Angelina Jolie has something to hide

May 9th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Angelina Jolie reportedly lost it when a photographer got pictures of her bathing her children. She and her family (including Brad Pitt) were in their rented home in Prague when a photographer took the photos of her through a raised shade. A security source says:

“She was livid. Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”

Kind of makes you wonder what she was doing besides bathing her kids. She has to be used to being photographed by now, so the only reason I can see her freaking out is that she was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. You know who else freaks out when they’re photographed? Mothers who eat their children. Ridiculous speculation? Or the shocking truth! Dum dum dum!

NOTE: Just kidding. Trying to get pictures of a bathing child automatically makes this photographer a closet pedophile.



  1. DrPhowstus

    @49 — Ooooo! Ooooh! Me! Me!

    I say “C” all of the above.

  2. jrzmommy♠

    Very good, doctor!

  3. happy_bunny

    Can’t blame her at all for freaking out. That’s really sick. Even if her kids weren’t involved, sticking your camera in someone’s bathroom window is a disgusting invasion of privacy.

    What’s the big scoop the photographer was trying to get anyway? BREAKING: Children of celebrities naked beneath their clothes! Occaisionally take baths! Extry Extry! Read all about it!

  4. HughJorganthethird

    Yeah superfish guy like Angie eats.

    And why was she bathing her own children? Did the help have the day off?

  5. woodhorse

    This is the formula: (1)a post,any post, subject matter irrelevant, (2)begin with using barely understandable English while simultaneously twisting someone elses’ words, (3)state that Americans bomb babies that’s why no one likes them (4)continue to ignore the actual subject of the post (5)be self-righteous while never having actually proven any point (6) show how globally sensitive you are by forgiving jrzmommy for your having started an off-topic, old, incoherent argument and poorly slung name calling (7)steal jrzmommy material from previous posts (8) after you have completed dirtying up the thread with boring, un-original material, announce that you aren’t afraid and that you’ll be back.
    REPEAT every few days.
    NOTE: usage of French is common but not required.

  6. Donica

    Uh…if any fucking stranger tried to take pictures of MY kids naked I’d make every celebrity ever posted on this blog look like model, sane citizens with the amount of crazy fucking whoop ass I’d put out on them!

    Their heads would be mounted on sticks in my front yard with their hair set on fire.

    She should have called the police and had them arrested at the very least.

  7. LeeLee

    So uh, who wants to be famous now?

  8. jrzmommy♠

    9) post long-winded, monotonous step-by-step directions to prove lack of funny bone in your body

  9. arden

    I hope they press charges for child pornography, and attempted endagerment of a child . . . what a sick fucking bastard.

  10. ToiletDuck

    I would crawl a mile over broken glass just to eat the corn out of her shit….

  11. ToiletDuck

    I would slide naked down a 50-foot razor blade into a vat of iodine, just for the privilege of sniffing her dirty panties after she has worn them for a week searching the jungles of Vietnam for another oriental child to adopt…

  12. Brad looks heartbroken. Just from that picture, I wonder if they might really break up soon.

    Jolie is freakishly hot, so I can understand it, but I personally would never have left Aniston. She’s hot and sane.

  13. ToiletDuck

    I would stick a red-hot ice pick slowly inside of my dick, if I could only gather enough of her pubes to weave a bracelet out of them and wear it around my wrist forever or until I die…yes, she is that hot…..

  14. Lowlands

    Angelina is at the moment close to the country where her ancestors came from, Transsylvania.Looking at Brad Pitt,her mobile bloodbank,i think there isn’t much blood left.I won’t be surprised if he’s going back to his favourite tranny.

  15. Poor angelina, so hot, and.. VICIOUS.

  16. kamihi

    really please to see the “Just Kidding” at the end, I would have ripped the mofo’s head of his shoulders and boiled it in a VAT of boiling oil if he did that to my daughter.
    I love some bitching and evilness as much as y’all but somethings have gots to be said.

  17. Lowlands

    Brad Pitt always shakes his head and when Angelina is threatening to come closer he bows his head.After Angelina has turned her back on him he shakes his head again.This favourite mother in-law boy hasn’t any chance to her and never had…*Shakes head*

  18. ToiletDuck

    I am sure her farts smell like sweet ambrosia…or Chanel #5, or something similar…certainly not that cheap, dollar-store cologne that I buy and douse myself in…

  19. kamihi

    Off topic but where are these “lock paris up” petitions? I wanna sign them I see that bbeyotch is fookn driving? she is beyond anything in her arrogance and stupidity I hate her way more than any other celeb right now.

  20. ToiletDuck

    And I am sure Angie’s piss tastes like Stater Bros. brand pure apple juice..(sugar free…) this bitch is so fucking perfect….

  21. Juliabella

    seems to me like there is one worse than me from Queerbec!!
    and by worse I mean unfunny and out of context…
    Good for me!

  22. Skip Smith

    Does anyone know where I can find those naked kid pictures?

  23. Dory

    Some of you people are talking like seeing a naked kid is pedophilia. You really need to wake up. Kids take their clothes off and run around bare all the time. taking photos of them doesnt make you into naked kid. Chances are the photographer saw a chance to make some money and perhaps feed his kids.

    As for psyco angelina. well a hissy fit is what’s expected of a celeb.

  24. woodhorse

    58: not as long winded as those stupid canadian arguments you encourage. and, no, it’s not funny.

  25. H.A.L.9000

    I think she has lost her identity and is turning into a robot. I should know.

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    “something to hide”
    Um, maybe her penis?

  27. stpdgrl

    i thought the stupid bitch was going to be a stay at home mom. she deserves everything she gets, but that’s not ok about the collection of kids

  28. I would like totally lost IT
    only to have the both of them

  29. sweetnsnooty

    Give the lady a break, she probably thought that there are no photographers in Prague!

  30. Angelina===I so love u
    u r so f’n hott!!!!!!!

  31. Angelina and Jamie Pressley should make a movie together..they r like the two hottest chickz ever…

  32. Carolyn

    Angelina has a right to be pissed off by that intrusion. And hey, losing it when you are juggling kids, a partner, a career or two and still dealing with the death of her Mom….seems human to me.
    She’s one good person in my book, trying to make a difference in the world.

  33. Elaine

    Anyone who judges that they are looking a bit worn out clearly hasn’t had kids! They sure look good to me, amazing in fact.
    You complainers? may your next drivers license picture be crap!

  34. "Wally" (required) (apparently)


  35. amanda hugandkiss

    OH fuck you!!! The so called celebrity journalist that wrote the commentary. What was she hiding? Fuck you moron. Any mother who wouldn’t be extremley pissed that some faggot ass pervert is taking pictures of her naked children is a shitty ass parent. She has every damn right to be angry you peice of shit. FUCK YOU!!!!! All these celebrity websites need to get people to write this shit who have an IQ at least above a peice of dog shit!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

  36. joy


  37. liz

    oh come on she was giving her kids a bath id like to see how you would re-act if some stranger snapped a shot of you giving your kids a bath. lets be realistic and think she had a good point to be pissed! i know i would be if someone got a picture of me bathing my child. you know celebs are people to!!

  38. YaYa

    To 74: Your forgetting he was looking in her bathroom window! That is an extreme invasion of privacy, considering anyone could’ve been in there bathing or using the restroom. He was being a pervert and a peeping tom.


    To 86: did you not read the JUST KIDDING part? I guess you extreme rage clouded over your ability to think. It happens to the best of us, hun.

    I would have kick his(the photographer) ass for pulling some shit like that, and break his camera then give it back to him in a place where the sun don’t shine if he ever did that to me. (and I would have every write to do so considering he is a stranger and on my personal property looking through my windows.)

  39. Jess


  40. tina

    #23 you say the world is ovre populated cause women like her can’t keep her legs shut. UUUMMM dont you remember that 3 of her 4 children are ADOPTED . you f-ing idiot. i’d shoot any asshole who watched me bathe my kids. The f-ing sicko. get caught by brooke shields, tom cruise, madonna or any one else for that matter, and see what happens!!!

  41. jackoffjon

    I’d lick her farting asshole. I’d like to watch her grunt out a big turd onto my erect penis.

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