Angelina Jolie is leggy

January 9th, 2009 // 99 Comments

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended the 14th Annual Critics Choice Award last night where they were nominated for various categories and basically lost in every single one. But even more amazing, is that I could see Angelina Jolie’s legs and there wasn’t a newborn baby sliding down them. Unless he read the instructions on her cervix and did a “tuck and roll” in between shutter flashes. Smart kid.

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  1. Krista

    Angelina is one of the most prettiest women on the world.. Her whole appereance aristocratic. in every inch. and I disagree on that her age matters something.. ! An adult woman, mother and so beau.

  2. Tim

    I think she’s had some plastic surgery or botox or something. She looks quite different than she did some years ago. Faker, plastier. Still pretty, but less natural.

    And legs/body was never her thing. I don’t remember a whole lot of photospreads that weren’t primarily focused on her face. And she herself never really dressed cleavagey, leggy or else bodylicious.

  3. Matt

    Come on … you got way prettier girls out there than ANGELINA JOLIE.

    she’s sillicony and seems so fucking fake!
    i prefer beautifully naturally looking women than to look at that.

  4. Lulu

    Lord, she’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. GG1000

    She’s super skinny again and it looks like she had a facelift – her face is so taut and shiny and her eyes have that cat-like look when everything’s been pulled back.

  6. Sport

    Eat something would ya?

  7. Anabel

    I wish she would wipe that smug look off her face.

  8. A Real Guy

    OMG she is so hottttttttttttttt
    Caught myself staring at her and got hard. Wondering what she would be like in bed. She looks like she would be highly active. Shit that women is hotttttttttttt.
    I would hit that all night long. Yeah Brad man o man.

    Some of you jealous as hell women are posting under men names. What a joke you are….no man ain’t looking at all that and saying “she look plastic, she look like she has plastic surgery” You are fake posters.
    If you are a man you are trying to figure out how to get under that f*cking spit in the skit and do she got them little panties on.
    Bunch of jealous c*nts are jealous of her and posting.

  9. The Authority

    This dress is unflattering… makes her look boxy, and gives her football shoulders. Yeah I’m a woman, but I don’t see anything to be jealous of from this picture.

  10. A Real Guy

    Posters that don’t like her why click in here if you don’t like her. You hate the lady and trash talk her. That still make her popular because you are not changing any one’s mind. I still find her so very hot, bitter words didn’t sway me at.
    Why don’t you just not click in. That would show you don’t like her. Low post-kill a person quicker than high post. You make post after post changing your name just to trash some one you don’t like.
    Angelina is the winner with that hott looking tight body and you sitting there behind a keyboard posting hate garbage about her. She sure keeps your attention to stay on her blog.

  11. JoeJam2845

    Forget leggy, what about Starvation? God…is this all we have to look forward to with actresses is Anorexic city??

  12. LL

    She looks like a goddess. She is thin but I think it looks nice and really, her face is so beautiful, who cares if she doesn’t have a big ass.

  13. blady02

    They lost because they are losers! She is weird looking and unattractive. Man body with legs! The older they get the uglier they get and their acting sucks!

  14. Girlwholovesporn

    Looking washed up angie…time to retire!

  15. Elizabeth

    In response to “A real guy” I know many men that do not find her attractive and did not find her attractive even a few years back when she looked better. I honestly do not believe that anyone on here is jealous of her, there is nothing to be jealous of. There are plenty of woman that look better than her now. You are probably a young guy that gets hard from anything.

  16. Somalia

    She makes me want to eat a big greasy american hamburger!

  17. ms.W

    I’m a woman and think she’s a goddess. I can like her and not be jealous of her, unlike some other women. I just appreciate her beauty.

  18. shes pretty

    she is beautiful. Jewface beedy eyed Maniston could NEVER be that pretty

  19. jillyro

    She’s gorgeous, yeah she’s a little too thin, but with Angelina it’s the whole package that makes her sexy, mysterious and stunning. She looks like a delicate swan in these pics, yet you know she’s just sexy as hell the way she holds herself. If she does end up not making movies for a bit, Hollywood and blogs will miss her, she’s amazing to watch, love her or hate, on screen and in movies, she just has “it”, she gets people talking. I like her.

  20. missywissy

    I like the dress, it’s the color that makes it “old lady”. I just don’t get this “polished” vibe she’s sending… It seems so… SUPERFICIAL.

  21. Lain

    I’m sorry, but lately I feel as if Angie has gone anorexic and her face is not as full, perhaps due to aging. But I don’t see her attractive anymore. I see her as a stick with breasts.

  22. jenh

    She’s a WHORE. Aside from that, she looks nice and very happy.

  23. sami

    @ Ms. W just because some of us other women do not “appreciate” her beauty does not make us jealous. I personally just don’t find her that attractive. I do although appreciate Marilyn Monroe’s beauty even Kim Kardashian.

  24. Joegie


  25. Christine

    That’s not really those two assholes; it’s a pair of wax figurines!

  26. Cynthia

    Angelina is beautiful, Brad is handsome. I think they are great together!

  27. I wonder:

  28. Kixx

    I wonder:

  29. rekk

    I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery, though I bet she gets collagen injections for those lips of hers – they seem to change in size (like they were ridiculous in early films like Gia). As for her style. Why, Angelina, do you seem trapped in mid-1990s Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and black-and-white obsession ads? Are you trying to audition for the part of Christie Turlington in real life?
    She’s still young, I wish she would dress her age. She looks 40 and she hasn’t even hit 35 yet.

  30. mitch

    AS far as concerned health, Angelina looks a little thin and needs to eat more.

  31. Lea

    i absolutely love her !!!! sh’s awesome and hot but the dress ummm … not so much

  32. Lea

    i absolutely love her !!!! sh’s awesome and hot but the dress ummm … not so much

  33. Bill

    How the hell looking at a dress. I agree with the other guys I’m thinking about whats under that dress and how it moves. That lady is gorgeous and she will get my attention every time. Slap Brad Pitt on the back “way to go Man”

  34. GoAheadAndEntertainMe

    She’s certainly lost that special “whatever it was”…..i feel sad to look at her now, she seems devoid of her uquiness, charm whatever it was that made her stand out before. Comes from not being true to onesself i suppose, both she and her b/f are trying to morph into one another to please the other, and it’s just making both of them major messes. Pre-jolie Brad was so HOT!, and Pre-Brad Jolie was so HOT! Is this the case of Two Hot’s = Not? guess so. Now it’s Bone-Picker and Geezer-Guy……

  35. Alex

    She looks incredible! She is so hot, and don’t get me started on Brad.. divine! They both look amazing and.. you can disagree and say they are not your type but saying they are fugly is just envy.

  36. Alex

    She looks incredible! She is so hot, and don’t get me started on Brad.. divine! They both look amazing, I haven’t seen a picture of her that makes me go “Ewww” in years now, motherhood suits her so well. Perfect couple.

  37. margaret

    She’s a man with a huge forehead and lips and match-stick legs and arms. Brad is more feminine…

  38. #4 – Even when I was alive, screwing her is akin to be being the straw in a Texas sized drink. If she keeps over using her punani, it’ll need a zipper.

  39. Will Angelina Jolie ever look bad? Brad Pitt is clearly the luckiest man alive getting to bang her AND Jennifer Anniston

  40. bob

    I BET IF THAT DRESS WAS ON …SAY, Scarlett Johansson


    it looks like the toliet paper i used to wrap around my barbie it make a wedding dress.



  41. violet

    ditto #84

    she’s lost that special “something.” it has nothing to do with her beauty though. she herself has changed a lot in the past years. how many kids does she have now? she’s going to age quickly. despite possible botox.

  42. brian jones

    I think she is still beautiful…Brad is a lucky SOB

  43. She could use an extra few pounds tho

  44. She is just too hot.I wish I have a woman like Jolie

  45. She always look gorjus.She is beautiful

  46. Her legs are very thin, and yet he use them to slowly squeeze the life out of Brad Pitt can while he licks. Usually that gives a man a shiny face, but in Brad’s face it gives a very large man. Maybe the Joker’s giant mouth did not smile, but also of his surprise weapons squirter.

  47. I really don’t find her pretty. Thin legs big lips yakk

  48. Wow nice dress. Very classy

  49. Bratt is a lucky guy

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