Angelina Jolie has a new tattoo

June 9th, 2006 // 439 Comments

Angelina Jolie showed up to her Wednesday press conference with a new tattoo on her shoulder where she used to have Billy Bob Thornton


  1. TrannyGranny

    50 Ari!

    Sad and lonely without your hotness. I can barely track a bull elk, with visions of you dancing through my un satiable head!

  2. Ari

    Tranny- tracking an elk is probably easier if you were actually outside… I’m just guessing of course.

    Unless you’re playing the deer hunter game…in which case, ahhhh, fuckit.

    I need a drink.

  3. tsarinaamanda


    How about getting your husband’s name tattooed on you? Or your dog’s? I plan to get a picture of her face with her name when she dies. She’s a good dog. I need a drink too.

  4. endometriorama

    love the rack.

  5. krisdylee

    mmm… Angelina’s tattos and fresh breast milk…

    who could ask for anything more???

  6. Ari

    53– only get your husband’s name tattooed on you if you want a divorce. Same if you decide to get your wedding ring tatt’d on.

    Trust me on this. Hehe…

    I’d get my dog’s name tattooed somewhere on me before I’d get the man’s done. The dog is likely more dependable, and doesn’t bitch if you drink the last beer. OK, MY dog doesn’t at least… can’t speak for yours.

  7. krisdylee

    I have a tat… getting another one soon…. they are addictive and when I got my first done, the weird thing was, I felt high…. It was really euphoric. Strange, yet true…

  8. WorldWideWendy

    RE: number 44′s link about the body guard- having checked that site- I found the better story in the ‘related stories’ section about Namibia’s next big event being a world record attempt at creating the world biggest sausage( apparantly known as a braai- which I thought was blind person writing….no…wait…) any way- i thought THAT was a better story. Brad Pitt- in namibia- AND the world biggest sausage.Symbiosis.

  9. TrannyGranny

    52 Ari

    If only you knew what I have done this week. Chainsaw work, hauling logs out of the forest, basically haven’t been indoors all week, even sleeping in my hamock.

    just dawned on me, impersonator, Ari does not drink. So, if you will, enjoy the feces spraying from my “nasty” orifice, don’t be afraid to suicide bomb. Alone. As you always will be.

  10. WorldWideWendy

    ‘Namibia – a country with it’s eyes on the future’. (oh, and crackpot neighbors filled with starving supressed people, routinely killed off by their genocidal governments run by lunatic dictators.)
    ‘Africa- something for all the family’

  11. Ari


    Hahahaha… true, I usually don’t drink. Today’s been a helluva day.

    Email me if you want authentification.

    Fa could authenticate by taste, but he doesn’t happen to be around right now…

  12. TrannyGranny


    already sent, with an apology if that is the case…what’s gotcha hittin the bottle with the common folk?

  13. TrannyGranny


    For the record, I’m an asshole, that really was Ari. Sorry Ari. I feel like a douche.

  14. Ari

    62–I’ve got Strawberry Margarita wine coolers. And a whole bottle of Chivas Regal.

    I told you, don’t apologize! Spend your time serving your pennance elsewhere.

    63– I believe if you mix ‘asshole’ and ‘douch’ you get an enema, yes? Pfft.

  15. TrannyGranny


    Wanna Fuck?

  16. Ari

    Damn straight, Tranny-

    Make an appointment with my secretary…I’m all full up…..err… I mean.. umm…booked solid at this exact moment…


    How’s the beard? Long enough to be soft, I hope?

  17. #65 Stay the fuck from round me. Thanks.

  18. TrannyGranny



  19. aivilo

    I don’t understand big/obvious tattoos. It seems kinda dumb- you get a tattoo of somebody’s face or name when you’re about 22, and then when you’re 60 it looks like a constipated horse stretched over your sagging body parts. Ew? I think yes.


    Ari – hey sweety!!

    Tranny – you smooth talker on post 65. How can she resist!!!!

    Krisdylee – how you are doing?

    I think the coordinate thing is kinda neat. Better that having Billy Bob’s name. blech

  21. TrannyGranny


    soft like Pillsbury dough…

  22. Ari

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Pagan!


    You fucker. I just laughed so hard my kids came in to see if I was OK. Then they wanted to know what was so funny. Youuuuuuuu suck. Still. Please.

  23. aivilo


    Billy Bob Thorton is GREAT.
    He played Davy Crocket in The Alamo.

    If I was old enough (or could drive to Canada), I would have his name tattooed across my CHEST.

  24. Pagan Queen

    Tranny – pilsbury dough? You been lookin for love in all the wrong places again!

    Ari – why ya bummin? I got back at 1AM from Vegas. Yow – what a town! Conference was good, tho. Got my bud light here and toasting ya!

  25. TrannyGranny


    you nasty lil’ whore. You know you want it, I can tell from the post. After I’ve licked some foreplay up your ass, you know you would beg for a bit of the taste, so I would totally let you suck my tongue, ripe with your own ass-juice. mmmm. good. Deny the feeling you nasty slut…er, man?

  26. Pagan Queen

    aivilo – heya!

    Are you male/female? How old are you?

    Seriously, Billy Bob? EWWWWWWWW He is a great actor, but if I am going to put a name on my chest it would be someone hot!

  27. limper

    What does it say about a person when just tattooing their kids’ names into their arm isn’t pretentious enough for them?

    Angelina’s been in the press so much lately. Aniston’s going to have to go braless all next week if she wants to get any attention at all.

  28. TrannyGranny

    Yo, Pagan!

    Babe, if you wass’nt married, I would so love to be schooled by U!!!!!!

  29. Pagan Queen

    Tranny – holy cow, I almost spewed my beer all over my monitor for post 75! You gonna toss that salad with some syrup or jelly? LOL

  30. TrannyGranny

    pagan, a-lo is 16,

  31. aivilo



    hahaha I turned 16 about a month ago and I’m a girl. And even though I don’t mind Billy-Bob, I would probably actually go for David Bowie if I was going to have some tattoo in an inappropriate place lol.

  32. Pagan Queen

    Tranny – If I wasnt married I would make you howl at the moon, babe.

  33. jane's eyre

    …which explains a lot…

  34. TrannyGranny

    79 Pagan

    babe, I toss with jelly like Mexicans cross the border!

  35. Johnny Be Good

    #2, that’s classic.

    “I guess that’s so she knows where they came from, so when she gets bored of them she can dump them back where she picked them up.”

    And #10, your final thought was as well:

    “the others are just foreign and adopted.”

    I see lots of other people had the same idea, but being first with a hilarious thought is worth recognition, as opposed to the FUCKING LOSERS like #1 who brag of being the first post as though they had just caught a pass that won the Super Bowl.

    That means you “SABAHAT” you fucking clown.

  36. jane's eyre

    Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.

    But seriously, aivilo, you weren’t even born when Bowie was around, were you?

  37. Pagan Queen

    a-lo, 16? Hon, yow! I am 41, old enough to be your Mom.

    Hold me Tranny, I am sobbing in my beer! LOL

    David Bowie – now you are talking. I LOVE his voice. Have you seen The Dark Crystal? It has him as the bad guy and he does a good job.

    Who else do you like?

  38. jane's eyre

    Ah, thanks, I love it when people compliment me on my rapier wit.

    Now don’t get all dirty with that word. That means YOU, Tranny. You sick fuck.

  39. aivilo

    I am like the most hardcore Bowie fan EVER. I seriously grossed out all my friends on the XC team by carrying around a picture of him. He’s 58. My mom introduced me to him. & I was born in ’90, and he’s done some stuff since then… mostly techno-ish though. SPACE ODDITY=GOD.

  40. jane's eyre

    This sucks. My husband has retired to the room extra early, I’m all alone with no alcohol, save the half a bottle of old Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge. Starting to look good. I could do with a Newcastle right about….NOW!

  41. Ari

    Pagan–the dough mention is in reference to an email, so I suppose it’s sort of an inside joke.

    Sure, first Tranny doesn’t believe I’m me, then he causes me to burn my poor nasal passages by making me laugh mid-drink.
    He OWES me now. BIG TIME.

    Forty lashes for you, Tranny!!

  42. aivilo


    My mom is 43. I wanted to see labyrinth, but I wasn’t allowed to. I haven’t asked in a while though, so maybe I could now. I will have to look into Dark Crystal!! His voice is sooo beautiful!

    OMG do you like the Allman Brothers? I know the two aren’t really similar but I have the greatest hits 69-79 AND I LOVE IT.

  43. jane's eyre


    Holy crap. My dog was born before you. But she’s dead. So I guess that leaves you ahead of her. I always appreciate someone who likes 80′s music.

    Ha ha! for once I’m not the youngest one around, I get to say, When I was a kid,…and, You’re just a baby! *sniff* good times.

  44. Pagan Queen

    Tranny – I got a full jar of boisenberry. Of course you are NOT in MO anymore – mores the pity! LOL

    A-lo – Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Bowie was on the edge waaaaaaaaaaay before Madonna, that is for sure.

  45. TrannyGranny

    87 Hate to be a cunt (tm krisdylee), but the movie you are refering to (I know I can’t speel) is Labrynth. Love that flick.

  46. aivilo

    how old are you? If you don’t mind me asking, of course. I always forget that people find it rude! If you don’t want to say, by all means don’t.

    GASP I KNOW! He used to wear dresses! Ziggy Stardust is a great songgg & so is Life On Mars.

  47. Pagan Queen

    Ari – kinda figured it was an inside joke, but just had to add some country lyrics! LOL

    Where is Fa? Recovering from an email you sent? LOL

    Jane – my family is in IN. I got in from Vegas this morning, I am drinking alone, got a bud light. Go wake that man up and have your wicked way!! You go gurl! LOL

    A-lo – Allmans are OK, like 3 Dog Night and Credence better, you heard of them?

    BTW – this is cool your mom is showing you different genres of music. So much of the music today is trash.

  48. Pagan Queen

    Tranny – you deliciously cunty (TM) man-whore…you are right! I thought it was wrong when I typed it, but I couldnt remember the name. I havent seen it in years.

  49. jane's eyre


    I’ve been alive a quarter of a century, am married 5 years, and have a soon-to-be 3 year old (who, btw, blows Silo O’Shit out of the water in the cuteness department).

  50. jane's eyre

    To tell you the truth, I think I wore him out last night. Tee hee. I was about to fall asleep myself, but I’m perking up a bit.

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