Angelina Jolie is cautious

March 16th, 2006 // 217 Comments

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that pregnant women make the best pilots. Mostly because you can always beat them to the parachutes. I think we can also agree that if Angelina’s arms get any thinner she can use them to spear fish.


  1. ESQ

    Flying a plane, while pregnant? Sounds logical to me and when I say logical I mean logical like Paris Hilton getting tested for STDs on a regular basis.

  2. Nimuë LaMer

    What does she need arms for when she’s got Brad to schlep everything for her?

  3. chiris

    she needs to eat. i think she’s afraid to get fat so she doesn’t eat anything

  4. Sheva

    Darn she’s looking terrible. And she’s pregnant?
    Damn get her on a weight lifting program.
    Anorexia gone amok.

  5. Catscratch

    And if she gained weight everyone would be saying: “she would replace random words in her sentences with ‘cheeseburger.’ ”

    Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

  6. asmith

    This morning, my radio station reported that she is already looking into plastic surgery for after the baby is born. She wants to get back into shape immediately (so she can go back to work) with a tummy tuck and breat lift. She is 7 months pregnant now – and she doesn’t look it. Um – nutrition hun….you need to eat when you have a baby in your tummy….this isn’t adoption. Mommy must feed child. Ugh………

  7. Baroness

    Look at her: she’s clearly falling over. All the weight in her tummy is dragging the rest of her down and her tiny arms can’t hold her up.

  8. mamacita

    What’s wrong with a pregnant woman piloting a plane? Pregnant women are supposed to be able to safely travel in an airplane for the first 8 months of pregnancy. What difference does it make if she’s in the pilot seat or the passenger seat?

  9. Laurie

    When my sister was pregnant, the doctor’s told her that the “hip” thing was to have a c-section and then get a little fat sucked out during that procedure as well.

    And her arm has clearly been photoshopped. Look at the one that’s reaching into the plane and isn’t in the foreground.

  10. brandybuggz

    she wants to make sure that her biological child isn’t less third world than her adopted children by starving him/her in the womb until s/he is about 2 years old.

  11. mamacita


    How exactly would you go about starving a kid in the womb until they’re 2 years old?

  12. asmith

    Hmmmm……#9, good eyes. Her left arm suggests photoshopping. But I don’t see any evidence that the right arm has been altered. I’m looking for a hi-res image of this so I can have a closer look…

  13. LoneWolf

    Obviously she wanks with her left hand.

    As for her piloting a plane, I have four words, which are really more like a hope, a wish, and a prayer – John F. Kennedy, Jr.

  14. I’m betting she becomes one those freaky moms who thinks it’s normal to breast feed their children until they’re thirteen years old.

  15. ESQ

    In response to #13 – LMAO

  16. Ya I noticed that about her arms to…she way to skinny now.

  17. hmmmm

    2 things–the arm in front is at an angle-so prob is as skinny as it looks–and as far as flying when pregnant…isn’t the deal that it’s safe at 8 months on huge commercial planes, but those tiny ones have different cabin prssure so different?

    regardless, she’s in third world countries exposing herself and unborn child to tons of other dangers anyway…

  18. Dam woman, eat something.

    Brad must like the look of “a la’ bone rack”.

  19. kenniem

    Just to play devil’s advocate, do we know she actually flew the plane, I mean couldn’t she just be checking on it?

    Are the pictures that show her actually flying it???

  20. jimjim

    The plane she is getting in or out of is a Cirrus plane. The plane is designed with a huge parachute built into the roof of the plane. If the plane has mechanical failure the parachute can be deployed to “float” the aiplane down safely.

  21. PandoraKnight

    It’s hard having to compete with tiny Aniston

  22. Hollywoodchick

    do you guys even know what a photoshopped picture even looks like? it is soooooo not photoshopped! she is skeletal, i can not believe she is 7 months and skinnier than ever. that is sad.

  23. Sheva

    I’ve never seen her look so bad.

  24. MortyFishbein

    What I find amusing is she likes designer purses. I wouldn’t expect AJ to tote a Louis Vuitton bag like Paris Hilton. And if she really had to carry one, it would contain mace, a jack knife and a fresh pair of panties.

  25. frangly

    #5: word. If she’d gained a milimeter of arm circumference, the editor would be all over the pic with diatribes about how fat and disgusting she was getting. Yawn pie with snore sauce.

    Jesus fucking christ, I like to snark with the best of them, but the focus of this editor (and a lot of the commentors) is primarily on women’s weight, far moreso than behavior, clothing, or anything else. Original much?

  26. superficielle

    Actually she has always been extremely thin but very toned and healthy looking. I doubt that she is the type to starve herself. I always felt that she was one of the strongest/i don’t care what you think of me/independent woman in Hollywood.

    Some people just don’t gain that much weight during pregnancy, and some people just don’t gain weight no matter what they eat. Not everyone blows up like the Britney.

    Also I dont think her “rushing back into work” is on the top of her to do list at all.. I mean has it ever been? She is always running around doing UN Goodwill Ambassdor things.

  27. hafaball

    My god…all this time we thought Britney Spears’ baby would be the Anti-Christ, but it’s actually Jolie’s!!! It’s Rosemary’s Baby!! AHHH!! It makes sense the only thing to get Jolie pregnant is Satan though.

  28. asmith

    She never seemed the type who would starve herself. She seems more the type who would eat obnoxiously healthy during pregnancy and get a personal trainer who specializes in pregnant woman. Perhaps had really bad morning sickness!!?? Oh, I also heard that Bradley is encouraging her to remove a few more of her 11 tattoos. Billy Bob was lasered off as soon as he was out the door…..

  29. one of these days, angie!
    one of these days..bang, right to the


  30. Jayne

    Rumor’s that she’s willing to lose all the weight quickly stem from her supposed role in Sin City 2.

    I wouldn’t put it past her; let alone any other woman in Hollywood.

    Anyhoot, Gwen Stefani’s got to be the hottest pregnant woman EVER.

  31. amma

    I agree with some of the comments. She’s just a tall, naturally skinny woman. It looks like she’s gained where she is supposed to gain…Tall people have trouble putting on weight especially in the arms and legs.

  32. pistol

    what is the matter with yoy people….it’s an optical effect….the sunlight on the forearm against a white back ground!!!!

    look closely

  33. asmith

    Dunno – who are the yoy people? Are they a tribe?

  34. HughJorganthethird

    Give her a break she’s starving for two now.

  35. I didn’t know Mary Kate Olsen was pregnant….or is that Karen Carpenter?

  36. Baroness

    #35 – HAHA!

  37. M@ce

    She’s not piloting the plane, she’s just unloading another shipment of stolen Cambodian ‘orphans’, which she then sells to her trendy friends as pets and to use in various occult ceremonies to worship Baal, the god of hot-ass women.

  38. M@ce

    Maybe since Britney’s kid can already drive, she’s going to teach her fetus how to fly. You know how competitive these celebs are.

  39. radio3play

    where’s the “i’d hit it” comment???

  40. maggixial

    i’d hit it.

    with a bat.

  41. bella1218

    M@ce- that was so funny!!!

  42. bella1218

    at least she is having her own kid and not getting it from another country. what is so wrong with American children. i hate that she is so concerned with other countries and their problems. our country is 8 trillion dollars in debt, and children are starving everyday in every city. does shse care about them? no. if i had her money, i’d be helping our kids. that may be a little too conservative for some people, but i don’t really give a damn about another country until mine is taken care of. if she doesn’t care about america then she should get the hell out.

  43. gogoboots

    I’m so surprised she can even stand up, cause she’s actually a really thin woman, she must topple over with the size of her tits and the huge belly rather frequently.

  44. manunited

    Sounds like she needs a little of the ol’ one-two punch in the tummy, just like Gwyneth!

  45. nostalgic.penguin

    from brad pit to cock pit…she is jolie brave for doing this when preg

  46. manunited

    I totally hear you #43 but I do know that there is some ridiculous “waiting list” for domestic children, as opposed to just going to the baby farms of abroad & getting them shipped next day overnight express.
    Although I am sure Angie could just pull a Joan Crawford and have an American baby shipped 2 day express if she asked nicely enough… or kicked someone’s dick in.

  47. She’s Angelina Jolie. She doesn’t have to answer to doctors. She is a doctor im told!

  48. Robin27

    #5 – totally agree!!! :-)

  49. mija289

    #43 bella1218

    Do you have adopted children? I mean you seem really passionate about it and so I’m curious. Me myself? If a child comes into my life either foriegn born, or via american soil, I’m not making distinctions, “it’s still a child in need”.

    Another question, whould you have a problem if her kids were caucasion? People don’t seem to have an issue until it’s a non-white kid “even if born in America.”

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