Angelina Jolie has something to hide

May 9th, 2007 // 92 Comments

Angelina Jolie reportedly lost it when a photographer got pictures of her bathing her children. She and her family (including Brad Pitt) were in their rented home in Prague when a photographer took the photos of her through a raised shade. A security source says:

“She was livid. Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”

Kind of makes you wonder what she was doing besides bathing her kids. She has to be used to being photographed by now, so the only reason I can see her freaking out is that she was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. You know who else freaks out when they’re photographed? Mothers who eat their children. Ridiculous speculation? Or the shocking truth! Dum dum dum!

NOTE: Just kidding. Trying to get pictures of a bathing child automatically makes this photographer a closet pedophile.



  1. catmando

    Let’s set up a Paris Hilton anti-petition. You know. To have her put down before she opens the gates of hell.

  2. ChristmasOnMars

    Oh, come on now. She was bathing her kids and didn’t want photographers intruding. I enjoy bashing celebs as much as the next guy, but geez, that would be too much for anyone. Her rage, in this case, was justified.

  3. The Squizz

    I’ve heard that Angelina smells like cat piss.

  4. I’d rip a photogs head off if he took a picture (through the window!) of my kids taking a bath. What a pervy pedophile.

  5. The Squizz

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. SedateFlea

    I’d be pissed off too. What kind of person peeks in window shades to take pictures of naked children?!

  7. DrDanny

    Oh, Superfish, you’re reaching now. She’s right to feel violated, if not for herself then for her children. If she’d been bathing alone, maybe you’d have a strong argument.

  8. MissT

    yeah exactly.. if SHE was taking a bath that would be a different story but its just creepy when its her kids.

  9. BarbadoSlim

    I’m shocked, shocked her Vietcong children didn’t have ak-47s hidden right in that bathtub to dispatch that photographer post-haste.

  10. queenbuzz

    I gotta say…if someone photographed me bathing my kids…they better be willing to jump in the tub with a radio. That’s really unacceptable.

  11. Sparkles13

    I’d have done the same thing…there are too many sickos out there. Like the one behind the lense.

  12. shanonorato



  13. The Superfish fag is on coke

    I wonder that during these “trying” times of celebrities if they ever say to themselves, “Damn it! I knew I shoulda just gone to school and become a productive member to society!” NAAAAAA! Probably not!!!

  14. ahhh, jon voight attacks!

    and no, it will never get old.

  15. Prague = pedophilia

  16. FRIST!!!

    Ok, THAT is just WRONG, and prosecutable.

    #9 Slim, that was fucking funny!!!

    How come no one takes pictures of me through my shades when I’m getting a scoop of ice cream at midnight in my undies. I’m guess I’m just not POPULAR!!!

  17. gaygaygaygaygay

    They both look like shit, especially Brad. He has aged terribly.

  18. blpressure

    LMFAO #9, best comment read here EVER.

  19. oh and Btw, “They both look like shit, especially Brad. He has aged terribly.”

    If THAT is aging bad then I want to age bad, are you blind or something? everybody has the right to have a bad hair day, or whatever. But they

  20. tits_on_snack

    Brad Pitt looks one hundred and fifty seven.

  21. wedge1

    I saw the pictures. They’re pretty hot. My penis is sore now. It burns when I pee.

  22. Liverpool FC

    Why couldnt that slut keep her legs shut??? This planet is overpopulated because of women like her. Fucking whore. Fucking slag. Fucking piece of shit slut.

  23. wedge1

    Why didn’t she use a Lara Croft move & unload about eight bullets into that perv, followed by parachuting out the window holding the kids in a fishnet, landing softly next to her BMW motorbike with the sidecar, so that she could safely race away?

  24. Wow Just Wow

    #1 Someone set up a Jail Paris Hilton petition. Here’s the linky!

  25. ck

    Call cops. Yell at photographer endlessly.

  26. amaritimer

    I would rip that photog a new asshole if someone was caught trying to take picts of my kids in the tub. That would be gental compared to what my husband would do. The mother fuckers go too far.

    BTW, thanks for the link. :D I’m on my way to sign it now.


    I would be pissed too. She has every right to be in a rage.

  28. FRIST!!!

    #23 Liverpool, I will say it again. Maybe (and by maybe I mean 100% for sure), your mother should have kept HER legs shut, as you clearly have mental issues regarding women. Besides, most of her kids aren’t even FROM her womb.


  29. DrPhowstus

    @9 — I agree, though I suspect they were used to getting filmed by white tourists anyway, so it may just have been more of the same.

  30. schack

    they can film ME, but they can’t film the CHILDREN. oh god, THE CHILDREN!

    um, who wants to bet that retired rockn’roll-whore has syphilis and it’s starting to make her a little loose and soft?

  31. frankrizzo

    That is pretty messed up. I understand the whole photog tabloid thing actually helps stars stay famous, but taking pictures of my naked kids, while I am in a private residence… that is too far.

  32. DrPhowstus

    @23 — I hear guys from Liverpool rarely get laid. Thanks for reinforcng the point. And unlike the boys in Anfield, I’m sure you always walk alone.

  33. jrzmommy♠

    She didn’t want the world to see she bathes her kids in a large soup pot over an open flame…with carrot chips and onions…like the old Bugs Bunnys.

    There’s a certain French Canadian skumbag from Queerbec around here who’ll probably pay top dollar for pictures of naked kids……

  34. jrzmommy♠

    PS Her lips are half the size of her head. Mumbo Lips Jolie.

  35. gaygaygaygaygay

    “There’s a certain French faggot blah blah blah” ……….

    why does every thread have to turn into drama queen shit among you guys?

  36. DrPhowstus

    @37 — You’re right. We apologize. I think Angie is so rad. You too. Let’s hold hands and skip down the street.

  37. chaunceygardner

    Perhaps she was teaching her kids to suck each other off, like she did with her weird-ass brother when they were kids. You know, motherly widsom kind of shit.

  38. jrzmommy♠

    sorry wally.

  39. jrzmommy♠

    yeah, #39, NAMBLA called…….

  40. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    LOL 35– hassenpheffer!

    Oh btw, Paris is STILL driving. There’s several petitions going around that are pro jail for her. I signed all of them. Heh

  41. woodhorse

    Hey Barbado! Even if she doesn’t use her submarine/helicopter/yacht, I’m very sure Angie is going to tear him a new one. About damn time.
    What goes around comes around:Paps kill Princess Di, ten years later World Dictator Angelina kills paps….I am happy.

    Give me a kiss Barbado, and a hug. I aced all my classes and SCHOOL IS OUT FOREVER

  42. ToiletDuck

    I would rather have seen pictures of her bathing BRAD, not the goddamn kids…

  43. woodhorse

    Agree #44, and I don’t think that would have made Angie mad. Fucking Checkoslobs.

  44. tikivixen

    Eh, she was probably just snortin’ ze coke, doncha know.

  45. Kyra



  46. ToiletDuck

    Hoo boy, it has begun……

  47. jrzmommy♠

    Citizens of the Fish, what is worse…..a troll that steals your identity, or a douchebag that steals your material?

  48. Forbidden

    fucking fuck, how can Angelina be so stunning? gorgeouuuuuuuuuuuus
    please superfish, save the desperate tranny looking ladies, the lohan’s, the overrated actresses and models, etc. pictures for yourself and when you post about the most fucking hot woman in Hollywood delight us with more than one picture!!!
    Angelina Jolie is sooo fucking hot I could fuck her life away.

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