Angelina Jolie has a new tattoo

June 9th, 2006 // 439 Comments

Angelina Jolie showed up to her Wednesday press conference with a new tattoo on her shoulder where she used to have Billy Bob Thornton


  1. aivilo


    I believe I was slightly traumatized after that um…’cunt’ post lol!


    Oh dear, I love older stuff like Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Kansas, The Who, Rush, Van Morrison, BOC, Steve Miller Band, etc….but I also enjoy some crap, I admit!

    I have an affinity for rap that I believe stems from my half-blackness, lol.

  2. Pagan Queen

    Jane – LOL Nothing like “lets do it till we are sore gasms”! That, my friend, are good times! LOL Good to see having a little one doesnt slow you down! You can still be a mom and a sex Goddess!

  3. jane's eyre

    As long as you don’t buy Paris’ album, we be coo. we be coo, man.

  4. aivilo


    Oh, that’s lovely! I adore little kids, and three is like the absolute best age. My brother and sister(twins) are nine and a nightmare, so I miss having babies around the house. I’m sort of sad my mom had them when I was 7 because I can’t recall much of their baby years, but they have pictures.

    And I’m sure your baby is much cuter than Brad and Angelina’s, who(m?) will either be a mountain troll or a strangely mannequin-like parody of beauty.

  5. Ari

    I don’t know why he’s not here, but I can tell you… I may need a minute to recover from HIS emails. Holy sh*t.

    The man has a way with words…

  6. jane's eyre

    LOL, he actually told me this morning that he was a bit sore. Lucky bastard.

  7. Pagan Queen

    A-lo – I love Eminem! LOL I know I know, but damn, his stuff is funny. There is some rap that is good, but I dont like the hardcore stuff that is all about slappin ‘hos and such. I am surprised black women arent all over that more.

    Yow – you do like “old school” stuff dont you?

    Half black, I always thought mixed race children were absolutely gorgeous.

    I got hit on by a gorgeous man in Vegas that was black/white. He had mocha skin and green eyes..really striking. Oh yeah, I turned him down. Happily married, but I enjoyed the flirting! LOL

  8. Pagan Queen

    Ari – hon, I can just imagine by some of the stuff he has posted here. Got hot flashes! LOL What do you expect from an Army dog? LOL

    Jane – hmmmmmmmmm maybe you need to kiss it and make it better?

  9. aivilo


    OMG PARIS HILTON!? I would remove my skin with a cheese grater before voluntarily subjecting myself to that noise she calls singing. Blargh.


    I enjoy Eminem from time to time…but he is so explicit!

    Biracial children are often very attractive, but I’m very average/below average looking. I would connect my myspace, but everyone spazzed last time I did that, so maybe not!

  10. jane's eyre


    Good to know you still got it, huh?! It’s always nice when someone attractive hits on you, even if you’re not going to do anything, isn’t it. We all need a little ego fluffing now and then.

    The icky part is when the person hitting on you is a crusty lecherous cretin, then it’s like, is THAT the kind of guy I attract?? I have men who are old enough to be my father hit on me quite frequently. Yuck. Maybe I put out that vibe. I am, after all, 11 1/2 years younger than my husband. That perv.

  11. jane's eyre


    Sorry, it was a joke. Ow, I almost blew wine out of my nose.

    I think Eminem’s rap is pretty much the only rap I can take. It’s smart, and always has a good rythmn to it. I wouldn’t go buy his CDs, but I enjoy it when I happen to hear it.

    And about the myspace, I don’t blame you, some of the people here are very vicious, I can attest to that firsthand.

  12. Pagan Queen

    Jane – LOL yeah, not too bad for 41, huh? I am lucky I am aging really good, of course I take care of myself, so that in itself helps. Most people think I am up to 10 years younger, bless their hearts! I act young, too, call people I work with “dude”, LOL Aging does suck, but it doesnt have to suck the soul out of you. Too many people hit my age and give up. Give up hell – I know what life is about now!

  13. aivilo

    Well, they just shouted (metaphorically, of course) about internet predators. Which alarmed me, because I don’t enjoy confrontation with people I don’t know on the internet, lol.

  14. Pagan Queen

    A-lo – as far as being “average”, most beauty is really WHO you are, not what you look like. Just take good care of yourself and show confidence, you will have them beating down your door. PLUS, most 16 year olds are a bit gawky now. If they are drop dead gorgeous they usually go downhill from here. Enjoy who you are, play up your best features and down your worst. Dont be in a hurry to look like someone you see. Just be you – the rest will come. Dang – did I just sound old and wizened? If so, thanks! LOL

  15. jane's eyre

    My mom is aging really really well, she’s 51 and looks younger than a lot of women I see her age. Plus she’s really tiny–4’11″ and wears a 2 petite. I unfortunately do NOT fit into a size 2. So not fair that my mom is way smaller than me. But at least I will look young for my age, I think. Right now it’s not so much of a good thing, I don’t particularly like people telling me i look like a kid, but it will pay off later.

  16. Here..time to throw caution to the wind… omg I hope people don’t like attack me!

    I find it much easier to talk to someone if you have an idea of what they look like. And I love wise people! Don’t be offended, but my mom gives me those speeches all the time and they always make me feel better!!!

    It is sort of difficult to be 16, despite what people think… you always feel like your skin is bad or you’re too fat or your hair looks awful! Its quite a superficial world, sort of like Hollywood!

  17. jane's eyre


    You might as well tattoo “Crony” on your forehead! Just kidding, please don’t kick my ass!

    Oh, are you in Vegas frequently? Have you ever done the indoor skydiving there?

  18. Ari

    111- Gawd, I still feel sorry for you. That attack was ridiculous, vicious and… uncalled for.

    I guess people were bored or something that day, but DAMN!

  19. jane's eyre

    A-lo, you’re beautiful!

  20. jane's eyre

    118 Yeah, it was very…wierd.

  21. jane's eyre

    Speaking of A-lo, I run across funny names in my line of work. Yesterday I ran across a “Jay Ho and Jennifer Ho”. J-Ho and J-Ho.

    And “Bong Jang”. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

  22. jane's eyre

    And Tina Gaydar. (It’s going off all the time)

  23. Ari

    116– A-lo, you’ve got nothing to worry about. People that put you down are just jealous.

    Psst–I remember being 16. I HATED being a teenager. Good luck to you! It does get better, I promise.

  24. Pagan Queen

    A-lo – Hon, you are GORGEOUS!! YOW!! Dont be in any hurry to be a clone of someone else. You are intelligent, very nice, and beautiful. Later on when the boys your age mature, they will know what a true gem you are. Right now they are chasing anything that will lay them….when they get older they become smoother about it! LOL

    Jane – I always thought that a size 12 woman in shape was better looking than the really thin women. Dunno how men can be attracted to skin and bone.

    ALL – It is time to hit the royal boudoir. We have a Pagan picnic in St Louis tomorrow and my Royal Highness (or hindass) is going to go and mingle amongst fellow lost souls, LOL

    Bright Blessings and sweet dreams

  25. Ari

    ‘night Pagan!

    I think it’s just about time for me to crash too. Nearly midnight where I’m at.

    jane’s–see ya later!

  26. aivilo

    Oh, that’s very nice of you to say, but not really.

    I used to be so nice and thin when I was younger, but that all hit the fan at about 12. As it is, I’m only 5’3 and pushing 125! Then again, I’ve got these horrible enormous boobs to put into the equation I suppose. Gah, I’m depressing myself!


    Yeah, it pretty much sucks. A lot. I like being at home with my family, and it’s not like I have any problems at school, but it feels like you’re almost caged. I have good friends though, so they make things better!

    Oh, thank you!

    I think I need to go to bed also…Thanks for being so nice to me you guys! I was bored because my Mom wouldn’t let me go to my friend’s house (too late, blah)and I was definitely pleasantly entertained on here for an hour or so.

    Love & Goodnight!

  27. jane's eyre

    Goodnight, all!

  28. Star Maker Machinery

    Why does her tattoo look like it was done in prison with a ballpoint pen?

    The co-ordinates are probably where her brain was last seen.

  29. cherryjane

    That’s just the stupidest tattoo of hers yet. I think the Billy Bob was even better. What is she, a road map? Next thing we’ll see the “Brad wuz here” tattoo on her ass.

  30. I’m guessing Angelina chose the coordinates because:

    1. They’ll remain the same even after the kids grow up and change their stupid names into something decent and/or
    2. When the kids catch Mommy doing something totally insane – like sleeping with her brother – they can write down the coordinates, pack their bags and leave a note telling they’ve gone back home.

    20 ChickenScratch

    Get your son a helmet. Something along the lines of what boxers wear, for instance. Not a cycling helmet or anything hard like that, but a soft, padded one. My sister was like a monkey as a toddler, always climbing on furniture and stuff, and my Mum made her a padded headband so she wouldn’t constantly bang her head. Worked like charm.

    116 aivilo

    You’re very pretty! And you’re 1/8 Finnish! Say it with me: “Olen 1/8 (= pronounced: yksi kahdeksasosa) suomalainen.” and “Olen suomalainen ja ylpe

  31. anonymouse

    I have a tattoo of the Domino’s Pizza Noid which starts on my upper arm, right in the same place Angie has hers, and it ends at the back of my wrist.


  32. wg

    Well, getting tats while pregnant or breastfeeding is a MAJOR NO-NO. Unless she got it since Shiloh’s been born AND she’s not breastfeeding, it’s just another example of this selfish, homewrecking skank bending the rules to suit herself regardless of the consequences for others.

  33. Coordinates on her arm. Who in their right mind does that? If she weren’t famous and saw her on the street with that on her arm from a distance, I would that it was the mark of the beast or some evil shit like that. Coordinates of her children’s birthplace…ha!

  34. ChickenScratch

    #130 I thought of that, but then people would think he’s a retard. Maybe around the house I’ll just wrap a towel around his head…or get him a baby straight jacket.

    Enough talk about my kid with issues.

    Why hasn’t this guy posted anything new yet?
    Those of us who have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning need some gossip! I’ve only been on this site a few months and it seems like he used to always post new stories when I first started on here.


  35. TaiTai

    Wow when I read this headline “Angelina Jolie Gets A New Tattoo,” my first thought was that she had adopted her a little African midget to follow her around. “Da Plane, Boss, Da Plane!”

    Sorry 16-year-olds, you have to be as old as me to get that reference. And even then it was pretty lame.

    Sorry I missed the musical conversation though. I was busy listening to Bowie I guess.

  36. tsarinaamanda


    I don’t plan on living long enough to get old and having to worry about that. Besides, I’d think most old people would worry more about their ungrateful, spoiled children dumping them in a nursing home, stealing all their money, and leaving them to rot. Or losing control over their bladders, or falling down and breaking a hip, etc. Basically, there’s more important things for old people to worry about.

  37. tsarinaamanda


    Boston is one of THE best bands ever. It’s so nice to see someone in high school that actually listens to something other than the bullshit crap that passes for music now, ie: The Pussycat Whores, Young Jeezy, Beyonce, (she has a good voice but her lyrics are repetitive crap) Gwen Stefani, and all the rest of the shite. Its good to know at least ONE parent is raising their kid pretty well.

  38. TaiTai

    137 — oh yes Boston, the two-album wonders. Surely there is someone else you can think of that would be the one of THE best bands ever??

    (Not picking a fight — just “stimulating discussion.”)

    I can think of one other band out of Boston that is better, not to mention the rest of the world.

  39. xd

    Awww god I LOVE Angelina. She’s so hot, beautiful… she’s perfect.

  40. Iambananas

    I already saw it in People with the pics of the baby. Cute baby, big lips. Those kids she adopted are weird, I think.

  41. herbiefrog

    #51 e…l…k… :)

  42. Iambananas

    Now, her body is completly runied with all the writing on it. It’s not clean and fresh, like a human should be. She really isn’t pretty, is quite a freak, and ruined Brad Pitt.

    And she’s a homewrecker.

  43. Iambananas

    And she named her one possible normal baby Shilo. Like the thing they hold wheat in – in the hicks.

  44. TaiTai

    OK so it didn’t work.

  45. I am a sucker for Jolie’s tats. The post was hilarious though, love the arrows. I am really happy to see her trying to cover up what’s left of the billy bob / dragon, since it was a mess and seemingly unremovable.

  46. herbiefrog

    #95 yeah but the female gelfling
    in the dark crystal was hot :)

    as hot as smurfette :)

    …or was it smurfella?

  47. herbiefrog

    #99 so why doesn’t anyone know?

  48. Mister White Shriveled Ballsack


  49. punkrawkchick

    I think it is a great tattoo… Very original. And she is a pilot, so it means more to her then just numbers and letters. I like when a person does something (with their tattoo) that others don’t tend to do. That means that to that person there was meaning, not just some picture they picked off the wall.

  50. jane's eyre

    I heart Mister White’s shrivelled ballsack.

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