Angelina Jolie has something to hide


Angelina Jolie reportedly lost it when a photographer got pictures of her bathing her children. She and her family (including Brad Pitt) were in their rented home in Prague when a photographer took the photos of her through a raised shade. A security source says:

“She was livid. Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”

Kind of makes you wonder what she was doing besides bathing her kids. She has to be used to being photographed by now, so the only reason I can see her freaking out is that she was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. You know who else freaks out when they’re photographed? Mothers who eat their children. Ridiculous speculation? Or the shocking truth! Dum dum dum!

NOTE: Just kidding. Trying to get pictures of a bathing child automatically makes this photographer a closet pedophile.