Angelina Jolie giving money to Octo-Mom?

March 30th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Angelina Jolie might be donating money to her creepy doppleganger Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman. Granted, this news comes by way of Star, so take it with a grain of salt – the size of a minivan:

“Angelina is worried about the best interests of the kids,” explains a source. “As a mom of six, she knows how chaotic and costly raising a big family can be.”
And while the money would no doubt help Nadya pay for everything from clothes to schooling, Angelina, 33, does have some misgivings about the gift, notes the source.
“She doesn’t necessarily approve of Nadya, and she doesn’t want to turn the situation into even more of a circus.”

Of course, a practical solution would be for Angelina to install a private Starbucks in Octo-mom’s house, so she’ll spend more time with her brood. Then again, that’ll just end in Britney Spears crashing through the skylight. Dammit, there’s just no easy answer to this thing is there? Which is why it’s important for parents to talk to their kids about the uterus: It’s not a gatling gun.

The More You Know….

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  1. Michael Jackson

    Duck lips

  2. b

    They should both have a ski accident so we can pull their plugs.

  3. Sock it to me

    This better not be true….

  4. Stephanie

    The best thing to do would be to not give her any money. Then the state can take the kids away. Its the only way for them to turn out ok. Either that, or she should be committed, either way those kids need to get away from her

  5. Alfalfa

    I don’t know which one is more creepy

  6. Octo-fug was hideous pre and post Ops.

  7. ” Star Magazine” = women who use to congregate in the bathroom to gossip, now they get to do it with degrees…

  8. octotitties

    I have 8 titties, and she is disgusting.

  9. When I’m done with this Jolie chick, she’ll look like someone poured cake batter on a lollipop.

  10. Mae

    Nadya “I can afford Hollister hoodies and Starbucks lattes but I can’t feed my babies” Suleman

  11. What the Hell does Angelina know about “raising” 6 children??? You mean, she knows how to write checks to the Nanny to raise 6 children.

  12. Cindy

    This is hardly the story to run for Octomom. Basically, a complete zoo broke out last week involving media, media whores, child protection, and the psycho herself, all behaving like cartoons. And what do we get? A fake story about Angelina.

  13. Richard McBeef

    Someone should beat the cunt out of both of these bitches.

  14. Jrz

    My Bullshit Detector just exploded.

  15. Bull Doctor

    Octomom found dead in ditch with panties around ankles, babies still attached to teats

  16. #14 – Fine, fine! I DID pee on the toilet seat this morning! Did my wife send out an email blast?

  17. Max Planck

    Tattoos suck!

  18. Eric

    “Did my wife send out an email blast?”

    I assume that’s from Urban Dictionary…

  19. #18 – Let’s keep it PG-13… my pastor reads this…

  20. Jrz

    Speaking of …..shit… come the likes of Angelina and Madonna only adopt HEALTHY kids. Why not really go for the God Complex and adopt kids that have special needs? Mia Farrow did it.

  21. Monkey's Bone

    The Uterus – it’s not a clown car

  22. Max Planck

    Yikes, it’s contagious…look at that belly in pic #4!

  23. Jrz

    Why didn’t you lift the seat UP and leave it up, Rich? Like every other man alive?

  24. Woody Allen

    …including a special need for incest.

  25. contractually obligated racial comment

    They’re adopting from Africa, so it’s safe to say anything they bring home has less going for it than the most severely disabled white kid.

  26. #23 rich is so pussy whipped he pees sitting down.

  27. #20 – I’m not sure Woody Allen counts.

  28. Jrz, seriously, where’s the fun in that?

    #26 – Guy, Guy, Guy… those hollies pickled yet?

  29. Allen's Woody


  30. Fluffy Butt

    i wish that octo-thing would just put down the Star Bucks. hun, you’re tryin just a lil to hard.

  31. Ian

    Come on Angelina cannot be this fucking stupid, Otco-mum is just a screaming for attention and is desperate to be like Angelina. Maybe if Octo-Mom was not spending the states money on $200 sandles, $1000 hand loction she would not have money worries.

  32. Smarg

    Both are scary bitches. Angie is going to be one ugly old woman whenever her plastic surgery collapses, probably in about 15 years. Brad had better trade up soon.

  33. Mike Hawk

    Dear Angelina,

    I am a responsible Father, and Husband of two children and chose to have no more because, financially, that is all I can support. I am a homeowner that lost 180,000 Dollars in its value due to the economy. Yet I still continue to make my payments. I am college educated, and upwardly mobile. I teach my family the values of respect and good judgement. Not to mention self reliance. I pay my taxes on time, and don’t complain that it’s my responsibility to do so. I got my education out of the way, before deciding to bring children into the mix, and now spend all of my time maintaining a healthy home, furthering my career, and building a future my family can depend on.

    So, can I have like 2.5 million? Consider it a write off for helping out a family that helps out itself. Stop paying irresponsible people, for being irresponsible, and kick a few bucks at the ones doing it right.

    Fuck you Nadya, Fuck you very much.


  34. Ummm...yeah...

    I hate these bitches. Go have 14 fuckin kids you can’t afford, yet you can go and cry to fuckin welfare and get money? What the fuck?!!
    This bitch needs to get shot in the fuckin head.

  35. sin

    Damn, for only being 33, she looks like hell. If you did not know, you would guess her age closer to 40.
    As for her giving that retard money, Jolie is jealous for that retard having eight at a time and she can only adopt 1 at a time. Fellow retards.
    Those tats on her really make her look trashy.

  36. Rhialto

    Hm,don’t know why she wants to donate.Isn’t the goverment taking care of her?

  37. Darth

    Does she always like to support insane morons!?

  38. Gando

    Where did she get those earhangers!? Did Maddox buy them!?

  39. Large Black Man

    I can plug those two vaginas for yall

  40. i call 'em as I see 'em

    So, does anyone else see a completely creepy connection between being a malevolent mother and Starbucks (TM) ?
    I’m switching to Dunkin’ Donuts before I begin to eat my young.

  41. asdf

    you know octomom is just gonna eat that money up.

    she aint giving none to the kids.

    stupid angelina

  42. blady02

    I love the comment “Have a ski accident so we can pull the plug!” I so agree! I am glad she and the Pittiful are having problems, each go to their corners to do crack and pot! And the headlines say they are buying another baby does the children’s affairs not see the pattern here, they fight she buys another kid! Sicko! Rot in Hell!

  43. farty mcshitface

    two awful, criminally stupid broads with shit for brains and stuck on bat-shit crazy. it won’t take jolie 15 years to look awful- she was always hideous. octo-bitch needs to have her uterus removed and her vadge sewn shut!

  44. toni

    this bitch has been in her 30′s for 10 fucking years now!

  45. ihateangelinaalmostasmuchasmadonna


  46. Mike Hawk


  47. wtf

    angelina used to be beautiful. I think we can all agree on that. She hasn’t looked good in a long time. for some reason she looks way older than her age…. she still has a very beautiful face, except it’s aging fast… so sad. as for donating money to the octopus, this is just wrong, considering she will spend it on more plastic surgery and more fertility treatments

  48. NO GOD NO!!!

    Oh God!! I hope it’s a lie!!! that bitch doesn’t deserve any help from anyone!!! even her father ran back to iraq! she is a crazy cunt. the state should take those poor kids away

  49. I love the octo-mom

    Octo-Mom is the best.

    She has really put those two ambulance chasers, Gloria Alred and Dr. Phil, in their place.

    Octo-Mom is also a younger and much better looking version of Angelina Jolie.

  50. scott

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