salute you.

  18. Wait….so, are they going out?

  19. Ireland

    Dee … I’m thinking there’s a high probability that you and Ms. Jolie are dramatically different people. Therefore, her pregnancy may be in no way similar to yours. It is very common in a first pregnancy for a woman not to show until her 20th week. So it is anybody’s guess how far along she is.

  20. ~S.Starr~

    Dee: Shut the hell up…you sound like a 12 year old…(which I hope you aren’t since you said you are 4.5 month pregnant). Next time you make a comment make sure it either funny or intelligent. If it isn’t either…keep it in your head.

  21. Layne

    I remember an interview I saw where she said (her own words) that she would never have her own children. There were too many orphans who needed homes.

    Brad must be one superb guy…

  22. MortyFishbein

    I am aos bummed out by this news. It’s like finding out that sea monkeys are really just brine shrimp. The grief is THAT bad. I feel like a little piece of childhood is gone.

    Before, she was a crazy, whacked-out, hot-as-shit girl who had deep feelings, could basically LIVE in a charcter she played and said and did as she pleased.

    But as time went on she became less shocking, more ethereal. No more kissy face with brother. No more dirty old man husband. No more fueding through publicists with father. No more jumping on couches and declaring love for Jenny Shmizu on Oprah. Wait, that last thing didn’t happen to her . . .

    Anyway, when she adopted kids it seemed like she was just playing house, playing make believe. Making a little Josephine Baker-esque tribe at home. Then Brad came along and decided he wanted to play house too. He even wanted to play “Tarzan & Jane” on a Kenyan resort on the Serengeti. Then, somewhere in between adopting kids from anywhere and playing house, things became too real.

    Now she’s going to have a real child of her own and it will make her change 360 degrees. Oh Jesus, I’m gonna be sick . . . .


    Goddamnit, Butters . . .

  23. Cheyenne_1

    Angelina Jolie quotes:
    “To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive.”
    If you cheat on somebody, I don’t agree with you. If you hurt somebody or damage somebody? You’re not OK in my book. And you’re never going to be, period.”
    “I never liked being touched ever. People used to say that I held my breath when they were hugging me. I still do. But I’ve never liked…Everybody thought I was really sexual.” (poor Brad)
    … and then there was the quote about how she would never have her own. biological kids because of teh orphans that need adopting, or something…

    Ah, poor AJ. Actually, I feel sorry for her kids.

  24. nikki

    to #14: my sentiments exactly.

    to add to what you said — in point of fact, Maniston has also hooked up with a male co-star, but somehow no-one seems bothered by this or has wondered when exactly they got linked up. hmmmm…

  25. spamnews

    Morty: “on a Kenyan resort on the Serengeti” That’d be the Massai Mara. There’s no Serengeti in Kenya. That’d be Tanzania.

    Anyway, maybe she upped the number of weeks she’s pregnant so she can have one of those quicky hollywood premature births so she doesn’t deform her body too much.

    Come to think of it her pregnant boobs ontop of her silicon boobs will be two wonders of the world. I can’t wait.

  26. YouProablbySuck

    Oh geeze.

    Here we go with the Team Aniston supporters. You must really hate Jolie to name off a number of quotes she’s said in the past. I would do the same with Aniston, but I have a life.

    I loved theSuperficial’s take on it:”It’s almost as if her DNA was smart enough to reject Billy Bob Thornton’s sperm and wait it out for a more suitable candidate. One who was voted “sexiest man alive”, and not “most likely to marry his cousin.”

    LOL! So damn true.

  27. Its good that Brad Pitt put one in the oven. Out of all people, Angelina Jolie gave him the privilege to. I don’t think puppet face Aniston even cares. She is set in her ways and when she is ready to get knocked up she will. The hype won’t even be as close as B.P and A.J. though.

    It would be a real kick in the teeth if Angelina called Aniston and asked her if she wanted to be the God Mother. :D – Jolie is twisted so I can see her doing that.

  28. Tha-Flash

    He FUCKED her, damn him!

  29. VinSlayer

    It’s official.Team Pitt won!

    What do you mean it’s not a game and three children’s lives are at stake. That just takes the fun out of it.

    Please let J.A. (Jackass Aniston) know that when you have a hot, wealthy, nice guy (by all accounts) that loves you and wants you to bear his children, it’s not a good idea to keep stringing him along for four years with one day, in the future, some time I may want to have a child. Trust me, your career isn’t that big a deal. And no one is buying that Vince Vaughn re-bound crap. Since Brad and Vince worked together, do you think they might be comparing notes about you?? Heck, come to think of it Brad probably owes Vince a six-pack for keeping Jennifer distracted!

  30. twodollartricks

    Why was Jen GQ’s woman of the year? She couldn’t even keep her man!

  31. HollyJ

    That will either be the most beautiful child that ever was, or so fucking ugly that it peels paint.

    Two beautiful people rarely spawn anything in-between.

    I’m curious how she’ll be with her adopted kids once this genetically-attached one comes along. Progesterone does some crazy shit to the brain.

  32. violence in movies and sex on tv

    Things I hate
    1. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt news
    2. People who care about Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt news
    3. People who call Jennifer Aniston “Jen”
    4. Jennifer Aniston
    5. That picture of Mischa Barton’s vagina oozing all over her sweatpants

  33. davina85

    it basically comes down to the fact that jennifer was too selfish to have a child with the man she apparently loved enough to marry. Brad made his wishes extremely clear, and she definately wasn’t getting any younger. So what if Jolie was a little wild when she was younger…I’ve never once heard any serious allegations such as drugs. The viles of blood and knives simply add to the mystique. Angelina will be an excellent mother and brad will be an amazing father. (god knows he has waited long enough)

    oh and to spammnews that comment about her breasts was really uncalled for…my guess is you’re either a homosexual man or an envious woman.

  34. HughJorganthethird

    I told him to go anal just to be safe but he just wouldn’t listen. Now look at him. If she turns out to look like Britney after her kid I will personaly kill Brad Pitt with my sagging, Angelina-less penis.


    Look, hot people need to be with other hot people. Then they can have hot sex and make hot babies. If you losers can’t handle that, then you need to jerk off to some more internet porn with a bucket of greasy friend chicken, cuz we all know that’s what you do all day and all night!

    Everybody is on Jennifer Aniston’s side cuz she’s the ugly girl next door who found plastic surgery and got lucky with a meal-ticket like Brad Pitt. I mean come on! We all know he felt sorry for her. Then he got tired of her needy, crying, whining, emotional, “I need to prove to people that I’m not Rachel so let me make more movies”, chain-smoking, how did I end up with Brad Pitt, phony ass. She’s not a threat cuz anyone can date her, even the butcher and cab-driver across the street. She’s the girl you feel sorry for cuz she’s always crying and feeling sorry for herself and telling personal secrets, even to the cashier at the grocery store. And there no party like a pity party! “I have low self-esteem and daddy issues, waaa waaa! Me Me Me! Waaa waaa! Boo hoo! Me me me!”

    Hey, if Brad wants kids, he gets kids. He wants to be a daddy, he gets to be a daddy. And don’t hate Angelina cuz she’s hot and rich, Oscar winner, mother of two adoptive children and UN GoodWill Ambassador that donates millions to charities. Deep down inside, you all know that’s the kind of woman he should be with. The type that makes you look and feel like shit cus she sooo way out of your loser league. And she has a heart. The rest of you can kiss their rich, hot ass and go back to stalking that person who dumped you years ago. Better yet, call Jennifer Aniston. She’ll probably answer the phone with “Me me me! Boo hooo! Waa waaa! Me me me!”

  36. davina85

    get over it= pure genius

  37. Captain Awesome

    Greasy friend chicken is so good. It’s even better with a side of best friend fries and an ugly friend shake.

  38. pixel killya

    “And don’t hate Angelina cuz she’s hot and rich, Oscar winner, mother of two adoptive children and UN GoodWill Ambassador that donates millions to charities. Deep down inside, you all know that’s the kind of woman he should be with.”

    Well to be honest, I’m thinking that’s the kind of woman that ‘I’ should be with, not Brad. Oh and saw a clip of Aniston the other day on the short-lived Ferris Bueller show. Damn she was horrid…fat ass and no bleached blonde tresses…no wonder she was playing the wallflower that no one wanted anything to do with. A real plain-jen with a voice that could peal the chrome of my mags.

  39. nikki

    GET OVER IT: dude you rock!!!! :-)

  40. Sheva

    Not to spoil the parade, but didn’t Aniston deny that she was holding out on having a baby.

    Guess I’m not up on the saga but that’s what I thought she claimed. And all the Jolie theft stuff: wasn’t that after the marriage was over?

    Okay, sorry to be a slow poke on the gossip trail

  41. Dee

    Posted by ~S.Starr~ on January 11, 2006 07:04 PM

    Dee: Shut the hell up…you sound like a 12 year old…(which I hope you aren’t since you said you are 4.5 month pregnant). Next time you make a comment make sure it either funny or intelligent. If it isn’t either…keep it in your head.

    Are you one of the dumped middle aged housewives who got dumped be her husband so you fully support ‘team aniston’. Get a life looser-if you read the other comments you’d see most people don’t like Maniston.

  42. existonz09

    ok she just told me she is 3weeks 4days pregnant as of today.

    i am happy for her

  43. blackblackheart

    hurray Angelina! I love Angelina Jolie! ^_^ yay~~~
    I’m happy that she finally gets to experience pregnancy. She is such a good person. If you knew people who lived in Cambodia, you’d know what I was talking about, but since you probably don’t, shut the fuck up and let Jenifer Aniston fight her own battles, she’s handled this pretty pathetic anyway. >_<

  44. suzy

    those adopted kids are gonna need therapy for a long time!!

    lol… and all of them are gonna be around the same age… she’s gonna wanna give em all up by the time they’re 6 lol

    ah well… jolie-pitt kids got it made

  45. Edie

    I have officially become sorry for Jennifer Aniston.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Debbie Reynolds of the new century.

  46. celeb_hater

    Two unmarried people fucking and producing a kid that will end up being raised in a dysfunctional family setting. How proud Brad and Angelina must be. And let’s not forget that BRad will have to share ANgelina since she also likes to dabble with women. What a bunch of classless and selfish pieces of shit they are. No wonder why Angelina’s father kept telling everyone his daughter if fucked in the head and needs help.

  47. PhDiva

    What about poor little Zahara??? What about the tragic racial/national/genetic politics of the a)non-white b)non-American (by birth) c)adopted children who are goig to have to compete with this white(mostly because Angelina’s Native American) biological American(ish because Angelina’s Canadian) child? Zahara’s going to be one of those totally messed up middle children whose parents had another siblig too soon. This is depressing.

    On another note: Stop feeling bad for Jennifer Aniston. She is extremely lucky. She’s a plain-faced, mediocre actress who has gotten more than her 15 minutes of fame and lots of money, which she will earn forever because Friends will never be off the air. Brad dropped her when Friends ended because she was no longer America’s sweetheart. He traded up. Didn’t she realize she was living with an asshole before he left her? She knows what business she’s in. Angelina will dump him for a man with a brain, and Jen will have the last laugh. But Angelina has brains, beauty, fame, wealth. She’s holding all of the cards and all the babies, too.

  48. I don’t think people feel bad for Jennifer Aniston really. I mean they say they do, but who everybody really feels bad for is themselves. We can’t stand the thought that we get old and less attractive. It’s sad. So of course we side with Jen. It’s some kind of weird defense mechanism. It’s worse for girls cause, obviously, Brad Pitt can get older and still be considered hot. It sucks.

  49. YouProablbySuck

    Why are the kids going to need thearpy again?

    Because their parents did some crap before they were even in the picture?

    I’d hate to see some of the crap in your parent’s closets….

  50. Tania

    When did having a child become LESS of a commitment than getting married?

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