Angelina Jolie giving money to Octo-Mom?

Angelina Jolie might be donating money to her creepy doppleganger Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman. Granted, this news comes by way of Star, so take it with a grain of salt – the size of a minivan:

“Angelina is worried about the best interests of the kids,” explains a source. “As a mom of six, she knows how chaotic and costly raising a big family can be.”
And while the money would no doubt help Nadya pay for everything from clothes to schooling, Angelina, 33, does have some misgivings about the gift, notes the source.
“She doesn’t necessarily approve of Nadya, and she doesn’t want to turn the situation into even more of a circus.”

Of course, a practical solution would be for Angelina to install a private Starbucks in Octo-mom’s house, so she’ll spend more time with her brood. Then again, that’ll just end in Britney Spears crashing through the skylight. Dammit, there’s just no easy answer to this thing is there? Which is why it’s important for parents to talk to their kids about the uterus: It’s not a gatling gun.

The More You Know….

Photos: WENN